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This is just like hide and seek
nogodnomasters16 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Pollyanna McIntosh returns as the feral woman. Also writer, director, etc. Darlin' (Lauryn Canny) is feral and hit by an ambulance outside a Catholic hospital. The Catholics keep her at a group home and want to use her as a trophy for how they converted this teen into a saved woman of faith.

In a short period of time, our feral girl can talk, read, and understand the complexities of Catholic theology. This is simply nonsense as the writer knows nothing about feral people. They don't learn to talk. Ever. Outside she is waking as a biped, then in one scene, she is running on all fours. The writers also missed on the teachings of the Catholic Church who believe the Garden of Eden to be a parable. They believe in evolution.

And why wasn't the state government informed and involved? The ending was a bit messed up too. Was this supposed to be the same Woman as before? Is this a sequel? The story itself seemed to lack continuity. And what makes you think a feral human would act more like a feral cat in a car instead of a dog?

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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A lot to unpack
marie-ketring16 March 2019
I love everything that this film is addressing: religion, women's relationships, and the female body. But because this film tries to tackle so much, it doesn't completely finish a sentence or thought. It did, however, make me fiercely close my legs more than I ever have in my whole life.
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An Imperfect but Decent Addition to a Pleasantly Strange Horror Trilogy
TwistedContent12 July 2019
Been waitin' for "Darlin'" quite some time, re-watching "The Woman" and enjoying a lot of TWD meanwhile & I'm honestly not disappointed as I was sure the sequel won't beat it's predecessor, "The Woman". No hard spoilers ahead, just a lot of description.

"Darlin''' continues developing similar atmosphere & visual style as "The Woman", providing the viewer with aesthetics on satisfying enough level to look good out there in the indie horror scene. I can't complain much about the cinematography & practical FX, especially if I compare this side of the movie with "The Woman" - it simply hasn't gotten any worse, which is all I could want. It sure was nice to see a few TWD actors (I'm a fan of the series, have been with them in joy and sorrow since 2011) and, of course, the director and writer Polyanna McIntosh was in both TWD and "The Woman". Acting's very decent, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the lead actress. The problems with "Darlin''' start with the plot & characters. There's a lot of points put in the script, there's themes of woman trauma, sexuality, a lot of social commentary on religion and more, in the end it seems either overstuffed or slowly turns from serious to a joke, a caricature, if You will. In the end it's hard to say what message exactly the director what for us to receive. The Bishop character & the whole religion/church/sisters home antics are painfully stereotypical and shallow, almost tiring. From the very first scene with the Bishop I knew his whole character arc & I was not wrong in even my earliest predictions. However, the flaws didn't affect the nicely, but, dare I say, actually subtly made climax.

To sum it up, the story engages, the horror aspects are well played and the movie entertains, but it leaves you scratching your head and unsure of how much You really liked it. My rating: 6/10.
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Good first feature written & directed by Pollyanna McIntosh
lunatik173918 July 2019
McIntosh also stars in this film which deals with issues revolving around our inner, animalistic impulses, the battle on patriarchy, and the corruption of religious leaders. Lauren Canny (who plays Darlin') is fantastic in her role of savage-turned-tame after being brainwashed into a "civilized" adolescent.

Unsure why some people would attribute a 1 or 2 to this movie because that's evidently simply just people trying to trash it. Even if one were to dislike the movie, it cannot possibly be worth a 1...
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Potential, but Too Many Issues in this Installment
david_rudy_lee18 July 2019
This was a film that I saw the trailer for and was intrigued to check it out. It wasn't until after that I realized this is actually the third installment of the series that was based off a Jack Ketchum work, Offspring. I decided to check out of those all films in prep for this and I'm glad I did, since I had not seen any of them to that point. There are some subtle nods, but that's about it. There really isn't a synopsis on the Internet Movie Database, so I'll jump right in.

We start with The Woman (writer and director Pollyanna McIntosh). We don't actually see her face at this time, but she is walking with a younger woman, Darlin'' (Lauryn Canny). She forces her to go to a hospital, but she is hit by an ambulance before actually going in.

She is brought inside and being attended to by a doctor and Tony (Cooper Andrews). Darlin'' hops up and almost takes a finger off the doctor. They then go searching for her and Tony gets down on all fours to connect with her. She is then given a shot that knocks her out. It really should be pointed out, Darlin'' is feral. She cannot talk or understand language, she is covered in dirt and has lived in the wilderness for many years.

