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I wanted to like it
edwinmontano-7737618 September 2019
I saw the trailer and all the great actors, so I was naturally excited. Then I saw the whole thing and was extremely disappointed. Such wasted talent. The acting of course was phenomenal but the writing was just dead.
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Deadest Horse-Beating-est Movie of All Time
johndoe_1317 June 2019
I hate this movie. I saw it for free and still want my money back. It is an absolutely pointless, meandering vanity project that attempts to trick you into thinking it's cleverer than it is. According to the director himself, it was designed to be a dumb movie comprised of dumb bits as a way to make money hanging out with his friends. And what's worse is that the trailer tricks you into thinking it is an entirely different movie - the worst kind of lie you can tell in an effort to lure people away from their hard-earned money and precious time.

There is literally no point to anything that happens; Jarmusch has no sense of pace or urgency or meaning. And in my opinion, art for the sake of itself alone is condescending towards your audience. I normally like his work, along with all of the actors, the subject matter and tone - this should have been right in my wheelhouse. But I left feeling like the director had a contemptuous view of the people watching his film (in EVERY regard) and that just doesn't sit well with me. Not everything has to matter in a movie, but SOMETHING should.

Ultimately, it felt like a third-rate SNL skit that was allowed to drag on for two hours.
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I Wish the Dead did die...
marklehew30 August 2019
...because this movie was so slow and uneventful it was painful. With a cast like this, it should have been good, but it's just not. Only a couple scenes and interesting cinematography save this from being a 1.
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Total waste of money and talent - and your time
petercarlsson-9229731 August 2019
I find it hard to believe how bad this movie was. Had all the ingredients to be good, but ended up as a total waste of time. No story, no acting, no fun, no scares, no nothing. Don't waste any time on this crap.
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If you didn't like it, you probably fell asleep
kennbr30 August 2019
Yeah I get that this is a big satirical commentary on zombie movie tropes, blended in with a big metaphorical commentary on society, and capped with a little diatribe from Tom Waits as the "outward observer", but the entire thing is just SO slow that it's utterly boring. I literally fell asleep in the middle of it and had to start it over again. The jokes aren't funny and the story elements go nowhere.

Maybe if they hadn't spent so much money on the rock-star cast of A-list celebrities they would have had more left over in the budget for a story with jokes. Honestly I think the reason the whole thing moved so dreadfully slow is because they had to find a way to fill 90 minutes. Watch the thing at 1.5x normal playback speed, and maybe the high-pitched voices and better pacing will make it salvageable.
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The auteur don't care
lor_3 October 2021
Jim Jarmusch is an accomplished filmmaker, but has clearly been listening overmuch to sycophantic praise over the years. That old saw about someone so talented you could listen to them reading the phone book aloud doesn't pertain to JJ, who has consciously made a lousy horror film akin to the license pornographers use when making "porn-parody".

Rounding up famous, big-name talent to walk through nothing roles, and then execute, rather than actualiy satirize horror movie cliches is of zero interest, and why a top tier storyteller would waste the considerable effort it takes to make a real feature film on worthless material like this is beyond comprehension.

If "fake hipness" is what Jarmusch wants to be remembered for rather than an original talent, this is certainly a proper nail in his coffin. I'd also be interested in the formula of the kool-aid he served this cast to get them to sign up for such menial roles.
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The zombies don't like this movie.
foxesandmagpies25 November 2019
A clever, onion-skinned movie that reflects back on the audience the true horror of zombies.

We're all addicted to something, lost in a world of thought, each finding ourselves outside of ourselves while the world falls apart around us. And, on top of this we're all reading off a different script, all on different pages, a mess of half-opinions and echoed sentiment we're really not thinking through. We're sloppy and entitled, lost and confused, zombies one and all.

So, it makes sense that this movie would be lost on us.

A good movie. Whimsical, boring, strange, funny. Great characters that don't go quite where you want them to. Plot-lines and arcs you expect to manifest but don't. But... That's the point. Our expectations are what drive us, make us zombies... Our expectation of coffee or chardonnay, Wi-Fi and guitars.

