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Above average
blumdeluxe8 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Ein Tag wie jeder andere" is an episode of the famous German tv crime series "Tatort". It tells the story of a man who seemingly kills someone exactly every hour. As investigators look behind the mysterious case, they find a struggle of personal loss and greed.

I was positively surprised by this episode. Together with the episode that aired a week before, this is proof for me that there is a possibility for a better future of this well-known series. The case is interesting, because it combines the usual kind of personal tragedy with an element of mystery that keeps the audience guessing. Unlike other reviewers, I didn't like the ending too much, not because it's not good but because the involvement of someone within the police is such a cliche that it is hard to take it serious anymore when it's already used in every second thriller.

All in all this is nonetheless an episode far above the average of the series. It is definitely entertaining and totally worth a watch.
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Sweet revenge comes at a bitter price
thursdaysrecords8 March 2019
For a young couple who have desperately tried to become parents, the loss of their unborn child breaks their hearts, and their marriage. When the preventable cause of the tragic miscarriage is due to the greed and deliberate negligence of a wealthy industrialist, a perfect storm of hate and revenge is formed.

This episode in the legendary Tatort (crime scene) series is far above average, not only because of the suspenseful story, but also the realistic depiction of reality, particularly flaws in the criminal justice system that seem to favor the rich and powerful, while treating innocent victims as unavoidable casualties. The ones who suffer great loss or injury can at best simply be dismissed or at worst paid off with petty settlements. Sometimes victims just can't (or won't) accept such "justice".

This is one of those socially relevant, and at the same time very entertaining thrillers. The ending is Hitchcock quality! Fans of the series should not miss this one!
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