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Just One Thing - PLEASE.
sfmar11 March 2019
I'm not gonna rate this episode at this point, all I'll say there was a lot of good and a bit of bad. I do, however, have one request: The next time Henry says, "I won't go there without Lydia" or "I won't do that without Lydia" will Daryl please knock a few of his teeth out.
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That fight scene !!
jacklivi-1287011 March 2019
The whole execution of beta v daryl was done so well. Seeing the whisperes and how they move and fight is still really effective and with connies disabilities helps to intensify the episode. One of the best of the season
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Here_2_Review11 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This was another great episode! We meet the Highway Men (didn't catch what brought the people of the Kingdom and Highway Men together, but I'll take it anyway. These new people seem alright by me!) Daryl is such a blessing for this show!!! In this episode alone he has done much! He's becoming a father figure for Henry (idc about Henry at all, but seeing how Daryl is becoming a father figure at all is great) and Lydia both and I'm really digging Connie!! She's really neat!!! Lydia is also better each episode! One last thing.... IT'S ABOUT TIME DARYL GETS A REAL FIGHT!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THAT SINCE SEASON 1!!! AND THAT FIGHT WAS SO WELL DONE!!!!! THANK YOU ANGELA!!!!! Daryl won that fight on his own fair and square! This new showrunner the best thing to happen to TWD and ppl that lost their patience and stopped watching at least three seasons ago are really missing out!! Bravo!!! I feel like I was being a little too harsh on my review for the first episode of season 9.... that was the only episode of this entire season I thought was crap at first.....
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A fight for the ages
Splarke2211 March 2019
Daryl fighting Beta was one of the best/craziest scenes in all of The Walking Dead. The rest of the episode is pretty solid, but the last 15 or so minutes are absolutely insane!
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Great Fight!
nicsoddd12 March 2019
Well... That was very cool, the fact of seeing Daryl, Connie, Henry and Lydia taking care of the whisperers was great. I have to say that I liked that fight a lot, I think that they have taken the whisperers on the right path.

I find this new group of people very curious and interesting.
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The Tension Rises
ThomasDrufke11 March 2019
I've learned from watching Game of Thrones all these years not to get too attached to any animals/pets because they will likely be used as emotional bait for the audience. Not sure why, but I had a bad feeling for Daryl's Dog tonight, luckily he made it through the night okay.

Besides all of that, tonight's episode was a fantastic example of how great this show does tension when it really commits itself. The entire 'chokepoint' aspect to the episode was meticulously crafted and had me on the edge of my seat, especially as Beta and Daryl finally met fists. Brutal all around, I suspect this is the first of many meetings between those two.

The rest of the episode filled out with the introduction of the Highway Men, who added an obstacle for those wanting to get to the fair over at The Kingdom. Just like a few weeks ago, it did feel a little bit distracting with how good the 'A' story was, but I was pleased with the final outcome as they weren't so bad after all. Who doesn't want to just sit down and watch a movie during the Apocalypse right?

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jackbrown-4422112 March 2019
Finally... Daryl is stepping up his character with much more screen time and depth. We're seeing sides to Daryl past the 'henchman' side which adds this fresh strength to the story!!
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What a fight
tylerfarmer-2513611 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this episode! Daryl and Beta going head to head was intense. And it shows how tough both of them truly are!
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Oh My God This is truly amazing
ckckyang11 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is truly an amazing episode, I really mean it. It's like a screenwriting suddenly jump to another level, this is like watching season 5 of TWD, which's emotionally intense, nicely choreographed, and with some amazing plotlines, I actually care for these characters now, especially Tammy and Earl, who adopted the baby from the Whisperers.

And speaking of the soundtrack, The Whisperers' theme is already jaw dropping , now they've mixed the sound elements of the previous seasons and it is so good, it makes this whole conflicts in this arc feel fresh and epic, the story between Lydia and Henry is feeling better and better, I can actually see that they are playing a huge role in this arc, and the relationship between Connie and Daryl just keeps getting better and better.

The last bit not least, the confrontation between Daryl and Beta, this is a fantastic bowl if you ask me, the whole building sequences are shockingly great, the fight scene is very well done, comparing to those previous seasons' mayhems, this is really good, I like how they use the white veils for this scene, it's gruesomely brilliant.

