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Hate to say this but it's carelessly written
ACollegeStudent25 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Rating: 6.5

Favorite Episode: Part VI

Being generous with this rating, we had great writing: Vader going full Starkiller, Vader setting Obi-wan on fire, the blend of Vader and Anakin both in voice and saber reflection when he was speaking to obi wan in part VI etc.. But a ton of horrible writing: Vader letting Obi-wan go in episode 3 then getting mad at Reva for letting him go. Reva surviving being stabbed by anakin twice, that random Jedi somehow finding Kenobi in episode 1, Obi-Wan becoming more powerful we've ever seen him in canon in the span of 1 day with zero re-training, grown men unable to catch Leah slowly running in episode 2, Reva interrogating Leah for no reason, Leah being kidnapped twice in a mini series.. The presentation felt cheap: shaky cam, weirdly bright lightsabers, and music that wasn't even Star Wars despite John Williams doing the opening theme of the show. Reva had everything handed to her on a plate making her plight weightless and annoying especially since she took a good amount of screen-time. Only after digging did I find the writer of this series didn't even watch Revenge of the Sith before doing the script. It seems both marvel and star wars are doing quantity > quality, they won't stop until more people raise issue with this level of writing.
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Acting can't save bad writing
ercfunk-445-95004625 June 2022
New Star Wars with Disney seems to have the same problem, again and again: bad writing. With the exception of Jon and Dave's work, new Star Wars is getting worse with their writing. It doesn't matter how well the actors do their roles when they're poorly written, there's no saving it. Either get a team that knows how to write or just stop.
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Doesn't look like they even tried!
Ashitaka13711 July 2022
The Mandalorian was a very pleasant surprise, and that stopped there. Sad to see that after a great animated The Clone Wars Star Wars show and much hope after The Mandalorian show, this is where Star Wars is at.
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What? Why? Who the hell...
themadcamel8 July 2022
What kinda person grows up watching Star Wars, understanding the legend this guy was supposed to be, and with all of today's advances in filmmaking, writes this?

I mean it was like watching Michael Jordon trip over his shoelaces in front of the hoop.

Watching Picasso draw a stick man.

Jonah Lomu drop the ball.

Beethoven play chopsticks.....

I can't help but feel the goal here was to make it bad... gathered a team of experts, and nailed that goal in the best way possible.
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Colossal letdown
jaydogva25 June 2022
What a colossal letdown. I'd rather have an Obi Wan film trilogy in the same vein as Rogue One or Solo than this cheesy poorly written fluff of a tv show.
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Everything Disney touches falls apart
web-534-39383024 June 2022
Generations of meticulously crafted storytelling down the drain through bad taste, mediocre production and neurotic script.

Does Disney do it in purpose?
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Very unrealistic plot and even worse script
0w04 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The plot/story is INCREDIBLY unrealistic.... I'm talking about the CLASSIC trope where literally every episode, the 'good guys' just barely manage to get away from the 'bad guys', and it's not even by some amazing stroke of good luck that they escape, it's literally just the classic "missed them by that much" trope... it's really ridiculous and incredibly unrealistic. At the end of the 3rd episode there's the BIGGEST example of this by far: 'big baddie' literally has the 'good guy' on the ground AND surrounded, but then amazingly an explosion happens which puts a wall of flame between 'big baddie' and 'good guy', so 'good guy' literally just runs away.... it's the stupidest and most unrealistic tripe you've ever seen.... HE'S LITERALLY RIGHT THERE! YOU'VE GOT STORMTROOPER ARMOR ON, JUST WALK THROUGH THE FLAMES!.... but no, they don't.... this is absolutely horrible script writing. Whoever chose this director and script writer for this show should have their head examined. 3/10, don't even bother with this tripe.
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10 out of 10 for Ewan.
lawrencelawrence8629 June 2022
The plot is weak, the actors are weak, the directing is weak, the extras are weak, the words are weak. What's the point of it. This should have been a little 2 hour film with no fat attached to it. Could have been brilliant.
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A Company With Over 100 Billion Dollars In Net Worth Made This
MamadNobari9722 June 2022
You can find better Star Wars content made by fans on Youtube than on Disney Plus.

Where do I even begin? I want to keep this short and talk about the main points because I've talked extensively in my episode reviews.

First of all, we all know the worst offender, the incompetent people posing themselves as "writers" that somehow Disney has hired. I cannot fathom how you can have a billion-dollar franchise in your hand and decide to find the most incompetent people to make shows of it for you.

