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Season 1

5 Feb. 2018
Michelle rallies her staff for a busy night. Donna can't take the pressure, while Tanya bites off more than she can chew. Rene runs a tight kitchen. Hank and Veronica slither in with big news that rocks Michelle's world.
6 Feb. 2019
Lunch is for Troglodytes
Rocking a new style, Michelle recruits a new Belle and has a secret meeting in the forest with Jerry. Donna runs a training exercise with Tanya. A surprise awaits Rene when he pays a visit to the Flavour Junction.
13 Feb. 2019
Calling in Sick
Veronica encourages Hank's questionable work tactics, and takes charge at home. Rene tries to move on from his mistakes. Felicia steps up when Donna shows weakness. A guest from Tanya's past disrupts Michelle's.
20 Feb. 2019
A Queen's Cowboy
The Belle's step up their service game. Veronica trolls Rene while Hank flexes his connections and tries new avenues to get to Michelle. Gio can't let things go. Michelle is rocked by a call that could ruin her restaurant.
27 Feb. 2019
Foodie Feud
Michelle visits Alderman Don Alderman. Hank puts plans into motion, while Veronica and Michelle have a run-in on the streets of Hope. Rene focuses his energy into his signature dishes. The remaining Belle's try to cover for Michelle's.
6 Mar. 2019
Michelle's hits the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Hank basks in his self proclaimed glory, while Veronica prepares to ramp things up. Rene is all tied up, as is Jerry, the accountant. Michelle mourns, and Gio takes things too far.

 Season 1 

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