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Jesus, the review bombing
buckbeak-solo1220 November 2019
I don't even want to review this movie, but it hasn't even come out and somehow half of the ratings are one star. The movie itself is pretty great and I'd highly recommend you go see it when it comes out. The acting is very strong, the directing feels very fresh/unique, and you really grow to care about the film's romance. The political statements this movie makes are secondary to the story of these well-fleshed out characters and their struggles, which makes the commentary resonate stronger than many other movies like this. It ain't perfect --it's a bit long, especially when considering the repetitive structure of the story, and the shot composition is a bit boring but this is a movie that everyone should go and see. And jesus, I don't know how it would be possible, butcan you not find a way to weed out the people who review-bomb movies with strong political messages/that have minorities or women in the leading roles? Christ.
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Needs a better edit
spotboyfilms27 November 2019
This movie is infuriating because it has so much potential. The setup is promising and both actors have enough pull to take you along for the ride. Daniel Kaluuya is a great actor of our times, he carries the screen so well with his eyes and expression. For me, the movie fails in it's editing and pacing, especially past the halfway point. The movie feels about 40 minutes too long. In the beginning, the characters' decision to go on the run feels very haphazard, especially considering Queen's profession. Some of the main character decisions are remarkably dumb and certain other side characters take decisions that are unlike them. Without going into spoilers, all I can say is that this movie is just too slow paced and does not fulfil a promise of what could have been a great fugitive movie with a strong social message.
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A farcical fugitive film.
BA_Harrison3 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A Tinder date goes awry when Angela and Ernest (striking beauty Jodie Turner-Smith and Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya) are pulled over by a racist cop and wind up shooting him in self-defence. Realising they're in deep trouble, the couple go on the run, making a desperate bid for Florida, and then Cuba, before they are apprehended by the law.

African American drama Queen & Slim would have us all believe that the bond between black people is so strong that they will happily harbour fugitives from the law simply because they share the same skin colour (reward money be damned). Hell, even a black police officer is willing to risk his career to allow the armed-and-dangerous couple to slip away unnoticed, even though they're wanted for cop-killing. To be honest, it borders on the farcical at times. Still, no wonder Angela and Ernest (they're never actually called Queen and Slim in the film) blindly trust the decidedly dodgy looking guy with the gold teeth at the end; he's black as well, so based on previous experience he should be on the level too, right? Or maybe, just maybe, he's the exception that proves the rule.

The script for this black Thelma & Louise/Bonnie & Clyde fugitive flick is chock full of hard-to-swallow happenings, the couple making stops on their flight to freedom to partake in a burger, have a dance, ride a horse, visit a cemetery, make love, recklessly leap from a high window (as opposed to lowering themselves as far as possible and then letting go), hand their only firearm to a flaky looking gas station attendant, and lean out of the car window as they drive along (not the most inconspicuous behaviour for people on the lam!). Somehow they evade capture the whole way, even popping in at a service garage to have the radiator on their car fixed (luckily for them, the establishment is owned by yet another black man unwilling to inform the law).

As the couple continue their journey, they become folk heroes for the African American community, who rise up against police brutality and racism, which results in the film's most unlikely moment: a young black lad (the mechanic's son) joins a protest and shoots a black policeman in the face for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Still, it's no more perplexing than the many poor decisions made by Angela and Ernest, the last of which costs them their lives.

It might sound like I'm being unjustly harsh on this film, but I wanted to like Queen & Slim a lot more, I really did. It looks great and both lead actors put in solid performances, but the script requires much 'tightening up' for it to work, not least because, in it's present state, the film runs at a way-too-long 131 minutes.

4.5/10, rounded up to 5 for IMDb. It had bags of potential, but the flaws are many.
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Solid premise, but goes off the rails
bellboy510 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Some people here are saying their will be haters because of the political message. I think the film will get more credit than it deserves because of the message.

It starts promising with a tinder date gone horribly wrong (although it feels that the events were staged intentionally for it to go wrong ... as does much of the rest of the film).

What ensues tries very hard to be a love story, a tale of redemption, an episodic journey and a political revelation ... but it all gets jumbled in a series of questionable decisions and actions and characters that never quite reveal depth.

I was invested with the characters at the beginning, even with their bad judgement, but at some point I said out loud "if he gets on that horse, I'm done with this film." We continue with a series of events that clumsily attempt to reveal the humanity of the characters, but leave the audience asking "why the hell are they doing that? Especially now?"

