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I liked it for a while but became ridiculous
muamba_eats_toast29 July 2019
I was just about still on board by the time they left the house despite a few cringe moments but after that it just became more and more ridiculous. More plot holes than any film I've ever seen. We ignoring that crocodiles can smell blood and apparently serious injuries won't stop you swimming like an Olympic swimmer moments later. If you do decide to go and see it try and suspend all notions of reality and you may be able to battle through and ignore any of the horrific cringey as hell script and you may just shout survive...
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You have got to be joking
elizrug17 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot even begin to understand how anyone could rate this highly. I am starting to really question whether people are paid to write fake reviews.

1. No person can out-swim an alligator 2. If a gator grabs your arm or leg, you will be missing an arm or leg 3. Dried blood will not stick to your skin after you have spent hours underwater 4. Every decision made by the protagonists was stupid and wrong 5. The whole "Oh, why did you and mom break up?" part while they are dying is so far-fetched, I wanted to gag

I could keep going but not even the review is woth too much of my time.
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Please Crawl To Me
ymyuseda14 July 2019
Rating 8.5/10 One of the best croc movie of this year. Suspenseful and well made. Overall, really enjoyable tense movie & superb scenery.
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Good production values and acting but it cant hide a terrible script
gluonpaul23 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
So there is plenty in this to like, the special effects are decent, the acting is decent and the production values are very good. Unfortunately its all built on the foundations of a very very poor script.

The father seems to only be there to provide someone to constantly need rescuing by the daughter and provide a backdrop of history for the protagonist (often at very stupid times). At one point they had just seen a police officer get torn apart & eaten and he launches into a speech about the daughter learning to swim. I mean really????

On top of that the protagonist is basically the very definition of a mary sue. At one point for instance this huge alligator has her leg clamped in his jaws and this 80 pound woman kicks it in the face with her bare foot to get it to let go, on top of which all she had as an injury was a minor gash on her leg. Absolutely crazy, and this goes on througout the movie, we see her outswim alligators in the water as well for instance.

Overall I have to say with a decent script it could have been a good concept but with some frankly student film level script problems it just isnt that great in my opinion. Not a terrible movie, but not really worth seeking out.
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Croc you like a Hurricane!
shanemoose-8871514 July 2019
I know that some people are kind of on the fence with this one, but trust me when I say that this really is a fun Creature Feature. 'Crawl' doesn't try to poke fun at itself but is still fun and startling at times. The acting is top-notch and there's plenty of monster violence to quench any Horror fans thirst. So what if it's not the most original film out there, that does not change the fact that this movie has the right amount of tension to keep you hooked.
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"Crawl" for the exit!
mccraydavid15 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I had no idea where to start and I owe that to Crawl being horrendously bad. Stuffed to the brim with predictable clichés, brain dead acting from its lead protagonist, and CGI that rivals SyFy channel quality, it's difficult to stomach. Horror movies are supposed to invoke a sense of fear but here we are yet again with another "movie" relying on jump scares. People doing ridiculously stupid things in movies does not make those situations suspenseful. It just kills the movie. Just in case you didn't know, humans are now faster swimmers than alligators! Yep, totally believable!!

Olympic swimmers 🏊 = 5-6 mph, Alligators 🐊 = 20mph Random college swimmer in movie Crawl = 25+mph