Like it's not only the plot (there is no plot) and the writing is bad, everything else, from the direction and cinematography to fight choreography and even the music is below mediocre.

Everything looks bland in this show and the cinematography and the editing are just plain awful. It's like the director gave her 5-year-old daughter an iphone and told her to film them.

They have literally millions of species and thousands of planets, and they can even come up with whatever new planet they want, but what do they choose every time for their shows? Desert planets! Very creative and innovative guys! I really like seeing Tatooine and 10 more desert planets for the thousandth time! They're really visually stunning to look at... all those sands!

We have actual grown adults that are outrun by a 5-year-old-looking 10-year-old. Not once, but twice in 2 episodes! Actual execs and showrunners approved those chase scenes!

We have a grown adult woman, that is the focus of this show, acting like a child throwing temper tantrums, and making some baffling choices. And they give her like a 20-second flashback with exposition and they really think that's how you create a compelling character and give them characterization. It's laughable.

We have these cool Inquisitors that literally do nothing in this show and it's so effing disappointing. Just go play Jedi: Fallen Order and you'll get a better story with better characters, better acting, and way better visuals. Second Sister > Third Sister.

People kept saying Moses Ingram's acting is good and only the writing of her character is bad, but even after watching episode 6, I am not impressed with her acting and I think she doesn't do a good job here at all. No hate toward the actress obviously, but her acting is bad here.

The fight choreography is just bad. It gets a little better in the last 2 episodes but the horribly awful cinematography and editing made them way worse.

They made Obi-Wan and Vader into idiots.

People apparently can survive Lightsaber going through their body, twice! Should've shown Qui-Gon's reaction to that!

The entire plot - if you can call it that - is "we want this person. Oh, we have him? Never mind we let them run away, but I put a tracker on them! I'll get them this time! Oh, I got them again? Well, time for me to go and let you live and run away. Why do they keep running away, I don't understand! I put another tracker on them!"

The cinematography plus production is so bland and boring that makes this looks like a fan-made show, but fan-made stuff are shot and edited better than this.

They brought back John Williams to score this, but the music somehow is the most generic and forgettable thing I've heard and after 6 episodes, I still have no idea what the theme of this show is.

I think most of the good and high ratings are just because of the nostalgia baiting. They just see old faces and beloved characters and memes again, and they think it's the best thing ever.

Character motivation in this show is just baffling, especially with Darth Vader and Reva.

They could've used more clichés and copied other stuff and they would've made an actual competent plot, but they somehow went even lower than that, so I commend the writer for earning this achievement of actually being worse than a writer that only copies clichés and tropes. Bravo.

Anyway, I could go all day ripping apart this show, but I realize I should stop wasting my time on this show and forget and move on. If you don't watch it, you won't miss much, just go watch the "epic rematch" on youtube I guess, it's better than wasting 4 hours watching the whole thing.
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Some good visuals that's it
jaycop25 June 2022
It's shocking that a multibillion dollar franshise can produce such utter crap! The acting is laughable & the writing isn't much better. I'm just a total loss, I really am.. I admittedly only watched 2 episodes because I couldn't stand watching anymore than that. Disney is just cashing in and they couldn't careless what a garbage product this is.. side note: remember when Star Wars villains were iconic; now they're just some terrible actress who is cringeworthy when attempting to be "badass"...
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How much worse can it get? Apparently a lot worse
murphy-776929 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Holy shiete this just keeps getting worse. I thought Leia outrunning 3 grown men couldnt be the worst of it or Reva yelling 24/7. Ohh no ohhh no ohh no ohh no. Obi managed to hide Leia in his coat. They managed to sneak past 5 guards right in front of there face. Obi told Leia to hide in a giant hallway with no where to hide. They infiltrated a base that cant be infiltrated by going in from the front door.

Who ever wrote this should never in a million years work on any show or movie. Its awful.
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Now their failure is complete.
Retrostudious1 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to enjoy this, I really did. However I'm starting to abhor what Star Wars has become.

It started off so promising and crashed and burned without offering a single new insight.

There are so many illogical fallicies with the whole series, Obi-Wan should have told Bail Organa to go swivel as Bail failed in his mission to protect Leia on a planet he ran where there were many guards to protect her. Thus enforcing Obi-Wan into action and leaving Luke exposed with no real protection.

