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I will never see another Justin Lee film again smh
TheTopDawg7 November 2018
This is the 3rd flop I've seen this year from Justin Lee. Who puts up the money for this garbage? Does he not know how to write a screenplay or direct his actors? I guess this is the result when all your experience in writing and directing is TV series. At least give one of those hats to a professional that can teach you something before you try to do it all yourself when taking on a full length feature film and make the same mistakes over and over every time. Maybe then one of your films may get a rating higher than a 5.

This once again was another long dragged out dumb story that goes nowhere with lousy pacing and boring extended scenes that make you yawn. The dialogue was just non-stop insignificant garble. The grenade effects were lame little ant-hill explosions. The actors voices were either too loud or barely legible. Even the actors looked bored. And enough with the slow motion scenes, it's so 1980's.

This film should have been edited down to a 30 min TV film. A generous 2/10 for the cinematography and war sets (albeit minimal).
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That's it..
BatmanFunReviews20188 November 2018
Corbin Bernsen is probably the only person in here who looks familiar to me cause everyone else was just some people who happened to go by the set and basically ended up becoming actors for hire and eventually this thing happened and wasted my time.
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Say what?
Smierdziuch_Paskudnik10 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The most exciting piece is the beginning, where we are being told, that it is Belgium, December 44 and apparently there's a war going on. Of course, as it is quite usual for European winter, the sun is shining, the leaves are green, the forest is quiet and welcoming and there's not a single snowflake around. How lucky, cos at supposedly the same time, just a few miles away, in Bruges, Americans were freezing in the knee high snow, Anyone cares to explain why there are some fires randomly scattered around for no reason? Then we got a bunch of American GIs, still in their battle gear, walked by German soldiers, who again, for no reason decide to waste time on digging a hole and then proceed to murder two captives. Why only two you ask? Well, the evil can not prevail, so our POWs are finally deciding that enough is enough, and in a twisted turnaround they kill their captors. Enough is enough, so I say, no reason to watch this rubbish anymore. .
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No Bad Considering Its Low-Budget Heroics
zardoz-1330 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Writer & director Justin Lee's low-budget, loquacious, World War II epic "Alone We Fight" set against the background of the fireworks in the blood-splattered Battle of Hürtgen Forest suffers from slow-pacing and one incredibly stupid moment when our heroes neglect to blow up a light armored German vehicle in the woods. A bearded Corbin Bernsen shows up in a cameo as Colonel Bradley Armstrong and provides audiences with the basics that our heroes are up against the enemy. Afterward, he disappears. Nothing wrong with his brief appearance, but Johnny Messner is woefully wasted in a nothing role as Captain Hank Kedry who shows up near the ending as a Sherman tank commander. Meanwhile, Sergeant Gregory Falcone (Aidan Bristow of "American Mummy"), Private Michael 'Boston' O'Reilly (Matthew James McCarthy of "A Reckoning"), and Private Benjamin Archer (Philip Nathanael of "Hard Sun") are all who remains of the American Rangers. When Colonel Armstrong warns them that the Germans are poised to strike the aid station, kill the wounded, and rape the two female medics, Sergeant Falcone volunteers to lead a mission into enemy-occupied terrain to blow up a fuel depot which will halt the German advance. Sadly, the low-budget stands out, with less than thirty actors and actresses. The leafy, green forest conceals most of everything, and we are never given the perspective from the enemy's viewpoint. They are just ruthless, SS Nazis, and all they do is kill, kill, and kill. Our heroes-initially a quartet-are captured at the outset of the action, and these notorious SS troops force them to dig their own graves. One of the four refuses to comply to their murderous demands, and the surviving three turn the tables on the Germans and kill them. After this promising opening scene, director Justin Lee allows the action to slack as the survivors make it back to an aid station and recuperate and learn about the terrible prospects awaiting them and their friends if they don't counterattack. The basic outline of Lee's screenplay isn't bad, but he has this awful problem of dragging things out. Although we come to sympathize with the Rangers, we know that the formulaic War Movie clichés are going to lock down the action. Literally, nothing surprising happens during this respectable, 91-minute shoot'em up. Predictably, you can guess which of the intrepid three is going to die, and then the Germans settle down to whittle the other two down. Our heroes blow up the meager fuel depot and use a light attack vehicle as cover for their depredations. Unfortunately, they neglected to disable the attack vehicle, and the Germans pursue them in it as our heroes flee for their lives. In real life, I don't think that hardened, combat seasoned soldiers like these guys would have overlook the hazards that the light attack vehicle would present. Mind you, I struggle to keep up with these low-budget World War II movies, and I wonder if anybody advised Lee about some of the incidents in the action. However, if this movie excites you, then you should watch some episodes of the ABC-TV series "Combat" because the squad in that revered series faced similar perils on a weekly basis with greater realism. Altogether, "Alone We Fight" isn't abysmal, or as abysmal as another recent low-budget W.W. 2 outing entitled "Wunderland" which takes place during the Battle of the Bulge. Of course, "Alone We Fight" never gives us a genuine picture of the hardships that American G.I.s confronted when their absent-minded commanders plunged them into action in the Hürtgen Forest. Performances are competent as is "A Reckoning's" lenser Justin Janowitz's cinematography.
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Low Budget of an Untold Story
donandsherrys10 December 2018
This is a story that needed to be told. Too many comments critiquing this film are obviously missing the message and the story that was told. Seems like too many snowflakes that are unable to handle the fact that war is gruesome, ugly, and unforgiving and have little to no respect for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Recommend you watch.
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