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Horribly filmed action ruined this movie
darkreignn25 July 2021
I'm a big fan of Yakuza films, so when I saw the trailer for "Snake Eyes," I was ecstatic - a gritty, grounded origin of one of G. I. Joe's most beloved characters, in the form of a Japanese mobster movie, seemed too good to be true. And lo and behold, it was! "Snake Eyes" seems to suffer from an identity crisis; there is not enough gangster politics to be a successful gangster movie - there is not enough character development to be a satisfying drama - and perhaps the worst offense: there is not enough well-filmed action for this to be a great action film.

Let's jump right into why "Snake Eyes" isn't a good film - the action. When you hire master choreographers to create beautiful action sequences, why would you then destroy them by choosing to film your action with close-up, handheld, shaky cam? This stylistic decision is infuriating and unforgivable. There was only one sequence in this movie that was well shot; other than that, literally every other single action scene was made incomprehensible due to the filmmaking.

There were so many set pieces that could've been memorable and exciting if only the cameraman would've put the camera on a tripod, prepared a wide shot, and stepped away. You have scenes of small armies engaged in katana-on-katana action, and you won't be able to see any of it because the cameraman is standing two feet away and shaking the camera like it owes him money. This filmmaking decision literally ruined the action in this film, and as a consequence, ruined the film itself - because when the action in your action movie sucks, your movie sucks.

That said, perhaps the storyline and the engaging characters can add some sort of entertainment value? You'd be half right. The story itself is pretty interesting, if not very engaging. There's enough to keep you slightly invested in what's happening and why, but again, everything is framed around terribly filmed action sequences that damper the fun. The acting was serviceable, but nothing too breathtaking. Henry Golding as Snake Eyes had a certain tenacity about him that was fun to watch, but the script seemed to try a little too hard to make him "cool." Samara Weaving was gorgeous, as always, and pretty good here - however, she barely has any screen time, and isn't introduced until about half way through the film. That said, she is a show stealer when she's on screen.

"Snake Eyes" did have some cool cinematography to bask at - if you enjoy Asian cinema, you'll certainly enjoy the look of the film. That said, if you enjoy good action, you're going to despise this movie. I'd recommend only checking this out if you're a big G. I. Joe fan - if you're not? There's a million other Yakuza action films at your disposal; don't waste your time with this.
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Obnoxiously bad and shallow
rendulic-nenad22 July 2021
Characters try hard to be cool but end up being boring and weak.

Plot is all over the place, Snake Eyes is the weakest character in the movie but somehow he is the only one that triumphs.

Action is short and choppy, a massive fight is about to begin and then it last 3 seconds and cuts to some other scene and after that scene is over we go back to the fight scene which is also over, and that happens all the time.

When you have an actor like Iko and don't use him in a movie like this you are wasting potentialy excellent fight scenes.

Don't waste time and money on this DOA movie.
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G.I. No
garciarichard9 August 2021
Just another reboot/remake/rehash/whatever of an old intellectual property that tries to capitalize on the diversity of it's actors, much like the Mortal Kombat reboot released earlier this year.

We get nothing about the origins of G. I. Joe, Snake Eyes' induction into the team, or Cobra's origins. Just a generic, "gritty", MCU-styled action film that doesn't respect the source material and features characters who only look good and are charisma vacuums.

The Stephen Sommers films (which were terrible) did a better job depicting Snake Eyes as the lethal, stealthy, and charismatic mute he truly is.
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Atrocious editing ruined the action sequences. The locations are top notch though.
Fella_shibby29 August 2021
I saw this mainly cos of Iko Uwais n got terribly disappointed cos his footage is less n he doesnt get to kick ass.

Then i thot lets just enjoy the action but then again none of the fight scenes are noteworthy.

Recently i saw Lee's Fist of Fury n i loved the Japanese garden. This movie too has some some beautiful gardens, lakes, hill tops houses, etc.

The editing ruined everything.

Cos of the shaky cam n fast cut editing, one cannot make out what is going on during the fight scenes.

The character of Snake Eyes is more spiteful n the character of Shadow Storm more sympathetic.

How conveniently the clan n the Major Scarlett work together with Baroness, a Cobra member.

Also how easily Snake Eyes forgives his dad's murderer n after that fight alongside Baroness inspite of knowing that Cobra gang gave the orders to eliminate his dad.