The series then meandered on with what felt like at least 4 filler episodes, during which we learned Obi-Wan can't keep his cover, he can't walk around a gate exposed at both sides and thinks walking through a hangar as a 4 legged hunchback is a good way of not being noticed by Imperials hunting for you; so much for wise old Obi-Wan.

We also learn Leia is suddenly a tech genius which was never shown when the Millennium Falcon had its numerous issues and she later has no memory of Obi-Wan come a New Hope, figure that one out.

Then we get onto Reva, a character that tries to torture a child for information despite knowing this child has had no involvement with this underground movement as Reva had set up the kidnapping.

Then later it turns out Reva is working against Vader because he killed Jedi and younglings. So in order to enact out her revenge and get close to Vader she kills Jedi and younglings...???

Anyway Reva allegedly "redeems" herself in the last episode; saving a child by not deciding to go through with their murder because now attempted murder is suddenly an admiral trait and heroic now.

Also anyone notice how Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru hold their own against a very dangerous and skilled Inquisitor but can't fend off Stormtroopers that can't shoot for toffee. I was stunned considering it's only 9 years between this and A New Hope.

I will say there were flickers of potential like Vader brutalising Obi Wan and being such a vicious tyrant in a few scenes but at the same time he failed to finish off Reva which seemed really out of step with the character. Also the lightsaber battles felt forced and poorly blocked in each encounter Vader had with Obi-Wan. On top of that the flashback scenes making Hayden look like an old man pretending to be a younger man felt a bit sad to see really.

Qui Gon turning up at the end was great but why couldn't we have started with that and had Qui Gon training Obi Wan to be one with the living force as the overarching story and eventually coming to blows with Vader without the silly kidnapping angle.

Instead what we got was repeated remnants of Episode III with no further character development and more plots holes that further muddy up the lore.

Unfortunately this series fails to offer any new insights into the characters that we didn't previously know.

Its a very badly written tale that had characters acting against their own best interests and the plot was quite choppy at times but this all made sense when I looked at the calibre of the writers and their previous projects.

It's sad to see Star Wars failing on such a level that with each new Star Wars story brought to screen, it becomes more watered down and the prequels suddenly seem better in comparison.
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Legitimately bad
hnt_dnl25 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Full disclosure, I was never one of these hardcore "Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan was the best part of the prequels" fans. I always thought that McGregor was as embarrassing in the prequels as every other actor, except for Liam Neeson, who managed to give a natural, convincing performance in The Phantom Menace. But many Star Wars fans think McGregor was the best part of the prequels and his acting was "brilliant" and I don't get it. The irony is that on this show, a lot of fans have complained about his acting saying that he's mailing it in, but this is the SAME acting I saw from him in the prequels. How was he great in those awful movies, yet somehow bad on this awful show? There were many times on the show where I thought McGregor's acting was approaching the awfulness of the worst acting on the show, but lucky for him, there was worse acting. While McGregor actually had SOME good acting moments, there were way more bad ones. For example, the big speech to the refugees scene in the Episode 5 was nonsensical and poorly delivered, and the scenes in Episode 3 where he got angry with Leia felt unnatural. His dialogue in the fight scenes with Vader reminded me of their painfully bad dialogue in the Revenge of the Sith battle. But again, while McGregor's acting wasn't the best on this show, it also wasn't the worst.

The most noticeably bad acting was Moses Ingram as Reva, the angry Inquisitor character also known as the Third Sister. While the writing did her no favors, the actress was so over the top and had zero subtlety in her acting. It was laughable watching her attempts at invoking fear in and intimidation of other characters. She was trying to act instead of becoming a character. Also, there was that terrible actor who played the Fugitive Jedi in the Pilot and the awful acting from Ice Cube's son who played the Path Resistance Leader. At least the Jedi got off easy getting killed off in the first episode, but CubeJr was introduced in the awful Episode 4 and just kept getting more and more lines after that and it was painful to listen to. I noticed that both actors delivered lines like they were just learning how to talk!

