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Just stick to your favourite food
danielconstantinescu25 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I would have never expect to enjoy this movie as much as I did. It starts slow, with some basic (and easy to guess) details. A prison, food every day, don't starve. The characters were not very complex and it will not be until, but are the little things the one that will truly play with your feelings.

The movie begins with a very strong social statement. 'They are above you, they won't listen to you.' and 'They are below you, don't talk to them.'

First of all, with every new floor you will pity them more and more. First you hear a number...132 (and most people will try to guess that there are only 150 floors). But then they are taken to 171 and so on until they reach the very end.

The second thing that made me wonder was the fact that the protagonist never discovered the truth. The kid was not the message, the cake was not the message...the message was hidden in the question most of them received...What is your favorite food? The main character try to avoid this question but the woman insisted upon an answer. He said "Snails"...what does he see on the table? Snails. The feast was composed from all the favorite foods of everyone locked in there. If each prisoner would have eat only his favorite food, he would have survived and the food would have been enough for everyone. But is the human greed and the savage feeling of hunger that made them eat everything.
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My interpretation of the movie
zaferdc22 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I think rather than focusing on a plot, the movie depicts different edges and human profiles in life. The platform is our world, and the administration are the governments, and the levels are the social classes that are created. The administration (government) works with care, but due to flaws in the capitalist system, there are people suffering/dying.

The main character Goreng has norms. However, it doesn't take too much until he loses his mind in a corrupt world. He wakes up in the platform with an old man, who is completely aware about the system, and has already completely adapted. When he is up, he eats as much as he can and abuses it. When he's down, he does everything needed to stay alive. The woman that formerly worked for the administration regrets her earlier duties of sending people in to the platform, as she 'didn't know' - depicting similar people that work for governments nowadays. She regrets it, hence sends herself in and tries to change the system by speaking up to the lower level everyday. However, the tone of her message is not enough in the cruel world; Goreng's tone that includes threatening seems to work though.

Goreng tries to change the entire system with Baharat. I think, that ultimately they failed, and that starting from some part of going down (I am not sure from where), Goreng starts to hallucinate. Initially, they are trying to send a message to the administration by sending back untouched clean food - which is normally impossible in their system. They fail in this, but Goreng, imagines a bigger message: in the lower levels, no one is interested in food from the table anyways; they are eating each other. A child that survives the bottom floor would serve as a bigger message, as she is a metaphor to our social norms and ties. Baharat tried to go up several times, but going up does not have anything to do with willingness. There are always people that are going to stop you. It is a matter of luck, just like in the movie. One day you wake up in a horrific situation, the other day you are happier. When you are happy (or of higher class), you seem to forget about the bad days and lose your emphaty as a human being and exaggerate in every act that you do.

The woman that worked for the administration thought that there were 200 levels. The movie describes that there is always worse and way more people suffering than they seem to observe - so bad that the world and the governments (the woman) do not realize (or tend to ignore) while being part of the system.

Overall, I think it was a great movie. I like open endings so that I can draw one myself.
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What the movie really is about (interpretation and explanation)
gkranasioannis27 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is easy to follow, and presented with a simple premise.That everyone is trying to survive in a dystopian system where some people have it good while others have it really bad, for seemingly no reason other than pure luck. A prison split in levels (we learn in the end it is 333 levels), and a platform of a gluttonous, exquisite buffet travelling from from top to bottom, stopping for 2 minutes at every level. During that time, the level's 2 prisoners can eat all they want from that buffet. As they eat more than they need, the buffet deteriorates rapidly and by the time it reaches lower levels, there's no food left and people are starving and dying.

But everything is a metaphor.

The "Administration" is capitalism, the "Hole" is society. The Administration enables the people on top to have an extravagant meal, at the expense of starving people at the bottom, just like in society people on top grab all resources (money, real estate, natural resources), leaving the bottom with nothing, and capitalism enables that. The cooks prepare an exquisite meal but only people on the top level really enjoy it to the fullest, to the extent you could say the cooks only work for the people on level 1. As you could say capitalism only works for the 1% (or 0.3% if we go by the Hole's 333 levels).

