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Boring, Slow, Religious Rhetoric
garabedian12311 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Yawn. I knew I should have turned it off after 5 minutes. Its just that the other 2 were pretty good so this one was surely going to get better. The religion of the aliens is finding peace in knowing that they are going to die..SO they spend the whole movie converting people and to convince the main character to kill himself....JEEZ...And there is nothing more to the story than that.


After spending the whole movie defiant, and hopeful, suddenly out of nowhere, the main character just gives up and kills himself...OMG...that was lame... ....And how is it that a group that can see the future and call monsters from another universe and yet still have no hope for surviving the end of the universe...There are other universes.!!!!
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Disappointing trilogy
mig-4771810 January 2019
Out of the trilogy this is the worst one and the other 2 aren't even very good to begin with.
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So bad it makes the first two seem good
trey3910 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I genuinely enjoyed some aspects of the first two movies. The animation, audio, art direction overall all were really well done. But none of that can save this trilogy or series from itself. I could deal with the lack of actual Godzilla action in the first two. Like many others, I assumed it was all build up for the third part. This third part just had to have action and engaging human drama... or at least more than before. But no, all we get is extended lazy exposition and mindless technobabble. Some SPOILERS: The scene where the glowing bright yellow body-less space snake (doesn't sound like a description for Ghidorah does it? Nope!) attack the space ship is one of the most unwatchable sequences I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Having some whining shrieking bride crew member (or whatever she was) scream out exactly what we were watching for what felt like 20 minutes was unbearable. I never rooted for a human character's destruction more than I did watching her. And when the snake thing finally "fights" Godzilla? Godzilla literally stands there the whole time (in the same spot the entire movie actually). Ever make a potato clock? You know where you take a potato and attach thin wires that have little clips to the potato? That's pretty much the fight between the two most powerful "monsters" in this movie. Oh sorry - the wire/clips are actually from another universe and have no physical form except when its attaching to the potato - I mean biting Godzilla. And the only way to defeat this yellow snake thing is to poke some tall religious fanatic douche in the eye. (Someone actually got paid for coming up with this crap?)

I could go on and on more than I already have (geez I'm doing what this movie did to me!!) about how bad this movie is. Bottom line: thank God we have King of Monsters coming out in a few months to clear our palettes of this crap.
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Another missed opportunity
kaefab9 January 2019
This movie is no different then the last 2, it drags on and on and on with useless conversations. There is very little action, very little godzilla, i thought that with King Ghidorah arrival it would change and the movie would get better but no.

They could have done so much more with those 3 movies, the animation is really good, the voice acting too but there is so much drama and almost no action that you are sure to get bored.
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Welcome to non-stop boring talking session in monster-fighting movie
amankris7599 January 2019
The final episode of trainwreck trilogy of "Godzilla" which is nothing improving from two movies or worse. Reimagined monsters were interested but everything ended up on long conversation to explain each monsters.
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Godzilla takes a nap: Part 3
ExpNoob1931 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The best movie where a man has sex with a moth girl while the moth girls twin sister gets cooked into a soup.

The one Kaiju battle in this movie is pretty much Godzilla trying to slap magical space-spaghetti while moving at 2mph.

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The King faces the golden demise.
kevinxirau10 January 2019
At last, the final chapter of the Godzilla anime trilogy was released, a very different take on the franchise that has gotten mixed feelings. In "Monster Planet" and "City on the Edge of Battle", Haruo leads humanity's return from space to a post-apocalyptic Earth to reclaim it from Godzilla's rule, a mission that brought heavy losses and unexpected revelations. Now, in "The Planet Eater", he and his remaining forces are lost and divided. His longtime friend, Exif alien priest Metphies, gains a loyal following by proclaiming God will come to save them all. This "god", however, turns out to be Ghidorah, the 3-headed devourer of worlds. As Godzilla takes a stand against this otherworldly creature, Haruo must overcome his personal demons and confront Metphies.

The previous films explored themes of man vs nature, evolution/creation, hope, sins of the past, sacrifice, and abuse of technology. These continue with the addition of religion and nihilism; when combined, these two can lead to horrific results for those who blindly fall into their grip and there are some disturbing things here (deaths included). Metphies, arguably the most developed antagonist in the franchise, enforces this when he summons Ghidorah and attempts to force humans to accept their "golden demise" by taking advantage of their despair. By contrast, Haruo is on a crossroads of creating a brighter future for mankind in the face of all the blood on his hands in his quest to kill Godzilla. This is helped by his developing relationship with twins Maina and Miana, who put things into perspective through both their optimism and their closeness to him, though the execution of this aspect gave me mixed feelings.