Adding to the bad acting train would be whatever they were doing with Darth Vader! He sounded like the most random, basic mustache twirling villain with cringe lines such as "Did you come to destroy ME?", "Now YOU will suffer the way that you made me suffer!", and "BRING him to me!" Hayden Christensen, who returned to play Anakin in spots, was thankfully spared from the most cringe parts of Vader as some kind of speech modulator was used. But I didn't think he was much better than than he was in the prequels either. Then there were the other Inquisitors. The Whatever Brother Inquisitor with his caked on makeup and dumb frisbee hat was doing his best (or worst if you prefer) gravelly voiced Christian Bale Batman impression from TDK and TDKR. And for the record, that voice was bad in those movies, too. The Grand Inquisitor was supposedly played by a reputable actor, but he sounded overly pompous and weird to the point of being farcical. Kumail Nanjiani was just playing himself as a Con Man Jedi and he was bearable compared to the aforementioned awfully acted characters, but not much actual acting on his part. Also, there was Jimmy Smits (forgot about him as I usually do) returning as Senator Bail Organa doing some kind of weird, off-putting hybrid Southern-Transatlantic accent. The actress who played Bail's wife was pretty bad, too. Many of the minor parts were poorly acted. Almost no actor felt natural on this show.

As far as remotely decent acting goes, I actually thought Vivien Lyra Blair, given she was only 8 years old when this show was filmed, was commendable as Young Leia. There were a lot of moments where the child prodigy (who was excellent in Bird Box) showed real chops. The problem was that the writing made Leia way too precocious! I still found Leia way more tolerable than most of the adults, with a couple of exceptions. The actual best acting of the show goes to Indira Varma as the double agent Tala and the great Joel Edgerton making a welcome return as Owen Lars, the uncle to Luke Skywalker. Varma and Edgerton felt so natural compared to every other actor on this show to the point they made everyone else seem like amateurs, and some of these actors actually ARE amateurs!

While this show started out somewhat halfway decent (being generous) in it's Pilot, it actually got progressively bad as each episode went along. Episode 5 was the only one that stopped the negative momentum because nothing could have been worse than Episode 4, then the finale happened! Lol And so many inconsistencies and plotholes happened as the show moved along that it made the whole story seem like one huge retcon of the original and prequel trilogies. If Kenobi hadn't trained himself in 10 years and suppressed his abilities, why is he telling Owen that Luke must be trained when the time comes? Exactly who was going to train him since Kenobi was rusty? Why is Leia allowed to run around freely in the open woods and never have guards or security? Why wouldn't Bail send his own security forces or hire a bounty hunter to rescue Leia? Why do the Sith and Jedi characters use their powers inconveniently and forget they have them at their disposal at times? How does Kenobi go from completely powerless to all powerful in the span of only the few days that this show took place?

The entirety of the plot involving Reva, which drove the season, was convoluted. So her endgame was always to kill Vader, and to do that she wanted to catch Kenobi and bring him to Vader. If that's the case, then why drum up this hair-brained plan to kidnap Leia through the biggest reach possible assuming that Bail and Kenobi were close? How could she possibly know about their relationship? It makes no sense. She actually counted on Bail contacting a Jedi that everyone thought was dead over using logic and common sense using his own army or bounty hunters. And it worked because the writing is bad. It's "this happens then that happens" writing. Why does Reva even need to draw out Kenobi to get her chance to kill Vader when she works directly FOR Vader? She is around him all the time and could easily come up with excuses to be alone with him in a room on the Inquisitor Base or to visit him on Mustafar and attack him while he's in his Bacta tank or something! Her whole existence was just so the writers could show this "smart, badass character do a bunch of cool things."

But even worse is that VADER actually knew Reva was one of the younglings (this word! Lol) that Anakin "killed" in the Jedi temple on Order 66 night. First off, Anakin stabbed her through the chest. How does a little kid survive this? But then he does it again when in the fifth episode and Reva survives that, too! That's TWICE that Vader fails to kill her and for whatever reason doesn't finish her off. So these writers would have people believe that Vader knew Reva's identity from when she became an Inquisitor and let this traitor work for him knowing her goal was to kill him? Why didn't Vader just kill her from the beginning? Why go through the charade for years and years? Because he knew she could deliver Kenobi to him? Why couldn't Vader, the 2nd most powerful being in the Empire with his vast resources AND personal connection to Kenobi, just find him and sense him himself? Why play the long con with someone who couldn't possibly know Kenobi was alive and also who could easily stab him in the back if she so desired? It makes no sense.