Prepare to have your expectations woefully and beautifully trashed then. What else could us zombies hope for?
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It is what it is
kazikp16 August 2020
Typical Jarmush. Is it slow paced? Check. Is it dialogue heavy? Check. Is it absurd at times? Check. To the people that complain it's not action packed enough I would reply it's as action packed as Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

Also I think because this movie has zombies in it people give it lots of low reviews, because it's a case of missed expectations.

There's a simple filter you can use to decide whether to watch it. If you enjoyed any of the previous Jarmush movies you won't be heavily disappointed. While not an instant classic it's true to his style. If not, maybe start with one of his earlier movies (Broken Flowers, Night on Earth, Ghost Dog, Dead Man) to get a taste of Jarmush first.
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Messy, Slow and Confused
Neon_Gold19 June 2020
I think this movies tries to have it all. The director/writer threw everything possible at this movie and i think sometimes it just doesn't work.

The metaphor that is used is very on the nose but i think it is an important metaphor. However this is not the only one, they then start piling more metaphors on about greed and i think it starts to loose value when you can't commit to one thing. Also just because a movie is metaphorical doesn't make it good. I have seen people comment "You just didn't get it". Yeah i did, it was still messy.

It is also painfully slow. Nothing happens for a very very large chunk of this movie. It just has cameos dotted in through it so that people will be like "Oh cool i love _____". I think the case is a huge issue as well.

Now i love a lot of the people in this cast. It is such a good cast but that is where the studio or someone let the movie down. They pushed so hard about the cast that they made it all rest on them. A lot of the promotion for the movie just talked about the cast, even the poster on IMBd literally talks about the cast. I don't know if they did this because they knew they couldn't market it any other way, i don't know.

Talking of marketing i went into this thinking it was a comedy and then about 30-40 minutes in i thought i needed to check to see if it actually was a comedy so i googled it. I can't even say the jokes were unfunny because i feel it had a lack of jokes and I'm not just talking about really obvious jokes it just wasn't humorous. There were moments, more so later on that i was like "Hm that's a bit funny" but i think that's why people also don't like it because it was marketed as the "Funniest all-Star cast" and it just wasn't.

I have never watched any of this directors other films and i do want to as i think he could make interesting films like there were ideas like the dust coming from zombies and not blood. I really liked that and thought it was a bit different.

So if you like this directors movies you might like this one but i don't know, it was just so slow and stagnant.
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Jim Jarmusch Quirkiness
swordsnare12 October 2019
Such a quirky little ditty, but not for everyone mind you. Brimming with irony, stilted yet hammed up dialogue and the usual casting choices you would come to expect from Jarmusch.

This is a comical, almost parody-like Zombie film with a social commentary that comes more apparent further into the runtime. Quite liked it and found it quite humorous, but I am a fan of Jarmusch's previous work and much of the cast.
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Have any of you ever seen a Jim Jarmusch move before?
garrety-839917 September 2019
What did you expect? Thought it was brilliant. Dead hipsters from Cleveland.
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Painfully unfunny
paulwattriley31 August 2019
I am not sure what they were trying to achieve with this movie. Its stupid but not in a good way, extremely boring. Not sure how this movie is voted above 5
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This non-event should be buried alive
FrenchEddieFelson17 May 2019
All the ingredients to produce a masterpiece are present: 1) A director I love, Jim Jarmusch, due to the excellent Paterson (2016) and Broken Flowers (2005). 2) A to-die-for cast, with Bill Murray in particular. 3) A sens of humor that regularly flirts with the absurd, including wacky and irreverent dialogues like « a black coffee please, but not too black » for instance. 4) The mesmerizing voice of Tom Waits. 5) A slight criticism of our society, especially the progressive global warming because of a strong procrastination with regard to the respect of our environment, and, albeit to a lesser extent, consumerism. 6) Zombies! I may confess that I have a crush on zombies. 7) ...