The Highwayman's introduction is very cool, with the prosthetic body surrounding their own place is haunting but charming at the same time, but the Movie-surrender-conclusion is a bit awkward and out of place to me, though movies are a great thing and a amazing piece of art, and I get the whole building-a-better-world circumstances, but it still feels inconsistent, but nevertheless, this is still an amazing episode, I haven't seen The Walking Dead being this good for a long time.
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Daryl Vs Beta
soccerlover37412 March 2019
One of the Best fighting scene in the walking dead tv show love this episode Angela king at it again hope the next Episode is great
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Daryl VS Beta
martinazulito11 March 2019
Great episode, the battle of Daryl and Beta, just great. I liked the inclusion of this new group, I also like the interaction of Daryl and Connie, I think they make a good team. I am interested to know what will happen in the relationship of Henry and Lydia.
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Atmospheric and Creepy
colinw-8434413 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit, I wasn't incredibly hyped for this episode originaly, but BOY was I proven wrong!

Last weeks episode was good but by no means incredible. The one major thing it had going for it was that it introduced one of my all time favorite characters from the graphic novels, Beta! If I was excited about anything surrounding this episode it would be that he'd have a more prominent appearance.

Anyhow, the atmosphere of the abandoned apartment complex this episode takes place in was incredibly creepy, even without the whisperers thrown into the mix. When Beta and his crew did show up this atmosphere was only amplified for me. The fight scene between him and Daryl was one of the best fights throughout the shows run and the smaller conflict that happened before and after that was just as entertaining. Still, if I had one complaint it would be that Daryl should've gotten beat up a bit more. Having the character beaten to a pulp before eventually getting the upper hand would've been a great way to show just how intimidating Beta really was in my eyes. Just a minor flaw though.

We get to see how the fair is coming along in the B story, as well as The Kingdoms confrontation with the Highway Men. This was all very well executed in my eyes and I look forward to finding out more about these mysterious characters. Much better characters than those god forsaken garbage people might I add, with the exemption of Jadis/Ann maybe.

All in all another stellar episode for a stellar season! I can't wait for what's coming next. And if you read the comics you know what I'm talking about!
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So What Did We Learn Tonight?
sevenlilxenos11 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Henry is most def a hopeless, optimistic romantic. Don't be surprised if Lydia slits his throat in his sleep like a Black Widow after mating.

Good thing level headed Daryl was on time for Kissus Interruptus before Henry's sharp stick got him in trouble.

Beta telling a dying Whisperer that he will always be "one of us" was either foreshadowing the dude was about to contribute a new Whisperer mask or a nod to Tod Browning's Freaks "one of us, one of us".

If Alpha and Beta are considering cutting ties with Lydia, now would be a good time. Some things you just can't come back from and I doubt if she is going to be welcomed home like before.

Zeke really likes his tigers.

Dianne is getting a bigger role after many episodes as only a background character. Hmmm, as Han Solo would say, I have a bad feeling about this.

Carol wanting to negotiate first and kill second seemed confusing and inconsistent especially after her experiences with the Governor, Terminus and Negan to mention just a few.

Sorry but I'm just not buying into Tara being in charge as she exudes a serious lack of confidence and indecisiveness. The position to replace Maggie would be much better filled by Magna.

The Highwayman at first seemed legit, even for Civil War reenactors or whatever, until they gave in to Carol's demands just for a movie night. Really, that was something I would expect to see in Z Nation.

Daryl was most likely drawing upon how many times he promised himself as a kid that Merle would never kick his butt again when he had his epic fight with Beta.

All that was missing when Beta crashed through the wall was him yelling "Heres Johnny!"

Good thing Beta landed on that nice soft metal elevator roof after falling a few stories. Maybe he was a stunt man for the WWE pre-ZA.

Next episode is entitled scars, hopefully we learn how Michonne and Daryl got those X scars on their backs.

Other than the big fight things were only fair to midland (bad pun intended).

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Nice episode with one cringe worthy scene
baraas-2785211 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The carol movie scene made me cringe so hard like damn
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The Showdown
stephen-6159411 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
That was one awesome fight with Daryl and Beta, nothing fancy just beta throwing daryl around. A few punches and knives and of course beta getting up at the end, he is going to be very very angry.

The Highwaymen are interesting and with them going to the kingdom for the fair.....i have a bad feeling about that. I think they are going to get tangled up in something they don't expect. (Comic reader know what happens) So it is going to be interesting to see what happens when the time comes.

