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MPAA Rated R for disturbing ritualistic violence and grisly images, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Swedish paintings are shown several times throughout the film, sometimes with nudity.
  • Brief full-frontal male nudity (seen from afar) and some female nudity (waist up).
  • A painting of a vagina is visible on a mural at one point.
  • There is a big difference between the normal film and the director's cut. That being said, the theatrical version is still quite explicit.
  • Lengthy scene of a dozen women performing sexual chants with full frontal graphic female nudity.
  • We see a man steal a kiss from a slightly younger woman

Violence & Gore

  • Nearly all violence happens in daylight.
  • A character is drowned offscreen.
  • A man wears another man's face as a mask
  • A man gets hit over the back of the head with a hammer and falls to the ground. A little blood is shown underneath his head and a piece of his skull is shown.
  • A few offscreen deaths
  • An amputated leg is shown sticking out from the soil in a garden (clearly fake, though some viewers may still find it gross).
  • Violence is not frequent in this film (the first violent scene doesn't start until around thirty minutes into the film, and the rest is shown quite sparsely) but when it is onscreen, it can at times be gory. Much of the gore is done using practical effects (i.e. little CGI was used), so some viewers may be more grossed out/frightened as it looks more realistic than CGI.
  • Cannot stress how much gory this film is; a lot of detailed scenes of damaged skulls and flesh due impact of force is shown vividly. Normal scenes suddenly without warning switch to close ups of extreme gore which can really unnerve the viewer.
  • This Movie is a little your mind


  • A man makes several crude comments regarding women throughout.
  • 35 uses of "fuck". Several uses of "shit" and "ass" as well.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mushrooms, weed, beer, hard liquor and sleeping pills are all consumed.
  • A woman takes Ativan during an anxiety attack.
  • Throughout the series of rituals, people drink shots of what is presumably hard liquor; it is unclear whether it is laced with a hallucinogen or not.
  • A man has a powder, presumably a sedative and paralytic, blown into his face.
  • A man is constantly seen vaping.
  • Scenes that follow the characters taking drugs can be disorienting.
  • Mysterious drinks, powders, and objects are hinted to be laced with something we don't know. Whatever it is it causes hallucinations (not scary)
  • This movie contains arguably the most accurate depiction of hallucinogens put to screen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • "Midsommar" is a very dark and existential horror film. There are several tense moments throughout.
  • The film is quite distressing. Although the film is slow paced, it has truly bizarre and frightening moments. Scenes that can easily scare anyone, and it is not a movie intended for young children.
  • Although the story takes place in broad daylight, the eerie music score and editing can make the watcher feel uneasy and nauseous (especially on a big screen).
  • In some shots, the background seems to be moving and twisting.
  • A character has a nightmare. The scene is short but it involves creepy imagery.
  • While not a conventional horror film, this movie is still scary and intense.
  • The intense, constant brightness of the film matched with some of the onscreen violence is an unusual combination, which may turn some viewers off from watching it.
  • The film deals with an array of disturbing/mature themes such as relationship trouble, cults, murder suicide, trauma, grief, infidelity etc.
  • Not as dark as hereditary, but still very disturbing
  • Vivid details of a murder suicide involving close family members are shown and is very disturbing and traumatising; especially the build up to it with references to bipolar disorder.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • At two points in the film, female pubic hair and menstrual blood is consumed (not directly, it's been snuck into a regular meal and drink). Not sexual but ritualistic.
  • A man runs from a building naked (nudity can be seen from far away). He quickly realizes that he's wearing nothing, and covers his groin with his hands.
  • The NC-17 version more more graphic nudity and angles, also multiple cut scenes. Specially a ritual involving a child willingly sacrificing himself
  • There's a not exactly "orgy" in this movie, but a strange mating ritual involving several naked women surrounding the couple.

Violence & Gore

  • Several people are caught in a fire.
  • A man is shown hanging upside down from the ceiling with ropes tied on his legs and arms, unconscious. His lungs have been pulled through his back outside his body.
  • A married couple is shown "sleeping" at the very beginning of the film. It is later revealed that they were murdered by their daughter, who has killed herself (all of this is implied offscreen, though viewers sensitive to self-harm may find this upsetting).
  • A man is placed inside of a hollowed-out bear as a sort of costume.
  • A group of people remove the insides of a bear in a short scene (the organs are clearly fake, though).
  • Several people are caught in a burning building at the end of the film.
  • In the cliff scene where the two elderly persons jump off, the first one is yes, shown from far away. However the second man's jump is shown all on camera, and shows the point of impact, causing his leg to split. Then, shown on camera, the man's head is brutally smashed in with a huge mallet, all onscreen. Extremely brutal, gory, bloody and violent. Possibly one of the most violent scenes in movie history due to its graphic nature.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two men are given "the sap of the yew tree" to keep them from feeling pain or fear.
  • A girl takes mushrooms and goes off on a bad trip. The background behind her starts to contort and grass grows out of her hand. She soon runs into a small shed and her face starts to distort in the mirror.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A tragedy happens near the beginning of the film (see Violence/ Gore for more details). A character whose relatives were involved in it is seen wailing in distress after being informed of their deaths. Quite sad, and potentially triggering to viewers who have lost loved ones to suicide.
  • The fact that one of their trusted friends leads them to their terrible deaths can upset some viewers, especially if you take a liking to that character.
  • All of the characters are under the influence of psychedelic drugs soon after arriving. While they're high things such as mountains in the background move like waves very subtly and disturbing images from the tragedy in the beginning are super-imposed in the background. While subtle, if noticed can be extremely off putting.
  • Although Midsommar has some humor laced throughout and a happy ending for our main character. The rest of the film is very surreal and violent, and also quite disturbing infrequent but still disturbing nonetheless. The ending specifically is interpreted differently for every viewer, you either find it happy or horrifying.

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