Goreng is the common man. He's brought into a system, and questions the rules that don't make sense, suggesting common logic. But he's beaten into submission by the old guy (a seasoned veteran of the Hole), as well as the Hole's rules. Goreng is the idealistic youth that starts with good intentions but are beaten into submitting to the system by old men and their rules (parents, teachers, society as a whole).

Goreng wants to start a protest and bring change but soon realises that he can only influence the levels under him but not the ones above him, he doesn't have any power over them. They don't care about his message as it doesn't make *their* lives better, they couldn't care less about the lives of those in lower levels. Like in society, say in a business hierarchy, you can only command your underlings but not your superiors. And the people above you rarely care about your needs. So Goreng decides to start his protest from the bottom and using violence when needed. A metaphor how successful revolutions (like the October revolution) started bottom up (and not top down), and used violence when necessary.

The old woman that worked for the Administration, represents an old "retired" 1%er. She thought there are only 200 levels. She worked for the system, contributed to it and and enjoyed its benefits, but at the end of her life (she has cancer), she tries to instigate change but in a really inefficient way. She is an allegory for an old, ultra-rich person who retires to focus on philanthropy (bringing change) at the end of their lives. But they manages very little due to how the system works. Also that person has a distorted view of how extreme the level of poverty and suffering can be.

Baharat (the black guy) is a driven, hardworking person, determined to make it all the way up. He has all the tools: rope, strength, determination. But, no matter how much he tries, since he started low he can only go up to a point. People above him will - literally - defecate on his face and stop his progress. That's an experience that many talented, driven people in the real world who started from a low place, can empathise with.

The child represents the young generation. The child is the "message" just like the next young generation will be the one bringing change. Goreng want to stay with the child on the platform and go together up, bringing the message and changing things. But he is not needed for the message to arrive, he needs to step down for the platform to move. He steps down, content that he fulfilled his role. Here the allegory is, the old generation might need to step down, to make room for the young one to rise and bring change in society. The old generation might want to partake in this changed, better new world, but they might not live to see it, just as Goreng will probably not leave to see the effect of the "message" being delivered. In this case, the last verse of Bob Dylan's song, "The times they're a-changin'" rings true:

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land And don't criticise what you can't understand Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command Your old road is rapidly aging Please get outta' the new one if you can't lend your hand For the times they are a-changin'
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The real face of humanity
Mork_the_Borg22 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, wow, and wow again! This movie is awesome in so many ways. The actors are fabulous, and the "message" is kind of out of this world. Of course, there's a deeper societal and spiritual undertone, and as such the movie isn't real horror - it simply shows humanity in its current "developed" form. Where the cube fails in so many ways, the platform does not. The plot is beautifully made, and makes you wonder quite a bit. Finally, a movie that isn't about special effects, but is all about the development of the story. So much more than horror. Thanks NetFlix for bringing this to us.
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Good film with a meaning.
antonkostrov22 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The writer had really something in mind and you can tell. This film is a work of art and I love it. The exposition is very clear and interesting. A lot of reviews that give this film a bad rating seem to miss the point by far. You should not watch this film in means of pointing out the plot holes only to be disappointed by the ending. I find it very sad that people are complaining about the wrong things and not getting the whole picture.

This should not be taking literally. People seem to think that every movie is like a MARVEL movie meaning you can watch it with one eye closed and then complain about the ending because it did not hand everything out to you. This movie is a study on human mind and psychology In the end, the man sacrifices himself for the greater good, not about the girl, not about him surviving nor escaping.

Also I've noticed that the bad reviews come from people who want things explained to them. Things like government in this movie is just an explanation for the whole "prison" system to be justified. Suspension of disbelief. Why do these things need to be explained, when everything's that needs to be pointed out, is.