While she is asleep, we learn that the hospital is run by the local church. The Bishop (Bryan Batt) shows up to check on the teen. He brings Nora-Jane Noone, a former drug addict turned into a nun. They're going to take in Darlin', but they want to do it as a publicity stunt to ensure the shelter isn't closed, reforming this feral girl.

We learn a bit more about Darlin' and The Woman's past. The elder woman didn't completely abandon her and she is searching for Darlin'. The younger woman is harboring a secret, as is the parish that the girl is taken too. Darlin' is domesticated and befriends some of the other girls there. She is terrified though about something and will do whatever she can to prevent it, as she saw what it did to her sister, Peggy (Lauren Ashley Carter).

Now I do have to say, I was a bit disappointed with this film. I will get into that a bit later, but I will admit, I loved the set up. I love the idea that Darlin' is the little girl who is taken at the end of The Woman. She is harboring a secret, that I did pick up on before it was revealed, but I think it is interesting. It brings up something from the previous film, but it really does explore more of how Darlin' really doesn't understand what is happening to her and that frightens her. She is living a primitive life where what she saw is influencing her more than it should be. Since she was not given a formal education, which I think is interesting in itself in this day and age, something that is very natural terrifies her beyond belief.

Something else I really like is the perversion of the church and religion. I won't delve into everything that goes down, but we get it from the beginning. Noone tells the Bishop that she will lie for him to ensure that his plan works. We see that they actually do some things that aren't very nice to Darlin' in order to prove the change that comes over her. There was also something that I guessed that was going on, again before its reveal. I do think that some of these things could be veiled a bit more to create a bit more suspense or throw in a red herring to throw us off. I did like the reveal of what Noone says though and what happened to her in the past.

An aspect I could have done without was with The Woman. She ends up befriending a group of homeless women. I did like what she does for one of them, but there was this really odd march and accepting The Woman into their group was a bit odd to me. I just felt it was out of place for the film.

That brings me to the pacing, which I think is off. The film just runs too long. I like the set up and what the film is trying to convey to us. The problem is that is just lingers on things too much and then this subplot with The Woman really doesn't add any value to the film for me. It just ends up bogging it down and I found myself bored. I think that I wanted a bit more craziness to happen as well to really ramp up the tension. I did like the ending to an extent, I just don't necessarily know if it would play out as it did.

Acting for the film though I thought was really good. McIntosh is just great as The Woman. She just is this role and does a phenomenal job with it. I just believe she should have had an even smaller role here. It was fun to see Andrews in this one, as I like him on The Walking Dead. There's something about him I just like and he's such a nice guy. I do feel bad for him and his husband here, especially since where they work and how they're treated. Noone was very easy on the eyes and I liked her performance as well. I like that she is truly trying to do good by the church, but she is dealing with demons of her own. Batt is such a jerk, but I think it works for the film and for what it's conveying. Canny was really good as well as Darlin'. She has a lot of acting that are noises and guttural sounds that add an element to the film. I liked the cameo by Carter, I think she is just so cute and talented. The rest of the cast rounded out the film for what was needed.

I was disappointed as well by the effects of the film. When we do get effects, they look really good. The problem is that I wanted them to go a step farther than what we got and show a bit more. That is really my biggest gripe here. I did like what happens during the climax though. It was pretty solid. The film is shot pretty well in my opinion.

Something else that I was disappointed by was the soundtrack of the film. I just don't think most of the selections picked fit for what it was going for. There was really too much upbeat music. It makes sense when the girls are off listening to a walkman, as that is just what they like to hear. The other songs just really didn't add anything to the film and it took me out at times.

