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Sex & Nudity

  • Two women kiss in episode 2
  • A woman is shown in a her bra in episode 5.
  • Episode 9: a mans butt is shown as he runs in a lab, this scene is very dark, and quick.
  • A woman is implied to be homosexual.

Violence & Gore

  • Extremely graphic, brutal, bloody, gory violence.
  • A man has his limbs torn from his body by plants
  • At the beginning of episode one, Swamp Thing kills a young man by stabbing vines through the victims chest. (Blood is shown, but its at night so kind of hard to see.)
  • Episode 2: a man kills another man with a harpoon by stabbing him in the face.
  • Episode 2: a man stabs Swamp Thing with a knife, but he's ok after.
  • Episode 3: Severed arms, legs, and head are shown up close, with hundreds of bugs crawling all over them. (Very gross scene)
  • A man hallucinates and sees a snake crawling up his arm, he grabs a knife, and repeatedly stabs himself in the arm and hand multiple times, trying to kill the snake. Lots of blood falls to the floor, with the snake still on crawling on him, he puts his arm in a garbage disposal, chopping his hand up in a very bloody, graphic, and disturbing way. (Very disturbing, and hard to watch.)
  • A man is seen ripping off a turtle shell, then pulling out its intestines.
  • Episode 6: Swamp Thing gets shot with darts multiple times.
  • Episode 8: Vines shoots from a woman's face (very bloody) and a man is dragged into fire by vines.


  • Some uses of piss.
  • Has frequent s-words and f-words throughout.
  • "Jesus", "Christ" and various similar terms are said throughout the series.
  • 45 uses of fuck, in the entire series.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In episode one, Holland asks a woman for Bourbon, they then go to a bar.
  • Multiple medical drugs are seen and used throughout the series.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A dead boar is shown with bugs crawling all over it, immediately after that scene, a man has thousands of bugs fly into his eyes and mouth. Many viewers may find this scene disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • avery and sherrif woke up at bed and they talk about their sex

Violence & Gore

  • In episode 1: a mutilated corpse is seen on a autopsy table with vines growing out, as the vines forces corpse to sits up, the gory top of the body rips in half and falls to the floor. (A very disgusting and hard scene to watch.)
  • Episode 2: Swamp Thing gets confused and starts ripping parts of his body off. No blood is shown but it is very unsettling.
  • In episode 3: Avery Sunderland beats a man to death with a golf club.
  • Episode 4: A man graphically stabs a alligator in the head, as the man's son watches.
  • Episode 10: Lucilia is violently stabbed in the stomach with a Bowie knife.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A sequence plays in which Swamp Thing is being dissected by a scientist. His mutated organs are shown to be extracted in great detail while he exclaims in pain and agony.

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