The conflict between Haruo and Metphies parallels with the battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah; while admittedly not the most exciting fight and the middle is largely uneventful, it has cool moments like when they engage in melee combat. This version of Ghidorah is radically different, very alien and Lovecraftian in design and presentation, but retains core elements of his character (3 heads, gold, destroyer of worlds, etc.) and is honestly kind of scary. Godzilla is a little livelier this time around, showing more emotion, and his role as man's enemy takes an interesting turn as the planet's only true defense. The lore is also expanded, particularly with the Houtua culture and the Exif's grim philosophy. I also like the music, which brings the right sense of dread in scenes like Ghidorah's arrival and soothing in others. The song "Live and Die" by Xai is the best in the trilogy, having a somber, transcendent vibe to it with lyrics that complement the narrative. I'll also give kudos to the ending, one that is thematically appropriate for Haruo's harrowing journey.

Following this trilogy to its conclusion has been an interesting experience as a fan. It has been both an entertaining sci-fi action/adventure and a meditative think piece, reminding me of Matrix in that regard. While there are definitely areas of which it can be improved such as the pacing and further development of side characters, I found it satisfying. Though this may not be for everyone, any Godzilla and anime fans out there should at least give it a try.
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Waste Of Time
lionheart-648279 January 2019
As a huge godzilla fan watching all 30 plus movies I have never been so mad and dissapointed in my life they ruined Ghidorah by changing his origin and not even making look anything like Ghidorah from the other movies so much useless talking and such little action and feels nothing like a godzilla movie godzilla 1998 is even better than this movie and that is saying something hopefully we never get another anime movie
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anti-technology message, terrible ending
celsick9 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Anti-technology message, pretty much says that we should not bother with technology because it will kill us all and we should just live in huts and enjoy tribal living then grow old and die... no thanks, hard pass on all that gibberish terrible ending, our main character (spoiler) kills himself at the end along with the last of their advanced technology which was just repaired and was meant to restore an advance civilization. really disappointing, considering how well done everything else was, characters, character design etc. the ending (3rd movie) was just so bad...
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Not Godzilla
lotheravanti9 January 2019
If you've made it this far by watching the first 2 movies you know what to expect, right? Actually, no, you don't. This one makes the other 2 seem almost decent.

It has NOTHING to do with Godzilla lore. I don't consider myself a fan, but I was expecting to see Godzilla fight giant monsters, not STAND in the same spot for 3 movies straight.

What we have here is recycled anime trope after anime trope, all the cliches in the book and they're not even remotely used in an interesting way.

Do we get Ghidorah, a giant 3 headed dragon? No, we don't get that. We get this cheap CG thing, 3 REALLY long snakes coming out of black holes.

Do we get Mothra? No, we don't actually. It appears in a vision for the protagonist as a plot device to defeating Ghidorah, somehow giving him the inspiration to break out of his trance. Woo hoo.

It's just SO bad, all of it. Even the live action movie seems perfect in comparison. The makes of this movie were probably like "how can we make this thing REALLY cheap? Oh, let's use cheap CG and not have any monster fights, those cost money. Problem solved."
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A Godzilla for true Godzilla fans - not Action Junkies
murchie-9565910 January 2019
Godzilla has nearly a 70 year old heritage, it stands to reason that not every movie can be the same recipe, there needs to be experimentation. That is clearly what happened here with the 3 part movie series, sure there is a chunk of action, but this isn't Pacific Rim - it's much more of a dark dystopian Sci-fi i.e. some intellect and thinking required.

That said personally I found it super relaxing to watch, the crisp visuals, great voice acting (Both Japanese, Mandarin and English all fab) - very easy on the eye and not overly mentally taxing - it's just thought provoking.

It focused more on the idea of godzilla, the implications and what is a similar theme in Asian mythology - the connection between hatred, destruction and forgiveness and rebirth.

