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A different romantic comedy
isaacochoterena7 June 2022
This movie is a romantic comedy with a little teen drama mixed in.

At first it was hard for me to connect with the story, but as it progresses it gets better, the story is disguised as a drama when in reality it is a different romantic comedy, not so much different to the formula of this genre, but to the context of the story, where it abounds metal and teen drama, where the stupid and immature decisions of the characters are justifiable simply because they are teenagers. The characters have a good introduction and a decent development, it has funny moments although at the end there are also some ridiculous moments, but I think it's because of the genre of the film. The film addresses many issues, some of them are sexual awakening, friendship, how selfish we can be when we are teenagers, how important a person can be to us, it also portrays how dark and cold cities are, as unsafe as they can be, but there is also a contrast in how beautiful a few places are despite how overwhelming they can be. The performances are spectacular, the photography and the color palette are cold, portraying the reality of big cities, there is a slow-motion scene that looks great and the director's commitment to doing a good job is noticeable.

It is a film that begins very dramatically, but can be funny and a little sentimental, where adolescence combined with personal passions and romance make for a memorable and enjoyable story.
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