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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violent content and terror, some strong language and a suggestive reference

Sex & Nudity

  • The suggestive reference in the PG-13 rating refers to a boss asking one of their employees if they've been "Pornhub-ing in the office again"
  • There is no nudity. The closest thing to nudity at all is a toy pet that has a light-up buttocks, only shown very briefly in an iPad video and not really graphic at all.
  • Essentially none.
  • A man brags that the M3GAN toy will "kick Hasbro in the dick".
  • No nudity or sex, just brief mild suggestive references

Violence & Gore

  • Some violence including uses of improvised weapons like scissors and blunt weapons. Some blood in the aftermath of an attack.
  • A girl gets bitten by her neighbors dog, bite marks with blood are seen.
  • A car crash occurs (offscreen). Two people are implied to be killed by this, and a young girl (who survives) has wounds on her face and is shown injured after the crash.
  • Megan graphically rips off a young boy's ear. It's essentially shown onscreen as well. Blood pours down his shoulder, and blood is still visible before he is hit by a car.
  • Though the film is rated PG-13, the ending is pretty graphic for a PG-13 film.
  • A man trying to disconnect M3GAN is caught by the robot and hanged from a string, seen choking with his eyes rolled up in the back of his head. He survives, but then an explosion occurs from a nearby gas tank.
  • Moderate violence throughout. No prolonged scenes of blood or gore. Most disturbing content is off screen. It is also a more realistic depiction than some PG-13 movies


  • Sh*t is said a handful of times along with a very audible f-bomb from a child
  • A man brags that the M3GAN toy will "kick Hasbro in the dick".
  • A minor child uses the phrase "sucks sh*t" in reference to an AI toy.
  • One F word, and less than 10 uses of the S---; generally mild

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At Gemma's house, an alcohol cabinet is visible.
  • Glasses of wine are briefly seen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 13+. Even though this is a horror movie, it doesn't take itself too seriously due to the comedic undertones of the script, but it still has some dark moments.
  • There are some brief shots of bloody bodies and dying people which may frighten and disturb some viewers. This includes a boy with behavioral problems rolling down a hill and being struck by a car, two dead men in an elevator covered in blood, and other instances.
  • There are some emotionally uncomfortable (but not shocking or scary) scenes, such as a woman fiddling on her smartphone instead of paying any attention to her niece, a neighbour loudly pounding on windows and shouting, and a man verbally bullying his employees.
  • The death of a pet is mentioned once in a toy commercial, and later on numerous times after a woman's dog goes missing.
  • One of the themes in the film is the oversaturation of digital technology in human life. Viewers see numerous smartphones, an AI home assistant, AI toys and other things that can be quite uncomfortable and intense. At one point a child whose parents are killed is ignored by her aunt, who is constantly playing with a smartphone. An AI home assistant turns on and frightens the child.
  • A subplot involves a nasty woman who owns a vicious dog. The fight between neighbours, coupled with a child being bitten (drawing blood) and M3GAN having her neck bitten and dragged through the fence can be quite disturbing, especially when the police refuse to do anything about the dog and the bitten child develops a fever from the bite.
  • The entire film is quite scary and intense for young viewers
  • Not recommended for children under 10. Has suspense and some disturbing content


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is thrown against a wall via water pressure. She is shot in the hand with a nail gun, which is shown in detail. She begins to get sprayed with liquid chemicals in the face, before the movie cuts away. Her death is implied.
  • A boys ear is torn off (we see the skin stretching and ripping) while M3GAN makes threatening remarks and eggs him on to flee, before he begins to run away. He falls into the road to which he is hit by a car and killed (mostly offscreen). A body bag is later shown being zipped up.
  • M3GAN takes a paper cutter and stabs a man in the back with it. She then uses it to slice a man's throat, which is offscreen. We later see the two bodies in an elevator with blood everywhere. This is one of the most graphic scenes.
  • In the final act, many harmful things happen to M3GAN including dismemberment, slashing, and more. While M3GAN is just a robot, it still may disturb some.
  • A dog is seen being dragged off. M3GAN later mentions that the dog was killed and buried somewhere (the actual killing of / body of the dog is never depicted on-screen).
  • Bruce and M3GAN fight. Bruce is beaten badly but not completely destroyed, while the body of M3GAN is torn apart, exposing wires, cutting her face and hair, and having a chip in her head destroyed by a girl jabbing it with a screwdriver.
  • M3GAN takes a pen and threatens, in graphic detail, to stab the pen into a woman's cerebral cortex, rendering her disabled forever so that she will become dependent on M3GAN for everything while M3GAN raises her niece.


  • Megan calls Cady an "ungrateful little bitch" in the last fight scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Cady's parent's death is a main theme of the story which could be upsetting.
  • Bruce (the motion capture robot) is punched by M3GAN and has his glass head cracked in, which is later shown with blood on it. The woman who designed it has Bruce thrown on top of her by M3GAN, pinning her down,
  • Two employees (friends of the main character) are seen attacked by M3GAN. One is nearly hanged to death but is saved by his colleague. The two are then caught in an explosion and huddle together to protect themselves. The end scene reveals that both employees have survived.
  • Elsie (a "smart home" assistant) blinks on inexplicably in the film's ending, suggesting that M3GAN has taken over the AI in the device and is still alive.
  • Multiple times throughout the film, M3gan becomes increasingly creepy, such as staring at people/objects, mimicking voices to cause harm, and moving in an unsettling way. This escalates in the second half of the film when people start to "harm" Cady, such as chasing a bully through the woods on her hands and feet, or dancing in a hallway before killing a person.

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