Makes sense......
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Tension is maintained with a solid background music, cool effects, nice cinematography with the constant rain and wind, vicious kills but extras r jus added to be killed off.
Fella_shibby25 August 2019
I saw this in a theatre with my pal. Had high hopes with names like Aja, Raimi n Ghost House Pictures. The film is fast paced with sufficient kills. Only problem is the lack of character development of the extras. The last good crocodile film I revisited was Rogue n that film had some character development regarding the extras (fellas who get killed off) but in this film, extras r jus killed left right n cente, while our lead pair of father n daughter keeps hanging around in their basement with wounds. One of the best part about this film is the cinematography especially the constant rain n wind. Lots of crocodiles with vicious kills. Tension is maintained with a solid background music. Morgan Freeman's Hard Rain n Bait 3D came to mind while viewing this.
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Crawling In My Skin
kidmetal-matheny12 July 2019
Crawl is most certainly what you would expect a film like this to be, but it isn't bad by any means, however it know's the nature of it's premise, and just goes for it. The intensity is genuine, and the gore/kills are well executed, and I do believe there are some pretty nice practical effects utilized throughout. The CGI on the Alligators is good, but sometimes (in the beginning of the film) looks shaky. The setting in a crawlspace during a hurricane is inherently claustrophobic in nature, and the film does play that up a fair amount. The pacing is excellent, and the ending is good even if a bit predictable.

The acting by our two leads Haley Keller (Kaya Scodelario), and Dave Keller (Barry Pepper) is believable, and genuine, both do a great job with the father-daughter dynamic. There are some minor plot conveniences, and characters that are introduced just to die, but that can be overlooked due to the small scale nature of the story. It's a very self contained film aside from a hurricane ravaging Florida. There are a few "jumpscares", but they aren't dialed up to 11 like Annabelle: Comes Home for example.

Overall, if you want a good modern "creature feature" that doesn't go above and beyond to makes itself feel absurd, and unrealistic. I'd recommend you check this film out, it was a surprisingly good time at the movies, and I walked out happy.

I give Crawl, a 8/10. A fun time at the movies.
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Total Garbage
thebogofeternalstench12 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start? A lame backstory with the girl being a top swimmer so she can out-swim a gang of patrolling alligators and the father and daughter's pathetic sentimental conversations in between their boring as hell attempts to evade the naughty alligators.

The movie is filled with lame jump scares, and the first Mr Snappy is shown way too early, totally killing any suspense. The characters make dumb choices over and over. The girl gets death rolled under water with her arm in the alligators mouth and doesnt lose her arm? Yeh...sure. Pointless supporting actors/extras who we know are gunna die are on screen for a few mins then get gobbled up. Why bother?

The girl goes through a hole in the wall and discovers a nest of eggs which would indicate a mother alligator, hinting at a bigger croc which we get to see briefly after she finds a gun on the dead cop, shoots another croc while it munches on her hand, and then crawls through a pipe with her arm intact. We get to see the mother alligator i believe and then the girl goes to save her drowning father. After reviving him from death, he gets up like nothing has happened and is like "hey girl, go swim through all those alligators and get the boat yah?" So instead of going on the roof which is what any other sane person would do, Olympic swimmer girl goes for a gold medal in a race against the Mr Snappy's.

Blah blah blah...anyway, they end up on the roof at the end and you are expecting some final show down with the huge mother alligator, the rescue helicopter conveniently shows up and swimmer girl lights a flare and.....THE CREDITS ROLL!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.

I couldn't believe it. What a scam artist the director is. You cheated your audience dude.

What an awful movie. The main actor was unappealing and i didn't care about her at all.

Avoid like the plague. This movie is a 'croc'.

