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Completely terrible
Leofwine_draca26 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
CAM is the latest Netflix-produced movie I've watched, and sadly it turns out to be completely terrible. It's set in the Internet world of video modelling, where actresses perform various erotic scenes and are paid by their eager subscribers. One such girl - who is about unsympathetic as a protagonist gets - is shocked to discover that she has a virtual doppelganger with possibly sinister intentions; intrigue ensues. This is one of those films where nothing proceeds to happen after the initial setup. There are no explanations, no plot depth, no interesting characters, just a lot of padding in the form of explicit moments. I hated every minute of it.
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kosmasp28 April 2019
What do Cam girls do? How do they earn their money, how does it affect their private life? Does it mess with their head/psyche? All these things are at least mentioned here. We get quite a bit of an inside in the life of a model that does stuff to get by - or rich. Or maybe just for fun - but also getting paid and not having to do anything else.

Now one might add that this shines a bad light on people. Be it the "viewers" ("pervs"/"stalkers"?) or the models themselves. But this is a psychological thriller and it messes with the viewers head too - the one watching the movie that is. The other ones seem messed up anyway (though we are not getting everyone of those, those that are shown, seem to feed of the cliche most have of them). The movie has a "good" intentions and the suspense is high - if you don't mind the flaws, it's quite nice to watch (no pun intended)
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Very interesting, duff ending though.
Sleepin_Dragon2 January 2019
Sometimes you watch a film, and you don't fully understand it, and you certainly wouldn't be able to explain or describe it, Cam is certainly one of those films, but despite those points I enjoyed it. It's a different setup, sometimes people wake up and don't know who they are, where they are etc, Lola wakes up, and finds that someone's pinched her webcam details, and bizarrely is somehow imitating her.

I didn't have a clue what was going on half the time, and it seemed the writers didn't either, they hit upon a great idea, but couldn't fully explain what exactly was going on, the ending had me scratching my head, asking, so what exactly was that all about, was Tinker actually involved?

Ultimately though, who cares, sometimes a film is just ninety minutes of unexplained entertainment, if you're someone that wants a conclusion, and to know every detail, this would certainly drive you nuts.

Madeline Brewer did a fine job as Lola, I wonder if she knew exactly what was happening? She gave the character some real depth, what appears to be a shallow girl on the surface, is a complex, thoughtful character.

Rather good, 6/10
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Solid and enjoyable psychological thriller
kannibalcorpsegrinder10 November 2018
Working as a cam-girl, a young woman determined to raise up the ranks of the website rankings suddenly finds her world turned upside down when she gets locked out of the account and a far more sexually explicit series of shows starring a doppelganger of hers at the center of the exploits.

This was a rather enjoyable horror/thriller. One of the stronger aspects of this one is the fact that there's a lot of enjoyment to be had within the confines of the webcaming community that's featured here. Constantly trying to get more visitors to her shows and the struggles with the other models on the site as they spend their lives trying to backstab each other and raise their own profiles which goes hand-in-hand with the sudden change into the stolen identity. There are the usual exploits here as they get involved with the various other shows featured, from the nudity and the different sexual antics that are usually brought up here which gives this a decidedly sleazy atmosphere capped off by the stellar finale where it all comes back around. There's a lot to really like here even though it does have its flaws. The main issue to be had here is the fact that there's no real explanation for what happens to the account in here. The realistic nature of the film beforehand, showing us how she handles the day-to-day aspects of her life against the gaudy life of the web streamer is set-up to give this a truly grounded approach that clashes with the result of her account getting hacked. This is a supernatural-based explanation that doesn't actually explain anything anyway, as it never explains how it all happened or why it hasn't happened before which is a complete liability in how the mystery unfolds. The wrap-up never goes into detail about how it happened which really does make for a slightly lowered experience. The rest of the film is rather enjoyable without too many problems.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Full Nudity, Violence and sexual content.
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all okay in the beginning but after a while you have seen it all and it just goes on and on
trashgang1 October 2020
I was warned that this was a rare one to watch and being on Netflix with a lot of nudity makes it even hard to belief it's on Netflix.