I wanted to like the film after seeing the trailer, but it is ultimately weighed down by its own self-indulgence, culminating in scene after scene continuing to hammer home the point when the film should have ended long before. I recommend a pass.
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A modern but very slow and inplausible bonnie and Clyde
coombsstephen3 December 2019
Not a bad idea for a movie but in the circumstance of the plot was just too slow. Had it been fast and snappy it could have been a good film.

Or was also annoying that the film was just so unbelievable. I don't want to spoiler the film but as the action roles along the plot just becomes less and less credible.

Shame really, it could have been a good film
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A solid film
BPatrick074522 November 2019
The movie is an emotional journey. The character are humanized. For a person of color, you can easily envision yourself in their shoes. The film does have an artistic quality to it which further enhances the movie. The story is good. I wish the film spent a little more time on some of the secondary characters. However, I also understand it was not their story. The film is long. A few scenes could have been cut. Nevertheless, it is a good film and worth seeing. Ignore all the negative views who are trying to bomb the reviews just because the movie stars black actors.
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She must have been a terrible lawyer
wyleneross30 December 2019
Did not like the female character from the beginning of the car stop with the police her interference caused him to pull his gun, her advice to lets run, her advice let's keep running, all common sense went out the window I could only watch half of it.
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Engaging suspense thriller devolves into unfortunate race-based agitprop
Turfseer12 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It got under First time feature director Melina Matsoukas's skin that some critics compared her Queen & Slim to Bonnie & Clyde, despite the fact that one of her characters in the film likens her on the lam protagonists to the notorious 30s bank robbers. Matsoukas was peeved precisely because her Queen & Slim "heroes" were innocent victims in contrast to the amoral depression era criminals who suddenly earned (obviously unwarranted) folk hero status following the release of Arthur Penn's classic film in 1967.

Nonetheless Matsoukas was probably justified in her anger over such a specious comparison. Instead, Queen & Slim are characters much more akin to Thelma & Louise, the on the lam duo from another classic film (this time from 1991) who acted in self-defense. Indeed, the idea of an innocent person or persons, falsely accused and on the run, can be the stuff of great suspense and compelling drama.

It begins with a Tinder blind date between Ernest "Slim" Hines (Daniel Kaluuya) and Angela "Queen" Johnson (Jodie Turner-Smith), an African-American couple who have little in common (Queen is a sassy lawyer and Slim a regular salt-of-the-earth guy). Slim is making no headway in the romance department with Queen until they're interrupted by a Caucasian officer of the law who stops them on the false pretext of a second of erratic driving. Before you know it, the psycho cop shoots Queen (she suffers a graze wound to the leg) with Slim grabbing the cop's gun and shooting and killing him in self-defense.

Eventually we'll discover that Matsoukas and Waithe are advancing the thesis that the officer depicted here is actually representative of most officers, who they maintain are both racists and psychopaths. A cursory glance at many of these white cop versus African-American encounters however, reveals that they aren't so always "black and white." Usually it's more like overly jumpy cops mistaking a cell phone for a gun, resulting in tragedy.

Before it becomes clear that the film's scenarists are trying to make a big statement about racism, I was quite willing to accept their psycho racist cop as possibly a "bad apple." Indeed their depiction of him is quite scary and realistic and I am quite willing to concede there might be a few of these "bad apples" out there.

But I wasn't convinced at all by what happens next by a longshot. Indeed Queen, the supposedly "smart" attorney, decides that she and Slim should go on the lam and not immediately turn themselves in to the authorities. Their reasoning is that no one will believe a black person who has just killed a cop. Queen (perhaps caught in a time warp) decides to channel Assata Shakur (aka Joanne Chesimard); it's her idea that she and Slim should flee to Cuba (when was the last time that happened? Probably 1979, given the completely different political climate).

And does it really make sense that Queen would resort to such a ludicrous plan of driving all the way from Ohio to Florida, in the hope that they'll be able to secure a safe flight to Cuba? What's more, within a day or so, dash cam footage has been broadcast all over the US depicting Queen and Slim having acted in self-defense. And not only that, they've become folk heroes in the black community as evidenced by all the people who appear to recognize them (and hold them up as heroes). So why wouldn't they turn themselves in?

For a while, Queen & Slim proceeds like a Hitchcock suspense thriller. There's quite a bit of suspense when they escape from the sheriff and lock him in the trunk and then show up at Queen's uncle Earl's house in New Orleans. Earl, a pimp, is perhaps the best character here (played by an excellent Bokeem Woodbine). But the backstory of him and Queen also doesn't ring true.

