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Frakes did it again
Xamalion15 March 2019
They should keep him, he knows how Trek works. It's an ensemble show. And here we have finally more glimpses into the social life and finally more backstory of the (without doubt) interesting crewmembers that were merely decoration in season 1. Keep going, I hope to see similar stories about the others like Detmer and how the Discovery family grows closer together.
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An Aria for Airiam
XweAponX15 March 2019
After all of the speculation about Airiam, we get a snootful in this episode. What it comes down to is she's just a girl, nothing more. A girl that can back up what memories she wants and ditch others. Lucky her. I imagine Data probably having to do that occasionally, even with his 800 quadrillion bits of storage capacity. But he probably kept updating himself, so by the time he was blown to bits in "Nemesis", he probably had more.

But Data's an Android, a fully mechanical life form- Airiam is a girl.

And although she's definitely compromised, there is a lot more to it than that. She is actually not the "bad guy", she's merely another victim.

We get to find out what's actually behind all of this, and suddenly we start thinking about movies like 2001: a space Odyssey, Westworld, Futureworld, Colossus: The Forbin Project, Saturn 3, The Terminator, those and many other films about technology gone haywire. Forbidden Planet even.

And the premise of this episode is rather interesting, because the bad guys, and we were expecting section 31, are not the bad guys we expected.

And whoever it is, it's probably an ancestor of Reginald Barclay. You'll see why.

Meanwhile, Spock is PO'd, and taking it out on his sister. Maybe he can channel that anger into something useful.

We also learned something about Discovery's new security chief, the planet she comes from has ties into The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager, so it's appropriate that Jonathan Frakes directed this one.
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Jonathan Frakes deserves an Emmy.
DerekJason196816 March 2019
Easily the most powerful episode of DISCO and one of the top 5 episodes of "Star Trek," in any incarnation. Mr. Frakes needs to direct more features, immediately.
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jenabraham-4331215 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Just amazing This series has not had a bad episode Just visually we are spoilt Cinematic brilliance The story progresses well Characters are fleshed out Spock and Burnham are at odds and it's becoming clear why he doesn't mention her in the Original Series Cannot wait for the next instalment Easy to see why this show was green lit for season 3 Just awesome
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At last a true star trek episode!
giorgosferetopoulos17 March 2019
After one and a half season, I can at last say that this is indeed Star Trek! I don't know if it was the writers or the directors - it was not the actors - but I am feeling that is at last starting to get its footing! Now it only remains to get rid of that ridiculus spore drive and give the rest of the crew the chance to play some part in the story, as they did in this episode, and we are in business!
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But it is getting better....sort of.
jared7915 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Look, I love Star Trek. I've seen them all and I enjoy watching it, I want ST:D to succeed and going by this season, it's a definet improvement on season 1. Plus looking at most other ST series, season 1 is always a bit of a mixed bag. It takes time for everyone to find their feet and this is true of Discovery too. The last two episodes have been the best yet. They still have their issues, but the bar was set so low in Season 1, that it shouldn't have been too hard to improve. I'm mainly putting it down to them firing the writers from season 1. They were just aweful and you can tell that since they left, the writing has improved. Not perfect, but they obviously inherited a mess and are doing their best to correct the series.

Let's just say that they need to keep Pike in the series, he's pretty much the saving grace of the show. Less Michael, more Pike. He still gets pushed around by the women too much and that needs to change, but he was a breath of fresh air in a show that is too dark.

They need to lighten up, seriously. Give us some decent story arcs of the characters. Not Michael, Tilly or Stamets. We want to know about the other bridge characters and here's the thing, I can't tell you their names because they never get any air time. I want to know about the comms guy and that other guy and the two girls.

I will say that having some kind of story arc for the robot girl was great, finally. But then they kill her off. Sigh. I will agree that I felt more emotion for her than the doctor in season one, actually, that's not true. I was very happy they killed him off as he was just the worst doctor on ST history. Then they had to bring him back, sigh again, but at least so far he's been relegated to a minor character. I guess I can live with that.

On too this episode, it was pretty good. The pacing was again good like the previous episode. They didn't try to pack too much into it, the story arc was good, we got to see some great shots of the ship for once and there was a little emotion at the end. Jonathan. Franks did a super job and it was nice to have the edits slowed down from a new shot every 2 seconds to holding a shot long enough so that we, the viewer, can figure out what is going on.