It's all about a girl sitting before her cam on her computer teasing guys and showing everything she can. Starts off rather okay with all the suicide but after a while this one here goes everywhere and nowhere.

Once she sees that her channel is taken over by a girl looking just like her things go wrong with her and her followers. But with me I just opened my eyes widely to see where this was going. I will leave it to the viewers.

As said, the surprise lays in the amount of nudity and even pubic hair is shown here and there. So it's not for everyone out there 'cause a lot could be offended by the girls shown. But overall, just under mediocre for me.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 2,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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The Price of Fake
thesar-213 January 2019
At least this wasn't Unfriended.

Lemme begin with: If you're a horny straight male you'll love this movie. It's promoted as a "horror" movie, so that should entice you even more despite it not being a scary movie. It's an interesting film that deals with a ton of young, single, sexy and nude females on the title suggests.

So, this movie wasn't really meant for me: a gay male who enjoys bear company. That said, once you get past the young women who sell themselves out for a higher ranking on a web-cam site, the movie gets interesting.

Lola, or so she's called herself, is desperately trying to climb the ladder in popularity. She'll do ANYTHING for the men (no women? really?) to progress in the standings...such as pretend to kill herself. As we learn more about her online job that acquires her a home and luxuries, she finds some/one? of her fans is stalking her and eventually, somehow, makes a doppelganger of her online.

I would be MORE freaked out about someone impersonating me online than she was, but be that as it may, she works hard to shelf this incarnation of her even though the twin is gaining success she never had.

I learned about this film from a meme a friend of mine online published from his sister. It was VERY high on the Rotten Tomato scale for 2018 horror movies and...I don't know why. It's not horror. It's not great and it should never be promoted. It's not bad and is actually interesting to see what people go through to obtain online fame. Also, again, it's great for str8 males to jerk off. At least in the first third. Especially since they're promised a "horror" movie.

I actually liked the first two-thirds of this film and where it as headed. Unfortunately, the final act was so unsatisfactory and inconclusive, it warns a NON-Recommendation from me. Sure, again: if you're a horny str8 male who apparently has no access to the regular internet, this might help you beat off. But, for real humans, it's a skip.


Final thoughts: To clarify, I haven't seen Unfriended or its sequel. But, since they both deal with online, I brought that series up. I have seen the YouTube videos on those two movies, so I do know something. :-)
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A Thrilling Descent Into The Dark & Delirious World Of Webcam Performers
CinemaClown19 August 2020
A thrilling journey into the fiercely competitive world of webcam performers, Cam is a smart & salacious psychological horror that doubles as a stimulating commentary on virtual fame, obsession, identity theft & exploitation, and is expertly steered by a thoroughly captivating performance from its leading lady before running into a glitch in the final act.

Directed by Daniel Goldhaber in what's his directorial debut, the story is drawn from writer Isa Mazzei's own experience as a camgirl, and explores the world of webcam models from an unbiased perspective. What it is interested in exploring is the length one is willing to go for larger tips & more popularity and unintended consequences it can lead to in both the online & offline world.

Though this story concerns a cam model, the themes it addresses can be applied to almost any social media platform, for most of the content providers on all these sites are in pursuit of the same thing. The horror aspects are carried out with finesse, and the paranoia & suspense only intensifies as it progresses. Madeline Brewer is easily the standout, delivering a deftly balanced input that keeps us invested in her plight.