I miss those old ninja movies man.
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Shoddy Film - Bad Casting - Disrespects Source Material
jvg3723 July 2021
Saw the movie last night and was not impressed with anything I saw. The makers of this film have either no idea of the origins of Snake-Eyes or they intentionally destroyed the character. Aside from the fact that Snake-Eyes was always a Gaijin (white guy) he was also honorable in all that he did. This version has him as a two-faced, lying, thief. The feeble redemption arc in the final act was too little - too late, and unbelievable. The casting choices also left me a bit confused. Golding was never a good choice for Snake-Eyes and as much as I love Samara Weaving, she was a horrible Scarlet. The actress who ineptly portrayed the Baroness was too young for the character and was not even close to being believable. Iko Uwais was great as usual but would have been a much better Storm Shadow or even Snake-Eyes! Andrew Koji did do a good job as Storm Shadow and his was the best performance in the whole film by far.

The story was subpar, even for a genre piece, and the script could have been written by a middle-schooler. The action was decently choreographed and wasn't too over the top. It seemed like it couldn't decide whether to be gritty or cartoonish in its approach to the action, which was a letdown. There are several continuity issues as well; a brawler raised on the street with no formal training can automatically hold his own against highly trained ninjas (can you say Rey Palpatine?) or a girl who had been a devoted part of the clan for over a decade breaking sacred rules to save someone she just met?

All in all, this movie sucked!
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More of what is becoming the norm.
mcaleb14865 August 2021
Great visuals ruined by terrible writing. Hollywood is a big place, where are all the good writers at? And why do people keep agreeing to go along with a film after reading a terrible screenplay? People need to start speaking up before the film is complete about the writing.
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Shaky Cam - meh
jetgraphics24 August 2021
I stopped watching at the first shaky cam fight.

This is nauseating - not entertaining.

I won't waste my time with such dreck.

You shouldn't either.
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Biggest flop of 2021
ilinmichalis18 August 2021
Everything they could do wrong they did. It amazes me how can a producer see the finishing cut and be satisfied with this garbage.....full of plot holes no meaning to the entire movie.
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Mediocre and badly written - one great film saving performance....
homodeuslee26 July 2021
So this is now essentially the third attempt to bring GI Joe to the big screen. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura returns at the helm and proves once again - he does not really care... Honestly - how this film actually came to be is beyond me - a group of professional people working in the industry collectively decided that firstly : this film should be made - then that Evan Spiliotopoulos (who has hardly written a single great film to date) should write the damn thing - then add a director, Schwentke (who has a track record of terrible blockbuster films) - and let's top it off with TV travel host/Rom-com break out - Henry Golding to play Snake eyes himself. Shocking....

SO - It definitely is not the Snake eyes that people know and love. He does bad things in this film and unfortunately, Henry isn't a skilled enough actor to make you like him. I disagree that it was purely in the writing - a great actor can make you care for the most despicable characters but Golding proves here he should stick to Rom-coms...and his own accent. His physical skills and acting feel forced and awkward and in my opinion needs a lot of work if I would ever buy him as a legitimate action star. He does have some charisma and good looks though.

It seems like the majority of the articles and social media agree that the film's saving grace is Andrew Koji's Storm Shadow. He adds nuance and depth to Tommy (even though he is dealt the rough hand with having to deliver the majority of the exposition) He commands the screen whenever he is on and delivers us the most layered Storm Shadow in almost any medium to date - just too bad he is let down by an awful script. Koji steals the show with his performance and to top it off you can tell he knows how to move - his action moments were by far the most fun to watch - although he was let down by a terrible filming style there too. I definitely want to see more of Koji. Jin Sakai for Ghost of Tsushima!

The rest of the cast are great in their limited roles - Samara, Ursula, Iko and Peter Mensah - all do great. They are well cast but under utilised. Hollywood SERIOUSLY needs to stop thinking they know best with martial arts action sequences - Iko and Kenji Tanigaki's team is absolutely wasted here.

There was a lot of potential with a GI Joe reboot. There was some potential for a good Snake eyes film - but these people clearly are not the right people to do it. Paramount needs to learn. You would have thought Lorenzo etc would have learnt something since the last films 10 years ago - but clearly not. They have not only destroyed many people's favourite character - they have simple made a bad film and wasted a lot of money and talent....

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Take a nap instead.
youngdetyler24 July 2021
Trust me take a nap.

At one point snake eyes goes on a magical trip in the forest to find the light. I took a magical trip to the bathroom. The add above the urinal was more interesting than this movie.