Overall this is definitely one for those more interested in intellectual pursuits, there are a ton of physics, sociology and philosophical concepts that gets you thinking - this for me is definitely a cult classic, it won't wet everyones appetites, will definitely polarize but I truly hope will live on for years to come.
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Just chock full of blah blah blah
bitchmaster11 January 2019
The entire third film is just talk talk talk talk talk....so boring I fell asleep so many times watching it.
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More talking than action
konstantin-irina9 January 2019
More than half of the film was pseudo religious talking to greenish background images that may have been caused by alcoholised minds. Forwarding fast to the real action (maybe 10 min in total) was the only way not to fall asleep or turn off the film.
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Can't believe all the low ratings for this movie
crom-dubh12 February 2019
Yes, it is more dialog than action. Maybe that's not your thing. On some level I can appreciate that most people's association with Godzilla is wanton destruction and that for people not willing or able to alter their expectations this movie (and the series as a whole) are probably a disappointment.

But I am genuinely surprised that more people can't seem to appreciate the slower pace and "high concept" nature of especially this last installment. I have to wonder whether those dismissing the themes here as "religious rhetoric" even watched the same movie that I did. I'm guessing they simply tuned out early on and didn't even try to make sense of what was being said.

If you don't mind slower plot development and more philosophy than action, you really ought to give this a shot and not let the, quite frankly, ridiculous 4.9 rating fool you. This is a really well produced film with some really interesting themes and brilliant visual moments.
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kxxxxxx11 January 2019
2 hours of nonstop whiny nonsense. The title should be changed to Godzilla: The Movie Is So Bad The Scriptwriters Should Be Eaten.
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A deeper more introspective Godzilla movie for thinkers. Action junkies can go watch Michael Bay films.
xamtaro1 September 2019
Ever wondered what a Cosmic horror styled Godzilla movie would be like? This comes complete with fanatical cult, a charismatic religious leader, human sacrifices, and an extradimensional dark deity that defies all laws of physics. In this story, Ghidorah has evolved beyond being just a three headed space dragon. He is now a living time space anomaly, existing in our reality on the combined beliefs of fearful fanatical followers. The ultimate pinnacle of extraterrestrial evolution; a dark mirror to how Godzilla had been portrayed as the pinnacle of earth's evolutionary development.

That being said it is important to approach this movie with the right expectations and in this case it is not for giant rubber suit wrestling matches. The battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah, both representing the evolutionary peak of their respective natures, is the the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. That's it. A force meeting an object, and the fight is exactly as it sounds.

Instead, GODZILLA THE PLANET EATER is a feature length clash of metaphors and philosophical concepts, each one building on the last. Drawing heavily from the likes of Nietzsche and other perspectives on nihilism, this movie is a biting critique of human nature, motivations and actions; of our flawed sense of superiority and self righteousness.

The nebulous comforts humanity cling to in times of desperation such as seemingly advanced technology or the faint solace of false religions are harshly deconstructed. Deconstructed too is the nature of the messianic narrative as it is being twisted into crafting a figurehead for advancing a hidden agenda.

At its core, it is a cautionary tale against single minded obsession to the point of sacrificing the qualities that make us uniquely human. This has been portrayed in a deeply metaphorical sense, through the Godzilla destruction Mission in the first movie, the nanometal in the second movie, and now the Exif's dark god in this third movie.

But it's themes are not all darkness storm and stress. In our main character of Haruo, we are given a tragic tale espousing the virtue of letting go and moving on from past emotional baggage; hatred, anger, fear arising from past trauma and failures. On a greater scope, the state of humanity and Haruo can be seen as a commentary about Japan itself; a country still paying for its misdeeds of the past (given form as Godzilla), who's traditional ways of life are being replaced by "alien" (western) norms, beliefs and mindsets (the Exif religion and Bilusaludo technology), all the while asking the question "how far do we go until we lose who we are?".

Visually, the style of this movie fits the narrative. Desolate post apocalyptic landscapes complete with perpetual overcast skies and creatures that come in varying shades of grey. This all contributes to the serious, bleak and often tragic tone of the story. There seem to be some improvements in the animation, with characters having more dynamic range of expressions compared to the first movie. And all this is complemented with a fine cast, both for the Japanese and English dubs.

GODZILLA: THE PLANET EATER is easily one of the darkest entries in the Godzilla franchise and one of the deepest with tone and themes hearkening back to the original 1954 classic. Like the original GOJIRA (1954) this movie thrives on atmosphere and suspense. It is relatively light on traditional "blasts and beatdowns" kind of action, but if one was expecting that all the time, a Michael Bay movie might be a more suitable alternative. For those of us who like stories that get you thinking, this one has tons to unpack.

