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MPAA Rated R for bloody horror violence, and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is seen in the bathroom getting ready for a shower. She has a towel over herself. No nudity. Then another shot of her, from the back. She's seen in her bra and underwear, without the towel. She removes her bra and the scene ends. No nudity.
  • A brief scene where two people making out. Close kissing, not much.
  • a mother looks through their child's phone. She finds a video(animated)of a buddi doll humping a toaster (clothed) You only see the video for about 2-3 seconds. You can hear music, but no noises. Then goes to another view, but still hear the music
  • In one scene a lady and man emerge from a room together looking a bit rushed when her son comes home. The man is seen adjusting his crotch and putting on a belt. It's implied they just got done having sex
  • A man is seen spying on a woman with hidden cameras in the bathroom.

Violence & Gore

  • A man breaks his legs falling from his tall ladder and lets out a scream of agony. We see his bones poke through his legs. Briefly shown but disturbing and painful.
  • A man's head is shredded by a lawn mower of sorts. You see some sort of chunky blood splat onto his face and a chunk of his head shoot out then end. However this is also used for some dark humor, as a piece of his hair that shoots out lands on a garden gnomes Head. he is also stabbed repeatedly through the chest with a knife. Graphic.
  • A man is stabbed several times in his legs, arms, and groin, then after holding onto a burning pipe falls onto a rotating blade which severs his leg, killing him.
  • A woman in a car crashes out of her control, then gets stabbed. The stabbing is not shown but her aftermath is. Bloody.
  • A man falls from the roof onto a car on purpose.
  • What looks like a severed head is really a characters facial skin over a watermelon. This isn't treated too seriously, and later plays a role in some humorous moments. But can disgust some people
  • A cat is killed off screen, but we see the aftermath of it being stabbed.
  • Several drones with sharp blades fly through a crowd of people, injuring some.
  • A man is stabbed in the neck then after a while gets sliced a lot by a drone. Killing him.
  • Kids get into a fist fight leaving a black eye and bruises on a few of them. And then pushes another kid into a shelf
  • A cat bites a kid on the hand.
  • We see several brief flashes of a Chainsaw movie the kids are watching, the scenes are bloody and graphic. Includes a portion of someone's head cut off, chainsaws cutting into people's bodies, the skin from someone's face, etc. (all from Texas chainsaw massacre 2)
  • A lot of the blood in this movie is quite over the top, and in some cases seem like a small fountain of blood squirting out of certain wounds
  • A doll accidentlly swipes a knife at a boy's arm with a small wound showing shortly after
  • A man's face is skinned and the skull is shown. It is covered in blood and a bit of flesh, but is shown briefly.


  • Strong, but infrequent, language throughout.
  • Many uses of "shit" and "fuck" throughout
  • The doll in the movie does sometimes use bad language for comical effects

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two guys are outside, one guys asks the other guy for a lighter. He starts to light a cigarette and about to smoke, but is interrupted.
  • A man goes into his girlfriend's fridge to grab some beers.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Chucky doll will frighten many by his creepy appearance alone. He become more violent the further the movie goes on. In fact, this version is sometimes scarier than his original counterpart. Additionally, he's voiced by Mark Hamill, legendary for voicing the Joker in various DC animated projects, which can make Chucky even scarier.
  • Several Jump Scares and suspenseful situations.
  • A man's mother gets killed in a car, this may upset family lovers and young audiences
  • Posters featuring Chucky brutally killing characters from the Toy Story franchise, using the Toy Story 4's teaser posters' background are disturbing and frightening. Both films were June 21, 2019 releases. There are also upsetting to the fans of Toy Story. One poster has Rex (as the skeleton) has an eye exposed. This could frighten Toy Story fans as it's very sudden and unexpected.
  • 17+


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man is having an affair with the main character's mother. It's later revealed that the man is married.

Violence & Gore

  • A machine with a rope connected to hang a woman begins to rise and picks her off her feet. The rope gets cut at the last second. We see her writhing in pain and panic.
  • A character gets seriously injured by a drone. We see later that he lives.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A cat is violently strangled by the evil doll. It is saved in time but is left frightened. However, the same cat is killed offscreen (supposedly by the killer doll) and it's remains is later found in a pool of it's own blood.
  • A man gets murdered at a presentation of a new toy doll and is seen in his perspective dizzy whilst everyone else doesn't know whats happening as he is wearing a costume, he then takes off his mask and blood gushes out of his neck onto a child's face.
  • A blackout occurs at a supermarket and toys get controlled and start attacking everyone causing terror and a boy is standing helplessly trying to escape from hand cuffs
  • The final showdown between Chucky & Andy may be intense for some viewers. Andy's mother is captured & is being hung by a rope on a forklift truck. Andy must save her in time, where during this scene there are several intense moments & pop up scares.

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