Overall, Cam marks a promising start for both its first-time writer & director, and is a consistently engaging psychosexual horror that's led by a smashing showcase. The premise unfortunately had more potential than what the final product delivered, plus it kinda drops the ball in the last act and thus fails to leave the viewers satisfied as it logs out. A strong start & sturdy middle hampered by an underwhelming finale, Cam is still worth a shot.
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Edvis-199723 November 2018
Really nice and enjoyable thriller. Enjoyed from the beginning to the end. It didn't disappoint me. It nice to see that "Netflix" can create such good vibes films. I could even say that's the best movie of "Netflix" that I have ever seen in my entire life.
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what the critics used to call a "sly turn"
A_Different_Drummer29 February 2020
Looking at the gap between critics reviews and members' vote, this is a film most do not quite get. On its surface, it is broadly a "situation" story (protagonist stuck in a tricky situation) with subtle undertones of porn. But in fact it is much more. The script, acting, direction, are all first class. Virtually flawless. And the porn trope allows the writers to make a dozen observations on the way we conduct ourselves in modern society. Even, at the 40:00 mark, the CAT seems surprised at the goings-on. The misunderstood ending is entirely consistent with this subtext, those looking for a different ending should have gone to a Bond film. Sly on many levels. Way better than expected.
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There are several theories what this movie is about.
fedor826 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
If the movie hadn't copped out with the vague, meaningless ending, I'd have given it a star more. The whole thing is interesting throughout though. Not a moment's boredom, so from that standpoint this is highly recommendable. But I can't tolerate laziness when it comes to disentangling a mystery, especially a great set-up such as this. The ending didn't anger me, but it did disappoint. As I've often said (and I'll keep repeating it as everything else that needs repeating), it's far easier to set up a mystery than to conclude it logically.

The combination of Brewer's sexuality/charm, the visual quality (finally another modern horror movie with stark colours), and the fascinating premise make for quite a good movie.

The mystery doesn't start until almost 30 minutes. While this is usually a BIG problem with slow-to-start horror films, this time the lengthy intro just flew by like mere seconds. Why? Because even if the whole movie had been a drama about a dumb webcam ho I'd have been thoroughly pleased. Not because I was enticed by her nudity and charisma (and I admit I was, though not even 1% as much as the Arnold character is), but because the world of empty-headed millennial bimbos prostituting themselves online like brainless sheep is portrayed in a very entertaining, colourful, and possibly realistic way. I would gladly watch a TV series version of this premise, just drama: no horror. And with the same actress, Madeline Brewer: she is great. The Dits is strong with her.

There are various reviewers trying hard to make sense of the movie. One theory is that the movie is about the Seven Deadly Sins, a theory that doesn't hold water. You could rationalize a 7DS premise in half of all movies, if you look hard enough. Besides, Lola going back to her lousy career means that she'd learned nothing from her "lesson", which would be an absurd and pointless ending for a movie with that underlying theme.

A frequent theory is that Lola's porn site made a copy of her in order to pocket all the money themselves. This makes a lot more sense than 7DS but it's still flawed because why would a porn site that makes loads of money hijack ONE profile in order to increase profits? With such super-duper "cloning" technology sites could simply FIRE all of their starlets and make money purely from virtual, non-existent women. Then again, why would the men go to these futuristic "virtual sites" when that would delete even a theoretical chance of hooking up with one of these women in person? Besides, Arnold makes it clear that identity theft happens on other porn sites too, and that there is no system to it. Why would they steal Lola's identity though? She was a rising "star", yes, but there were at least 30 others still more successful than she was. So no, the theory that this is about a "corporate conspiracy" doesn't stand on solid ground.

There is also the inevitable "metaphor" theory that argues that the movie isn't about real identity theft but a loss of identity, because Lola broke her pledge never to fake an orgasm by riding that idiotic dildo machine like the moron she is. This is nonsense. The movie may well have hinted at this but the theft is too real to be just some allegorical, unpalpable, non-provable theft. The theft was real, others witnessed it too, and Lola found many real obstacles along the way. There is no tangible, credible evidence that she'd gone insane or whatever.

The rather extreme scene at the end with Lola barbarically smashing her own nose is somewhat over-the-top, but keep in mind that she'd been utterly stressed out by the whole situation for weeks(?), had felt completely helpless while this impostor was progressively ruining her life - not just stealing her profits and "career" but actually malevolently victimizing her.