So this was a really really good episode, so i am giving this a 10. Not just because it was a good episode but also to throw off the 1 and 2 start trolls
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An incredible episode filled with tension and great character moments with a breathtaking fight
Holt34411 March 2019
This was a great episode, it had everything that makes The Walking Dead great, tension and many great character moments. I loved every moment of the episode, The whole choke point plan managed to create some of the most tense sequences of the season, the writing team did great job at that. The whole sequence was incredible. Liesl Tommy's first time directing an episode and she did an amazing job.

The Highwaymen reminds me of the The Minutemen from Fallout 4. They are unique and the leader seems like a great character. The fight between Daryl and Beta is something I've wanted and it came true and the choreography and everything was just perfect. Knowing that Norman and Ryan are good friends in real life made it so much better as you see that they are great actors and Ryan Hurst is killing it as Beta. Daryl and Connie is actually a great duo and I hope we get to see more of them as a team.
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Alpha is the brain and beta the mucles !
ebbewahlstrom11 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Wow just wow the scene in the apartment whas just so thrilling and the climax with daryl vs beta is the best fight thru the serie!
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claudio_carvalho13 March 2019
Daryl and Connie rescue Henry that brings Lydia with him; however they are tracked down by Beta and a group of whisperers. Daryl sees a building and plots a tactic based on a choke point to defeat Beta and his group. Meanwhile Jerry is robbed by a group of road thieves and Carol and Ezequiel plot a bold plan to reunite the communities in the fair teaming up with the thieves.

"Chokepoint" is an episode of "The Walking Dead" based on strategies. Daryl plots a scheme to get rid of a larger group of attackers. Carol and Ezekiel succeed to turn a gang of thieves into road protectors. And Henry proceeds in his stupidities that will certainly cost lives of the presently peaceful communities in the future episodes. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Chokepoint"
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Daryl ....
mojtabasaberi11 March 2019
Oh boy , this guy is very very good. i love Daryl . This episode are about love, just love ...
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nicmegara11 March 2019
Poor lazy writing , poor lazy acting, poor lazy directing. Aside from the choreography of the fight with B and Dar. Everything else was regrettable! Of course the higher ups don't see it there all completely complacent. This show should have ended years ago. They have dragged out this story for far far too long. It's boring and makes no sense any More. There are too many characters to care about and even follow along with for that matter. We should following one group like it used to be back then. We follow Rick and and his group. All his trials and tribulations were easy to follow and understand and the group had a purpose . They had a mission . Since then the shows been flooded with nonsensical storylines and boring villains and the kill no kill mentality that crept into the show starting with Glen. So now there's nothing to watch or care for !.
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Alpha, Beta
nightcruz_ss12 March 2019
Alpha, Beta! 👏👏👏 Alpha, Beta! 👏👏👏 Finally a good fight: Daryl vs Beta!
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Hiccup episode
JamesBrown8812 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Last 4 episodes were strong with Alpha's chilling presence. My expectation for this season with Angela Kang as showrunner is so far so good because of how terrible and cringey season 8 was, so a lot of damage had to be repaired, great job Angela so far, kudos. But Please there's still work to be done, please get rid of the cringey moments please please PLEASE, thank you.

This episode had a cringe moment for the ages, the movie response, come on Carol. Guys..... a movie?? Really?

Beta scenes were cool, Carol's movie line keeps bugging me so bad along with the Master of cringe,; Prince Henry. Hey Prince, I hope you become a martyr, its a good thing for the show, for everybody, trust me.

As I said before, last 4 episodes were great, especially the the last one, I've seen it twice, very creepy and very much alive and REAL , not so much this time,

Please bring back the sense of realism, and one last thing, Henry,( don't know your real name) and (nothing personal) but get another job, acting is dull, killing every scene, no hard feelings Prince.

Rest in peace along with all the cringe and bring the walking dead back to life.

7 for the cringey moments
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Things I liked about the show, and some speculation!
ohmap-977-66481011 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The main thing to like about the show was the fight between Daryl and Beta; that was great (10).

Lydia mildly seducing Henry (and gain his trust) was a pretty good attempt with the kiss (she owns him now). I hope she is not another Delilah.

The scene at the Kingdom with the road warrior people was probably a bit over the top for some TWD fans. A "movie"? I didn't record the scene, but did the other people accept?

It would seem they was at a stalemate (or disadvantage) at the moment as the Kingdom miraculously had its warriors appear out of nowhere, and without making a sound.