So, all the ingredients are lumped together but, it's quite strange and even weird, the recipe is rather unsuccessful: the atmosphere is sometimes cutesy or even insipid, the characters are usually devoid of enthusiasm and quite often apathetic, and the final scene rhymes with bitterness and bewilderment.

Although the film is not completely lousy thanks to a few successful scenes, I was globally bored and disappointed. In my humble opinion, this movie is a non-event and, as an echo with itself, should be buried alive, from now on until the end of the world. And even longer!
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So very Bill Murray
gray-beard2 October 2019
Very much the dry humor of Bill Murray. Check out the other works of Jim Jarmusch and Bill Murray and maybe you will appreciate this movie better. It must have been fun to make. I hope they make an out take video for youtube. I think it would be fun to watch
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Snoozefest with only a few laughs and an infantile script
enigma-947-33946730 August 2019
How this got even a 6 astounds me. A teenager could have written this script. Every actor talks like they're slow. A few laughs here and there but the rest of the time you just wait for something to happen. When something does happen, you're neither surprised, scared, or satisfied. What a waste of this cast's talents.
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Unimaginably horrible
kalixtshawxo19 June 2019
In my 50 years of life, i have never walked out of a movie...until now. I lasted just over 30 minutes. It's not scary. It's not funny. Not even dumb funny. The writing and dialogue are so bad, and for such big name actors their performances were wooden, and they seemed as bored to be on screen as i was in the theatre. What was the direction? I have no idea what the director/writer/producer/whomever green-lit this movie was thinking. I should have believed the reviews. I was so disappointed i had to write this, my first ever review on IMDB.
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Deadly dull
i_ashworth16 May 2019
Before the premiere began the cinema audience was treated to the live red carpet arrival of the stars on opening night of the Cannes film festival. I thought both the stars interviewed (Driver, Murray) and the director came across as diffident and defensive, and I can see why after sitting through their dull, uninspired movie." This is going to end badly" was the oft repeated (and continually unfunny) leitmotif. If this is art, give me American Werewolf in London with my popcorn any day.
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Even though there are zombies this is not a zombie movie.
terrencepatrix29 August 2019
What we have here is a "zombie movie" written by someone who clearly hates people who love zombie movies. This entire movie was written as a way to mock people who love the genre and it does it in the most boring, droll, dry, and uninspired way imaginable.

The characters are beyond bland and hallow. No one has a backstory, they are simply a singular quirk. The acting is delivered purposefully flat to mock how bad acting can be in zombie flicks. Absolutely nothing happens during the first 50 minutes of the movie except bland, dry, empty character interactions. There's no build up, no plot, there is literally nothing. And then zombies with no real explanation except...zombies! Instead of gore we get sprays of dust. Every scenario is a stereotype but not in a fun or comedic way, just in a "well this is how it's supposed to happen" way. Then it's wrapped up with an absurd "twist", that's done in such a boring way no one will care, and then back to one final stereotype after a little bit of exposition.

With this cast this concept could have been something special except by the end of the movie you can feel the directors complete and utter disrespect for the viewers that he's tricked into watching his movie. This was a movie to take the money of people he thinks are idiots and he has no problem showing it during the conclusion of the film. Ultimately this was just such a waste of time. You'll either be bored to death or somewhat offended by the end of this film, I don't recommend it. I only rated it a 3 because it has Bill Murray.
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Oh wow, this was dreadful...
paul_haakonsen5 September 2019

I had such high hopes for this movie. I mean, a zombie horror comedy with a star crammed cast, as this was all that director and writer Jim Jarmusch could muster? This was such a disappointing movie in so many, many ways.

First of all, the storyline and the pacing of the movie was just atrocious. The movie was unfathomably slow paced to the point of where boredom was starting to set in and you were really to just hold out a hand and let a zombie chomp down on your flesh.

And when the movie finally does pick up pace, which wasn't very much actually, it wasn't much of an improvement. Especially since the storyline and script was essentially non-existing and just rubbish.

