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Sex & Nudity

  • There are make-out scenes throughout most episodes, both involving straight kisses and gay kisses.
  • S1 E5, S1 E6, S1 E7 are the only episodes in Season 1 that have S in the Age Rating.
  • A comment about being born with one testicle.
  • When Chucky and Tiffany reunite in E8, the first thing he notices is that her breasts slightly grew compared to the last time he's seen her.

Violence & Gore

  • Chucky pushes a woman onto knives in a dishwasher; she falls and they stab her through her face and neck (bloody and graphic).
  • Most of the violence is moderate and brief but a couple can be quite violent. In one of the episodes, Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany stab a girl to death. (not graphic or gory, offscreen)
  • A woman slices a man's throat with a knife. Very bloody.


  • There are multiple uses of words like fuck and shit. These words aren't used frequently. There are also multiple uses of milder swearing. "Cunt" is the only word bleeped so far (in episode 1x03).
  • Strong language throughout including fuck, shit, hell, damn, bitch, and so forth.
  • Asshole, fuck, hoe, shit, bitch, and even damn is used many times, almost in every episode.
  • A teen calls Jake a pussy for saying he can't take the sight of blood. Their teacher says "mind your fucking business" as a result. She also says "Get the hell out of here."
  • A teen boy calls himself a fag (in episode 1x01).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Lexi mentions smoking weed before class
  • Teenagers drink at a party. Lexy Cross mentions smoking weed before class.
  • Kyle buys a pack of a few cigarettes.
  • Lexy smokes a joint in her parent's house while a party is active.
  • In season 2, a teenage girl becomes addicted to clonazepam. Several scenes of her snorting it and experiencing its effects in explicit detail.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some jump scares.
  • While the show is more campy than disturbing, it is still very intense and violent.
  • Some episodes flashing lights which can effect photosensitive viewers.
  • Chucky's face expressions such as his creepy grin may be scary for some viewers.
  • The violence in season 2 is more graphic and disturbing than in season 1.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • 2 teenagers kiss in bed at a Halloween costume party in Ep 2. there's two kisses in Ep 1.
  • Tiffany and Nica are half shown their body, In a promo of episode 5: Little Little Lies Tiffany is taking her shirt or dress off supposedly, and Nick is in her bra and undies.
  • Episode 5 Nica and Tiffanny. Charles with the girls in a hotel.
  • In Episode 7, Charles Kills a women when they moan. Charles kills a women making out with Tiffany in the past.
  • Chucky tell's the audiences Lexy's search history, and she searched up Pokémon porn.
  • Chucky tells Devon that his dead mother sucks cock in hell. (An Exorcist reference)

Violence & Gore

  • A man is electrocuted to death.
  • A frog is completely dismembered, the process is off camera but the end is in focus.
  • The tail of a murdered cat is shown with some blood.
  • In episode 1x04, a scalpel is thrown into a man's back. He falls on the scalpel and is paralyzed. He is then stabbed repeatedly with several syringes. His body is later discovered (very bloody and graphic).
  • In episode 1x06, a woman falls many stories out of a building and onto a car in front of her young teen son. The body is shown covered with glass shards as her son screams (bloody and upsetting).
  • In episode 1x07, a young teen boy kills his own father. He uses a Chucky doll as a punch to beat him to death. His body and the Chucky doll are shown covered in blood.
  • There is at least one death in every episode. Chucky goes on a killing spree in episode 1x08. Chucky kills several likable characters whose deaths may be upsetting.
  • Chucky stabs Junior to death (shocking and emotional). Tiffany decapitates a Chucky doll's head (very bloody).
  • A Chucky doll is shot in the head next to a translucent curtain (its head and the curtain are covered in blood as a result).
  • A teenage boy is punched through his heart (played for comedic effect, but very graphic, with internal organs shown).
  • Tiffany slits several people's throats using a nail file.
  • A young boy is killed in an explosion in episode 2x01 (it is not shown but is very shocking).
  • A teenage girl is pushed out of a window and falls onto a statue (not graphic but very upsetting).
  • A man explodes from the inside (very graphic, with blood covering the other characters around him, but played for comedic effect).
  • A knife is thrown into a woman's eye. She takes out the knife and stares at her severed eye before dying (brief, but very disturbing).
  • A Chucky doll is stabbed in the head with scissors and bleeds out saying "The horror..." as war images are shown in a reference to Apocalypse Now (not bloody and played for comedic effect).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The main character's father physically abuses him for being gay. It is seen onscreen once. It could trigger some viewers.
  • A woman is decapitated offscreen; her head is thrown in front of a crowd of people and is shown in a puddle of blood with the head still blinking.
  • The death of a young teen boy can be very emotional for viewers in episode 1x08.

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