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Analog_Devotee28 April 2021
All bias aside, this is still an awfully made film. Value your time more than I do mine and skip this mess.
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A controversial movie that keeps its hand hidden... for some of its running time
bob-the-movie-man24 March 2021
Roe v Wade was a controversial vote by the US Supreme Court in 1973 over whether abortion should be legalized across the US, following its earlier legalization in New York state.

Following an early personal tragedy, Dr. Bernard Nathanson (Nick Loeb) is a leading abortion advocate, making a tidy living by performing abortions in New York. Together with writer and journalist Larry Lader (Jamie Kennedy) the pair lobby for the "Right to Choose": to legalize abortion across the country. They 'recruit' Norma McCorvey (Summer Joy Campbell), under the pseudonym of Jane Roe, to headline their case.

Against them are the 'Pro-Life' lobby headed by Dr. Mildred Jefferson (Stacey Nash) with Henry Wade (James DuMont), the district attorney for Dallas County, being the opposing plaintiff.

  • It's a brave team that put a movie together about such an emotionally charged subject, and Nick Loeb and crew should be congratulated for being brave enough to do so.

  • As in "The Trial of the Chicago 7", this was subject matter from the era from the US 1960/1970's that I was completely unaware of, so I didn't know where the movie might go (no spoilers here).

  • The movie plays its cards pretty close to its chest for most of the running time as regards whose 'side' it is on: pro-Life or pro-Choice. You see each team working their own corner, and the facts for and against are provided to the viewer (which Nick Loeb asserts have been thoroughly fact checked).

  • The film comes to life most in some of the legal debates between Professor Robert Byrn (Joey Lawrence) and his students. These were the scenes which I enjoyed most, and Lawrence delivers one of the better acting performances in the movie.

  • There's fun in seeing a lot of 'old pros' appearing in cameos as the supreme court judges: Jon Voight ("Mission Impossible"); Bond villain Robert Davi ("Licence to Kill"); Corbin Bernsen ("LA Law") and Steve Guttenberg ("3 Men and a Baby").

  • There's no polite way to say this, but as a relatively low-budget movie, some of the supporting performances are on the decidedly ropy side.

  • I wanted to see more of the legal debate between the members of the Supreme court.... but I suspect the shooting time available with these 'big name' actors was limited. That's a shame.

  • This is not a "Trial of the Chicago 7", and the script is NOT by Aaron Sorkin. It generally lacks polish. And there is way too much "Oh, hello --Insert full title and name of character here--" which is distractingly unnatural (just use sub-titles!).

  • Those familiar with my blog will know of my UTTER HATRED of voiceovers in movies! This is deployed throughout (by Nick Loeb) and irritated me enormously. More "Show".... less "Tell"!

  • The movie doesn't know when to quit. There is a natural and dramatic "end point" to the story. But the movie tacks on multiple 'epilogue' scenes. Some of these are interesting and informative, showing broadcasts of the 'real-life' participants. Others are superfluous, and lessen the overall impact of the message. IMHO, it would have been better to end at the natural end-point of the story, then 'do a "Sully"' by dropping the real life photos and interviews as insets into the end-titles.

I'll sometimes put 'warnings' for sensitive viewers into my reviews. As the subject matter is abortion, then this may naturally self-deselect certain viewers. But to be clear, the movie does 'go there' in two short, almost subliminal, scenes that will almost certainly upset any parents that have been through any form of pre-natal loss. Watcher beware.