It's a very philosophical film and interesting that makes you think deeply about the situation, and how when humans are put into this system, the system takes over and all the good in humans vanishes. And the point is that, it's not our fault. We are programmed like that, and can't do nothing about it. The ending was perfect, doesn't matter what happened to the girl, you'll need to figure out that by yourself. And by that I don't mean theorizing literally where did she end up, but instead what was the point of the girl, the message they had to deliver ground floor, was there really even a message needed to be delivered, or was it just for nothing.

Now maybe some answers could be found trom the book Don Quixote, haven't read it, but after this I reckon I will at some point. There was this quote in the end from the book that went something like It's how you use your prosperity and wealth, not how much you have it. That sums up the whole meaning of this prison system, and may be my favorite quote ever among some others.

And especially what makes this film marvelous is that it delivers this concept perfectly, I didn't get the feeling of "oh well great concept but It could've had been done better, because I feel that the director got his message through.

Also what I find very interesting is how at the top, where the food was being made, the guy who was responsible for it all, was very picky about how perfect the food had to be and even the tiniest of hair in the food was not acceptable: I KNOW that that is an allegory, just can't figure to what. Maybe god. Need more time to think about it and maybe re-watch the film.
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Great idea - Shame about the ending..
jayezrecordings24 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Yet again the spanish come out with another great watch on Netflix!

The Platform does a great job to explain life as we know it today. We have those in power pulling all the strings while the classes fight amongst them selves for everthing that is good in life. Think of The platform as lifes "Pyramid" system to which we all play a role in. The few at the top looking down and the many below.

Its not just about food, its about ethics, politics, education and religion!

Throughout our lives we are constantly indoctrinated about all these subjects above - What we take on then plays on our subconscious mind and mold us into a particular way of thinking.

Politics: The entire film is built around a political structure. The administration (The government) each level of the platform (Social Classes) If you disobey the rules the government turn up the heat! As in life, those at the bottom get "hand me downs"or the "Left overs" form those above. In the platform the punishments appear to be temperature / climate related which again could imply the same in the real world with climate changing technologies such as HAARP (which im sure has been down sized these days)

Ethics: In a situation like this your ethics WOULD go out the window! its about surviving - Humans wil always rely this primordial trait. As they said in the movie "There are only three types of people: Those at the top, those at the bottom, and those who fall" With your ethics could you bring yourself to eat another human to survive or would you "fall"??

Education: This was meantioned many times throught the film. In fact the main character voluntarily entered The Platform in order to get s "Diploma" Again this stinks of life! Today students have to live on next to nothing in order to learn and get "indoctrinated" by the system! The cost of which is ridiculously high so much so those that commit to it end up in debt for many many years after. Everything comes at a price!

Religion: The main character is considered as Jesus - In the end he sacrifices himself to try and save everyone not just the little girl. The little girl could represent a possible change to the system - being the next genaration!

The Bottom Line: One man can only change the thought process of that of a child. The more people behind the change the greater the change happens.

Change only happens with solidarity and not by pooping in the face of those below!

bravo to the makers!
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rushed ending
lappaina23 March 2020
Very promising until the last scenes, rushed ending and many questions left unanswered. Reminded me of CUBE, loved that movie.
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An interesting film
tanesutherland20 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The plot is fairly simple - a prison-like vertical underground pit where each level houses two people. Once per day, a platform containing a vast array of food set out like a banquet lowers itself through each floor. The people on each level are given two minutes per day to eat and then the platform moves down a level until it reaches the bottom. There are three simple rules

(1) Each prisoner may bring one item into the prison. (2) No food may be kept off the platform from the platform else your cell will be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. (3) Every month the prisoners are moved to a different level of the prison.

