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You're my BFF!
FIoret22 August 2019
I went into this movie knowing nothing about it except that John and Blythe were starring in it. This is a slow family drama. It's about the obstacles and complications of dating later in life. I really enjoyed this movie. It's quiet and simple. Ole fashion romance movie that lifts the heart.
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Yard Sale
Intermissionman_1 June 2019
The main reason I go to see Films is to get away from things for a couple hours and try and put myself in the shoes of the Story. This Film is a perfect one to do that with. So instead of work today, I jumped on my Bike and pedaled to the Cinema. Have been wanting to see this Film as I read some of the publicity for it and am big Fan of both the lead actors and have seen a Ton of their Films. John Lithgow and Blythe Danner Star as Ed Hemsley and Ronnie Meisner fictional characters created by Writer Director and Director of Photography NOBLE JONES. Ed and Ronnie are both on the wrong side of 60 and meet at the Grocery Store. I recommend you watch the Trailer NOW and see if this appeals to you. If so all you gotta do is put yourself in Ed and/or Ronnies Shoes and this story will wash away a Bad Day. On a personal note I am about half way thru the Masterclass online with Director Ron Howard which I also recommend, as it is an indepth class on how to bring a Story to Life on Film. Listening to Him teach his Craft is Deep. Ironically rode by a Yard Sale on the way Home and thought of how a scene could be shot.
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A peaceful & enjoyable storyline!
alibayati-1891423 August 2019
The movie starts with some scenes showing us the boring life of an old man. Ed (John Lithgow) is one of those old men in his wrong side of his 60s as he claims it which are proud of themselves for knowing how to use the technology & internet. He lives alone & he watches tv news everyday for a particular reason which we'll understand later in the movie. In the intro we see Ed talking on the phone with his son Brian (Derek Cecil) & complaining to him about how he always wastes his time & that he should be prepared for the unknown future.

As the story goes on he starts to like an old lady. He finds a way to make her notice him & he's as clingy as a teenager in his way. Ronnie (Blythe Danner) had a hard time in which she had lost her young daughter because of a rare disease & also her husband died of a cancer. They start liking & trusting each other & they both have a secret which later they reveal those to each other.

Ed is a man in control of everything & he knows what to do next but as the relationship progresses, he begins to feel the vicissitudes. Noble Jones did an impeccable job in writing & the screenplay seems so interesting. I highly recommend this movie if you wanna see a peaceful movie.
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incredingo-3776921 August 2019
I really liked this movie. it explores the personalities really well. it is relaxing and a feel good movie. some people don't like the ending but i thought it was a nice touch. the acting is excellent. story line very good. time well spent.
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I can relate in some ways....
Australian126 August 2019
Yeah, I am the wrong side of 60, but if I had someone like that woman, I could make a go of it! Funny in parts, sad in others, but I think well worth watching, especially if you think the world will end soon. I noted the Vegemite in his store room, now that's a man after my own heart! lol If you are a tidy person or a hoarder, then you may also relate to some of it. Cheers
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js-6613030 July 2019
Sap alert: yes this is a geriatric romance of the old fashioned variety, but it has enough little detours to make it work. The exceptional acting from John Lithgow and Blythe Danner doesn't hurt.

As an aging, secretive survivalist know it all, Ed spends most of his time on conspiracy internet boards, that is until he spies Ronnie at the local grocery store. Courting ensues, with all the magic and hurdles that come with any relationship.

Turns out there's more than one secret to be revealed which threatens a future for these lonely souls, and though the plot line is paint by numbers, there's a sweet innocence that saves this film. A bit of an unexpected ending helps wrap the whole thing up with a lovely bow.

  • hipCRANK
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One of the best ending ever
tonycampanella22 July 2019
I saw this at Sundance 2019. Cute movie. Entertaining. One of the best final 30 seconds of a movie you'll ever.
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Not great unfortunetly
prberg25 June 2019
After seeing the trailer.. this looked really good. Unfortunately it really just isn't. Main actors are great, but the rest is just not good. Script and the way the story is told just doesn't come together. Was just not worth the time. I wish it was a better movie. Didn't really take advantage of the great lead actors they had on this movie. Thumbs down unfortunately.
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it's good to know your neighbors
ferguson-613 June 2019
Greetings again from the darkness. Noble Jones worked as the second unit director on David Fincher's award-winning film THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010), and he has made quite a name for himself in music videos and commercials. This is his first feature film as director and he also wrote this interesting and original script. On top of that, he cast two premier veteran actors to bring the story to life: John Lithgow and Blythe Danner. At times it feels like we are watching a masterclass in acting and many of their scenes together have a live theatre feel.