Sure, the zombie aspect of the movie was good, and it was that which lured me to watch the movie after all, as I am a fan of all things zombie. But this was just way, way too boring. And then suddenly a flying saucer turned up, and people started to talk about a script implying that they were in a movie. I was good and ready to just get up and walk out on "The Dead Don't Die" at that point. But I stuck with it to the end, to the boring, prolonged and boring end.

The zombie make-up was good, so that at least counted for something, but it wasn't enough to make up for everything else where the movie either lacked, came in short or just didn't even bother to make an effort.

Now, the movie does have a very impressive assembly of cast, which includes Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tom Waits, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi and Danny Glover.

There was a healthy dose of sarcasm in the movie, small bits and pieces that you might not pick up on. But that was actually a nice thing about the movie, such as Adam Driver's character having a Star Destroyer keyring, zombies walking with mobile phones groaning "wifi", zombies drinking coffee and groaning "coffee", Buscemi's red cap with a slogan that openly mocks Trump's slogan, and odd bits and pieces like that could be found throughout the movie.

Sadly "The Dead Don't Die" is not a movie that I will be returning to watch a second time, because it was just horribly boring and so slow paced that even the zombies were going "hey, Jim Jarmusch, you mind picking up the pace?"

My rating of "The Dead Don't Die" is going to be settling on a very low three out of ten stars. The movie had potential, but it failed in almost every aspect. The comedy in the movie was flaccid and just infantile. The storyline and plot was abysmal. And it was a massive swing and a miss of something that could have been such a glorious thing...

The movie was, in lack of better terms, dreadful. And it being a zombie movie makes me cringe just having to admit to saying that about it. But hey, not everything zombiesque is amazing, huh?
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Congratulations, Jarmusch, for ruining the ONE genre that practically cannot be ruined!
Coventry19 April 2021
Films like "The Dead don't Die" make me feel dumb. And, of course, like every normal person in the world, I don't like it when something or someone makes me feel dumb. Why does it make you feel dumb? Because you can't help thinking that you're missing the point. That you're not seeing what everybody else must be seeing. Why else would so many great actors and actresses want to star in an ordinary horror movie with zombies if it wasn't great? Well, I can assure you, there's nothing wrong with us. Jim Jarmusch probably likes to think that his films are arthouse and that his humor is deadpan, but in reality, it's just a bunch of pretentious drivel.

Jarmusch did accomplish one thing, though. It's practically impossible to ruin a zombie movie, but somehow, he managed. Young, inexperienced and amateur film makers put together better zombie movies than Jarmusch does; - at least when it comes to plot and atmosphere. Not in terms of acting performances and budget for special effects, obviously. 90% of "The Dead don't Die" is dull and derivative of nearly every single zombie movie ever made previously. The remaining 10% is embarrassing beyond words, with the weakest attempt at "meta-horror" I've ever seen ("How do you know it's not going to end well? Because I read the script") and the totally random fate of Tilda Swinton's character.
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Boring version of "Shaun of the dead"
asauve16 May 2019
Adam driver really strives by his excellent acting. Bill Murray seem to enjoy the movie but often seems to be elsewere...

Otherwise the plot is awful. Most of the setup-payoff makes little or no sense. The ermite, despite a high screentime is underemployed. Many repetitions are expected to be funny but fail to do so and left me in an akward feeling of wanting to leave the theatre. The too-obvious meta point of view does not bring anything to the movie. The final twist sounds like a prank to the public. The pseudo moralistic explanation of the society is awkward bloated and not impacting. All in one very disappointing.