(For my full graphical review, please check out One Mann's Movies on the web or Facebook. Thanks.)
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MASTERPIECE on every level
frank412215 May 2021
A star-studded cast delivers a magnificent film of historic proportions. Only a great talent pool like this can make a story like Roe V. Wade so captivating. Delivering the hard facts on such a somber subject is a daunting task, nonetheless this cast delivers in dramatic fashion. For the sake of our world and our future the task was crucial. Bless you forever Cathy Allyn, Nick Loeb and the producers for delivering a winner for humanity. Our pro-life heroes continue fighting the lies, murder of the unborn and racist eugenics of a corporation like Planned Parenthood that becomes so monstrous that evil becomes the only truth. When young women like Norma McCorvey are abused by their lawyers and led to death's door by the grotesque lies and perversions such as misusing the words 'planned' and 'parenthood' for untold malevolence. Also portrayed quite well was the heinous lies of the mainstream media ready and willing to deceive young women into a dystopian world of eternal ruination, whilst they mock them at their lavish cocktail parties. Stacey Dash as Dr. Mildred Jefferson was brilliant in her passion and presence. Joey Lawrence as Robert Byrn was a part he was born to play. Of great significance were the roles of Justice Warren Burger (Jon Voight), Larry Lader (Jamie Kennedy), Sarah Weddington (Greer Grammer) and Father James T. McHugh (Tom Guiry). The Chief Justices were portrayed by the legendary Robert Davi, William Forsythe and Richard Portnow. Great to see Steve Guttenberg and John Schneider who serve our communities wonderfully on and off the screen. The entire cast prevailed against an insurmountable task and made Roe V. Wade a masterpiece. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE!
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Brave, historic and TRUE!
hines-200014 May 2021
Surely the negative reviewers on here did not even see the movie. Mostly 1 or 2 sentences saying the movie is a lie without a shred of evidence. Everything about this movie is factual. It is actually their lies that continue today with HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra repeatedly denying the existence of the law banning gruesome partial-birth abortion. We know he lied because as California attorney general he voted against this law. Also, it was Obama who unwittingly (but accurately) coined the term 'fake news'. As a bonus Roe V. Wade clearly showed how corrupt the media is. If anyone thinks they will get anything close to the truth from the mainstream media they're living under a rock.

I never thought I would see the day again when I could say all-star cast when it comes to a verboten topic in goosestep Hollywood. This was truly a superb cast with the heart and soul provided by Nick Loeb, Stacey Dash, and Joey Lawrence. Other notable performances were of Justice Warren Burger (Jon Voight), Larry Lader (Jamie Kennedy) and Sarah Weddington (Greer Grammer).

The Chief Justices were portrayed by the renowned acting talents of Robert Davi, William Forsythe and Richard Portnow. They were joined by Steve Guttenberg and John Schneider who not only have wonderful acting credits but also serve their communities with distinction. My favorite among the remaining cast was Tom Guiry as Father James T. McHugh.
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Spell Binding
wruzek6 April 2021
A vivid account of this most famous Supreme Court case!
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propaganda of first grader level
jjr-7647417 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is history re-writing. But, if you take the time to source the real facts before you watch it, then it becomes incredibly funny! It's like a beginners course in propaganda, so heavy handed, massively manipulative, degree zero of finesse, that it actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times.

No attempt here to even pretend not to be one sided. Everybody is stereotyped to the max, and history is re-scripted with utter disregard for actual events. It even goes as far as to reference the holocaust in the dialogs to define the pro-choice side, and that is only one of the multiple antisemitic gratuitous jabs in this movie.

Here is one example of how the movie works: it is bookended by two reasonably effective, even if cheap, emotional moments: the dreadfully moving rendition of "the diary of an unborn child" and the "who will give voice to the silenced" supreme court plea, two really strong speeches of the pro-life side. Well, obviously the voice of the pro choice will be shown with similar respect... of course not, in between the voice of the pro-choice is a chant praising abortion as money for succion, and an overall scam orchestrated to make money off the ignorance of women. This gives you a sense of how balanced the view of the issue is.

The justice who supported pro choice are obviously shown as corrupt throughout the film, and decide on politics rather than merit or conviction. Or worse, if they're not corrupt, they vote pro choice for being badgered by their wives and daughters,

And of course the pro-choice characters evidenced during the movie end up in one of three ways: Either their « despicable hypocrisy » is outed, either they see the error of their ways and find god, or they sink in despair and eternal grief over the « horrible acts they are guilty off »! Aaaah the suavity of the nuance.

