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Six times the shark carnage
TheLittleSongbird28 August 2018
Have made no secret in the past of intensely disliking, and even outright hating a lot, a vast majority of The Asylum's and SyFy's (near-universally maligned for good reason) output, though there is curiosity as to whether they are capable of making something good and something compulsive about their output's badness. Admittedly, both The Asylum and SyFy do have a small group of watchable films and the occasional (big emphasis on that word) above average one, unfortunately outweighed by the lacklustre at best and often dreadful films they churn out.

Before anybody gets defensive, am well aware that films like '6-Headed Shark Attack' are not ones to be taken seriously. Have seen my fair share of low-budget shark films, and any other kind of low-budget creature film, and will admit to finding some guilty fun in some of them (i.e. the first two 'Sharknado' films). There are far worse shark films than '6-Headed Shark Attack' and it is actually the least bad of the '...Headed Shark Attack' films.

Sadly '6-Headed Shark Attack' is just too borderline amateurish to accept as a guilty pleasure, where nearly everything is just poor quality that it's insulting and there is nowhere near enough fun, intentional or unintentional, moments. Generally the series has gotten marginally better with each film but it still feels like the series has worn thin and gone too far. Was not expecting anything intelligent here, am well versed now to know that it is not that kind of film, but it does feel like it was made by somebody who didn't know how to give a film brains, so much so that it'll make the viewer feel dumb and that is not a nice sensation to feel watching a film. It also looked like not a lot of heart went into it either.

'6-Headed Shark Attack' does have a couple of redeeming qualities, which the other '...Headed Shark Attack' films didn't, 5 did have one but just the one. The opening scene was actually pretty entertaining, something that put the viewer in the mood for some very dumb but guilty pleasure fun.

Megan Oberholzer and Thandi Sebe agreed do come off serviceably considering what was given to them. They at least try and don't look like they're trying too hard.

Unfortunately, it rapidly fell downhill, where ridiculousness and cheapness amongst other things were taken to extremes.

Visually, '6-Headed Shark Attack' is absolutely no improvement on the previous '...Headed Shark Attack' films and is yet another low-budget shark attack film that looks cheap and like it was made with no budget, heart or enthusiasm. Any nice scenery that the movie has is difficult to appreciate when the movie is shot in such a drab way and when it's edited so amateurishly that bacon-slicer-like editing looks more refined. Worst of all in this regard are the effects, as it was made on low-budget it would have been forgiven a little if it was not great, but when the effects for the shark look as if no effort was given in making them without looking so goofy and unfinished-looking that is hard to ignore.

The opening scene apart, so is the shark's lack of presence or personality, it's not menacing, it's not scary and it's not fun, it's not even strong enough to bring any unintentional humour or goofiness, that's how bland it is. The music is very generic and adds very little, it's not always appropriate either and quite a lot of it is actually pretty annoying.

Writing ranges between incredibly bad to appalling. Any comedy is incredibly forced and is so cheesy it is enough to make the eyes roll in disbelief, while the more serious moments are very awkwardly written and as trite as anybody can possibly go. Regarding the shark attacks, some are rushed, others are badly drawn out. They lack any kind of suspense and the over-silliness to the point of intelligence-insulting stupidity, terrible shark effects, bad editing and even more gratuitous gore further cheapen them.

To describe the story as weak is being too insulting to the word weak, it is a very lethargically paced and thin as ice story with lots of padding that is either badly written or serves no point at all to the movie, other than attempts at novelty value, which falls flat on its face because it all feels so tired. It is not fun, it is not scary and it is not thrilling or suspenseful, it's just nothing but tired stupidity.

As for the characters, that they're tired cliches isn't so much a problem, the problem is that they are either obnoxious with them constantly doing stupid things, so bland that it makes zombies seem more animated or both. Some of them are superfluous to the story or come and go out of nowhere constantly. The direction is as flat as a pancake, and the acting is amateur hour awful from the rest of the cast. The film may not unforgivably waste dependable seasoned actors (because there aren't really any), like '3-Headed Shark Attack' did with Danny Trejo, but that doesn't stop the painful mix of blandness and histrionics.

In summary, apart from one entertaining scene and two serviceable performances, even when taking it for what it was meant to be, this was very lame. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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How Much Further Can They Go?
Calaboss23 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Ok, when it comes to SyFy channel entertainment, we all lower our expectations and raise our tolerance of complete nonsense. Let me put this simply; if you managed to sit though 2-Headed Shark Attack, 3-Headed Shark Attack, etc., you'll be able to get through this one as well. If you have to watch this, my suggestion is to start with a stiff drink and some Gorilla Glue #4. At least you'll be laughing at it.