Look, I'm glad it's been renewed for season 3, if they can keep this momentum going, relegate Michael to just a normal character and make Pike the lead, bring some fun to the show, kill of this section 31 timeline and less of Michelle Yeoh's character, the show will succeed.
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So you have a girl that has been made into a cyborg, because of an accident and we just learn that now?
skGoliat16 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If Star Trek Discovery has one big flaw, it is the focus on the main characters. There is a cyborg in your team who had a big accident and lost big parts of her human shell and her husband died as well. This is very interesting and a shame that we learn about her in the very last hours of her life. Michael and Spock on the other hand, are barely interesting, their "banter" is boring and for a guy without emotions, Spock has way too many of them. Additionally, the Spock of Discovery does not feel like Spock at all. He did not raise his eyebrow once, he does not speak like him, his opinions are not those of Spock... what have you done to that character?

All this nonsense "fanservice" needs to die. We don't need Spock or Kirk in Discovery, we need new characters and get to know them.
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Enough with pulling the rug
sw-jeroen15 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This season has been far better than the frankly bad season 1 so far - both thematic and in terms of it's embrace of what Trek should be about: about discovery, science, hope and what it means to be alive. This is exactly why Airiam is one of my fovourite characters e.v.e.r and they nailed her backstory.

But... there's still a way to go. I'm SO tired of the dark twists! This show should be way less like Game Of Thrones than it is: 1/ Stop killing off (and possibly bringing back) and altering the identities (!) of the characters you just started to know and possibly (with the exception of Tyler) like as a viewer. This is what makes GOT great but doesn't work with the Trek values. 2/ Stop it with the dramatic plot warping as well, because it results in highly illogical actions being taken by the main cast and villains alike. We don't need this many erratic twists. E.g. why would Cornwell not be courtmartialled for her attempted genocide of Kronos? Why would Burnham commit mutiny (I'm still not over that)? Why would Starfleet hire a mirror universe-psychopathic emperor? Why would it, apparently, make a logic-extremist Vulcan into an admiral? Why would whatever has taken over the section 31 station attack Discovery if it wanted Airiam to beam down all along? Etc etc. This is Days Of Our Lives-material.

I just can't get over all those poor writing decisions that treat viewers like they have amnesia, emotionally pull the rug from under your feet every. Single. Episode and dismiss everything that should be so great about Trek: optimism, ethics and exploration. Can this show please be about discovering, already, and head into the LIGHT these times need so badly?
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Bad arc writing
tronba17 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of this episode is interesting though not very original (not even in star trek). There are some good parts. For instance, getting to know the secondary characters a bit more and some focus on tech and mystery. My biggest problem with this story is perhaps not this episode in itself. But how poorly the buildup to this arc was made. The episode wants us to mourn and have feelings for a character that we did not get to know before this episode. Yes, the character has been in the series for two seasons, but we had not gotten to know her, that makes it hard to have any severe emotion about her. The actors did a good job, but the writers failed in this one.

As a comparison in star trek DS9, the character Morn was a set piece in the bar. In season 6 there was a whole episode dedicated to his murder mystery. We had emotion because we were used to him being there and we empytised with the other characters when they mourned Morn. And that character did never say a word on camera and was no angel.

I am also tired of Burnham or Tilly being the solution to almost every problem. Why have a ship and crew if two people can fox about everything.

Hopefully the next episode will be better.
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Amazing episodes!
markusha-7982216 March 2019
I did not like season 1 but season 2 is close to prefection! Keep it up!
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More plot holes than swiss cheese
korpake15 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The stupidest episode this season. Stupid Giant plot holes a mile wide. I just can't take this episode seriously at all.

Admiral automatically assumes videos cannot be faked and no one checked it in any depth. No one else checked footage until much later.

Admiral loses access to super computer located in the middle of nowhere, doesn't report it to starfleet command. Startfleet loses access to Section 31, doesn't do anything about it.

AI that seeks to evolve. There is no logical explanation why a smart computer that just does logical threat analysis would all of a sudden want to evolve and kill off the entire universe.

Arrives at base and sees field of mines that are for detecting cloaked vessels. You can literally SEE the mines. Just blow them all up from range with phasers! Or use tractor beams to smash them into each other. Nope. Instead, just plow through them without firing a shot and fly around blindly until saved by the plot for no reason at all.