This brings me to a key point: the duplicate Lola didn't do this just for money, she did nasty stuff such as include photos of Lola's brother i.e. she was a malicious impostor. This scene is proof that the porn site wasn't behind the theft, because why would they involve people like her brother who had nothing to do with the porn business? If the porn site had decided to take her money there is no reason why they'd want to exacerbate the situation with utterly needless attempts to destroy Lola as a person, to ruin her private life. If nothing, this is illegal, so why would the site risk legal ramifications?

Eventually, Lola beats her nemesis in a way that is slightly far-fetched, and goes back to her old job, proving that you can take a ho out of the internet but you can't the internet out of the ho. I do wonder whether the writer intended this to be a happy ending, because it isn't, not really.

In fact, Lola's mother commented how impressed she was with her daughter's confidence, which leads me to suspect that this writer finds nothing wrong with young women degrading themselves with this webcam porn nonsense. I doubt even 1% of all mothers would react positively - those few exceptions being women who are/were in this "industry" themselves.
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Cam thrillingly records commentary on social media before glitching out at the climax.
TheMovieDiorama11 January 2020
If ever there was a relatable topic in my life right now, or atleast for the past few years, it's this one. The ever-growing addiction to social media, thirsting on the superficial requirement of "popularity". That unnecessary attentive praise for the detailed work I've produced. Followers and likes on Instagram. Helpful votes on other review sites. It doesn't matter. It is a regressive byproduct of artificial socialisation. Cam, for it's introductory act, depicts the fundamental issue with modern reality perfectly. A young woman, who performs live shows on an adult entertainment website, rapidly escalates her controversial performances in an attempt to become the most watched entertainer.

In a society where individuals can get paid to showcase nudity online, with anonymous users tipping the entertainer, the addiction and lust for exploiting one's self to earn a few hundred dollars has never been easier. Yet still within the guidelines of the law. Whilst it may sound monetarily heavenly to earn a living from the comfort of your own bedroom, it comes with potential consequences. Stalkers attempting to locate your abode. Anonymity running the risk of friends and family members discovering your explicit content.

However, it's the psychological impact that Cam explores, in particular "Lola" and her manifestation of envy. She wants to be the best. The top girl. And she's willing to do anything and everything to get that position. A modern issue for the youth of today who become addicted to technological entertainment such as gaming and adult content. Brewer's engrossing performance enabled a subtle layer of sympathy to come through. It's a relatable issue. Naturally, we resent her actions through a shocked expression, but empathise due to relatability. Obese old white men pleasuring themselves behind the security of their webcams. It's gross, to say the least, yet a trend that does occur and is exploited. ChatRoulette is just one of many websites that harness the power of anonymity for sexual exploitation.

Then the direction changes as the plot progresses. Another entity is pretending to be "Lola" and locking the real "Lola" out of her account. This second act shifts the focus from thirsting popularity to conspicuous mystery. Who or what is pretending to be "Lola"? Old videos that have been downloaded and re-uploaded? A doppelgänger? Regardless, the story's believability diminishes as the plot unfolds, but still remains captivating throughout due to the subject matter that is depicted. "Lola" as a character loses her dimensionality in order to focus on this imposter, detrimental to the thrilling nature of the narrative. Simply, it becomes more convoluted as it nears its climax. Then the third act commenced, and the mysterious reveal was exactly as I feared. Non-sensical. Illogical. Essentially, stupid. Initially what started out as a realistic subject study, concluded as a surrealistic mess. A dire shame considering how engaged I was throughout.

Nevertheless, Cam exceeded my expectations (although fairly low to begin with...). Illustrating a topic that should be discussed more frequently in today's Internet environment. Unfortunately though, this live show was losing viewers with every minute that ticked by.
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Not As Bad I Thought!
gwnightscream23 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This 2018 thriller features a young woman, Alice (Madeline Brewer) who works as an internet cam girl. Soon, her online identity is hacked and she desperately tries to find out who is behind it. This isn't as bad as I thought, Brewer is great in it, but the finale could've been better in my opinion. The film sort of resembles "The Net" and if you're into psychological thrillers, give it a view at least once.
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Interesting, but ultimately pointless
jtindahouse24 January 2019
'Cam' was a film that was always going to be judged very heavily by how it ended. The reason for this is that it sets itself up in such a bizarre and fascinating way that the audience is desperate to get a satisfying conclusion. The film is very similar to 2013's 'Enemy' in terms of the story, but is also very different to that film in the sense that that film had a definitive purpose, reasoning and point.

