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Eye Opening Injustice for Our Heroes
rwilder0603-411-21194931 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
As a family member growing up around first responders this immediately caught my attention. My brother was a 30 year firefighter and ten year chief. His boys followed in his shoes. Watching the movie, and it's quickly apparent that we have let a huge travesty happen to these men and women... not only see what happened to the firefighters who were essentially punished for being in the club, but it's also a glaring reality check to see how our first responders have been epically failed in terms of having the proper support resources for all they go through in order to protect the rest of us. The movie shows a very honest, raw reality of the sad tragedies these people see fail, and the systemic lack of help for them. Enter the Florian Knights brotherhood, a healthy, safe place to cope, grieve and heal when there was no other opportunity to do so. And it was a healing that radiated to not only the firefighters, but their families and others who love them. Until for some, it didn't, because of narrow minds.

The FK members found a huge source of healing, understanding and support in one another. And for some, including it's founder to have that taken away because of "appearances" is tragic and sad. The FK Club is a huge source of healing and support for people in the trenches, FROM people in the trenches. Shame on the powers that be for dismantling that for some of these people who have so much.

This movie is an eye opening story of the enduring impact of every call first responders answer, and the continued failure of our system to recognize the ravaging effects of PTSD, and complete failure of our system to fix something severely broken. In the years after 9-11, when we as a nation and a world hailed these people as heroes, it's shocking to see how we have failed them. It's a story that will stay with you, resonate deeply, and make it increasingly obvious why it's a struggle to get more people to become first responders today. My hat is off to the creators of this movie for their honesty, vulnerability and willingness to call out a very broken system.
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Ignorance Runs Rampant
keithlee-928978 February 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Fantastic film that reveals the colossal failure to provide PTSD treatment for our public servants. A misguided "detective", most likely looking to make points with his superiors, sounds off with his prejudicious, simplistic perspective of "bikers". And city officials follow suit, disbanding a group of firefighters united in helping each other. I shake my head in disgust and anger.

I served at Ground Zero after 9/11. I know the system can either help or hurt those in need. I was lucky enough to have been helped. I empathize with the Florian Knights Vancouver Chapter for the demise of their club and all the help it provided firefighters and their families.

The beginning of an avalanche usually starts with one rock; and the rock-headed "detective" appears to be the jury, judge and executioner in this case. A resumé with qualifications and multiple duty stations does not equate to practicing common sense. 3 patches? Really? That is the evidence that proves a club to be associated with outlaws? Misdirected, prejudicial and ignorant. I shake my head in disbelief and anger.

I hope the FKVC will reemerge stronger and with many more members. The brotherhood of fire fighters ALWAYS WINS.
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