Summary: Do not waste your time on this garbage
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It'll probably be on Netflix in 2 weeks
p_ortensie200515 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What I thought sucked (besides the fact that this was basically a really bad Netflix movie) was the lack of logic and common sense. They're trapped in a crawl space, yet they're along a wall where the outside of the house is visible, behind what looked like very thin brick. Which could have easily been broken with the shovel. Had they done that, they could have easily escaped. And been back to town before the storm really hit. Eventually they finally escape the crawl space, but instead of doing the smart/logical thing of trying to get on the roof and signal for help, they ignorantly decide to make a run for it (so to speak). But before their eventual escape, there was a scene early in the movie where some college age kids stole an ATM machine from a gas station and then loaded it onto a boat. All of a sudden a giant gator smashes through the back of the boat destroying it in the process and then the gator proceeds to eat a girl on the boat. Later in the movie after their eventual escape from the crawl space and then stupid attempt to make "a run for it" that same boat that was demolished by a giant gator is somehow in perfect condition, with the motor reattached when the main female character out swims a bunch of gators to reach the boat. And speaking of out swimming gators: the average Olympic swimmer averages about 5 mph in the water. An alligator averages 20 mph. So basically this movie had viewers believe that the girl had superhuman swimming abilities and could swim at an amazing rate of 25 mph. It wasn't just the acting that sucked. I didn't feel any connection to the actors, I didn't care if they lived or died. At one point, I began cheering for the gators, and laughed hysterically anytime someone did something stupid to get themselves eaten. The only character I cared for and wanted to survive was the little dog.
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Worst film ive seen this year. Stay away!!!!!
lewismalin5329 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start off by saying this is not a Sam Raimi film he is just mierley a producer to this monstrosity of a film. This was an instant let down as the trailers advertised diffrently and as the actual director has an awful track record which has another film for his CV of atrocious films. I had this film on my list of films i wanted to see as i thought it would be good for a laugh but i couldn't even take that away from this film. The only reason this film has not scored lower is because of the bathroom scene which is on youtube which is about the only bit of creativity that the film has. Save yourself the hassle of watching this film and just watch the 5 minute clip and you will have seen the majority of the film.

The film follows a woman called Haley and shes traumitised by believing that shes the cause of her mom and dad splitting up cause she was with her dad alot doing swim classes. So then after her dad dosent respond to her calls when a storm hits his she goes looking for him. She then finds him unconcious on the floor so brings him back around after an aligator almost gets her. Thats pretty much when the story ends and it just becomes a disaster movie with inconsequential actions followed by close calls. Theres so many times where an aligator has a full lock on either Haleys arm, leg or body but she gets up completely fine afterwards. Theres a point in the film where her dad comes back to life after being dead for a short while and within a minute hes back on his feet trying to escape. There are also multiple times they could escape by other means but instead they keep trying to manouver around the aligators to keep it high tension but it just gets frustrating after they have many ways to get out but they make it seem like they only have one or two ways out.

Im not an expert in american architecture but theres massive degin floors in the house, which asks for a flood to completely destroy the house. The crawl space underneath the house was mig enough to squat/stand in but which we see later on in the film being done but at the start of the film they make her crawl eben though there is clearly enough space above her, i believe this was done just so the director could make the theme crawl play out thoughout the movie, but it simply dosent work and is forgotten about later on. The amount of water entering the house also depended on plot relivancy with no water in the crawl space to start off with and when the flood outside gets a foot higher suddenly the amount of water entering rapidly increases and there is no progression with speed it just changes within a snap of the fingers.

You know when its a bad film when you care more about a dog that barks 95% of the movie over the humans who just felt very plain and very much like btec actors of ones they couldnt get to fill the role.

This film follows no logic. I was lucky enough to see it at a secret unlimited screening to be able to recommend that you dont. If you see this review take it as fate as this will just end up having multiple sequels churned out just like sharknado.
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This movie is hot garbage
acgreen5623 July 2019
I honestly was so mad at the constant awful choices made by every single one of the characters. All of them choose to make the worst choices based on their situation. This was single handedly the worst movie I have seen in many years.
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I loved the dog!
monogatari8211 August 2019
I didn't care for the main characters, except the dog. He/she's a great actor. I was surprised with this movie today during a sneak preview, we discussed leaving but my companion wanted to see if there would be at last something rewarding after sitting through that. Of course, I won't give any major spoilers. For me the dialog and main formula of the movie was tedious and cheesy. I don't understand why these films are repeatedly still being made, but it has an audience. I guess I hope for better luck next time with the sneak preview.
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Enjoyed every minute!
Sallorah11 July 2019
I enjoyed it so much from the start to end! I was so focused and tense all the time hugging my bag nervously waiting for what will happen next! Are they gonna make it? Will the dad survive?! How about Sugar " the dog "?!! All the people at the theater ended up cheering and screaming, it was so tense!! The acting was amazing and the drama is also so good and emotional. Watched it with a family and we all enjoyed every minute of it. Highly recommend
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My god...
samorlandobradbury8 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I usually watch films and come on here after to have a look what people thought after I'd formulated my own opinion on it. I saw this with my parents and the audience was just laughing at it.