The gimmick, and the spoiler on this one, is that the shark has two heads up front and two on each side which it uses as legs. Yes, it walks on land using four of its faces to chase its victims.

My favorite scene had the shark chasing two of our "stars" up onto the beach. A "hero" up on a lighthouse gallery catwalk shoots and kills one of the front shark heads. The other front head bites off the dead shark head and tosses it about 50 yards and smashes the shooter up on the catwalk. 'Nuff said.

Can it get any more ridiculous than this? Not really, but don't for one moment think they won't try.
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Really fun CGI monster, but falls short of potential
MyFriendsCallMeDirt23 August 2018
The real prize in this one IS the six-headed shark, which is a fun CGI that's much better than its 5-headed predecessor, although disappointingly used at times. The movie, the 4th in a multi-headed shark horror series, is also a step-up from last year's "5-Headed Shark Attack". But even as far as bad movies go, the storyline built around the characters here was pretty scattered, and attempts to build the characters fell pretty flat, leaving the watcher to really root for the (apparently amphibious?) 6-headed monster. While some of the acting is expectedly bad, I do want to offer some credit to Megan Oberholzer and Thandi Sebe for holding up their respective characters very well, all things considered.

It's fun enough and worth a watch, but it really falls short of it's potential. I'd love to see the 6-headed shark again (as opposed to just adding another head) because the CGI for this fella was really fun, but I've already assumed he'll reappear with a scorpion-like sharkhead tail (7th head) for a 5th installment in the series. 4.5/10
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Really bad
champetudo7 January 2019
Crazy storilyne, terrible effects, acting is so bad it hurts your eyes...
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Can the 7-Headed Shark be far behind?
todddaco14 October 2018
What a piece of garbage. I went in knowing it was going to be utter trash and wasnt disappointed. I just need to know who green lights trash like this? Who could go in and pitch a movie about a 6-headed shark, and have some one say "YES! Go with it! Sounds like a winner!"

Ironically the only real positive review is from someone involved with the movie, otherwise this thing would be sitting at 1 star rating.

To sum it up, this movie isn't worth the electricity bill of keeping your TV on for the 86 minutes it takes to sit through this vile mess.
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Don't mix with the six!
taylorwalton-890417 January 2019
This movie was very enjoyable! Definitely worth watching if you love shark movies 🦈
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Honestly, a six-headed predator at Baja
michaelRokeefe26 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Big surprise here; a low-budget shark movie that is actually worth watching. The CGI is somewhat decent and fun to watch; especially the monster shark replacing a chopped off head...several times. Unhappy couples gather on a beach in Baja to attend a marriage boot camp. On the beach, they originally attempted to work on saving their marriages; but soon fighting to save their relationships takes a backseat to saving their lives when the beach is attacked by a freak six-headed shark.

It is fun watching this creature feature; because there is some minor character development and even a pecking order of people you want to survive. This movie does prove that being bad can actually be good. I would invite friends over for snacks and drinks to watch again. Thadi Sebe and Meghan Oberholzer keep the movie flowing. The cast is rounded out with: Brandon Auret, Jonathan Pienaar, Nikita Faber, Cord Newman and Jessica Cloete.
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lroof-2714717 June 2019
I thought that I was watching a nature documentary. I was told to write a paper for school on my favorite scientific discovery. I needed to have the coolest presentation in order to not be bullied for the rest of the year. I put so much time and effort into my presentation all to be laughed at and shoved in a locker for writing about a star fish shark. Thanks for humiliating me. You successfully made me the biggest loser and most bullied in class. Home school is the worst.
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Made me itchy
deaddarlingsusa10 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
After a month of sitting through March Madness every night, I was ready to takeover our TV with a good sharky horror film.

But some things about this movie bothered me like an annoying rash. Unlike many shark movies, CGI was not the biggest atrocity.

Rather, I found the worst parts of the movie in order of overall itchiness were:

1. Casting - pairing young decent looking women in bikini tops with old men who looked like their alcoholic uncle was a poor choice. I believe I got hives from the casting itself. 2. Consistency editing - even my kids caught this: you can't flip between a character having completely wet hair & soaked t-shirt and fluffed up dry hair and dry shirt six times in the same scene. 3. Acting - enough said. If you want to get away from the shark, walk up a hill and away from the beach. 4. The "lab" - really? A few pieces of corrugated plastic floated for 40 years and still had a radio and notebooks? 5. The "storm" - what storm? 6. CGI - more of an annoying tickle than an itchy rash. Rather enjoyed sharky's abilities.