I was actually captivated while watching 'Cam' and that is the best thing that this film has going for it. It is a very interesting watch. The pacing is great and the story is mysterious and well told. The problem though was that I was left with a bitter, unsatisfied feeling at the end. I wanted more and I wanted there to have been a purpose for spending these 90 minutes of my life watching this film. Even some very bad films over the years have at least had a purpose.

I'm a little bit torn on this film as you can possibly tell. I could've liked it a lot more than I ultimately did, but I also could've liked it a lot less. I think overall I would lean towards advising people not to spend their time on this one. The ending is simply too weak.
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Madeline Brewer a cam-girl's life is both refreshing and ultra-creepy.
robfollower23 December 2018
Smart and suspenseful, CAM is a techno-thriller that's far more than the sum of its salacious parts -- and an outstanding showcase for Madeline Brewer in the leading role. "Cam" plays with both psychological-horror genre tropes and darker existential themes, and its clear-eyed view of the drab realities of a cam-girl's life is both refreshing and ultra-creepy.
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worldfangirl31 August 2021
Such an interesting movie! I really loved the plot, 9/10!
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Don't know
zhyarTheChosen9 September 2019
It was a good movie and a good story but bad quality
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Interesting concept, lacklustre finish! [+51%]
arungeorge1331 December 2018
I was beginning to think this was one of those dark web films (a la Unfriended 2) with a rushed ending, and I wasn't exactly proved wrong. The ending clearly was rushed, and it DID NOT provide closure. Spoiling it also doesn't make sense because you sat through 85 minutes to understand the reasons for all that was happening. I do not mean to say I dislike films with ambiguity, but this was not even ambiguous in the 'clever film-making' sense.

So, we have a webcam girl who wants to make it to the top 50 of some free-girls-live kind of site without having to resort to too many cheap tricks. But desperation eventually gets her there but then, the internet decides to teach her a lesson. A replica of herself is found having taken over her account on the site, and there's apparently no explanation as to why. While the technicalities are conveniently not discussed/rushed towards the end, the girl (Madeline Brewer, who does a pretty great job) breaks down emotionally to the point of being driven marginally insane. While the story-line is intriguing and director Daniel Goldhaber manages to set things up reasonably well (the brother's birthday scene was top notch), he struggles when it comes to the ending.

An internet-doppelganger is a pretty amazing concept (worth tackling in the present day), and it does invoke the vibe of 'Black Mirror' to a fair extent. However, as a viewer, I was left aghast by that nearly terrible final act. It even seemed like the writer(s) ran out of ideas/story-telling devices to take the film forward and provide a more satisfying conclusion. That's the problem with 'concepts'. They can make you want to watch a film but unless executed decently, it'll appear half-baked. This is exactly what happens in the case of 'Cam'.

While I love films that discuss doppelgangers, this one wholly lacked the tension it was supposed to build. In the end, it just turned out to be one of those films that lacked the cinematic finesse you expected it to have in the first place. The overwhelming number of positive reviews do not help either.
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Cheap, tacky and without merit of any kind!
omendata3 January 2019
This was truly an awful movie!!!

I get what it was trying to say about the internet and the ability to create virtual personalities but it could have been said in a 15 minute short and this theme has been done to death; its just getting boring now.

It just drags on and on with scenes of cheap titillation and it has nothing of merit to recommend it.