This movie sucked.
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PG13 kills the movie
seba4418 August 2021
No blood. Movie with swords and no blood. Swords clean in every fight.

You can explode a guy with magic rock but can't show no blood. Absurd.
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The film is not about anything.
icegenz2 August 2021
How could you spoil the story about the cool ninja so much? Upset!
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None Of This Makes Sense
statuskuo2 August 2021
First he's bad...then he's good, then no one knows if he's bad or good. But then he's...what a mess. Nothing about this movie makes sense..and you wonder why Snake Eyes doesn't talk. Or not suppose to.

Henry Goulding is terrible. Sort of a low rent Chow Yun Fat with less conviction to what he says. I mean...terrible. He's suppose to be orphan'd. The hell has he been doing since then? And when he is recruited by the Yakuza...we meet a low rent Ken Watanabe This whole movie feels low rent. Everything is We know where feelings are suppose to land but it doesn't hit any of those spots. Don't get me started on Tommy/Storm Shadow. God is he obnoxious. Not once did I believe he had the chops to be the diabolical ninja. stated by the dim developers of this flick...they wanted to make him more "millennial" yeah...that always works. Failed on all parts. And the arrogance to setup a sequel...oof...They just don't get it. But I'm sure that was contractually obligated.

Hot mess all around. Everyone says their lines like they know it's on paper. Dull and lifeless.

Very bad stuff.
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Lost the plot.
Sleepin_Dragon19 August 2021
I was genuinely so excited to see this, the trailers looked amazing. High octane for sure, but the total absence of a plot made this really tough to engage with.

If you like random fight scenes, you'll probably enjoy this, they move from one to another, to another, but at times you'll find yourself wanting to check your phone for a distraction. It was as if nobody bothered to read through a first draft of the screenplay, and just thought, it'll do.

How on Earth could such a movie be boring, but that's the story I'm afraid. The best element here for me was Andrew Koji.

I was glad to see the credits roll, and walked out of the cinema, wondering what on Earth I had just sat through.
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evan_ginter23 July 2021
After the movie was over, I had a headache from all of the shaky camera action sequences! I kept getting dizzy and also couldn't really tell what was going on from time to time. It would be an 8/10 if there wasn't any shaky cam!
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Not a good origin story
Movi3DO24 July 2021
Ah now we have your average Joe.

I haven't watched any G. I. Joe movies, so I have no idea about Snake Eyes coming in. Because of this, I judge this movie only as an independent action, hoping it to be a great summer blockbuster. And I was disappointed.

Before the movie began, Henry Golding shared that there's gonna be a lot of action. That's true, as there were multiple sword fights. However, each fight was short and unsatisfying. The camera angles were bad, and I couldn't see the choreography clearly. Iko Uwais was in this movie, and he's a fantastic martial artist actor. However, he got little screen time. It's almost like they don't have the budget for long fight choreography.

The story was boring and not special. Snake Eyes was a bland and bad protagonist. I don't care much about his journey, and the ending for his character felt unjustified. It's not that Henry Golding's acting was bad, but the direction for his character made him like a side character.

The acting was okay across. Only Andrew Koji stood out as the Storm Shadow. He was pretty badass with the swords, especially his serious face. I think he stole the spotlight from Golding's Snake Eyes.

Overall, a mediocre story with unsatisfying action scenes. 5/10.
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Worst of the year so far
yxl-5521326 July 2021
Half of the time I don't know what is going on, there are many characters show up and don't do anything. There are very weak connections between the plots. Main character's growth is not persuasive, and it feels like he suddenly becomes great hero. I give one extra star for its Japanese elements.
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An Honest Review
generationofswine27 July 2021
Well... if you know nothing about GI Joe, I guess it's good, except that Snake Eyes comes across as sort of an, well, an A-Word for most of the movie.

And if you are a fan of GI Joe, this has nothing to do with Snake Eyes, the character isn't Snake Eyes, he's not even mute or horribly scared, and the movie absolutely sucks.

But then, I guess if you are a fan of GI Joe, than you are toxic and the movie isn't made for you because it's made for the people who, I guess aren't GI Joe fans and is just reliant on the fans who it's not made for to make the box office returns that it didn't have because the fans who it's not made for are toxic for not seeing it.... or something like that.