These three plots may sound basic enough but the film takes us deep into the greed and selfishness of humans. Given that you don't know what level you will end up on every month, needless to say those in the upper levels will gorge themselves leaving no food. The lower the platform goes, the less food due to the greed of those on the upper levels. It shoes heavy parallels to society where the elites of society have no desire to share their wealth and those on the bottom suffer. The film also has an interesting take on social behaviour in that every month you are randomly placed on a level and so one day you may be on top with as much food as you want, the next you're down the bottom starving to death - a situation any of us could experience in real life - one day you're a working man and the next you're homeless.

I caught this film on Netflix as it just showed up and I'm glad I took a chance and watched it. B grade, low budget, but delivers a powerful message. It's akin to films such as Ink, The Man from Earth, Cube, The Circle - all low budget films with exceptional story telling and brilliant acting.

You will empathise and sympathise with every single character. We're all in this together. Or are we? You be the judge.
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Makes you think.
prendj0121 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The shady government motif is a bit vague and the whole things is a clear foil for the real intention; which is to depict an obvious allegory of how the people on the top in life often on those at the bottom (with no regard for the consequences to those below).

The movie does a great job of exploring many intellectual and philosophical dilemma's despite the overall premise being a deceptively simple scenario. Simple yet compelling complexities to the scenario are introduced and teased out in a satisfying enough way.

I am a hard core sci-fi fan and as such I do like grand reveals and some closure a the end of the movie. This film provides neither but somehow that's OK and I realised to my surprise that despite the lack of these elements I had enjoyed it very much. If you don't like slow burn's or intellectual explorations of existential dilemma's blah blah blah then you should probably skip it.

But if you like content that makes you think and a film you can sink into I believe you will enjoy this. It's well made and while there is not infrequent gore, it is not incessant either and always germane to the development or direction of the plot.
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Reminds me to snowpiercer from Bong Joon Ho
izr22 March 2020
I am giving it a solid 7. Good movie. Reminds me to snowpiercer from Bong Joon Ho but in this case the prision is vertical and not horizontal (train) but challenges the human behavior in a similar way. Good movie!
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Great idea, good movie
pesaresigiovanni22 March 2020
The idea behind the plot is interesting and the movie is effective and powerful but the end left me a bit confused and disappointed.
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Overall an interesting watch,.... but horrendous ending makes it fall flat.
recca-9284323 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so I'm sure you've by now heard that the ending was horrible. And that the film itself is a testament to the rich above the poor and the needs of many are always wanting.

But let's talk more about the ending. Up until there was around fifteen minutes in the movie,... I would've given it a 7-8 stars. But this ending,... oh god this horrendous crap on your time ending.

So they make it to the bottom floor, and the table stops. Okay, fine sure. But apparently somehow a little girl was the only person there, not another person and nor a body nor blood marks. Weird since EVER floor since has been two people to a floor. Then we look at the little girl they find. Completely clean,... I mean pretty much spotless like she was JUST put there today. She doesn't talk, and she doesn't comprehend the give and take of the floor she was at,... which just leaves more questions. Like why didn't Miharu ever find her since she's gone down the floors MANY times,.... did she just give up around floor 200 because,... even more reasons we'll never know?

Now,... they stay and the food is given to the girl. Which until that point would cause the room to kill it's inhabitants,.... but somehow doesn't now.

OFC Baharat randomly dies off camera in such a lackluster way that it makes you want to forget the fact that he gave up his floor 6 privileges to follow some random white dude down 200+ floors,.... to ration out food. Because,... reasons I guess.

Now, to add FURTHER annoyance to the end. You sat there and watched this huge build up of the final half hour of the movie, expecting some big revelation or changes to be had. Only to be given the mother of all middle fingers in the form of a self-sacrifice of the MC. Because once more,.. reasons.

Now to point out something small that's just a mind bender. That table is FLYING upwards at super high speeds,..... how did they know it wouldn't just come to a complete stop at the end and send the contents slamming into the ceiling. There's literally no knowledge here. They could've just killed that little girl for a "message".