I am no feminist mangina but I actually felt sorry for the actress who had to strip off for this cheap voyeurism and this kind of movie in the day and age of #Metoo and third wave feminism just cheapens mens' views of women even further - shame on the producers and directors - obviously in the Harvey Weinstein club of film directors, writers and other assorted film industry low-lifes!
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btreakle5 May 2021
Yet for the most part I love this movie had a lot of action lot of drama and Madeline Brewer was excellent as part of Alice.
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good insight, bad explanation and end
NijazBaBs20 June 2021
Worse than Unfriended (2014) and Friend Request (2016). Good insight into problems of Internet which I personally experienced and which I consider dangerous. Examples: identity theft, cyber bullying, censorship, extortion, restrictions, fake sites and software. Meaning, it warns us of possible dangers of Internet, especially emotional and subjective ones. But it does not give full explanation of events, nor realistic or scientific. Just some unclear amateur story.
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Very strange
gianmarcoronconi23 July 2021
This film is very strange because it looks like a classic useless movie for kids up to three-quarters and then turns into a thriller where the tension rises to disproportionate levels, so without the final part the film would have been highly forgettable.
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simple, fun movie with a twist
thekarmicnomad5 February 2019
A woman runs a CAM show where people pay her to perform titillating acts. She is determined that her show tops the leader board of CAM shows.

This is quite low budget and revolves almost entirely around the central character. Madeline Brewer is superbly cast and manages all the heavy lifting without breaking a sweat.

The main character is very engaging and interesting to watch (Do not expect to see an actual CAM show though, it is safe to watch this with granny) and the story chugs along happily.

Soon it becomes clear that something else is going on and things take a slide towards darkness.

There is a message here about the internet and the value we put on how we appear to others but it isn't pushed.

A good fun budget movie with a touch of Twilight Zone.
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Really slow ... and by the ending i didn't know what's what !!
Aktham_Tashtush18 November 2018
The movie is way slower than the it's been shown in the trailer ... the plot is cool and had some originality but was not as tight and engaging as i thought it would be .... the script is so weak and by the end i honestly didn't know what was what !!! like was it an AI !! was it an impostor !!! no clue .. it was thrilling at times but with all the texting and the writing it went a bit on a slow pace.

As for the cast , Madeline Brewer was good and engaged really well , the other cast member were Meh ,,not really convincing at all.

Is it recommended !? well i think you should find something better , and don't come back in here until you're actually not sure on what to watch on your weekend.
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Seriously ???
phanthinga13 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A cyber horror movie about a life of a camgirl turned upside down may sound like an intriguing idea and when it finally put to work in Cam the movie really intriguing from start to finish but when It finally get to the final conclusion the filmmakers decided to pull out that "Screw you guys it our movie" kind of ending that make me and probably any viewer out there who investing in the story so far realize how stupid we are for spending almost 2 hours to watching this movie in the first place. I really don't need to know the truth about what actually is that THING or why that THING love to be a camgirl that much cause the best way to make a lasting impression in any form of media for me is to show, don't tell but in the end. Cam make us know pretty clear how pointless the whole thing is by showing the main character after nearly damaged her face forever just to get back her life one gain back to square one and learn absolutely nothing
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Alice isn't Lola and Lola isn't Lola either.
gedikreverdi28 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Alice aka Lola is doing cam shows on her own. One day her account was stolen by some girl who's looking exactly like her and she was locked out. Nobody from the customer services could help her. She was watching herself on her own show in her own home. One day fake her did a collaboration with the most popular girl. She met the old man who's watching her and learnt where the most popular girl lives and found out that she's already dead. She'd died at a car accident. The she found Tinker the sweaty creep at his motel room and he told some girls' accounts are stolen and he told he'd known hers would be stolen too. At private she talked to her fake self at the motel room of tinker but she didn't recognize her. They probably created an algorithm using their videos online and their fake selfs are created like the fake most popular girls who's already dead. Somebody painted w*ore house at her mothers house wall after her brother's friend learnt about her shows. It was a bit creepy the way how her mother appreciated the way she's being sexy at her shows. Then she made a private video call with fake Lola and told her she wanted to be watched by others at her room. She went too far and broken her nose while the fake Lola's glitching. She won and asked for the password of the account and deleted it. Then she signed in again with a different ID and kept on broadcasting. It was somehow interesting and fun to watch and didn't disappoint me despite the somehow anticlimactic ending probably because Madeline Brewer as Alice did a great job with her character.
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