And the dialogue was incredibly juvenile and characters contradicted themselves. "The boy must be trained...but I haven't been training myself to train him." "I won't help you save the girl...but my wife died so I'll help you." "We can't fix the hyperdrive...but we can fix the hyperdrive!" As if the dialogue, acting and plot weren't bad enough, other negatives about this show are the aesthetics. For a show that supposedly $25 million was spent per episode, everything looked incredibly cheap! I could always tell everything was against green screens and that the sets were phony. I said the same thing in Boba Fett's show, but how on a desert planet does no one ever get sand on them? The space scenes in the finale of the destroyer chasing the rebel ship were embarrassing. I thought I was watching a kid play with his toys. The fight scene choreography was lazy. Both of the big Kenobi-Vader duels were awful, especially the finale where they were laughably "Force" throwing rocks at each other. The music was non-existent, just random noise played over scenes and barely sounded like Star Wars music.

The worst offenses are the complete retconning of prior SW output. How does Leia have such a close relationship with Kenobi on this show, yet they apparently never met by the time of A New Hope? Why isn't she as upset about his death as Luke was? Why did it seem like Vader and Kenobi hadn't seen each other in 20 years in ANH, yet they fought a couple of times on this show? Why doesn't Luke remember being chased by a saber-wielding psycho Sith when he was 10 years old? How does Kenobi allow Reva to live and maintain complete knowledge of Luke and Leia being Vader's kids? How do Vader and the Emperor know Kenobi is alive in the show, but thought he was dead in ANH? The biggest issue I found on this series was that it was very obvious that the director Deborah Chow and crew of writers didn't think anything out. They just said we need this to happen and couldn't care less how it happens or if anything makes sense from a peripheral standpoint. Chow's direction of this 6-episode story was so bad that she may have gone lower than Robert Rodriguez' awful episodes from Book of Boba Fett. And the writing? For a show that features one of the most popular SW characters, the people behind it really didn't seem to care, so why should the fans?
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The writing and directing is so bad!!
MovieCriticOnline4 June 2022
The writing and directing is so bad!! It is literally so cringe worthy. Very little feels like Star Wars, but then again, the magic was gone decades ago.

Again, it's like they never watched the original Star Wars films. They basically made Obi-Wan Luke Skywalker in the recent SW films, a recluse that has given up hope.

There are hours worth of plot holes, broken canon rules, severe character flaws. The female villain was so annoyingly horrible to watch. She wasn't scary in the slightly. All the villains were ridiculous.. Yelling and forcing their anger. That's not what made Darth Vader, Bob Fett, Jabba menacing. They were all cool and calm. This is why the direction was just bad, but the even worse writing didn't help this mess.

And why did they make such a big deal out of the light saber. "Go and bury it"? What? He could have just dropped it anywhere. There are SOOO many plot holes.

And the kids playing Luke and Leia were awful. And Benny Safdie was miscast. Another embarrassing attempt to make Star Wars magic.
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Disney.... The Most Destructive Force On Earth...
Thomas-FordJr-15 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Hydrogen bombs? LOL. Technologically advanced armies? Get real. Natural Disasters? Don't make me laugh. Crooked politicians? You better go somewhere else.

Yep... DISNEY is the most destructive force on the planet!!!

Let's take a look at Obi-Wan Kenobi, as the latest instance of Disney's destructive power.

Many of us know and love Star Wars, especially the original 3. And you can even say the later prequels(though not nearly as good), at least stuck to the original canon of what was established before it. Not Obi-Wan, it decided to take things, twist them up, and flat out destroy any semblance of the originals.

Let's take a look at a few examples:

1. Obi-Wan, is not only a Jedi, but one of the most POWERFUL BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE!!! There are very few Jedi or Sith, that can match his abilities. But here he is reduced to a sniveling, compromising weakling, that is being bossed around by some 10 year old!!! No...I'm not making that up. I will get to said 10 year old later. But seeing him being led around on leash, is flat out sickening. Once again...Disney has dumbed down, and softened up a strong male character. And it just happens to be the lead/title character of the series. But is he really the lead? We'll get to that later.

2. Reva.... oh Reva. Reva has to be one of the most poorly written characters in cinematic history. He character was just so over the top unbelievable, it will make your eyes roll out of your head. If there was any semblance of reality in dealing with her character's actions, we never would have seen her, because she would have been killed years ago. I know she is an enforcer for The Empire, and we have to make her "bad", but she's just laughably reckless. The Empire, though the evil in the galaxy, does still have a strict militaristic system. Her behavior would have never been tolerated. It gets to a point that even before the first episode is over, you want her gone.