Ed (Lithgow) and Ronnie (Danner) cross paths at the local grocery store where they each shop at an alarmingly frequent rate. It turns out Ed is preparing for doomsday and Ronnie is hoarder. As they spend time together, their fondness for each other grows, but we are never really sure if it's loneliness or connection that inspires the relationship between these two oddballs.

Despite both having a very serious approach to life, there are many moments of levity and sweetness, but also doses of reality that keep us off-balanced - just as life tends to. Ed proclaims the world would be such a disaster with ball bearings ... of course his view is a bit skewed since he spent 17 years on the business. Ronnie is brave enough to attend Thanksgiving dinner with Ed at his son's house, and the explosive family dynamics drive home the challenges of co-existing with others at any age. Many of us have family members that comfortably fit into either Camp Ed or Camp Ronnie.

Ed tells the new checkout clerk that it's "good to know your neighbor. You never know when you'll need them." His preparations for doom and gloom ... or as he calls it, SHTF ... are offset by Ronnie's sweetness, and a yard sale leads to the surprise ending. I originally saw this at the 2019 Dallas International Film Festival, and it's always a pleasure to welcome a new talented story teller to the cinematic world. Additionally, watching two talented actors play off each other is usually worth the price of a ticket, and as an added bonus, filmmaker Noble has finally found a good use for the song "Muskrat Love".
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Wafer-thin story line partially redeemed by John Lithgow and Blythe Danner
paul-allaer23 June 2019
"The Tomorrow Man" brings the story of Ed and Ronnie. As the movie opens, we get to know Ed, as we seem him in his home, alone, talking to his grown-up son on the phone (more like giving a monologue to his son), watching the news, and visiting conspiracy chat rooms. Then one day at the grocery store, he notices a nicely older lady, and before we know it, he is asking her out for a cup of coffee... At this point we are 10 min. into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience , you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the feature-length debut of writer-director-photographer Noble Jones. Here Jones brings a romance between 2 people "on the wrong side of 60", according to Ed ("There is no wrong side of 60!", reacts Ronnie). But more importantly these two couldn't be more different from each other: he is a guy who always worries about tomorrow, and hence cannot live in the moment. She on the other hand doesn't worry too much about anything. Potentially good premise, and then what? The... pretty much nothing, as it turns out. By the time we hit the hour mark, it feels like the movie should about end, and in a desperate movie, Nobles add an entire side story about Ed's son Brian and his family, which eventually goes poof! Thankfully we have two veteran performers in the lead role who seem to relish this and do the best they can with the material they are given. Kudos to Blythe Danner and John Lithgow (whom we just recently saw in "Late Night", albeit that was a much smaller role).

"The Tomorrow Man" premiered at this year's Sundance film festival to ho-hum reaction. It opened this weekend at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati. The Sunday matinee performance where I saw this at was attended ok but not great (exactly 10 people, including myself), and mostly seniors I might add. Most of them seemed to thoroughly enjoy the film, laughing loudly on a number of times. If you are a fan of John Lithgow or Blythe Danner, I encourage you to see this out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.
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Almost perfect... then it got better
anuity8 June 2019
It made me laugh. It made me cry. I didn't want it to end... what more can you ask of a movie? Enough said.
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A story of life and love and changing for the moment still life is uncertain.
blanbrn11 June 2019
"The Tomorrow Man" is one sweet heartfelt drama that touches you proving that life is unexpected and unpredictable and as things come change happens. Ed Hemsler(John Lithgow) is a tuna shopping supermarket Ford driving set in his ways old man who obsesses about the future and the end of time by watching newscast of his ex wife anchor who speaks to his mind in a silent way. Then one day a new chance and hope comes in the form of Ronnie(Blythe Danner) an old lady who's fine she's just not organized. Now unexpected things happen in life for Ed proving that he should live in the moment and not worry about the future. Overall okay film of hope, chance, that's a in depth spin on life and how that it changes with uncertainty.
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Can a movie constitute elder abuse?
Bachfeuer14 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The characters are in my age bracket, which is why I went to see it in the first place. I compare it to THE LEISURE SEEKER, another film that casts problems of aging in a false light. The main thing Ed and Ronnie have in common is hoarding disorder. Ed's disorder is overlain with obsessive-compulsive neatness. Pursuing it causes him to neglect essential medications. (From the vintage of his son's Prius, we know Ed lives in the day of Medicare, Part D. Is he really under 65 and not yet on Medicare?) He takes admirable therapeutic steps to get past the hoarding. She stays stuck in it. My point is that hoarding disorder is not particularly an old age malady. Too bad to conflate the two.
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Had me to very end
jollio8 July 2019
Great acting laugh and cried with them then it was ruined by ending that just really did not fix what had good on before and spoiled what could been great movie and learning experience for all,
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Ending out of place
bbqduke5 September 2019
Loved the movie. Wonderful acting, you feel you know these people.