Downloads whole database in minutes to brain, same database that took ages for the main computer to even analyse. Stores whole said database in some small location easily.

Beams onto station, immediately takes off masks with no idea why everyone is dead on the base. Computer that turned off life support before, doesnt try again.

Security chief's suit doesnt have its own atmosphere suited to her. So stupid. She should never have taken her mask off.

Captain gives order to stop robot lady immediately without mentioning robot lady is a traitor or compromised. Two people with phasers just stand there doing NOTHING, including suspecting security chief.

Security chief gets disabled, looks like she is dead and everyone FORGETS about her. No one bothers to check if she is alive or not. Instead they talk about stupid theories. Talk about utterly useless team mates leaving other team mates to die.

Robot lady didnt need to die. She could have reported that she thought she was compromised. Security chief could have warned the captain of suspicions well ahead of the mission. Could have vapourised her legs off, could have ejected her with her suit intact, could have beamed her directly to brig, could have beamed her to sickbay before she dies! Any of these things could have been done. It was a stupid, pointless death and thus worthless.

It's a bit late to make us care about some robot. Why the heck would we care about some robot we know nothing about? She's dead. Oh well, never knew her. No big loss at all. Especially when her death could have been easily avoided. I cared more about that stupid science dude that died at the start of the season.

Really disappointed with this episode. Could have been so much better
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Did MB just let the security chief die ?
extspace-4272016 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Although J.Frakes is the best Star Trek director ever,not even him can't deal with bad writing and bad actors like the girl who plays Admiral Cornwell,Mary Wiseman or S.M. Green,or the almost missing gay couple ,(thanks dear God!) .I remember the days when Wesley was hated because he was the kid on the bridge,but now nobody says anything about the weird goofy,bubly and nasty Tilly.The thing that bothers me,excepting that round abs and weird shaped butts hanging under those ridiculous unmilitary tight uniforms ,is the fact the main characters do not care about their crew too much when they are badly hurt,i remember how quickly they forgot about the tragic death of the first science officer from Enterprise,it was a matter of seconds,and now Burnham is more interested to catch a villain instead to help a girl in agony,standing right besides her,she could be helped in just a matter of two or three seconds,so i think Pike or even a new Kirk should become the main characters of the show,or even better,kill the show and bring us back Enterprise.This series has good effects,good directing but bad actors and too many Star Trek cliches which were forgotten .
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-J.Frakes rules !
boborci-8133416 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this episode very much,but ,beside the fact Sonequa Martin-Green,Jayne Brook,Anthony Rapp,Mary Wiseman and Wilson Cruz are not quite the greatest masters of acting ,there are some minor problems with this episode and many of them were pointed out by other fans in their reviews from different fan sites.Here is a list of more important ones : -Spock is acting like a human and it has nothing to to with the classic character,although the actor is very good.Vulcans with emotions are considered to be almost crazy persons,so this thing has no sense at all,and if he embraces his human side,then why he shows so much hate when he talks about human emotions.Another problem is why a Vulcan will consider a LBGT relationship as being normal,because they can't love or hate and is nothing rational or prospere in that kind of relations.I don't think a race without human felings and guided by the logic would aproove this in any way. -Airiam,never had a life story but sudden she has a personal life and a personal history,just before she is killed , many fans are considering this as being too forced,but that is what you get when you have only half of episodes produced by the previous series on a full season,but if they wanted to kill the characters ,then they should have been started to develop her story with two or three episodes before,because nobody cares about a character used just to fill the scene with other secondary elements. -The crew and Burnham seems to be very selective about the crew members they really like,for example ,when the first blue shirt officer from Enterprise died crushed on that rock ,they forgot about him in a matter of seconds,even Pike was absolutely untouched about his death,and in this episode Burnham let the Barzan girl to die sufocated,even she could have helped her picking that breathing device for her (it was a matter of seconds),but no,she just continued to run after Airiam and she not even have the good will to ask her if she is okay,later,but yet, Burnham cries after Airiam,even if she wanted to kill all her crewmembers. -Tilly sending the memories back to Airiam on the finale was really a dumb thing. The minefield was never forbidden by the Federation,and they could just shoot the damn mines ,instead passing between them.
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Getting back to it's roots.
raoulgibson16 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This episode and the last felt like I was watching Star Trek again. I think what the producers forgot was that trek fans love to connect with their favorite characters. They like to experience thoughts and ideas from different perspectives, while being entertained with sci-fi. The story with aria was one of the best so far. My only problem is they shouldn't have killed her off. I would have liked to learned more about why she was the way she was. And learn more about how she really dealt with being so different. Had we the fans connected with her on a deeper level in the previous episodes, I'm pretty sure this episode would have been a 9 if not a 9.5. And ratings would have driven through the roof.
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I am an anti STD but this episode with just 1 story to follow hooks me
AliensReservoir15 March 2019
Finally one episode i can follow and understand without bothering about what happened few episodes before or the main story being interrupted by many sub-plots that i don't care because too many sub-stories to follow like in many previous episodes..