In the end,.... the ending itself just makes you draw your own conclusions and cops out it's ending. It could've been a great movie if not for this.
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terrencepatrix21 March 2020
Let me get this right from the get go...this movie is not a 7 in the broad scheme of movies, not at all. It is a 7 in a very bizarre genre where ethics, morals, and poor taste are enclosed within a small space.

This movie is disgusting, violent, somewhat graphic, and hard to watch at times. It also just plain doesn't make any dang sense throughout much of it. But I do think it was a fantastic watch!

The synopsis explains the basics of the film so I won't bother and waste time. This is a film about how whoever is at top abuses those below them and how that dynamic can shift at any time. And while logic tells us we should adjust our behavior to make things better over time....we really don't. We just repeat the abuse and send it back down over and over never learning our lesson. This is an extreme literal interpretation of our behavior as a society and it is delivered with depravity, blood, and violence.

There is an overall message of hope at it's core, but it is literally insulated in blood and viscera. Minds are warped and broken, people die by the scores, everyone is a monster, and yet there is a message of hope at the very end. This movie lays bare how ugly we really are at our core as a people and society, and not in a subtle way. It's pretty brutal and often gross.

I enjoyed it. I don't know if you will.
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Original story, terrible ending
flapy_g29 March 2020
I was surprised by such a original story. The movie catches your interest from the beginning and gets more exciting as time passes. It was all great until the end, it is just unfinished and seems to be forced. I felt disappointed to spend time with a story that just doesn't end.
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The definition of a 7 star rating
sebastiantorrestodd24 March 2020
The premise is very good and interesting, and the story captures you right away, the acting is solid and the movie overall is definitely worth the time.

It is also dark and bloody but it makes is point and leave you thinking about capitalism, survival and people being people.

However the ending doesn't match the expectations, plot holes are an issue (an issue that can be filled with interpretations) but still I think they could delivered better.
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A great film except for the end
fidaast21 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
A new idea. Intersting story. But a dissapointing end that does not tell what happend or why
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Gore in political times
gabo_alepb29 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
My interpretation: The movie is an examination of the 20th century, its ideologies and their consequences.

Stage 1: The critique of Capitalism

The Hole is a social experiment conducted for a group of people called The Administration. They have examined the social cathastrophe produced by industrialization and globalization and are willing to find answers by creating a pyramide like structure where people are put randomly from level 1 to level 250. A huge meal buffet is produced in level 0 and is pulled down for people to eat, so the upper levels eat all the food and the down levels eat the leftovers. This will produce violence, starvation and cannibalism in down levels. People are randomly put in different levels after 1 month. People can wake up in level 2 in one month an the next one in level 200. They get to taste the difference. The administration selects people who have nothing to lose for this experiment.

Stage 2: The eternal dream of Socialism

Two people inside the Hole (the most educated ones we are lead to presume) one young man who is willing to be a lab rat for a University Certificate and a woman who is a former worker from the Administration realize that the only way of "fixing" the system and claim social justice is to provide equal parts of the banquet. So they try to talk the people in the upper levels to share, but people don't like the idea since they know some day they might be in the down levels and starve so it's better to be prepared and we'll eaten. The plan to socialize the banquet fails. The woman kills herself.

Stage 3: The inevitable rise of Communism

The educated man reclutes a stronger muscle man and convinced him that he has tried to talk sense into people but people are too stupid and mean to realize that sharing is the way so the only solution is going down with the banquet and force the upper level people to starve in order people in the down levels can eat. They go into a violent tour killing every priviledge person in the upper levels who don't want to share. As they go down they realize that there are more than 200 levels, there are 333 levels. After level 250 food is gone. Not only they have become the monsters they wanted to stop, they have also realized there is no way to feed that many people.

Stage 4 (Epilogue): The false promise of political change always leads to Nihilism.

