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'Black Widow'

Between 'Avengers: Endgame' and Black Widow's solo movie, Scarlett Johansson is clocking in overtime at the MCU. It's easy to forget how many other actresses were considered for the role.

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'Iron Man'

He single-handedly launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Robert Downey Jr. almost didn't play Iron Man. See which actors almost landed the role.

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23 Jun. 2018
'Jurassic Park'
Jeff Goldblum had to fight off more than just dinosaurs to land the iconic role of Ian Malcolm in 'Jurassic Park.' Some of the biggest actors of the '80s and '90s were considered, and Steven Spielberg had his own radical idea as well. So, just how did Goldblum land the part?
4 Jul. 2018
'Captain America'
Captain America is one of the biggest roles of the decade - in the biggest franchise on the planet. So it's not surprise the hottest up-and-comers answered the casting call. But who else was considered almost worthy enough to play the First Avenger?
11 Jul. 2018
Ant-Man may be small in stature, but he was a huge role to fill. Here are four actors who came within an inch of getting the part.
18 Jul. 2018
'Die Hard'
It's been 30 years since John McClane hit the big screen in 'Die Hard.' He's one of the most iconic action heroes ever - which makes it all the more insane how many massive stars passed on playing him.
25 Jul. 2018
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise has played some of the most iconic movie roles of all-time, but you won't believe how many more classic parts he turned down.
1 Aug. 2018
'Sleepless in Seattle'
'Sleepless in Seattle' is one of the most classic love story pairings in Hollywood history. But who else was considered for the lead roles before Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?
8 Aug. 2018
It's hard to imagine anyone but Wesley Snipes as the half-vampire, katana-wielding hero in 'Blade.' But let's look at three actors who were about to be the vampire slayer.
15 Aug. 2018
Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg has starred in some of the biggest movies of the last 20 years - but what leading roles did he turn down?
22 Aug. 2018
'The Dark Knight'
It's tough to picture anyone other than Christian Bale as Batman in Christopher Nolan's trilogy, but plenty of other actors were considered - so who were they?
29 Aug. 2018
"Jack Ryan"
As John Krasinski becomes the fifth actor to step into the role of Jack Ryan, let's look at how the legendary character was nearly cast in the past.
5 Sep. 2018
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, thanks to smash hits like "Pretty Woman" and "Notting Hill." But she's also missed out on some major roles, including two that earned other actresses Oscars. What were they?
12 Sep. 2018
"Saturday Night Live"
"Saturday Night Live" creates stars faster than you can say, "Live from New York!" But here are 30 big names the sketch show passed on.
19 Sep. 2018
"Game of Thrones"
When you play the "Game of Thrones," you win or you die. For actors, you are cast or you miss out on the biggest show on TV. Here are some actors who didn't land the role.
26 Sep. 2018
"Breaking Bad"
The cast of "Breaking Bad" had brilliant chemistry, but there could have been some different elements starring in one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Who else was up for the lead roles?
3 Oct. 2018
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy has been on a remarkable run since 'Inception' eight years ago, so it's no surprise he's been offered a bunch of big roles in the past decade. But which blockbusters did he turn down?
10 Oct. 2018
'A Star Is Born'
Some of the biggest names in movies and music were attached to 'A Star Is Born' before Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga starred. From A-listers to Queen Bey, who passed on the film?
17 Oct. 2018
Ryan Gosling
When you're two-time Oscar nominee and global fan favorite Ryan Gosling, sometimes it seems you can do whatever you want, like turning down some of Hollywood's hottest roles, from comic book hero to leading man in the sexiest trilogy of all time.
24 Oct. 2018
The latest installment of the 'Halloween' franchise marks the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode - a killer role that almost went to another actress. Who else almost starred in the horror classic?
30 Oct. 2018
'Scream' reignited the horror genre in 1996 - and you won't believe how many future Hollywood stars were considered for the cast.
7 Nov. 2018
'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Franchise
Lisbeth Salander is 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', but the english-language version of the franchise has now re-cast her role twice. Which leading ladies almost landed the role?

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