You had a young lady who is a swimming champion... who can outswim alligators? This was a bizarre moviegoing experience because I think everyone wanted to go in and see a serious, claustrophobic, "monster" movie. The cinema wasn't full, but there was a fair few people in there and it had the atmosphere of a comedy film. People were audibly laughing at parts that were meant to be serious, it was all very, very strange. Don't waste your time with it.
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Dumber than a box of rocks...
scragglywags10112 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry Aja, I've loved most of your movies in the past. But this one was SO STUPID. How many times is this woman going to get bitten by an alligator and be fine? She nearly got her arm AND leg ripped off but she can swim faster than all the alligators? Yeah okay. Why do they keep walking around in the water? Get the hell up on roof in the first place instead of trying to walk through water to get to a boat after you just made it out of the crawl space. And yeah, let's just stand in front of a window as the water rises above it. Duh. So idiotic. At least it was short.
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Gorgorgorgoroth17 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The main chick gets both of her arms and one of her legs chewed by gators but she can still outswim them. Does anyone think this makes any sense? The main chick's dad gets his arm torn off by a gator but when a gator bites the main chick's arm and starts the death roll, her arm is still intact and she can still fight off the gator.

Holy crap, she is invincible!

And how do the gators lay eggs in the basement and the eggs start hatching when the gators have been in the basement for not even a day?

Some of the shots are nice, such as the storm and the ending when the main chick lights her flare. But other than that, I have no idea why this movie is getting so many positive reviews.
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Much better than I expected
TheTopDawgCritic28 September 2019
What made this film stand out for me was the excellent directing by Alexandre Aja, the cinematography, and the outstanding performance by Kaya Scodelario. The novice Rasmussens (brothers ?) writers had many plot and technical issues - especially towards the end, but nevertheless, the non-stop suspense and thrills made up for it. Much better than I expected, and a well deserved 8/10 from me.
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Cheesy and campy, but good old fashioned horror entertainment...
paul_haakonsen28 September 2019
Right, well initially I had some reluctance about sitting down to watch the 2019 movie "Crawl" given the rather poor reviews I had been reading of the movie in local media. But still, I was given the chance to sit down and watch "Crawl", and given the fact that I love movies and believe everything deserves a chance to be seen at least once, then of course I sat down to watch it.

Turns out that I definitely does not share the opinions of the people whose reviews I had been browsing through, because I was more than genuinely entertained with "Crawl".

Sure, the movie had its fair share of cheesy and campy moments, and there were times throughout the movie where you just cringed and curled up your toes, but this is a movie after all, not real life. This is meant for entertainment. And I was entertained. Indeed, things like water suddenly rising up to the roof of a building seemed so far out there that it was painful, and the fact that an alligator wasn't able to crash through a lousy plexiglass shower stall was just downright idiotic. But it was entertaining, and that is what mattered. A movie such as "Crawl" is not meant to be realistic, not even in the least bit, because if it was then the people would not have stood a chance against all those alligators and the rampart forces of nature.

Now, there is a feeling of old school claustrophobic horror movie to "Crawl", and that worked so well in favor of the movie, especially because it often felt like you were trapped in the cellar alongside with Haley (played by Kaya Scodelario) and Dave (played by Barry Pepper).

The special effects and CGI used in "Crawl" were good, very good actually, and the alligators were quite realistic. That definitely worked well in favor of the movie and the enjoyment of the movie.