Well if you hoped for a movie that could be watched by many on both sides, a movie to open and inform the debate, that's not the one.
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Another reason to oppose abortion.
alanbourbeau2421 October 2021
As if the movie, unplanned wasn't good enough to convince me to be choose pro life not abortion. This movie, Roe Vs Wade also inspired me to be pro life. Now I can understand that certain Democrats favor pro choice instead of pro life. However, I disagree with the pro choice Democrats. If the Democratic senator of CT, Richard Blumenthal saw this movie. I would hope that it would change his mind on being pro abortion.
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Lies, more lies and nothing but lies
MacArthur_Parker16 April 2021
I'm actually quite surprised this wasn't the doing of Pure Flix or a similar company. Nick Loeb may as well be the new Fred Phelps the way he's brainwashing the easily manipulated.

The entire narrative is built on not just outright lies but also by an array of has-been talent who clearly needed money. You don't need to even be well-versed in the decision to know when the movie's spewing nonsense.

In a similar manner to last year's Never Rarely Sometimes Always (except that film is extraordinary, Roe v. Wade is extraordinarily bad), it's inspired me to give back... to Planned Parenthood.
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The opposing view...
ezgolucky4 April 2021
One of the few movies that lean the more conservative view of the controversial subject. Out of the sea of overwhelmingly liberal leaning flicks, this is one adds the conservative voice. You may not agree with it, which I mostly do not, we as Americans should welcome a counter view...
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So bad it's not even good to watch for laughs
Ithilfaen29 June 2021
I don't know what's worse about this "movie"
  • the appallingly amateurish directing
  • the high school level writing
  • the Youtube parody acting

or the number of alt-right reviewers falling over themselves in the reviews trying to make this pass for a masterpiece.

Look, pro-choice or pro-life, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when you try to pretend that a movie" which makes SNL parodies look like Scorcese movies, with nutjob conspiracy that makes Charlie Sheen sound sane and reasonable, is the best thing ever, you just embarrass yourself.

I have seen more convincing pro-life arguments from FOX News, and that's saying a lot.
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Did not change my mind
jdorego13 April 2021
Nothing in this story changed my (and many other's) belief that if men got pregnant abortion would have been legalized a long time ago.

Also so many beautiful women in this movie that I thought I was watching Fox News.
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10 for bravery against the odds
Vlad_Imirivan12 April 2021
Whether Hollywood mogul Samuel Goldwyn ever echoed that sentiment, the advice continues to hold true for screenwriters today. Stories designed to win an argument rarely make for effective entertainment.

A case in point: the historical dramatization "Roe v. Wade". Good intentions can only partially sustain this re-creation of events surrounding the landmark 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion across the United States. So even those movie fans most committed to the cause of life will be unable to overlook its aesthetic shortcomings.

Primary among these are the film's overly rhetorical tone and the fact that its script, penned by co-directors Cathy Allyn and Nick Loeb in collaboration with Ken Kushner, comes stuffed full of citations whose appearance in the dialogue registers as anything but natural. In fact, it sometimes feels as though the cast had been turned into walking editions of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.

While the picture reveals a few interesting historical sidelights, moreover, Allyn and Loeb fail to bring together the varied ingredients of their story. As a result, viewers may discern the unfulfilled potential of at least three films hovering under the surface here.

The first would be a straightforward recounting of the titular legal proceeding, a still-controversial chapter of history nominally pitting Norma McCorvey , a fragile young woman in her early 20s shielded under the legal pseudonym Jane Roe, against Henry Wade, the district attorney of Dallas County, Texas. Numerous questions about the case linger.

Was McCorvey - who later went on to become a prominent figure in pro-life circles - manipulated by her lawyers, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee?

Were Supreme Court justices unduly swayed by familial pressure such as that which here is depicted as being brought against Chief Justice Warren E. Burger? Did the involvement of other justices' family members in the work of Planned Parenthood play a role behind the scenes?

A second movie could be devoted to the conversion story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, from whose perspective the narrative of "Roe v. Wade" is told. Together with activist Larry Lader, Nathanson became a leader in the political movement to make abortion legal. He also was an indefatigable and prolific abortionist.