Plus on this episode the story was good WITHOUT MANY sub-sub-sub plots, just a straight episode introducing the cyborg as well, i am sad for the end, but it was well written.

so... it was good!

I hope you will continue this way.
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Ridiculous, silly silly episode
tomnikoleris17 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
First of, Michael should be the next one out of an airlock.

This episode started as one of THE BEST for me but then the plot holes, the Horrible acting and worse writing came and finally ended for me.

Some cherry picking for this episode.The bridge looks Ridiculous!! Vents venting some smoke in the bridge , for that after hours clubbing. Since this ship is 95% women. Always a light shines directly into the camera...frakes come on why?

Michael the most unlikable character, plays chess with Spock shouts WHY ARE YOU ANGRY? . Manages to confine the android ,that we just learned is human, in the airlock and everyone cares , everyone the script says i mean, does NOT EVEN LOOK at the direction her security officer that was asphyxiating at is, really good writing you got that down guys.

The captain orders to pull the lever to eject the android to space. Its that or you die, simple. Michael never did, somehow the "thanks for the help" security officer does it.

Keep in mind that officer was suspicious of the android and was watching over her shoulder almost half the episode and did nothing.

Tilly the most unprofessional, talking to an admiral on the bridge in front of the captain, character wants to sent you a cute puppy video for when you are dying in outer space.

Hey we are in the mind field now.. for klingon cloaked ships we needed them..well these mines dont explode though.. The have blades!! The confuse the navigation! This is a pokemon battle now. Come On ladies give me random evasive maneuvers sequences..for the mines that are attracted to our shields.

Final thought, the big enemy is an AI inside sector 31? This is the big reveal? Its not even some alien race its just a neural network gone wild?