"Crawl" is by no means a movie that revolutionizes the horror genre, nor is it a movie that brings anything new to the genre. But it is definitely entertaining and enjoyable for what it turned out to be.

My rating of "Crawl" is a solid six out of ten stars.
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Crawl is what it's supposed to be
sjhollen19 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Crawl is what it's supposed to be. It's a film that reminds you of summer and will catch your interest because of the time of year. That's what deep blue sea was designed to be, that's what Jaws was supposed to be, 47 meters down, Twister. I can go on. Some of these hold up over time because they over achieved what they were supposed to be. Ahem, Jaws. This movie more than likely will not hold up.

This movie is entertaining but it is very hard not to laugh or shake your head. The alligators behave like beasts and they look like Godzilla. I was under the impression going in that this movie would be at least a little realistic, but that is not the case. While these alligators are behemoths, they cannot swim faster than the main character (I actually forget her name), for she is superhuman.

I probably will not watch this movie again, however it was entertaining because I saw it with a few friends and we laughed the entire time. This movie is what's supposed to be, the "summer blockbuster " movie this year. You can tell just by the feel of it, however I don't think it'll hold up very well. It's not even in the same discussion as Jaws, to compare it would be disrespectful. Deep blue sea is even better than this.

It's worth checking out, just don't think rationally or expect realism.
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A snappy summer hit: but it should have been much better
bob-the-movie-man8 September 2019
As a bit of summer fun, "Crawl" is a real B-movie... but with a decent premise at its heart.

But who came up with that title? It's been out for a few weeks before I got to see it last night. But for that whole period I have been cheerfully mis-calling it "Chomp!". This is a far more satisfactory title. Ladybirds crawl! Beetles crawl! Alligators chomp!

For this is a tale of those creepy, ice-cold reptiles. Haley (Kaya Scodelario) - usefully a leading college-swimmer - is called by her older sister Beth (Morfydd Clark) concerned that she's been unable to reach her Dad (Barry Pepper). He lives in the Florida Everglades and a category 5 hurricane is moving in. Haley goes against the tide of evacuees to reach her old family home looking for her Dad and his dog (mangy cute canine alert).... but finds more than just him there!

With nature advancing in multiple forms, will the father, daughter and dog all weather the storm?

There's a nice idea at the heart of this film. In the same way that sharks creep a lot of people out with their unblinking cold eyes - making "Jaws" such a hit - so lots of people - me included - get freaked out by alligators. If you've been to the Everglades, as I have, there is something totally unnerving about the size and (normal) stillness of these monsters from a prehistoric age. A "Jaws with 'gators" had the potential to be a fun summer hit.

It's also a good move for the scriptwriters (Michael and Shawn Rasmussen) to put the action in the heart of a hurricane. How else could you strand two people in the middle of a civilised area? (You imagine the writers going through the same mental exercise as the army geeks in "Close Encounters"). But it's the most inconsistent Cat 5 in meteorological history. I've heard people tell of riding out a big storm at home: that they can't hear each other speak, and that's within the four walls of the house. Here (in an obviously studio-dressed set) the storm barely registers for 60% of the running time: there are moments when you could hear a pin drop! And although the "fan machine rental" store next to the studio lot must have been empty, even in the external scenes I've seen stronger winds on Bournemouth sea front.

Once we get into the basement of the house, things get pleasantly claustrophobic, keeping (at least initially) the tension high.

What exactly is the deal with these gators? WIth the T-rex in "Jurassic Park", the deal was pretty clearly spelled out and stuck to: they could only see movement, so stay still and you'd be OK. In this flick, the rules of engagement are far from clear. There is a speech by Dave about them being able to see you, even in the dark... but I was never clear whether they could see you, still or otherwise, and whether they responded to noise or not. And the rules seem to be flexible throughout the film: at one point the duo stay stock still as 'gators swim right past them; in others they stay still (and OUT of the water) yet the gators suddenly launch up at them. Make your mind up!