The experience of witnessing his own work via the newly developed technology of ultrasound, however, led to a radical transition in Nathanson's thinking. He became a high-profile opponent of abortion and narrated the 1984 movie "The Silent Scream." Still a third picture could focus on the biography of Dr. Mildred Jefferson, a long-standing champion of the unborn. Among other achievements, Jefferson was the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. A co-founder of the National Right to Life Committee, she served as its president in the 1970s.

As it is, none of these elements jells with the others. Consequently, Allyn and Loeb's treatment of one of the most controverted political topics in recent history emerges as more ambitious and earnest than successful.

J. Mulderig CNS.
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Good watch
stfaustina5 April 2021
If your Pro-Abortion then you'll hate it.

If your Pro-Life then you'll love it.
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Truthful movie about abortion
damian-ray15 April 2021
This is a great pro-life movie that tells the truth about abortion, the lies of the abortion industry and the pro-choice/pro-abortion movement.
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Informative but lacks focus
vanessacowart-126 September 2021
I watched this movie to understand the legal process that led to Roe v. Wade, but I got much more of the cultural landscape of the 70s than I expected. This really could have been four movies: Dr. Nathanson and Naral's story, Norma McCorvey's story, the actual legal case and justices' stories, or the foundation of the pro-life movement's story. Together, the film loses focus and you get information about many things rather than a lot about key things. I would still like to understand how the SCOTUS was able to deny states' rights in one fell swoop.
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Do the yet to be born get a vote?
duho-2618124 September 2021
The haters of this movie are simply in denial of the facts of history, and of when life begins in the womb. Many of their minds will never be changed, but gradually, and thankfully, more and more are changing every year because they are understanding the reality of not only how Roe v. Wade came about, but more importantly the significance of life in the womb. Though they want you to think that it's about women's rights, EVERYONE knows it's really about the rights of the unborn, who can't yet speak for themselves.
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Creepy counterfactual fare crammed with has-beens
Hagar714 May 2021
John Voight, Stacey Dash, and a slew of other Hollywood washouts pay their light bills by delivering hilariously bad performances in a movie selling a QAnon-level conspiracy theory about abortion. According to this "film," there's big money to be had in the abortion industry and women wouldn't even care about it except for the fact that two men manipulated their minds back in the 1970s. It's embarrassingly bad propaganda, with a script written by Captain Exposition and performed by at least three actors you thought were dead, but it takes itself very seriously and thinks that you should too.
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The Truth Behind Roe V. Wade
chadrlynch13 May 2021
It's important to get the truth out with the complete Left-Wing biases blatantly being expressed by the mainstream media news nowadays. This movie accurately shows the actual truth behind the very controversial Roe V. Wade case. Protestors on the Left tried very hard to restrict free speech by trying to prevent this movie from even being released. Media platforms will no doubt suppress the ability for many potential viewers with even being able to find and stream it online. I applaud this excellent movie, and the outstanding actors that helped make it. It's a must watch for anyone interested in the actual history of this extremely controversial case!
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"Roe v. Wade" Is Absolutely Awful on So Many Levels
einnoc101 April 2021
"Roe v. Wade" follows Dr Bernard Nathanson (Nick Loeb), the narrator of the 1984 anti-abortion film The Silent Scream, from his first interaction with abortion in 1949 - when his girlfriend at the time terminated her pregnancy - to his conversion to a virulent anti-abortion stance in 1985." .

The 2020 "Roe v. Wade" is co-directed by Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn. The writing credits go to those two and Ken Kushner. Vewers are subjected to 112 minutes of poorly staged treacly, unconvincing monologues, delivered by a motley crew of actors from a very bad script.

Among the veteran actors are Robert Davi ("Die Hard") as Justice Brennan, Jamie Kennedy ("Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell") as Larry Lader, Steve Guttenberg ("Three Men and a Baby") as Justice Powell, William Forsythe ("Cold Pursuit") as Justice Stewart and Jon Voight ("Midnight Cowboy") as Justice Warren Burger. Former Fox news personality Stacey Dash ("Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens") appears as Dr. Mildred Jefferson.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the lead, is portrayed by Nick Loeb (Loeb is also the writer/director and producer). It seems to be Loeb's vanity project for personal and philosophical reasons.