It was in the spirit of giving peace a chance that Carol offered the move (if they would join them). I assume they accepted that offer and lived another day. The only thing that would have been the cherry on top of the cake is if somebody turned on the dance music and Jerry did a break dance in the middle of the floor! They spared us that scene because they cut to Tara (the new Michonne) and zombies attacking the new baby in the wagon and then a rescue from what looked like the road warriors working for that movie ticket at the upcoming festival.

Pretty soon the Kingdom will became civilization's new downtown.

OK...something bad has got to happen soon! We can't have all this happiness! If the Kingdom, Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Whisperers all meet at the Kingdom for the festival and it breaks into dancing and hip hop I am out of there.
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The Walking Soap Opera. No Rick #8. The O'Henry Years. Unrealistic, Convoluted, Contrived, Comical. Censorship & Payola. What is Truth?
Bababooe11 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, ladies and gentleman, The Walking Soap Opera continues with more ridiculous set up and resolution. Dar and Company, Deaf Girl, Low IQ O'Henry, and his Love Interest Lyd, rather than heading back to Hill, someone has the bright idea of setting a trap for the Whisps in an apartment complex. Beto #2 Whisp, as in batman voice, follows. Dar Team kills all, O'Henry gets wounded. Best part was Dar and Beto fight. But conveniently Beto survives. It would have been nice to maybe put a couple of scratches on Dar.

This whole Whisp thing is just plain stupid. They put on Halloween masks and walk with the dead. Is that enough for them to hide with the dead? Anybody remember Rick and Glen getting all gut and bloody all over to do the same? No, I guess not. Not even the writers of this nonsense. Keep up the low IQ work, it only contributes to lowering the IQ of the viewer. Shame.

Kingdom. Jerry the Axman, aka Comic Relief, has a little booboo on his face. Apparently, some new dirtbags jumped Jer and took his little sword, and gave him a note demanding payment for the roads they control. They are, wait for it, The Highwaymen. Not the Highwayman of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristoperson, and Waylin Jennings. Now that would have been cool. These clowns are wearing civil war outfits, and it looks like they may be using revolutionary war muskets. Ok, so EZ, Carol Rambo and company with their bow and arrows surround the Highwayers hangout. Carol suggests negotiations. EZ is looking for blood. They go to negotiate. Carol offers them movie tickets in exchange for keeping the roads safe. What a joke. That is the only way I can enjoy this show at this point. As a comedy.

Hillys, Tara and company, on their way to the fair, a tree blocking their way. These brainiacs bring along the Whisp Baby. Zombies attack. They are saved by, wait for it, The Highwaymen. But again it's not Cash, Nelson, Kristoperson, or Jennings. Rather than civil war outfits, they should have dressed as Cash and Company.

They all make it to the Kingdom for the fair. Carol asks for O'Henry, and Tara says something to the effect that they should have been there by now. So, any normal person with basic survivor skills would probably think, what the hell are these idiots doing with a fair? Did we not see, da da, The Whisps? Jesus being killed? No worries, it's all normal, let's go to the fair with the paper mache tiger. So stupid. Unrealistic.

Best part of this episode was the Dar Beto fight. But even that was weak. Dar stabs Beto in the shoulder. No problem, Beto is super whisp, he just pulls it out and struts out like it's a scratch. This is a joke. You get stabbed, you're in pain, you're weak, you get the hell out of there. Not Beto. Beto is Super Whisp. He falls down many flights onto a soft landing of a heavy metal elevator with only a bloody lip. Give it up. If this stayed in the comics, or was a cartoon or claymation, that's one thing. But it's supposed to be real life, with zombies.

We have cheap plot device O'Henry, the dumbest character ever conceived in motion pictures. And now he's in love. O Boy. Imagine if this fool procreates.

The Highwaymen are ready to throw down and buckle for Movies? Take a look at Carol Rambo's dumb smiling face as she bribes the Higwayers. It's like she's talking to some little kids. What is this?

The only way to enjoy this is as a comedy. And watch a few zombie kills. The unintended/intended consequences of these shows is dumbing down of our society. Instead of coming up with intelligent tv, we have the producers of this crap paying the same hipsters wearing the zombie masks to come here and post praise. Good luck with that.
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Evey episode now gets worse and worse
bdutzi-0828311 March 2019
Henry is the worst thing to happen to the Walking Dead. The actor is terrible, his character is horrible, and the writing for him is utterly stupid! Please continue to add new character that we don't care about and have no vested interest in and please continue to kill of or randomly remove important characters, because that smart writing. This show is going down hill like a landslide. Daryl is the only good part of the show. I don't know if I can continue to watch this garbage they now have created without Rick.
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