And her secret mission to kill Vader, is just ridiculous. So your entire life, has been this hellbent mission to kill Vader. Because Vader slaughtered the Younglings(which should've included you(sigh)), and you want revenge. So....instead of joining the resistance, or taking some other plausible route to try to get to Vader: Reva, joins The Empire, becomes an Inquisitor, and proceeds to kill and maim countless innocent people? Yeah...that's the way to get to a mass murderer....become one yourself(sigh). And like Vader wouldn't see her coming from a mile away. She may as well just worn her 'I Want To Kill Vader' t-shirt throughout the movie. And her attempt to sneak up on him was laughable. Wile E. Coyote could've come up with a better plan than that. And we all know that Vader has killed many people for offenses, far less than what Reva has committed.

And I have no problem at all with strong female characters, some of the best characters throughout cinematic history have been women in strong roles. But leave it to Disney, to make it so over the top that it's just a turnoff. Believe it or can make these characters strong and assertive, and have the process be a natural/more realistic development.

3. Princess Leia. I really don't have to say much, others have said it so well before me. But.... PRINCESS LEIA...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! This has to be the worst depiction of a child in cinematic history. A 10 year old child, that talks like she's a 40 year old College Professor. A child, that has basically no life experience, has an answer for EVERYTHING that is thrown at her. A child, that is not only intellectually a cut above, but physically. This child can outrun grown men/creatures with ease. She can also evade an entire legion of her parents guards, who are specifically put in place to watch out for her. She can even talk her way out of trouble with Storm Troopers. This child is amazing.

And if that wasn't enough: She can go toe to toe with Obi-Wan, to the point where she is giving him orders and advice. of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, is NO MATCH for a 10 year old Mary Sue.

She basically fills the role of Disney's obligatory 'Talking Animal'. Disney just can't help itself when it comes to these things.

4. The dynamic of Obi-Wan and Vader. So.... Obi-Wan and Vader famously fight on Mustafar, and of course, this is where Obi-Wan nearly kills Vader. But alas... little known to me, or you, or ANYBODY ELSE.... Obi-Wan and Vader, had another secret duel. And once again... Obi-Wan nearly kills Vader.

This must have been one of those "what happens on a rocky planet, stays on a rocky planet" kind of moments. Because nobody who follows Star Wars, not even George Lucas....knew this fight had taken place. Not even Obi-Wan and Vader knew they had fought a second time, when they met in 'A New Hope'.

But's always easier to make stuff up, than follow the canon and history of your subject material.

5. They don't make lightsabers like they used to. Like countless others have said before me.... how in the world can two different people, survive lightsaber thrusts right through the torso?

A lightsaber is an elegant and devastating weapon. It can slice through body parts like they're not even there, burn it's way through solid metal, and even contain force lighting. But two different people in this series...take their lightsaber impalements like true champs. Not only do they survive, but they come back to fight on. Amazing.

6. Sorry Disney....but Luke is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than Leia. He just is. Not only is he a potential rebalancer of The Force, but he still holds the famed Skywalker name. Hence the reason Obi-Wan is placed on Tatooine to watch over him. Luke actually has a better chance of being discovered by The Empire, than Leia ever would. Leia was completely adopted, name changed, and raised as royalty. Even when she was helping the rebellion, and captured by The Empire, they had NO CLUE who she was.... NONE.

So how in the Galaxy, does she take priority over Luke? Enough to pull Obi-Wan away from his duties of watching Luke? This was unrealistic, and more Disney-Washing.

These are just a few examples of Disney's destructive power, but there are so many more. I just don't have time to list them all.

***** But I must say, the best scene in the entire series was Vader bringing down the ship with the force. That was a really cool scene. *****

But in parting...I have an even scarier thought for you to ponder:

Disney has gotten a hold of 'The Predator'........
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It's really that bad and here's why...
jegd-847-6314079 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The 'Obi-wan Kenobi' the limited series ignores basic canon. The series was created as fan-service, it delivers few memorable instances, and yet no one thought to include a director (or writers) who actually know the original story. The dialogue is terrible. The acting is laughable. The plot is garbage. I've seen low budget fan films that are more entertaining than this series. I'm a huge fan of the original 'Star Wars' film as well as 'The Empire Strikes Back'. It makes me sick to my stomach watching this nonsense.