Like me, maybe people watch these ridiculous Syfy movies as a welcome change from sitting through sports or kid's movies. Whatever the reason, add this to your list and go in with expectations set low. You won't be disappointed.
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Very bad
laura-olivieri27 November 2018
Very bad film. The worst shark film I've ever seen
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I sincerely hope this is the last in the series...
cogeorge-1794929 October 2018
A shark with 6 heads! I said it...I said it! When I reviewed 5-Headed Shark Attack, I had heard of this movie in production, and I could almost bet it would be this garbage. For me, this multi-headed shark series has turned into a train of ridiculous, lacklustre movies that I expect nothing better to come out of. These type of movies are just making fun of CGI, and probably painting a bad picture for future shark movies. I'd gladly vote for an end to this series because it can't get any better.
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Just a single thought; "why?"...
paul_haakonsen13 November 2018
Another movie in the series, another hour and a half wasted. Yet, we keep returning to watch these movies, despite knowing very well that chances are slim to none that it will actually be a blast. The reason for me continuing to return to watch movies like these is simply because I love shark movies, and on the slight hope that the movie will actually be good or turn out so campy that it was actually fun to watch.

"6-Headed Shark Attack" wasn't one such movie. And seriously, I wonder how they come up with these ideas. Sure, I can get the 6 heads part, despite it being unfathomably unrealistic. But the part where the shark started to walk on land using four heads for moving itself around, now that was just epically lame.

There were so many things in "6-Headed Shark Attack" that didn't make sense, even aside from the fact that they had a shark traveling on land by using its heads for walking.

The effects in the movie weren't among the worse of effects that I have seen in shark movies, so at least they had that working for them.

The storyline, well... You know exactly what you are getting yourself into here prior to sitting down to watch "6-Headed Shark Attack", and the movie does deliver exactly that - for better or worse.

As for the acting, well let's just say that the performers didn't exactly have Shakespearian material to work with here in terms of storyline, script and dialogue. People were doing adequate jobs actually, taking into consideration all of the shortcomings of the movie.

I managed to sit through it to the very end, a feat which I have no intention of ever doing again.
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Fun and enjoyable killer shark creature feature
kannibalcorpsegrinder3 September 2018
Arriving at a marriage boot-camp, a team hoping to rebuild their relationship instead find a multi-headed, nearly invulnerable shark created through a series of experiments patrolling the waters and must find a way to trust themselves in order to save each and get away alive.

This was quite a decent and enjoyable effort. A lot of what really works for this one is the fact that the film really plays up the action of the creature on-screen. The fact that this one features plenty of nice creature action early sets the stage for the big confrontations within here from the first ambush on the boat back in the past to the early appearance swallowing the rafters and finally attacking the group out on their exercise in the middle of the ocean forcing them to have to swim back to the shore with the creature coming for them. The great idea of moving the shark onto dry-land in order to chase the victims through the logical method of using its dorsal heads to walk around and chase them onto the sand is quite the novel idea which comes to help out the fun of the finale. As this all gives the film a chance to show off its great shark design alongside plenty of nice gore, there's a lot to like here. The other big plus here is the fact that there's some great work to be done here with the whole setup of the film. The concept of the people being stranded on the island with the whole marriage council retreat in the middle of the ocean is a fine concept which doesn't really come up all that often and has a creative air in the form of isolating a group of people together in order to unleash the chaos of the attacks. On top of that, the idea of the creatures' conception is handled rather nicely by going for a pretty naturalistic route here in terms of it being a naturally-occurring mutation that sprung up in the area with the early hints here nicely setting the stage for what's to come involving the actual discovery about its true origins. The replicating ability it possesses is worked into the film rather nicely and works as another rather enjoyable element to the film. Coupled with the nice blood and gore featured here, there's a lot to like here that holds it up over it's few flaws. The main problem with the film is the fact that it manages to introduce a few too many outside plotlines that aren't really needed here. The addition of the ex-wife is only there simply so that the redemption angle can be fulfilled as well as adding more bodies to the fray, while the inclusion of the weather storm affecting the island doesn't add anything to the overall presentation so it doesn't make sense to be an extra added obstacle when it's dumped seconds later in the race to get away. Likewise, for as much fun as the concept of the marriage retreat actually is in the scope of the story, not enough is really done with the concept here since way too little is known about the group as for why they're at the location since it drops the shark so early in the story. It's in the middle of the second exercise that it attacks which is great for the pacing yet never allows this one to really exploit its main premise. As well as some stodgy CGI in places that really didn't require it, namely in the blood-splatter on the victims, these here are what hold it back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.
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