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MPAA Rated R for disturbing ritualistic violence and grisly images, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and language

Sex & Nudity

  • At two points in the film, female pubic hair and period blood is consumed. This is more disturbing than sexual. We see a tapestry that shows this as well.
  • Swedish paintings are shown several times throughout the film, often with full-front female nudity. One painting shows women cutting off their pubic hair with small blood spurts coming from their groins.
  • A man and a woman kiss. This is very brief.
  • Both men and women shown naked -- full-frontal nudity. Characters have sex while others chant nearby, emulating moaning noises.

Violence & Gore

  • A character is skinned (offscreen).
  • A character is drowned offscreen.
  • Several people are burned to death.
  • A man wears another man's face as a mask
  • A few offscreen deaths
  • A corpse's amputated leg is shown sticking out from the soil in a garden.


  • A man makes several crude comments regarding women throughout.
  • 45 uses of "fuck". Several uses of "shit" and "ass" as well.
  • Director's cut: Several more uses of "fuck" and some crude sexual references and jokes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mushrooms, weed, beer, hard liquor, weed laced with depressants, and sleeping pills are all consumed.
  • A woman takes Ativan during an anxiety attack.
  • Throughout the series of rituals, people drink shots of what is presumably hard liquor; it is unclear whether it is laced with a hallucinogen or not.
  • A man has a powder, presumably a sedative and paralytic, blown into his face; in a subsequent scene, he is shown to be incapacitated in a wheelchair.
  • A man is constantly seen vaping

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Midsommar is a very dark, violent, and existential horror film. There are several tense moments involving violence and sexuality and film plays on both of those themes throughout.
  • The film deals with an array of disturbing/mature themes such as relationship trouble, cults, murder suicide, trauma, grief, cult practices, inbreeding, animal cruelty, torture, and drugging.
  • A woman sees her boyfriend in a ritualistic orgy through a keyhole, runs outside and vomits. She retreats along with a group of girls and begins to cry heavily. Not disturbing but highly intense.
  • A very, VERY stressful and disturbing film. The film is slow paced but it has truly bizarre, surreal, explicit, and extremely frightening moments that can scare kids. Would not recommend to let a child watch this film.
  • The violence is very brutal and realistic, and extremely gory.
  • Although the story takes place in broad daylight, the eerie music score and editing can make the watcher feel uneasy and sick.
  • A horrific tragedy happens near the beginning of the film. A character with relatives involved in the tragedy is seen wailing and screaming in distress after getting informed that relatives have died. Very sad and upsetting.
  • A girl takes mushrooms and goes off on a bad trip. The background behind her starts to contort and grass grows out of her hand. She soon runs into a small shed and her face starts to distort in the mirror. Very weird and unsettling.
  • In some shots, the background seems to be moving and twisting.
  • A ritualistic sex scene takes place. The scene is not necessarily scary or creepy but is very weird and disturbing
  • A character has a nightmare. The scene is short but it involves a lot of creepy, gross, and twisted imagery.
  • Scenes that follow the characters taking drugs can be disorienting and can be intense. This is maybe the most realistic depiction of taking hallucinogenics.
  • Director's cut: There is an extremely heated and intense argument between Christian and Dani in this version that some viewers will find disturbing.
  • While not a conventional horror film, this movie is scary, intense and horrifying for many viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • The film contains a ritualistic sex scene where a fully nude man has sex with a fully nude woman who is very attracted to him. There are fully nude women that a part of a cult surrounding them. We see both male and female full frontal nudity. We then see rhythmic movement and hear loud moaning from the couple and the rest of cult echoes the noises, as if sharing in the act.
  • Full frontal male nudity when a man removes his robe to have sex with a woman. We then see him run out of the shed, and we see him fully nude again for the following scenes.
  • Director's cut: The scene of full frontal male nudity is somewhat longer, and there is very brief sight of blood on the man's penis, to show that he had sex with a virgin. This was presumably cut to avoid an NC-17 rating.

Violence & Gore

  • A double murder suicide occurs at the beginning of the film. No blood shown but very hard to watch.
  • A man hangs from the ceiling. He's suspended from a rope by his back. His lungs are exposed and pulled out of his body, similar to a "Blood Eagle" done by the vikings in ancient times.
  • A pagan community and some visitors gather in front of a clifftop where an elderly woman stands on the edge. She then jumps off the cliff, landing on her legs and falling forward, smashing her face into a large stone below. The front of her face is completely destroyed, leaving a bloody mark as others drag away her corpse. Immediately after, an elderly man jumps off the same cliff but lands with the weight of his body on his legs, snapping his legs (bone and blood visible). As he does not immediately die, a group of cult members approach with a large wooden mallet and smash his head (graphic gore shown from afar.) The aftermath is later shown in a close-up in a woman's nightmare. The cult cremates their mutilated bodies later on.
  • A married couple is shown "sleeping" at the very beginning of the film. It is shown later that they were indeed murdered (no blood or gore shown) by their daughter, who then funneled the exhaust of a car through a tube and into her mouth as part of a murder-suicide. A long tracking shot follows the tube, eventually showing it duct taped to the woman's lifeless body as her sister's screams are heard offscreen. A brief flashback to this image is shown later in the sister's nightmare.
  • A man is placed inside the body of a hollowed-out bear and left to die in a building that is set alight. Keep in mind that this man has been drugged so he cannot move or speak, but he is fully aware of being boiled and burned alive, without being able to react to it. Highly disturbing.
  • A man gets hit over the back of the head with a hammer. The man emits low, pained groans while twitching on the ground. The man is then dragged away leaving behind a dense trail of blood.
  • Inside a pyre, several corpses are contorted and arranged like dolls - one has its internal organs and eyes replaced with flowers, one has its arms and legs amputated and replaced with branches, one has straw stuffed in its mouth, etc.
  • A man's back is cut open and his organs are visually displayed. Not much blood is shown. The scene is very short.
  • Director's cut: During a pagan ritual, a child offers himself as a potential sacrifice to a body of water. Several villagers bind and chain him to a chair and carry him over, before the ritual is interrupted by two onlookers. The child is unharmed, but the scene is still disturbing.
  • Director's cut: We overhear audio from a video that Mark watches on his cellphone about someone's penis getting severed off.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Before they are burned to death in a pyre, two men are given "the sap of the yew tree" to keep them from feeling pain or fear.

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