The 1977 film 'Star Wars' showed the reunion of Obi-Wan and Vader. Every Star Wars fan can recite the line, " I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner, but now I am the master." It isn't easily forgotten. Yet in the new series Obi-Wan meets Darth Vader and almost dies in their battle. This isn't about some strict continuity issue, this is an outright failure.

In the 1977 film Princess Leia leaves that hologram message for Obi-Wan Kenobi inside R2-D2. AGAIN - I don't know anyone who can't recall her "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." message... The complete line is a paragraph long, but it begins with, "General Kenobi. Years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire." Because Leia never met Kenobi, and needed him to understand who she was. The new series recreates the 1977 rescue of Princess Leia (who is currently10 years old) after she is captured by the Empire. Every fan watching this unfold hopes that this Leia will only know Kenobi as a man named Ben, but NO the director and Disney writers allow Leia full knowledge of Obi-Wan Kenobi as the man who saves her. It angered me to no end.

This whole series has angered me, because it doesn't showcase a Jedi at all. We all want the Jedi action, but Disney completely neutered Obi-Wan Kenobi simply to present strong female characters to pick up his frailties. Then why not just make a series about them? Why use a well-known character, generate so much buzz around this beloved character, and then not utilize the character at all? Why not revive the essence of Star Wars and showcase why it's so beloved after all of these years? Kenobi is a Jedi Master, not some novice kid like Luke Skywalker. This is a repeat of the exact problems we had with the 3 prequels... It's nothing like Star Wars and it's really really bad.
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Soap opera
jernej-fuerst28 June 2022
This in one terrible story. Nothing new, significant is added in a Star wars saga, nothing remotely interesting. Some minor insight into Darth Vader, but other than that, the whole concept is flawed. All situations are absolutely bizzare. Every complication, all escapes, everything. Totally disappointing.
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Hold On - I Watched All 6 Episodes
lovefalloutkindagamer23 June 2022
I waited until all of the episodes were released before passing a final judgement on this. I can say I'm glad I did, as the first couple episodes were 3/10 stars for a tv show with the latter being more toward a 7/10.

With that said, I'm trying rate this show as a whole. Would I recommend it to anyone? Would I watch it again?

It's hard to slap a number on this. I did like it more than the recent film trilogy despite it being very campy at times (tbh I'm not entirely sure if that was at all intended, which make some moments even more hilarious) with a weak and noticeable production value that did take a lot of the enjoyment out of it for me.

Reva's arc was a classic Star Wars story that actually justifies its existence in the end, even if it does it poorly. Why it was such a centerpiece in a show titled Kenobi... I dunno. Honestly I think this show would have received much less backlash if it was simply titled something else.

Taking everything into consideration, would I recommend it to anyone? I would recommend it to anyone that loved the prequels. I do think it falls out of purview for mostly anyone else though.

Would I watch it again?

Yes, I will rewatch a few of the episodes just for some of Vader's sequences, as much as I don't want to admit it. The last few episodes focus more on the relationship between 'Ben' Kenobi and Anakin, which in turn give us a better transition of Anakin to Vader than the films did alone.

This show is dumb, light hearted and sometimes heavy. It's a very true to form Star Wars story with the exception of having poorer production and slightly lesser quality in writing, and if you can laugh at the scenes where the child outruns bounty hunters by walking, you'll get some enjoyment out of this.

If you wanted a purely serious tv series based on Kenobi like I did, you won't get that. But maybe you'll find something passable in the meantime.

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Really disappointed
damorejj18 June 2022
I waned to see Obi Wan Kenobi. Not Third Sister. This series seems to be about this annoying character more so than what it should be about. Really disappointed in this.
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Silliness abounds...
ivoryturtle26 June 2022
Out of fairness I watched all mind-numbing episodes of this absolutely unnecessary and legacy-tarnishing series.

I won't write a five paragraph, which I'd love to do, so I'll just summarize: convoluted... grasping at straws... inane plot... horrific writing. And once again: completely unnecessary. It's only saving grace was seeing Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen again. They deserved so much better than this tripe.
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Cheaply made, badly written, laughable effort
kuner-5902931 May 2022
With the stars of the original movies signed on, I dared to hope this would be at least slightly better than the previous Star Wars series. But it is foolish to expect Disney to be anything but a content factory, milking nostalgia and real artists' ideas until there is no interest anymore at all.