Two stars for a nice screenplay and the terrific apparition of Adam driver in the red smart which made me laugh one time in the movie.
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Typical Jarmusch
Breumaster6 February 2020
It's his dry and sober way of filming. But on the other hand, it was funny at several points. There were scenes, I did really laugh out hard and for quiete some time. If there weren't so many traces between the funny or laughing moments, it would have get a higher rating by me. A very ironical view on the zombie genre. Well, I was entertained and even though this movie is no real burner, I think it's still ok to watch. Bill Murray is great as ever. In my opinion the movie is better than most people rated.
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Adam Driver - the new King of deadpan comedy!!!
Brad_G16 May 2019
Okay, going into Dead don't die (which is already out in Paris) after reading the mixed reviews from critics, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But, hey, give me a Murray movie any day and I'll gladly watch it. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this quiet, laid back movie - too laid back even for a zombie themed horror-comedy. Yet, totally in sync with Jarmusch's signature style casualness, this movie actually entertains you through and through. Zombies running amok in a small town, signalling impending zombie apocalypse - "yeah, heard that" you might say - but here's the deal, the casual style with which Jarmusch approaches this, with a movie that "doesn't take itself seriously" yet with an underlying "irony within it all" is what made this casual romp surprisingly entertaining for me. The ending may feel a bit pointless, yet I believe that's exactly the affect Jarmusch was going for with this movie. I went in as a Murray fan, came away as Driver fan! Among several, if there is one reason you should see this movie, is do it, just to experience and realise about Adam Driver's wide range of comedy chops. I mean I already knew this guy is the most versatile and talented actor on the planet today, having watched and enjoyed his outstanding performances in Logan Lucky, Starwars and the latest BlackkKlansman. Yet this movie cemented for me why Driver should also do more comedy movies. Most of us will remember his unforgettably hilarious SNL skit ''career day' as the oil baron Parnassus (which I believe deserves an Emmy of its own). Well, contrast that with the spot-on deadpan, laid back tone of his comedic display in this movie as the nerdy cop Ronnie Peterson and you will realise this guy has got leviathan range even in his comedy skills spanning beyond into another galaxy. His brilliant comedic delivery helps keep this movie ticking. Teaming Driver with Murray (known as the king of deadpan comedy) was a stroke of genius casting by Jarmusch. And with the ever-entertaining Tilda in the mix (Tilda is Tilda!) you have a fun matinee romp with this movie. To sum up my experience, I loved and enjoyed this movie immensely. I left the movie thinking about the Driver/Murray duo, as to who emerged the winner of the trophy for delivering the best deadpan comedy? For me Driver won out. I love Murray (as a longtime fan) but the way Driver injects nerdy absurdity in his brilliant laconic delivery nailed his performance, which for me is the highlight of this movie. This was followed by Tilda's charged delivery as a samurai wielding mortician. I can certainly say that Driver inherits the title as the new king of deadpan comedy. This movie is worth it, even just to watch the hulking form of Driver cramming into a convertible smart car, plus the way he says "ghouls" among a repertoire of other words and phrases, which sound cool and iconic just for the way he delivers them. "Ghouls" is the new "Cauliflower"! I loved this silly laid-back fun movie, which despite leaving you wondering what's the point of it all, so zombie apocalypse is here, the movie simply shrugs and says yeah. Yet, the relaxed tone belies a meta deep enough to subliminally stimulate you to ponder upon the underlying commentary on the state of our current society as unravelled through the nuggets laid out throughout the movie with an unmistakable comedic poignancy. I definitely recommend this movie as a "must see". A full ten stars from me!
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Worst movie ever saw in theaters! Complete waste of my money!
michaelfoltzer17 June 2019
This was by far the slowest and worst movie i have ever paid for in my life in the theaters. Almost walked out so many times like the rest of the crowd did, but because so many good actors are in it I kept giving chance after chance for the movie to pick up and get better. Took almost an hour for anything to happen in the movie. Everyone talks and moves slower then a turtle and it takes forever for literally anything to happen and when anything does happen it not exciting and still the slowest most boring zombie move ever created! Very upset Bill Murray would even put himself in such an crappy movie. Don't waste your time or money. Wish i could get that 2 hours of my life back and the $30.00.
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diegosilberstein15 June 2019
I already wasted a lot of time watching it, I don't wanna waste any more. Just writing this as a favor to other people.
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