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Good Enough
PennyReviews9 October 2019
" Fortuna's Eye " was, surprisingly, good.

They presented the whole story brilliantly, with the start being all mysterious and freaky and, in the end, everything came together and they explained the fantasy element and the other character's views. The fantasy element, moreover, was handled pretty well and the CGI were well made. The performances were good too. Finally, the ending was unexpected and interesting. However, I did found the final conclusion didn't do justice to the leading lady's characters and, even though they gave us a conclusion, that ending was just a bit frustrating.

So, overall, seven out of ten.
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Amazing, touching movie
seanthezon6 April 2021
This film was such a pleasant surprise, I am so glad that I decided to give it a shot, it's been a while since I have been this touched, amazed, and inspired by a film.. I was hooked with the story from beginning to end and I loved the main characters so much, with Ryosuke Kamiki and Kasumi Arimura's excellently executed roles in Shin and Aoi, I find the writing nothing short of brilliant. That's saying a lot because it's rare for me to ever be so invested with film characters. It was a story well told and thankfully I didn't find any controversial moments that would have ruined the film for me. Everyone involved with this movie from the actors to the staff, all executed their respective roles perfectly.. I absolutely loved the soundtrack as well, it added such a beautiful touch and blended well with the scenes to convey the best emotional impact for the moment. The ending wrapped it all up perfectly, a solid conclusion to a beautiful story. This is a film that'll stay with me for a while, I think it will always be one of my top all time favorites from here on out. Go watch Fortuna's Eye :).
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greenheart2 January 2022
Every now and then, a movie comes from nowhere and completely blows you away, this is such a movie.

Japanese, the subtitles were not even noticeable after a while, this is a well thought out, charming story which is neatly tied together and for me, had a 'Sixth Sense' moment of realisation which blew me away.

The two leads are a joy, full of energy and utterly committed to their roles, both good looking, it just adds to the joy of the movie.

Maybe it was fate that a stumbled across this movie and absent-mindedly pressed play, it is an absolute delight.
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Well done
jamal-trump17 October 2021
This is a good one and I can recommend it if you do not mind a subtitled movie. I watched it on DVD and it was not dubbed.

There is a good dose of mystery, a bigger dose of supernatural and the chick is feminine, cute, slender and doable. She is almond eyed and screams for a banging. Amazing the guys takes so long to bang her... he just keeps exploring and talking!?!?!?
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OKAY MOVIE! not good nor bad
leadingrhyth10 March 2023
I found the movie to be okay, not particularly good or bad. The acting by the actors and actresses wasn't particularly impressive, but the cinematography was good.

However, the story of the movie was quite good. If the director and the production team wanted, they could have made the movie even better. Nonetheless, the director did try his best, perhaps.

I have seen various types of fantasy, tragedy, and romantic movies, and the story of each movie was different. However, there were some very common elements in the movie such as the character who tries to harm the main character but ends up making the main character look great. I won't say much more as I don't want to spoil it for anyone (if I reveal spoilers, people may get angry with me).

In conclusion, if you need to watch a movie to kill some time, then you can watch this one.
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