Anyway, it's not really a GI Joe movie, the character's aren't at all the same, and what you have is really sort of a bad kung-fu movie with choppy action, that doesn't even really work as a generic kung-fu movie because even that seems out of place and done in short and choppy motion that leaves the viewer kind of sea sick with no real idea who is doing what or what is going on when the fighting starts.

So, I guess if you don't know anything about GI Joe, it might only be a bad movie and not an absolutely horrible movie.
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A fantastic cast completely wasted on a stupid story
siderite12 September 2021
First of all, this has *nothing* to do with G. I. Joe, as it is a medieval story about two Japanese clans and the protagonist is caught somewhat in between. Yes, it happens today, but 90% of all fights are using swords and the prize of the war is a magical stone. It's like someone took an existing Japanese samurai and ninjas script, added an extraneous character and made him the protagonist, then plastered on a Joe/Cobra connection and brought it into the present. And the way they added this stuff is like fixing a broken mirror with industrial sticky tape on the visible side.

And what a cast this had: Andrew Koji from Warrior (I still crave for a new season), Iko Uwais from Raid, Peter Mensah from Spartacus, Takehiro Hira (who in my mind did the best job in the film, even if he was the villain and had a really dumb role), Samara Weaving from Guns Akimbo. Not to mention Eri Ishida, who did more in a few scenes than "Snake Eyes" in the entire film. They did nothing with all of this. The fights were fractured and made little sense, focused on form and ignoring substance. Two people fighting 50 and succeeding because they all used swords and the heroes had unlimited stamina, the usual running (slowly and awkwardly) from bullets scene, people running in the sword range to fire a gun, ugh! It was incredibly ugly. Even the motorcycle and car scenes were ridiculously bad. A team of 5 snipers could have finished *everybody* without loses.

Worst of all, it's called G. I. Joe Origins and it features a character who has never heard of the Joes in a time when both Cobra and Joes have been established for a long time. There is no origin story at all! There is no story, really!

Bottom line: this film is something that whole teams of people should be fired because of. A 100 million dollar film that manages to waste every resource it bought. Avoid it like it's the plague.
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Fan of Snake Eyes, not this movie
nello3324 August 2021
You get garbage when you try to rewrite origin stories.
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Not a true origin story...
AndyCordReviews21 August 2021
Where do I begin... lets for a moment pretend this is not a G. I. Joe "origin" story, let's pretend this is the typical ninja story where there is trauma, sword skill development, Japanese lore, and some awesome ninja fights, and... it fails, it fails at even setting itself up.

The fight choreography is awful, most of the time you won't even know what is going on, it's poorly lit and has some awful camera shots that close up on a messy scene that doesn't make sense.

It almost felt like it had big budget issues, some scenes were poorly edited and the cinematography was lacking, only having a couple of shots I enjoyed.

Now, for the story this wasn't a good Joe's origin story, it was barely a ninja story, they just threw stuff in there that would remind you of G. I. Joe, but I prefer to not even remember the movies are related.

The villains are just as clichéd as you might think and the appearance of a beloved "La Casa de Papel" actress in Tokyo made me chuckle as every fan of the series will surely get that reference. Now the girl could barely walk with those shoes and that bothered me to no end.

Overall I didn't enjoy this movie at all, the pacing is awful, the fights are terrible and the script...I'm not even talking about it.
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Shallow cash grab hollywood drivel
Dash9923 July 2021
With some bad casting besides Andrew Koji, this movie is such a paint by the numbers "action" film that it says wait we have sequels coming by the end, which nobody will want after watching this uninspired superhero film. The original GI film was a masterpiece compared to this.
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If that's an origins film, then the origin is missing.
ThomDerd9 October 2021
Bad writing, which killed the character development and eventually the character itself.

Regarding the origins film, the actual origin's story is almost missing here! Why is snake eyes already so skilled? Since it's his origin story, then why don't you develop it?

Average film. Only thing worth it is Iko Uwais.

3,5 / 10.
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This was complete waste of time.
ivica-agatic122 July 2021
Just watched this flop in theater,such a bad movie, the story is weak and shallow, acting is bad,no fighting in movie except few short scenes, no cool scenes, effects,nothing,waste of money and time,and you can guess every second what will happen in movie.
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random and messy
aboooode-5007423 July 2021
Frankly, a strange movie and the scenario is so strange that you do not understand what they want from it, In general the movie tries to explain to you how to make your heart pure from malice and hate and that's all or the snake will eat you 🤣🤣🤣
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