Now with that said, those are the reasons that I'm disappointed. This film did do some things I really liked and that let me down. McIntosh did a solid job at keeping the feel of Ketchum and presenting the darkness of man. It has one of my favorite concepts to see explored in the perversion of religion. I also like that Darlin' doesn't fully understand what is happening to her, even in this age of knowledge. The acting really does bring this to life, but the film is too long. It ends up hurting the pacing for me. The effects we got in the film are good, but I did just want more from that. The soundtrack of the film really didn't fit for the most part either. I would still recommend giving this a viewing if you like the first two films to see how it ends, but this one had potential that it didn't live up to. Overall I'd say this is slightly below average, as much as it pains me to say.
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Great sequel
adammargaretrae26 November 2019
Really good sequel to The Woman. Good one to watch back to back.
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Darlin of a movie??
kevxzara15 July 2019
Absolute rubbish from start to finish, to much comedy moments lack of story lack of characters, just plain wierd in some scenes.don't bother watching you will not be missing much
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Unbelievably awful
dyfe14 July 2019
A waste of time....very amature and empty....the acting is so stiff and the whole film is an utter bs...what were they thinking?
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Pure Darlin Nonsense
gtenalokes19 July 2019
Nonsense without a purpose.. It literally doesn't have a defined plot, IMO.. Total waste of time..

Forced myself to watch till the end and I regret every minute of it..

Watching ice melt would be better than watching this nonsense of a movie
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Three Times Is .. Not a Charm..
homecoming825 July 2019
"Darlin'" is actually the third movie in a trilogy that started with "Offsping" (2009) and was followed by "The Woman" (2011). Based on a novel by Jack Ketchum.

The first two movies were interesting, scary and disturbing. "Darlin'" is none of those and disappointing at best. The cast is not bad but the script is lazy written and plays it 'safe' most of the time and we've seen it all before.. way better.

You don not care for the characters and the story gets boring within half an hour (it actually runs for 100 minutes which is 20 minutes too long) The gore is mediocre and not convincing including a dangling rubber knife sticking out of a helpless victim.

This time directed by Pollyanna McIntosh (who played the woman in all three movies) and she even brought her friend Cooper Andrews of "The Walking Dead" fame. She really should stick to acting because I doubt this will become a quadrilogy after this weak effort.
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Just another ego art movie
alanmailey18 July 2019
Honestly one of the worst movies ever made , I watch maybe 10 movies a week for the last ten years and this is 100 percent the worst I've ever seen.

I'm all for girl power but when its so cheap and forced Iike in this movie you can tell the director or writers forced it and it shows

They should have watched a few horror movies with naturally strong female characters.

"Even the most recent Halloween has the best strong female character I've seen in a movie in years"

PS....I feel awful for the foster dad in shazam because he's in this movie and I hope it doesn't kill off his career .
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not great but stands out in a lot of ways
sstrunks-0524524 October 2019
I don't think this is a very good movie, but it kept me invested with some strangeness, weirdness, and darkly memorable scenes. i wish there was more to it tho. the lead actress did a good job, always kept me intrigued, wondering how she would react (1 viewing 10/23/19)
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I wanted to like this....
zombienotld6 September 2019
I wanted to like this. I mean...Pollyanna McIntosh and Cooper Andrews! Right? NOPE! I was so disappointed by this movie. Geez, my pregnant daughter and I made a better home horror movie than this on my Mac..
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anti-catholic film
robertopolito1512 December 2019
Not a great film, but the main actress is skilled and certainly has a bright future. My problem, however, is with the depiction of catholic priests as corrupt paedophiles. I live in Italy and i can witness that there is significant number of gay priests who are not pedophiles as well as priests with a female partner, either occasional or permanent. There is also a number of priests, albeit small, who actually do what they say and refrain from sex.
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Dumb but entertaining
rgbj-2459727 November 2019
There is an odd charm to this movie that kept me intrigued. I enjoyed the performances of both feral ladies and there was something compelling about the younger one. Movie logic is required as many things don't add up. If you don't take it too seriously, you may enjoy yourself. Action is sparse, but fun with quick and not excessive gore for 2019. If you are a fan of the director's acting work, then give it a shot. Maybe enjoy it with your favorite beer or wine or whatever. There is plenty of better shlock to watch, but I still found charm with this one.
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Let's Hear It for Dirt
westsideschl15 September 2019
Alright, dirt! And more dirt. Basically if you like dirt most of the creative energies in this story went into applying dirt to people. Add a few snarls, a quick two seconds of blood & you have a horror (sort of) plot. Besides the humorous put downs on Catholicism (always an easy, and deserved, mark) nothing much happens other than (and research has shown this can't happen) they make a cognitive & language devoid person a literate near genius. Acting, props, storyline - bad, & dumb.
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