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Season 1

1 Mar. 2019
Qué Sera
When their mother dies, the West family must find a way to come together. When their father moves them to a new smaller town.
1 Mar. 2019
Making Lemonade
Aunt Charlie's house burns down, so the West's move into the towns vacant water park & Aquarium. John meats his new work team , and Maddie attends court ordered therapy
1 Mar. 2019
Sarah's Stuff
The West's search Sarah's belongings for keepsakes. John rescues an injured hiker from a Forrest fire. Charlie faces an obstacle to rebuilding her home.
1 Mar. 2019
Taylor puts herself under intense pressure to win the spelling bee. Scout clashes with a wrestling team rival. Maddie struggles to keep a secret about her dead mother Sarah
1 Mar. 2019
12 Months to the Day
A sports rivalry stunt leaves two teens injured and the town without power. Taylor organizes a party for her parents anniversary to remember her dead mother. Maddie is arrested again.
1 Mar. 2019
The Little Things
Scout gets kicked off the wrestling team. Taylor's spelling bee blackout goes viral at school. Maddie and Henry share a kiss while playing truth or dare.
1 Mar. 2019
The Dividing Line
John and Simmons rescue victims of a light plane crash. Scout conceals his team status from his father. Maddie's attempt attemp to defend Taylor backfires.
1 Mar. 2019
The Bear
Scout calls John to help a critically injured bear he discovers in the woods; Maddie finds a letter to Rick Walker returned to her mother; Taylor and Raji engage in an impromptu spelling bee outside the library.
1 Mar. 2019
Wake Up
Hurt while rescuing a motor cross biker, John is placed in a medically induced coma. Charlie gets a proposal from Alex to leave Turtle Island Bay.
1 Mar. 2019
Dad Knows Best
Maddie's determination to learn the truth about her mothers past with Rick Walker leads to an emotional confrontation and exposes a family secret

 Season 1 

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