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Adèle Haenel: Héloïse



  • Héloïse : I've dreamt of that for years.

    Marianne : Dying?

    Héloïse : Running.

  • Marianne : I didn't know you were an art critic.

    Héloïse : I didn't know you were a painter.

  • Héloïse : When you're observing me, who do you think I'm observing?

  • Héloïse : I feel something new.

    Marianne : What?

    Héloïse : Regret.

    Marianne : Don't regret. Remember. I'll remember when you fell asleep in the kitchen.

    Héloïse : I'll remember your dark look when I beat you at cards.

    Marianne : I'll remember the first time you laughed.

    Héloïse : You took your time being funny.

    Marianne : That's true. I wasted time.

    Héloïse : I wasted time too. I'll remember the first time I wanted to kiss you.

    Marianne : When was that?

    Héloïse : You didn't notice?

    Marianne : At the feast around the bonfire.

    Héloïse : I wanted to, yes. But that wasn't the first time.

    Marianne : Tell me.

    Héloïse : No, you tell me.

    Marianne : When you asked if I had known love. I could tell the answer was yes. And that it was now.

    Héloïse : I remember.

  • Marianne : You're saying nothing?

    Héloïse : Is that me?

    Marianne : Yes.

    Héloïse : Is that how you see me?

    Marianne : It's not only me.

    Héloïse : What do you mean, not only you?

    Marianne : There are rules, conventions, ideas.

    Héloïse : You mean there's no life? No presence?

    Marianne : Your presence is made up of fleeting moments that may lack truth.

    Héloïse : Not everything is fleeting. Some feelings are deep. The fact it isn't close to me, that I can understand. But I find it sad it isn't close to you.

    Marianne : How do you know it isn't close to me? I didn't know you were an art critic.

    Héloïse : I didn't know you were a painter.

  • Marianne : I can't make you smile. I feel I do it and then it vanishes.

    Héloïse : Anger always comes to the fore.

    Marianne : Definitely with you. I didn't mean to hurt you.

    Héloïse : You haven't hurt me.

    Marianne : I have, I can tell. When you're moved, you do this with your hand.

    Héloïse : Really?

    Marianne : Yes. And when you're embarrassed, you bite your lips. And when you're annoyed, you don't blink.

    Héloïse : You know it all.

    Marianne : Forgive me, I'd hate to be in your place.

    Héloïse : We're in the same place. Exactly the same place. Come here. Come. Step closer. Look. If you look at me, who do I look at? When you don't know what to say, you touch your forehead. When you lose control, you raise your eyebrows. And when you're troubled, you breathe through your mouth.

  • Marianne : I thought you had been scared off.

    Héloïse : You were right. I am scared. Do all lovers feel they're inventing something? I know the gestures. I imagined it all, waiting for you.

    Marianne : You dreamt of me?

    Héloïse : No. I thought of you.

  • Héloïse : In solitude, I felt the liberty you spoke of. But I also felt your absence.

  • Héloïse : This time, I like it.

    Marianne : Perhaps because I know you better.

    Héloïse : Perhaps I've changed.

    Marianne : Perhaps.

    Héloïse : You didn't destroy the last one for me. You did it for you.

    Marianne : I'd like to destroy this one too.

    Héloïse : Why?

    Marianne : Through it, I give you to another.

    Héloïse : It's terrible. Now you possess me a little, you bear me a grudge.

    Marianne : I don't.

    Héloïse : You do. You know you do. You're not on my side now. You blame me for what comes next. My marriage. You don't support me.

    Marianne : You're right.

    Héloïse : Go on. Say what burdens your heart. I believed you braver.

    Marianne : I believed you braver too.

    Héloïse : That's it then. You find me docile. Worse... You imagine I'm collusive. You imagine my pleasure.

    Marianne : It's a way of avoiding hope.

    Héloïse : Imagine me happy or unhappy if that reassures you. But do not imagine me guilty. You'd prefer me to resist.

    Marianne : Yes.

    Héloïse : Are you asking me to? Answer me.

    Marianne : No.

  • Marianne : Your mother will let you go out alone tomorrow. You'll be free.

    Héloïse : Being free is being alone?

    Marianne : You don't think so?

    Héloïse : I'll tell you tomorrow.

  • Héloïse : They were nearing the surface, approaching the threshold, when, fearing losing Eurydice and impatient to see her, her loving spouse turned.

    Sophie : No, he can't look at her for fear of losing her. That's no reason. He was told not to do that.

    Héloïse : He's madly in love. He can't resist.

    Marianne : I think Sophie has a point. He could resist. His reasons aren't serious. Perhaps he makes a choice.

    Sophie : What choice?

    Marianne : He chooses the memory of her. That's why he turns. He doesn't make the lover's choice, but the poet's.

    Héloïse : She spoke a last farewell that scarcely reached his ears and fell back into the abyss. Perhaps she was the one who said, Turn around.

  • Héloïse : It's a life that has advantages. There's a library. You can sing or hear music. And equality is a pleasant feeling.

  • Héloïse : What do you tell your models to amuse them?

    Marianne : Are you bored?

    Héloïse : No. I'm interested in you.

    Marianne : Your complexion is remarkable today. You're very elegant. You pose beautifully. You're pretty. That's what I tell them.

  • Marianne : You'll hear the rest. Milan is a city of music.

    Héloïse : Then I can't wait for Milan.

    Marianne : I'm saying there will be good things.

    Héloïse : You're saying that, now and then, I'll be consoled.

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