Unfortunately, while the story has potential, the dialogue is truly awful. You know you're in trouble when the lead actress is explaining the backstory aloud to a dog! "Jaws" has a brilliant and personal back-story of a misunderstood sheriff battling the greed of local businessmen against common-sense. Here, the writers clearly feel the need to add some family-based angst into the story, but the lines between Haley and dad Dave are SHOCKINGLY bad. And they are spouted at the most inappropriate points in the action! It's actually laughable, and not in a good way. At times I literally had my head in my hands.

As a B-movie with a limited budget, the cast is small and made up largely of unknowns. Barry Pepper (sniper Private Jackson in "Saving Private Ryan") is the best-known name of the cast. Unfortunately, having to emote the lines he's contracted to say in this movie doesn't help his CV.

Kaya Scodelario - who was in the "Maze Runner" films and was the love interest in the last "Pirates of the Caribbean" flick - suffers the same fate but fares slightly better. She strikes a good action heroine pose, and is one of the better things in the film.

Directed by Alexandre Aja ("Piranha 3D") this is a sub-90 minute film that at least doesn't outstay its welcome. It's been a decent summer hit for the studios (at the time of writing it has made $75 million on a meagre $13 budget).

It's certainly not for the faint-hearted in its gore. It delivers a lot of chomping, with the action getting progressively more ludicrous, reminiscent of the "flesh-wound" scene in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"!. Some jump scares work well. But I can' t say its a great film, because it's really not. In the hands of a Spielberg, this might have really had legs ( chomp on, LoL). It's CERTAINLY no "Jaws". It's not even a "Deep Blue Sea". But it's mildly entertaining nonetheless.

(For the full graphical review, please check out One Mann's Movies on the interweb or Facebook. Thanks.).
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Survival/Horror fun!
steveassault12 July 2019
Crawl was an enjoyable survival/horror romp. The Hurricane disaster element mixed the the alligator horror element is pulled off well and the characters are people you root for to survive (esp the dog). Its a very simple premise which is handled well. Doesn't skimp on the gore either. Its good, bloody, stupid fun if you like horror/suspense/survival type movies you should be entertained for sure.
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Some alligators
maikouhype28 July 2019
Annoying main protagonist, movie ends way too quickly. Had only few good scenes. Everyone seems like an idiot. Most of the times it was easily predictable what was gonna happen. Dave was really good
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A Simple, Solid Flick
cawlztothewall-7612512 July 2019
If your only research before viewing was a glimpse at one trailer, you may be put off by the mid-grade cast and CGI, but this movie takes those elements and runs with them. It wastes no time telling a concise story that leads into the action/horror, which keeps you on the edge of your seat the remaining 95% of the movie. Both of the lead roles play out of their minds and deliver unexpectedly incredible acting that puts you in their shoes.

I've seen nearly every alligator movie you can name. Many of them are debacles and a few are decent at best. This breaks the scale in a wonderful way. Take anyone you care about to see this movie. Despite the R rating, I consider this safe for anyone 13 and older if they can put up with the scares. The movie and the acting are so convincing, you'll have yourself wondering if this very scenario can happen in real life. If you're a Floridian like me, this could be YOUR scenario.

Summation Pros: strong, connected acting (actors work well together), believable story that's easy to follow, keeps the drama at a low

Cons: some cliches, bland small roles

Verdict: a pleasant surprise that'll have you gripping your seat throughout the movie
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Loved it
kaekaewright13 July 2019
I really enjoyed it .The actors were great and so was the simple plot.It kept me interested the whole pretty picky and I definetly enjoyed this one .go watch and you will be pleasantly surprised. It's one that's good to see up close and on the big screen with the surround sound of the theater.I think sitting close to the screen is what made me and even my husband jump at certain scenes ! Side note My favorite actress was the dog Sugar !!!
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