The whole idea that Earl murdered Queen's mother and she ended up defending him in a court of law hardly seems realistic. Despite all of Queen's sassiness, Matsouka's ultimate strategy is to present Queen as a veritable saint-that's why she has created this unlikely backstory of Queen defending her uncle. The whole scenario also doesn't ring true because the first place the cops would be looking for Queen is at her uncle's place (after all, she probably would have gotten a great deal of publicity in the past for defending an uncle who murdered her mother!).

Slim also is afforded saintly status by emphasizing his religious nature (he has license plate that reads "TrustinGod"). And he's so good and trusting that he gives the gun-obsessed hillbilly his firearm in exchange for the gas money (while the hillbilly ludicrously marvels at the gun and gives it back to him, instead of holding him at gunpoint until the police arrive).

Matsoukas completely loses it when she ridiculously juxtaposes a scene of Queen & Slim's lovemaking with a protest over their unjust treatment. And when Junior, the mechanic's son, shoots the good black cop, the suggestion is that police racism is so all-encompassing, it will even drive impressionable black youth to turn on their own.

Queen & Slim are essentially "crucified" in the grand finale when the police gun the two "saints" both down without provocation. Worse yet there is a black Judas who has sold them out. Instead of a suspense thriller, Matsoukas and company would prefer to preach to the choir of the disaffected, the oppressed who now revel in becoming the oppressors, serving up a cold dish of payback in revenge for years of discrimination at the hands of the white establishment.
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HATERS will tell you it's not great because of the message
chickenfolife30 November 2019
This movie was full of emotion. Both actors were strong, and the storyline flowed. I think people who give it trash ratings most likely don't like the issue presented in the movie, which is police brutality among African Americans. I think they are giving it low ratings because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Half of them probably never even saw it!!
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brianjohnson-200435 December 2019
Not a bad premise for a movie. But it somehow manages to be ridiculously unrealistic and boring the way the writer decided to present the story. One or two of the astonishing story choices could work. Maybe 5 or 6 if it took place over years rather than days. But all the coincidences and plot holes ended up being like a farce. Which is a problem when the film is supposed to be a drama.
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Beautifully moved
dinahs_41 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Going into the movie the police stop would've realistically ended with 2 shot and 1 person walking away free again. This time the tables turn and we have a hurt, broken (rightfully so) black woman together with an innocent naive black man, leading him down a path that she knows will end in death, and he eventually reaches that same conclusion. As the the film moves on, you realize she needs this adventure and connection to another human being and her past to reconcile who she is. The silly delays of the 2nd date, riding a horse and running out of gas twice reminds you that these are not career criminals, but 2 humans trying to find a way out of a situation that can never be. Literally living everyday like it's their last. The support they received along the way is uplifting and the end is beautiful and heartbreaking. This parallels the Joker in that a faction of society that is forgotten and devalued can gravitate and uplift that which will give them a voice. The movie does do a great job at getting you connected with the characters however it did give me unreasonable hope and anxiety considering they're doomed from the start. When we see the waitress deliver the food to Queen and Slim you just assume it's a normal regular movie but the minute Queen opens her mouth to Slim from that moment on it's pure reality and I love it, its literally today's world and I had a good time seeing it. It's the perfect date movie for today's generation, it's kind of like Do The Right Thing for this generation.

The only disappointing part was how they put their trust into a nut who lived in a trailer to get them on a plane to Cuba. Like they really thought a dude who was living in a trailer park knew the plug. I definitely recommend seeing this moving, it will surely stay on your mind and heart.
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First Hit: This film failed to deliver on its potential.
michaeldoud10 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
First Hit: This film failed to deliver on its potential.

The potential in this film is to tell the story about how people of color are targeted for police harassment and random shootings. It failed to make this the central and poignant topic and the primary focus of the movie. Instead, it took a compelling beginning and turned it into a story about two people searching for someone who'll love them the way they want to be loved.

That's not to say that a love story based on a horrible event isn't unusual, but with our country's problems of race, it seemed like this story had the potential to tell us something about where we've gone wrong. Instead, it became the side story.

Slim (Daniel Kaluuya) and Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) meet on a Tinder date. Their differences are immediately evident as she's well dressed, proper in manners, slow to share personal stuff, and an attorney. He's dressed down more, a bit lazy in table manners, open, and is very close with his family.

The conversation at the table is a kind jab and parry type and with a sense of respect. Giving her a ride home, she steals his phone and, in an attempt, to grab it back, Slim yanks the steering wheel and the car swerves.