The character of Larry Lader (Jamie Kennedy) convinces Dr. Nathanson, who is, at first, very enthusiastic about earning blood money by providing abortions on demand, to perform them. The script unwisely has Nathanson (Loeb) and the others in the room sing a song about abortion as follows: "There's a fortune/In abortion/You never bother/The real father."

None of the people in the scene can sing and Loeb can't act. The scene is excruciatingly bad, but it's not the worst in the film.

The writer/director/producer and actor are all Loeb. Loeb's tuneless off-key serenade was just a small taste of the bumpy road ahead. It was really a chore to get through the scene with the actor reading as though he were an unborn fetus.

Speaking of "determining when to bear children" and having a pro-choice right to determine what happens with your own body, there has been speculation that Nick Loeb's desire to make this film stemmed from his failed 4-year relationship with Sophia Vergara ("Modern Family"), which ended in 2014. (A year later, she would marry Joe Manganiello).

Vergara and Loeb, when a couple, froze her fertilized eggs, undergoing IVF together in 2013. In 2017 Vergara filed legal documents to block Loeb from being able to use the embryos without her written consent. Loeb fought for the right to bring the embryos to term via a surrogate. Recently, a California judge has permanently blocked Loeb from using the embryos without Vergara's permission. The entire dispute embodies, in a microcosm, the film's main theory about who should have total reproductive control.

Despite my Catholic upbringing, I think women deserve a choice in what happens to their bodies (and their eggs). The ultimate decision should be between the woman and her physician, with strict guidelines (as has always been the case), not a decision by a group of old white men like those portrayed in this film, or by just one party in an IVF scenario.
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Very bad
CrimeChauncey11 April 2021
Aside from the blatant propagandizing, the film is just poorly made. Clearly they didn't feel the need to spend much money on it because they knew that the dumb hogs that like this kind of garbage would lap it all up regardless of how it looked.
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Terrible, poor and very biased
rogeriogodinho2 April 2021
Terrible acting, poor production values and a very biased POV.

I'll the NYT sum it up for you: "Roe v. Wade" paints pro-life rights activists as "the masterminds of a mercenary anti-Catholic conspiracy. They were in cahoots, we're told, with Hollywood, the news media, Protestant clergy and rabbis, with the latter singled out in a caricaturish scene."

What else you need to know?
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The truth
jhyancey2 May 2021
This film follows the historical events. A lot of liberals are on here smashing this film, but there is no excuse for the murder of over 61 million children.
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Absolutely great movie
david-214-5327953 April 2021
Really makes you think about Roe Vs Wade. After fact checking the movie my stance on abortion changed 360 degrees, it made me completely rethink my previous views on abortion. Don't believe me watch the movie and check the facts yourself.
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judithvictoriam29 May 2021
This movie has some very good performances mixed in with mediocre ones. We needed this movie to be made but we also needed this movie to be made Exceptionally well as the bias media would not be moved otherwise. Sadly this movie is not. It had so much potential but it comes short and I am not exactly sure how it could have been made better. It is still worthwhile to watch and if it even opens the minds & hearts of one person then it is worthwhile. We need to have another movie about Dr. Mildred Jefferson, a true hero who does not get enough credit & attention, many do not even know her name. Watch it and enjoy it but do not expect to be impressed, just mildly entertained and perhaps if you are not well informed on the topic you will learn some new facts.
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A lot of bias in the reviews.
rogersmith-1207819 May 2021
There is a lot of bias in the reviews of this film which says more of the political leanings of the reviewers than the film. Having said that: from the view of the film itself, some of the acting was well below 'professional', the dialogue was at times stilted and artificial. The filming and script did give a real sense of the time of Roe V Wade and the political landscape that drove it. This is always going to be an emotional subject, but one I feel needs to be addressed. I have no doubt there is nothing black and white about the decision and this film gives a legitimate perspective. If one is honest it helps inform. Well done to the filmakers for making this.
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