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This wasn't really worth the effort...
paul_haakonsen20 August 2020
I had not heard about this 2019 horror movie from writer and director Alexandre Carrière before now in 2020, when I was given the chance to sit down and watch it. I was lured in by the movie's rather interesting cover.

Little did I know that "Demons Inside Me" (aka "Jade's Asylum") turned out to be a stinking heap of... Well, you fill in the blanks. This movie was atrociously bad, and lacked anything that even resembled a proper storyline. And whatever passed as being the storyline here was just not cutting it in terms of delivering entertainment value.

Sure, the story was about Jade's inability to raise her voice and escape her predicaments, hence the imagery with the stitched together mouths and chopped off feet. But everything that transpired throughout the course of the movie was just blatantly boring and unappealing. Which made "Demons Inside Me" quite an ordeal to sit through.

It should be said, though, that the movie did have some adequate special effects and prosthetics to the beings that were supposed to be demonic - I guess. They had interesting designs, but it just was not enough to make up for the movie's lack of everything else.

The acting in the movie was good enough, especially taking into consideration the lack of a proper storyline. The characters in the movie, however, were just shallow and hollow, offering very little likable and enjoyable for the audience to witness. And you didn't invest any emotion into the characters, so when they were picked off one by one by the demonic creatures, you just didn't care.

"Demons Inside Me" was a swing and a miss from writer and director Alexandre Carrière, and while I managed to sit through the entire ordeal, I just can't say that I was entertained. Some of us have suffered through this movie, so you don't have to.

I am rating "Demons Inside Me" a mere two out of ten stars. This rating is mostly based on the special effects and the production value of the movie, as everything else was just pointless.
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Been a long time since I have seen this bad
jackmeat17 December 2020
My quick rating - 1,2/10. This movie is so painfully bad. The thing that makes this #turkey worse than that silly Xmas flick is they had a budget. Quality cameras, solid editing, location is very nice to look at. BUT what in the hell is this trash. I can't explain who the bad guys are because I don't think they knew either. To make this mess of random flashbacks throughout the 83 minute stick my hand in a blender fest worse; These idiots took this nonsense SERIOUSLY. They actually think they have a horror movie you should think about. So what do they want you to think about? Being an asshole tends to make people dislike you? Strange people-like things partially covered in shrubbage live in the forest and will kill you? Drugs are bad? Who knows really. Just a group of rich assholes getting offed by things in the woods in unceremonious fashion. Or maybe the whole thing was supposed to be in the chicks head, since none of the flashbacks make sense. Just thinking about this is giving me a headache.
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Incomprehensible Acid Tripping Weirdness
omendata19 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Started off with an interesting location and to be fair most of the actors are well known and can actually act but what were they doing in this nonsense!

I only decided to watch this due to the interesting cover art as the low Imdb rating usually indicates a stinkler and so I was expecting some sort of demonic jungle horror akin to perhaps the excellent "The Ruins" but instead we get an absolutely incomprehensible story with terrible editing and some poor camera work thrown in for good measure.

Not had many movies this month that I wish I hadn't watched and felt like I have actually wasted and hour and a half but I am afraid this is one of them so avoid this one like the plague as it makes no sense, has little in the way of horror or story and will just leave you saying "whaaaaaaat"!

I think and I may be wrong that the whole movie in the end was down to the lead actress having an acid trip and killing everyone but that may be a subjective analysis of what is barely a plot and semblance of story.
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Totally chopped up movie
floridamangosteen20 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Every 2 minutes this film either jumps forward or backwards in time - it gave me a headache ! The film is totally immersed in one woman's haunting memory of her abusive father which she has visions of (again - literally every 2 minutes ! ). There are bizarre creatures that for no explainable reason kill the tourists one at a time (we never do get the answer as to who they are ). They don't get fazed by bullets and look like oyster fungus ( the movie might have developed a cult following if it had been titled "The oyster fungus creatures" ! I would simply rate it in the bottom 3 movies out of about 5000 I have watched in my 67 years...
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets LOST third season
therealzombienomicon24 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It's similar to Haute Tension, with some graphic gore. The psychological aspect is established early on. Harsh critics of this sort of film who nevertheless think David Lynch is a genius are being very hypocritical. As the type of genre piece that it is, it establishes its ground rules early, including the use of cinematographic shorthand, dialogue of course and also mise en scene. The title alone indicates exactly what this story is about. As I said- Haute Tension is the sub genre into which this film fits comfortably. The effects for the forest monsters are excellent and it's a shame that there weren't more lingering closeups of the makeup which is great. The small amount of nudity is an interesting choice since despite its psychological approach it is still a genre film and an exploitative one at that. However, all in all it does what it says on the can.
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