However, if the final 30 seconds could be removed, it would have been a much better movie.
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Couldn't Get Into It
Moviegoer191 September 2019
Perhaps I shouldn't review The Tomorrow Man as I only watched the first 30 minutes or so then turned it off. I'd decided to watch it because of the two leads, and also because being in that age range myself, I thought, great - a romance about 'older' people.

Why I couldn't get into it, well, I was really turned off by Ronnie, Blythe Danner's character. She seemed as if she were either on sedating drugs, or was suffering from a vegetative depression, or had had a stroke, or was just plain dumb. Yes, she had ongoing sadness about the death of her daughter years before, but knowing this didn't make watching her more enjoyable for me. Perhaps she perked up as the movie went on... If she did, I can't help but wonder whether the low, dreary quality of her voice lifted.

Ed, John Lithgow's character, was the driving force in the relationship, at least initially. Being quite assertive, he bust through Ronnie's stupor and got her interested. Ed is supposed to be quirky, preparing for Doomsday in contrast to Ronnie's being into things, and the here and now.

Another thing that turned me off was that I had hoped to relate to them as being in the same generation. None (that I saw) of the usual features of the 'Baby Boom' generation were there, at least in the first thirty minutes. Perhaps this was intentional on the part of the writer, not wanting to fall into stereotypes. For me, though, it put them in a sort of generational vacuum, which I found disconcerting and distancing.

John Lithgow did an adequate acting job as usual, but this film was not Blythe Danner's finest moment. Or maybe it was and I just couldn't get into the character she played. Either way, it was money down the drain for me.
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What A Load Of Rubbish
telecashcard30 August 2019
I love John Lithgow - no other actor can portray confusion quite like he does - but I was doing my best John Lithgow impersonation while watching The Tomorrow Man - odd - to say the least

There is a nice little reference to the Twilight Zone which I found quite amusing - and if you are a fan of Lithgows & Twilight Zone - you will recall his brilliant performance in Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Other than that - for 95 minutes of awkward weirdness you can knock your self out with this forgettable piece of garbage - and there is alot of that in this movie
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Should be called: The Boring Man (and his Equally Boring Girlfriend).
nmerczel22 August 2019
This movie is horrible! So depressing and lackluster. There is no chemistry between the two leads. Absolutely NONE. The movie never goes anywhere. You keep waiting for it to go somewhere...and then you feel so disappointed. I don't care that this about two seniors. That doesn't bother me. If the writing is good...that's all that matters. I laughed all the way through Grumpy Old Men parts one and two! But that's because the characters in those movies actually seemed like REAL PEOPLE. Not pathetic cliché's of what someone thinks old people act like.

Why does the character of Ronnie have ZERO PERSONALITY? What is wrong with her voice? Why is it so weak and croaky sounding? I'm sorry, but she seems like a total wash-out. She has no interests or hobbies or opinions or charm or ANYTHING! (And her fashion sense is atrocious) an old lady from sixty years ago, maybe.

There is no plot. No chemistry. No good character development. Very little humor, once you get past the beginning. No suspense. And why is John Lithgow's cliché of a family tossed in like that? It's such bad writing, that it's cringe-worthy.

I'm sorry. I really wanted to like this movie. I think there should be movies about people of all ages in our society, I really do! But why do the movies about older people have to fall so day-old soda? What makes John Lithgow's character think there is going to be an apocalypse, anyway? That is never even explored! And wouldn't Ronnie want to know WHY he thinks the world is about to come to an end? Why doesn't she ask the normal questions a person would ask?
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