Also can we get some guys in the Uss estrogen? Oh god picard were are you. I hope not here cause you would -have b**** slapped Michael.
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I hope they will not change The Romulans,The Remans or The J'em Hadar
captain_meatball15 March 2019
I see they are going ahead with full speed when it comes about redesigning the alien species,and even if the new look of some old alien races is pretty good,excepting the monstruous disaster which was the look of the new Klingons and ( partially) the look of the Andorians (they have a new cool voice timber and they are more darker,but their ENT moving antennae were so great),i want to ask the producers to keep intact the look of the TNG Romulans (you could say they are looking different from the Vulcans ,because they are from a different continent and their culture is a little different from the Vulcan culture),to keep the look of the Remans (the Star Trek Dracula race),J'em Hadar (the Star Trek Predators) and the look of the Son'ja (they are the Sith lords of Star Trek saga) and the Borgs (the Star Trek cenobites ,even if they were changed First Contact) because they are perfect.So, please mr. and mrs. producers,don't change them ! I'm also glad to see Jonathan Frakes at the helm again because he KNOWS his job,very well.
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And now we have to care for Airiam?
jmcalpe15 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't like this episode too much. The scenes between Michael and Spock were overly dramatic and the demise of Airiam felt empty of meaning, considering that is a character that we didn't know anything about. Are we supposed to feel something with her death, to be left mouth-agape like all the characters on the bridge of the ship, for someone who we just really met in this same episode?
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Exellent but with a fatal flaw.
jfcc908615 March 2019
Ok. Old fans like me who saw all series, must get used to having a third Spock. Fine. Its allmost off the old timeline that lasted 40y. Fine. Production value, new characters and aliens, acting, CGI, direction, hello Mr. Frakes again, although did not feel his presence as much as all other ST he directed, are all top notch. 8. Its entertaining! Great Sci-Fi! But the series story line is chaotic. And when the Capt. of a Star Trek episode is billed as a supporting actor... Too many cooks!
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-Did Burnham just let the security officer die ?!?
extspace-4272016 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not even the best Star Trek director ever,Jonathan Frakes,can't deal with this group of bad actors and bad characters like the psicho-admiral,Stamets,Culbert,Burnham,Tilly and with this group of bad writers,i mean i can give them some great and trek stories which don't break the canon ,without no charge at all .One of he things i found it wrong in the new series is the way the main character are reacting when a officer dies or has big troubles in a mission.I was shocked when that science officer from Enterprise died in a mission and the rest of crew totally forgot about him in a matter of seconds,although they saw him being crushed by a rock and now Burnham just let that poor security officer to die on her feet ,just because she couldn't spare two seconds on her time to save her,she cared more about saving the villain,but she not even bother to look at that poor Barzan girl or to ask her, later if she's ok,i mean she could save her in a matter of fractions of seconds ,just picking the breathing device for her.I hated the look of Airiam and i always found her character to be a just a failed comic relief,but the story ,handled with style by the director,made me to feel a deep compassion for her ,although.Tilly is another character that bothers me,because nobody seems to have any problem about her,a weird teenage fatty girl as being part of the crew of a military super-ship,although many fans had issues before with Wes as being the kid from the most powerful military ship of the Federation,i mean ,this is everything you want but this is not a realistic thing,it's only a Star Trek cliche,just like those silly tight uniforms ,made by someone who is not a sci-fi fan for sure,excepting maybe GOTG or Killjoys.This is what you get when you fill the place with a SJW agenda of people ,instead of an agenda full of the right people.I also think they should hire more male writers,because the smell of an emotional story written by women is way too obvious.
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She is Human?
garabedian12315 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
While this episode was great, really great. It has some serious strikes against it in my opinion. We are more than halfway through the season...with like 10 series of star trek shows... and suddenly we are being introduced to things that supposedly existed all along? Control? I don't buy it and I cannot believe it. That this AI has been there the entire time? Bull...Plop. Not only that but this seemingly background character robot is actually a human and has been big part of the crew's social activities the whole time??...just in the background? That is hard to swallow. It was just a lot of new information that really does not fit into the star trek verse..Actually no it does not fit at all.
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Why is everything so Dramatic?
joshkgroves15 March 2019
Spock and Michael's conversations are the most insufferable moments of psuedo intellectualism that I've seen on TV. They're constantly one upping each other with their expert knowledge on logic; somehow they've turned logic into psychobabble as well. I always related to spock because while his decisions/actions may not have always been the right thing to do, his pattern of logic was always easy to follow. It's logic. DSC has turned what was understandable into banter that makes little sense and moves too fast to be contemplated.
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thought the Episode before
duncanidaho12322 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Would bring STD finally on a good course, but my hopes were all flushed down the toilette. Caring for Airiam is the same as caring for any Redshirt in the old series - no background, no charakterevolvement, no NOTHING, so why would anyone give a F... ??? I'm afraid they might bring the suddenly most-famous crewmember back in a similar dubious way as they brought back the doctor, which name I forgot because he is also very insignificant.
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Textbook episode of bad writing.
captainvideoblogger15 March 2019
Tilly tries to save someone by sending a video of herself. Person to be rescued begs to be blown out of the airlock as quickly as possible.
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I am the vanguard of your destruction... Kinda. Sorta. Whatevarrrr.
Muromets15 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Do not expect much and you will not be disappointed.

Such attitude works pretty well for this episode and for entire "Discovery" as a show. Local writers are no geniuses - no Bradbury, Simak, Clark or Azimov among them. Thus accept this and move on. So, it looks like we are into another "Evolved AI against organics" old trope. It's not bad, if done right and ST:D can do it right still. If it tries hard enough.

Oh, and a side note - if you want your audience to feel bad for a character and his/her/it/they tragic demise, try do turn this character into something meaningful and three-dimensional before the same very episode he/she/it/they will meet his/her/it/they maker. So, rest in peace dear android lady. I must admit, I did care about your death far more than doctor's in season one (probably cause the actor as mediocre as any actor can be), but it's a weak consolation. Meh.
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