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Season 1

11 Oct. 2018
Samin travels to Italy to explore the importantance of fat in food; including olive oil, dairy fat (in the form of parmesean cheese), and animal fat (pork).
11 Oct. 2018
Samin splits her time between home and Japan to learn (and teach) about the many layers of flavor added by salt; including traditionally made soy sauce, miso, and sea harvested salt.
11 Oct. 2018
Samin travels to Mexico to explore the many sources of Acid in cooking and learns how to make fresh corn tortillas, harvest honey, and to use acid in both sweet and savory dishes.
11 Oct. 2018
Samin travels back to the restaurant where her cooking career began in California to explore the importance of mastering heat in cooking and even includes her mother in the cooking.

 Season 1 

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