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Inspiring views of nature's power, and some guys that are NUTS!
DonEstif2 February 2022
Impressive filming/photos of some powerful, beautiful, scary waves. And the warriors that revere and challenge those waves are as admirable as any top performer in sport, business or politics . . . But maybe a bit more nuts. I'd like to have had a bit more background on those warriors. And, to provide a better perspective of the challenges they faced, it would be helpful to have some underwater filming of the turbulence at the reefs that these guys know they'll be confronting.

Good job!
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Bit all over the place but some unbelievable footage
sacred_hoops27 June 2020
There are some truly awe inspiring footage and events that glue this film together, but it struggles to keep a consistent narrative running between them. In the end it feels like listening to a bunch of stories being told in a bar in whatever order they are recalled.
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Lots of Blah, blah, blah
MovieIQTest30 April 2022
Although there were some nice surfing pictures in this documentary, but most of the footage was wasted in non-stop self-indulgent blabbering. The blah, blah, blah simply ruined the whole nine yardage, making it such a boring viewing experience. These beach bums grown-ups, some of them were almost reach the middle age with sunburns. They were no different from those sitting in front of monitors playing video games 24/7. They were thrill seekers and addicts, only focused and interested in riding big waves. The whole documentary just gave you a very hollow and superfluous feelings about a bunch of do-nothings seeking meaning of life out of nothing. One of the most tedious and boring documents I've ever watched. It still felt so slow even tried to fast-forward with the mouse on video player.
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