Broken Poster

(II) (2018)

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Season 1

13 Apr. 2018
Nearing the anniversary of his best friend's death, Liam experiences difficulties coping with his foggy memories. Darlene helps Liam work through feelings of denial about his friends passing.
13 Apr. 2018
Liam's "episodes" start to affect his everyday life. Meanwhile, stigma causes tension between friends. Liam tries not to let his anger influence his memories.
13 Apr. 2018
Liam blames and bargains with himself. Darlene talks him through the realities of his illness.
13 Apr. 2018
Liam has a realization that uncovers suppressed memories. The weeks leading up to the event prove to be very telling.
13 Apr. 2018
Liam struggles to hold on to reality.
13 Apr. 2018
Liam finally understands what his mind has been trying to suppress. Darlene talks him through the realities of his situations.

 Season 1 

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