Much has been said about the acting, particularly about Moses Ingram. Her overacting is ridiculous and cringe inducing, and almost farcical in how much it stands out from everyone else except for Ewan McGregor and Joel Edgarton. However, we don't know how much of this is her fault or the director's or the studio's. With all the other bad acting on display, I tend to think either the director isn't discerning enough, or - more likely - the studio didn't have the patience and budget to reshoot until they got a good take. This is a series after all, not a movie, so the budget is far less, and it shows here. There are a lot of cut corners. The CGI isn't quite as bad as with the Mandalorian or Boba Fett and as usual the CGI establishing shots look good, but the sets are all cheaply made and the blending of CGI and actual sets is poorly done.

I can forgive poor sets, but there is no excuse for bad writing. As usual with Disney series, the plot is essentially fan fiction and the writing feels like a first draft. Clunky dialog without any attempt at artistry, endless amateurish exposition dumps. This is on about the same level of writing and acting as the terrible new Bruce Willis movies, except that it's more woke.

What really bothered me the most is how they keep trying to invoke the Holocaust with the empire sniffing out the remaining Jedi. Yes, clearly Lucas modeled the empire after the Nazis, but he was quite careful to keep it operatic and escapist and not turn it into "musings on the holocaust in space" by using any footage reminiscent of kids hiding in tight spots as in Schindler's List. Same with slavery. The references were there, but Lucas had the tactfulness to weave them into the natural fabric of his setting, not hit the viewer over the head with real world references (except for the "If you're not with me then you're against me" line).

Disney, in their endless hubris, think their message is so important that tact or restraint don't apply to them, so they throw in some Anne Frank imagery before a second later hamming things up again in a story about space wizard samurais. If you're going to make Schindler's List in space, you better get the tone right and make damn sure your product doesn't exploit real world tragedies for cheap virtue signaling.

What's next, will Star Wars have a scene of a school shooting to make a point about bannning guns, then 5 minutes later have the hero cut down dozens of storm troopers to heroic music?

That's the level of tone deafness on display here, and it's disgusting and shameful.

There is very little to like here except the two aforementioned actors and some nice CGI establishing shots. Everything else, from direction to acting to music to writing, photography is bland and ugly. At this point, watching anything Star Wars is like ordering fast food. You know it tastes bad, you know it'll clog up your arteries and give you indigestion, and you know it's cheaply made recycled garbage. You know it's bad for you, but they know you'll be back out of habit and nostalgia for that happy meal you enjoyed as a kid, and so they keep getting away with producing and selling trash.
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Heartbreakingly bad
kevinandrewsphoto27 May 2022
This is the one Star Wars story every fan asked Disney to make a show about. And they put such little effort into it. It's shot with no spirit, the acting and dialogue is laughable. And the chase scene with little Leia was laughable.
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Pointless and Massively Contrived
fraser-simons23 July 2022
Some fun scenes that fill in information from other movies, but at the expense of massive contrivances. I didn't buy the inquisitors storyline at all. All the major tension is gone because we know the outcomes of each character. It felt a bit pointless. Has good production values. The child actor is not great either. More annoying than anything. And the way this plays with time is wild. Leia is really up in that that fuse box for an entire battle looking for the correct one? Inquisitor recovers from a mortal wound in like ten seconds? And then goes and attacks someone... for seemingly no reason? I don't think so lol.
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Uneven tone and acting
heatsink9828 May 2022
The series starts a bit slow in Ep. 1 and picks up toward Ep. 2. There are several problems, however.

Story quality is the first issue, as the writers chose to follow characters we already know the story arcs for. There's no real danger for Obi-Wan or Leia, and they are the focus of threat here. Lucasfilm has made this mistake in the past with young Han Solo.

Dialog tends to be clunky at times. Tone takes a giant turn toward screwball comedy in Ep. 2 for some reason. It seemed really out of place. Some of the acting needs work. Ms. Ingram as Reva might have been a casting mistake, as we had trouble believing her in the role. Her dialog delivery and presence didn't fit the character at all. It reminded us of what we usually see in SyFy channel movies.

The first two episodes had all the Star Wars world-structure to watch at least, and Ewan McGregor did just fine. The story isn't anything compelling, but it might appeal to the crowds who don't mind a large helping of backstory.
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djproinfc29 June 2022
Disney continues to destroy everything we once loved. Strangely only Mando has survived the purge. So far. Ewan is great, Hayden is also great. The rest is shameful. These characters deserve so much more. Shame on you Disney.
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