It is highly recommended that one watches all 3 of the GODZILLA anime movies back to back. Some of the revelations in the third lend themselves to having a deeper appreciation of certain events in PLANET OF MONSTERS and CITY ON THE EDGE OF BATTLE as well as clarifying some initially vague plot points. On a whole, the trilogy of GODZILLA ANIME movies might have had a slow start and is not flawless. It is however "true Godzilla" in spirit and a respectable addition to the franchise.
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Heavy on exposition, light on action
Mikk17-110 January 2019
I liked the theme of religion in this third installment of a very divisive trilogy for fans, myself included. It dives into how manipulative leaders are to people who place blind devotion in them. That's about all I can say that I liked about it. No action, and almost no Godzilla.
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darrenk-6121911 January 2019
Godzilla trilogy had a lot of imtresting points to make and they made them. It's definitely different, not a smash mouth introduction, but it's a clever take on a monstrous, girthy calculating being. I gave it a 9 and not a 10, due to the post credit scenario, which makes it a open and not shut trilogy.
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Done to death and back
marc547711 January 2019
The theme here is that technology will be the downfall of civilization. As if this has not been covered a million times before along with the opposite argument. The problem is, because its been done so many times, its boring so if you are going to use old stories, at the very least include something else to pull the viewer in. This is why its gets a flat 1/10. They didnt even try to do anything else.

There is little to no action to see in this movie despite the addition of another monster. The drama is childish as every reaction is a per-buscent emotional outbursts. The characters remind me a lot of my 3 year old son when he cant have any chocolate. There is also no mystery to pull you in. The entire movie was pointless.

I wasnt expecting much after the terrible 2nd film so I was not shocked that this was terrible too. Anyway avoid this mess. Watching paint dry is more interesting.
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By far the worst Godzilla Movie
kaiopitz-8227011 January 2019
This movie does not serve any purpose or reason for its existence.

It does not give you a pay off of the whole trilogy. The discussions and dialogues are such an awful written, pseudo-deep, boring mess. You constantly ask yourself when the action will start.

Spoiler information: It will never happen.

Godzilla's screen time is a joke. Gidorah's appearance isn't even only odd, it is plain boring, as well. There is no proper fighting.

And even the appearance of a known character does make such an awful performance, that you ask yourself who was even able to green-light this trainwreck of a movie or if there was even any quality assurance at all.

Don't waste your time on this movie. It is the worst possible Godzilla movie.
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seigneur-rat1 February 2019
The only movie trilogy in history to have 3 filler episodes.
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A satisfying end to the Godzilla trilogy
lotrlindholm14 January 2019
So if you didn't enjoy the other films in the trilogy, you're not gonna like this one. If you want a full on godzilla action film set in the future it's not this film.

Compared to the pace of the other films in the series this one focuses more on a slow build up and suspense. In that sense it's more akin to the original Godzilla film. However if that's not to your liking, skip this film.

Overall it is a satisfying conclusion to this series with striking visuals and an epic soundtrack. It's major drawback is it's main character Haruo, an in general boring protagonist. However he does manage to become more interesting in this final film and I find myself caring more about his struggle.
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A waste of time!!!
wellingtonsilvadealmeida10 January 2019
No Godzilla at all, no Ghidorah (just a three headed snake made with a bad CGI) and endless conversations that make you care less about the characters, actually, it's so boring that you wanna see them all dead.
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You've got this far, might as well finish it
samradcliffe11 January 2019
If you've managed to sit through the last two films, and you're still up for more, then this one ties up the story nicely.

Dont expect a mega monster battle....or any action for that matter. The plot focuses heavily on the human aspect.

It's closer to a Drama than a monster flick. Which is disappointing but not unbearable.
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A finale of a beloved trilogy
gabrielmorenocorredor10 January 2019
The movie start's out where it ended in the last movie and the repercussions of the last 2 movies have a lot to do will this one. The Godzilla anime ends with a happy ending ,the drama and dialogue is by far the best and the other two are also masterpieces like this movie, It is true it doesn't have kajiu action but it is very action packed in the human and mental side of things.The spiritualistic part of this flim is amazing,good job ToHo for doing one hell of a trilogy that is one masterpiece itself ,although the message of this movie is that we people must stop our ways of the destruction and look for a very promising future,one at peace. P.s Netflix pls send out the dvds/Blu-Ray in one giant box set for this trilogy. This movie is the wrap of the other two. PP.s this movie may make you cry after you see them from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2019.
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