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Really Bad
greenburningphoenix5 June 2020
The Story behind the movie have a great potential, but it was not used at all. All you get is a movie about someone having hallucinations. The ending is even worse. It all just makes no sense at all. Such a waste....
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What a mess.
draftdubya25 March 2020
I thought Netflix, Vudu,Tubi, and Amazon had a bad Sci-Fi section, but youtube got them all beat.
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This was abysmal...
paul_haakonsen7 November 2020
Oh dear lord. Well, I wasn't sure what I was in for when I sat down to watch the 2018 movie "Sanctuary: Population One". But from the movie's cover, then I was assuming that it was a sci-fi movie. Sad to say that the movie's cover was actually overselling the movie by a mile, and the cover was actually the best thing about the entire movie, believe you me.

Instead I was treated to a low budget movie that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The storyline and script was every bit as confusing and random as the movie was slow paced and the characters were mundane and had the appeal of wet cardboard.

I didn't even make it halfway through the abysmal movie experience that is known as "Sanctuary: Population One". I just gave up not even halfway through. I was good and ready to claw my eyes out from the absolute boredom that writer and director Lilly Heart Marriott instilled with this movie.

I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress that I saw on the screen. And that is usually something I like, because it is a fresh face without association to previously portrayed characters in other movies. But for some reason, the abysmal script and dialogue, and the fact that the characters in "Sanctuary: Population One" were of no importance, then I didn't find much enjoyment in the acting performances.

At least the movie makers were trying. But the overshadowing lack of proper writing and storyline just outright killed the movie enjoyment. And I can honestly say that I am not ever going to return to try to watch the rest of "Sanctuary: Population One".

My rating of "Sanctuary: Population One" lands on a more than generous two out of ten stars. It was a bad movie, but there are worse movies out there.
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hellholehorror28 September 2019
This great indie film uses imaginative storytelling and world creating to surpass its low budget limitations. The actors do a fantastic job of engaging you in the dystopian world that the director created. The story is more complex than most sci-fi thrillers and the characters more memorable. The low-budget is noticeable, which is a shame, the flame thrower being my least favourite effect, but the amazing crafting of the experience really make up for the monetary shortfalls. Great music and sound effects. Definitely looking forward to repeat viewing to get the most out of the deep and meaningful tale.
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