They are stopped by a policeman who is belligerent and pushy in his actions and requests towards Slim. As a lawyer, Queen takes umbrage to the policeman's behavior and talks back to him. She tells him that she's an attorney, and he has no right to be doing what he's doing to Slim. Slim, on the other hand, is compliant and even lets the officer search his trunk. Queen points out that the cop has no cause to do this, a scuffle ignites, the policeman draws his gun, fires, and hits Queen in the leg. Slim knocks the policeman down, the weapon falls loose and Slim picks it up and shoots the officer in the head.

The officer dies, and Queen convinces Slim to make a run for it.

That's the premise. The rest of the film is about how the black community looks up to these outlaws and their admiration for them standing up to the law. In support, many aid them in escaping the manhunt. They meet up with people who help them along the way and end up finding a connection to fly them out of Florida and on to Cuba where they will live for the rest of their lives. That's the plan.

The edge created by the opening scenes is lost as the film drifts off into a love story with their deed becoming a side story and only there to keep them running - together.

Kaluuya was alright in this role. It seemed to me that the lost direction in this story took away several possibilities. Turner-Smith was excellent as Queen. Again, the film's story veered away from what could have been a powerful statement. Bokeem Woodbine, as Queen's Uncle Earl, was terrific. His arguments with his live-in girlfriends were amusing. Lena Waithe wrote this mediocre screenplay that ended up focusing on being a love story and not about what brought these two together. Melina Matsoukas did an adequate job of presenting this story and many of the sets and scenes (like hiding under the floor) worked really well.

Overall: This film failed to capture my attention to a subject that has been too much part of the news.
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Captivating Film - A MUST SEE
constantinosisaias21 November 2019
I saw Queen and Slim! I am emotional and very touched from this movie. It's one of the best films this year. Incredible script written by Lena Waithe ! The way Melina Matsoukas put wisely the puzzles together to tell this story with her debut film! She is incredible storyteller! But also the movie is brilliant because of the great actors and their magnificent performances! Daniel Kaluuya is so deep with his performance you can feel everything through his eyes! Jodie Turner-Smith had an incredible strong chemistry with Daniel and she is captivating you! The soundtrack, cinematography, production was perfect ! It's a 10 stars masterpiece that it stays with you after the movie. Thank you for sharing this story out today! We need it!
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Very well shot. Poorly written
paulinalagudi18 January 2020
This script is quite unbelievable. It's a forced Bonnie & Clyde storyline in a very half-assed plot.
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Way too long and mushy
TheTopDawgCritic20 January 2020
What started off as a decent and engaging plot, ended up being a mushy and unnecessarily long dragged out film. This needed at least 30 mins shaved off, especially from the long and dragged out sappy scenes. The whole Bonnie and Clyde theme was ok, but I would've liked more of a story and less of the unconvincing romance. Nevertheless, decent performances and directing.
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As a movie, it wasn't that good
hardik011728 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The opening sequence is mind bogglingly great. It's also mostly shown in the trailer. After that, the movie doesn't know what it wants to do. A plethora of confused dialogue coupled with amazing performances by the two leads make for a tolerable hour of entertainment. It didn't help that Queen's character was inherently unlikeable. As a statement, the movie almost failed to live up to it's promise, until in a shockingly predictable moment, it shook me. It legitimately made me have a physical reaction to the scene on screen.
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Badly Handled Incoherent Plot, So Many People Walked Out
martimusross4 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Queen & Slim

I saw this at the unlimited secret screening.

Ultimately this movie was so fatally flawed in so many aspects that it just left a nasty taste in the mouth.

What was good

There was strong and convincing acting from the two main leads, Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith however she was so cold, rude and manipulative for us to believe we had a Romeo and Juliet moment. I would have opened the car door and thrown her out.

The road trip element kept us interested and was reminiscent of Thelma and Louise in its haphazardness.

The music was good.

What was totally hashed

The plot - The nasty tinder date led to being stopped by the police, they had swerved in the car, and this led the policeman, quite rightly believing he was driving under the influence of drink and/or drugs. I have been stopped and I complied to the letter the instructions the policeman gave me. Why would you antagonise/backchat/sass a man with a gun. We had an almost identical scene in The Hate U Give, and it is just an incoherent plot.

The choices - as a lawyer she knew with the camera footage she had a good chance of arguing her case in court, she knew she could never run so why did she try. Quite ridiculous!

