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OK considering the budget.
lordofthewrenches19 December 2018
I actually liked the new take on Krampus as more of a human entity, and enjoyed the fact it wasn't just a slasher. Even though it was low budget they managed to cast a couple of decent actors with some credits behind them (Maria Olsen and Anna Harr). The rest of the actors ranged from adequate, to over the top bad. The bad consisted of actors trying to pull off dialects and accents that were beyond their ability, to the supremely annoying and over acted stuttering character of Bram. To sum it up worth a watch if you don't expect too much given the budget, also if you're a gore fan you will definitely be disappointed.
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Wrong from the get go.
iantom-331588 November 2018
The movie's introduction states that the action commences in December 1918. However by that time actual WW1 hostilities had ended on November 11, 1918.
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Rather dull and low-budget Krampus feature
kannibalcorpsegrinder27 December 2018
At the end of WW I, the new teacher at an orphanage finds that a lost trinket sent by her husband from the war has been used by the curious children living there to summon the mystic demon Krampus who begins a deadly rampage at the location forcing them to band together to stop the creature.

While it does have some flaws, there are some positives here. The most likable element present is the rather nice backstory throughout here, which manages to include some intriguing real-life connections. The opening in WW I, with the soldiers shown infiltrating the German bunker to stop the creation of the creature as the scientist attempts to bring it to life, gives this a solid lead-in to the scenes at the orphanage where the same materials infiltrate their grounds starting up the creature's return. This is all handled rather nicely here as the build-up of the life at the orphanage as well as how the introduction of the summoning artifact to the building takes place provides a pretty intriguing start to this one. Once the introduction has been handled, this one does pick up rather nicely as the terror of their newfound visitor carries a lot of weight. With all sorts of strange maladies and physical interactions caused by his presence while in human form introduced at first, there's a nice setup present here that gives way to the creatures' attacks in the final half of the film. As the creature starts to get more involved with chasing down the kids and the other staff members, the darker lighting and mystic fog that sprouts up offer somewhat creepy images as the creature walks through the dark corridors trying to stop it while the occasional flashes to the group preparing their own vigils against it. These here are what hold it up over its flaws. The main flaw in the film is that the low-budget nature of this one shines through rather prominently, giving off a pretty overwhelming tone throughout here. The few soldiers used to denote the war taking place, the singular location of the orphanage and the utterly awful CGI used for the Krampus which looks like cut-scenes from a video game all come off truly apparent of what it's like here. The bland pacing and overly cheesy storyline don't help much, and there's a pretty blatant series of simple sets where it's placed at just hamper this one down as well. The other problem here is the sloppy and utterly underwhelming finale, which has no real bearing on the storyline brought up previously as the inclusion of mysticism and spell-casting is just lame, and the flat-out abrupt ending is simply jarring with the way it's handled. These here are what hold this one back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.
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Good in bad
nebulous-637848 November 2018
Acting and cinematography were surprisingly competent. Peabody, Olsen, Hall, and surprisingly Waxman were pretty great. The stock music and special effects took me out of it but other than that I'm impressed for a low budget straight to dvd horror movie.
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Boring high school student movie
TMokko9 November 2018
Krampus Origins tells the tale of how everything started in Krampus movie series. Premise is enticing - where did the monster come from? Krampus movies have been very entertaining so far and a movie set in medieval Germany would have been inspiring.

For my great grief - this movie is not fulfilling the promise of Krampus franchise. First of all, sound mixing.. and everything related to sound, music included, was rubbish. Gun shots and explosions at the first part of the film were muffled, probably recorded at the sound stage.

Lighting and set design all were disappointments. Actors were hired from small town playhouse with a promise of one warm meal a day and credits in the film. Special FX.. these were none. Monster himself, Krampus, was just a horned buff dude with some black paint on him. Probably directors cousin who lifts weights.

I hope that, who ever owns the rights to the name Krampus, would be more careful who can make films in this franchise.
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Historicly inaccurate
lusebeatrise24 December 2020
WW1 ended in 1918, Novembre 11. for your information. There is no way that ww1 was still happening till december. If you want to make a movie get your facts right and hire better actors. Couldn't even watch the movie because of it's inaccuracy.
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They don't even know who Krampus is.
dhener-0625329 November 2020
Apparently the makers of this film only looked at the cover of a "Krampus: for dummies" book. The movie is extremely slow and must have had a 2k budget, but what really made this a 1 star review, is they only made a movie about an ancient demon with horns that hates kids and they mentioned twice it happened to be Christmas. They don't seem to know what Krampus is at all.
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trevd-2297719 November 2018
I don't like writing negative comments but this mess richly deserves to be panned. It has only the slimmest ties with the original film and absolutely none of the class. There are a lot of good things about the digital revolution such as film restoration, home media & the like. One of the biggest problems with it though is that people who should not be making films now have the means within their grasp.The old saying holds true here- "Just because you can doesn't mean you should". Avoid this film if you place any value on your time at all.
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Skip it
thegarlicconnection11 November 2018
It's a waste of time. I dare you to watch this and give it more than 3 stars. My kids put together better productions with hand socks.
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ambermcduffe15 December 2018
Why do good movies always have to be ruined by cheap second rate studios coming out with prequels or sequels that are poorly done? This is as disappointing as the cloverfield paradox and beyond skyline
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Puts the 'Krap' into Krampus.
BA_Harrison13 December 2020
This is the third Krampus film written by Robert Conway. The first - Krampus: The Reckoning - was reasonably entertaining, but had a really bad CGI Krampus. The second - Krampus Unleashed - had a really dumb script, but at least gave us a practical make-up FX Krampus and lots of gore. For most of Origins, which has the worst script of them all, I was wondering whether the film even had a Krampus: it takes an age to get to the monster, and it really isn't worth the wait.

The first half an hour of the film tells how a magical book with the power to summon the Christmas Devil comes into the possession of schoolteacher Josephine (Katie Peabody), who has started working at a Catholic school for orphans in Arizona. This part of the film could have been wrapped up in less than ten minutes, but then the film would have been barely over an hour long (which would have been fine by me). The book gets into the hands of one of the school kids, who translates the ancient German text and summons Krampus, which manifests itself as a surly looking kid called Nicholas, who turns up on the school's doorstep at night and is taken in by the nuns.

There's not an ounce of the trashy fun of the second film, director Joseph Mbah aiming for either 'classy' or 'atmospheric', but missing both by a mile. He does, however, hit 'boring' and 'tedious' without difficulty, making the first two films seem like masterpieces in comparison. After an hour of forgettable, uneventful drama, we finally get to see Krampus, and a more crappy creature it would be hard to imagine: a man painted black wearing a horned helmet and with cheap-looking After Effects glowing eyes, Krampus just stands there, talking in a stupid demonic voice, ending each sentence with an extended, deep, guttural sound that is more laughable than terrifying.

After threatening to devour their souls and destroy the world, or some such nonsense, the pathetic monster is defeated by Josephine, who is protected by a handy amulet and who has conveniently been learning ancient Germanic languages as a hobby, thereby enabling her to read from the book and banish Krampus back to hell.

1.5/10, rounded down to 1 for using the font Helvetica on the school blackboard, a typeface that wasn't designed until several decades after the film is set.
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Good movie to wacth on the 12 days of christmas
kaplanwizardry24 May 2020
This film is good and should get attention this has a mix of horror ,gore and fantasy in it and I'm a huge fan of horror fantasy so i recommend you watch this masterpiece
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