The tone - much of the plot was comedic and was not specifically a issue led race movie, but towards the end it became inferred the whole movie was about race, well it wasn't as a black cop was gunned down as well. It really was neither fish nor fowl.

There was a good deal of stylistic elements that distracted from the drama for example the cutting between the sex scene and the protest march.

Lastly the ending was quite moronic they clearly were unarmed and so would not have been gunned down, this was no Bonnie & Clyde or Butch Cassidy.

Lastly I have had a gutful of issue led movies that demonise men, white people, politicians, policemen, equality, social security etc. Hollywood is just not best placed to contrive a drama to raise these issues as it is all so unbalanced.
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rmaynard-0354410 December 2019
I was disappointed with the way the story was told - I enjoyed the character Slim but that's about it - in my opinion most of the time there was a whole lot of nothing going on - seemed to be either predicable or unbelievable - some refer to the romance in the movie maybe that's why I didn't care for it as I'm not really a fan of romantic movies
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Authentic feeling
paigebalston1 December 2019
The film was a beautiful yet striking journey and though all of our favorite love stories have definite endings, this one tied two purposes together. The director did a phenomenal job and everyone involved for that matter. This is a film I'm rooting for. Hope it stays in theaters longer than 2 weeks.
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Just another movie...
leasmith-2536531 December 2019
Another movie when the world was a racist place & white people would treat minorities like dirt. We're into the millionth movie about yesterday's racism, I swear now the people who write these movies are all about the cash & less about the message.
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Excellent must see movie!
ang06622 November 2019
I just left the theater from an early screening. This movie was excellent! Amazing acting, great storyline, and nice soundtrack. 10/10 all the way around. GO SEE IT!!!
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Draysan-Jennings21 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The cop literally pulls his gun on Slim for no reason. I wouldn't suggest telling a cop to hurry up, but that's definetly not a reason to pull your gun. If I was slim I would played it cool and just taken the ticket. Anytime you give a cop a hard time they make life harder on you. Anyways, while he has his gun drawn Queen reaches for her phone and gets shot. Why would you reach for your pockets while a gun is pointed at you? So stupid! Then she leaves the scene of the crime and goes on the run. She should of stayed there. She did absolutely nothing wrong. Just a bunch of bad decisions. The movie started to go downhill after that scene. Really slowed down and started to drag. The ending was terrible. Why did they stop when the cops were driving up to them on the runway? They could of ran to the plane and fled. Who in their right mind would of just stopped? And why didn't they get on the ground and surrender? It was like they wanted to die. That whole end scene was stupid AF and didn't make sense to me. This movie was almost pointless. I wouldn't recommend it .
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Great start, then flame out
drjgardner30 November 2019
What a disappointment. The film starts off great, though truth be told, the coming attractions gave most of it away. But the acting is so great you go along for the ride. But somewhere in the middle it starts to drag. Apparently the director is in love with extended geography scenes, as if this is a travel show. Well, at least the photography is wonderful, even if it is wasting my time. But from here it goes downhill. There is a senseless killing, which if it had any sense at all, should have been exploited, but isn't. The ending itself, if muffled, really doesn't have the impact that was intended. A "Black Bonnie and Clyde" would be welcome, but this film isn't it.
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Ridiculously Racist
haynesandson9 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
ENOUGH with the movies like this. Black & Blue preached the exact same message. Racism is alive and well; & all white cops are trigger-happy bigot murderers. Sigh. You don't leave a movie like this thinking of how we need to be nicer & more respectful of each other. Not at all. Instead, black people (clearly the intended audience) leave feeling angry all over again at white people. For a movie wanting to speak up about racism, it really does nothing but add fuel to the fire. Also, the "heroes" of this film are cop killers. Seriously??! We're supposed to root for the murderers?! Cuz when a black guy murders a white cop it's someone heroic?!!
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A forgettable meal filled with potentially great separate ingredients.
zkiko4 February 2020
To me this movie felt forced. The dialogue in many parts felt so factitious that it was uneasy to witness. Sometimes someone makes a pie filled with delicious ingredients, yet they manage to make the outcome taste bland. That's because the end result is all in the mix. I feel Q&S tried to do what 'Moonlight' for example did perfectly. It tried to be romantic, scenic, dreamy, intimate and at the same tell a strong story. Yet it failed. I think it's the script that wasn't that good to begin with. And maybe more good ingredients fell on the floor between the flow from script to directing. This is definitely not a favourite. This is 17 million dollar wasted in my opinion. 17 million bucks for something forgettable is a damn shame.
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