During the stage of Communism a wise man advise the two men that what is important is not what goes down (food) but what goes up (the silverware of the empty banquet) and they should send a message to the people in Administration. The message should say: We are stronger than you. You can't beat us. They choose to not let anybody eat a dessert and sent it back untouched to the Administration. When they reach the bottom of the Hole they find a little girl who miraculously haven't starved so they think this is a message also. They let the child eat the dessert and send her up to convince the Administration that, in spite of all the violence, inequity, cannibalism and starvation, there is hope in the world. The strong man dies and the idealistic educated man is left in the bottom talking to himself condemned to schizophrenia for trying to save the world. In the end they both forget to survive for a promise it's not clear they even believe.
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Good movie...until the final few scenes
grantss22 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Goreng awakes as a prisoner in The Hole, a vertical prison with two inmates per floor. The inmates are fed by a platform that travels from the top floor to the bottom. The survival of the people on the lower levels is thus dependent on how much the people above them eat. This is not ideal and results in prisoners on the lower levels starving to death, killing and eating each other or committing suicide. Goreng decides to change things for the better.

Novel plot that takes a while to gain momentum. The first 30 minutes or so just seemed like a gross-out horror movie. I was starting to lose interest when a twist massively changed the direction the movie was taking. From then on it became very intriguing.

It also develops into a decent social commentary. Not a perfect one: some of the aspects of The Hole can't be linked to everyday society. Still enough to make it interesting and thought-provoking though.

The plot develops in very exciting fashion from this point. The middle third or so is a riveting action-packed roller-coaster ride. Still not perfect: I hated Gorengs hallucinations, feeling they were just padding: they added nothing to the movie.

Everything was set up for a profound or at least satisfying ending when the plot took an obscure turn that derailed everything. The ending is pointless, a massive damp squib that ruins the movie.

Ultimately, very disappointing as this could have been great.
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Fantastic Movie, Great Imagery, Meaningful Plot
darkjewdas24 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Aside from this being a great movie that really gets you thinking, after thinking for a day or so I think I realized what it was about. They're in Purgatory.

Let me point out some scenes to back this up, from highest to lowest. First off, he had a guide from the outset who even after death followed him throughout...his "Virgil". For those familiar with purgatory Lust is at the top. When our hero was on level 6, there was for the first time a couple above him. This was the only time in the movie this happened, and you heard lots of sounds. Lust.

Floor 32 (or in the 30's) with the woman, she tried to get those below to ration and they told her to basically screw off. They ate as much as possible, moreso than anyone else in the movie. Gluttony.

Wrath was all around the entire movie, but when he first woke up in the 70's he saw someone above him murder another inmate. Wrath.

Sloth would be when he was tied to a bed for almost an entire month, before having a piece cut off of him. Simple, but effective for sloth I suppose.

Envy was a little tougher, I'd have to watch the movie again. But when he woke up to the woman who had hung herself on floor 202 she was envious of him, possibly after the death of her dog? She did pick him to be her room mate.

The last one is confusing, but the woman who rode the platform down was Pride. Remember she had NO child, but wanted to be the "Marilyn Monroe" type actress. She was at the very bottom, or as close to it, as she could be. Until...

Floor 333. Meaning 666 inmates. The bottom floor was hell, or the entrance to it. That means the girl, who set off neither the hot or cold triggers, was possibly the devil or something akin to that. It explains how she was even alive as well.

Aside from that, the panna cotta had some symbolism potentially as a false idol....why did the man focus on it? Why did they kill to protect such a mundane item? Just some thoughts...there were lots of little, otherwise unnecessary references that when put together really leads me to believe this. Either way, I enjoyed thinking about it!
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Good enough
sergioalejandro-5713220 March 2020
It's ok, you just have to think for yourself about the end. But it's an overall good allegorical film about power and our social/economic system.

I do think however that the film relies a lot on gore, which is ok for me, but may be not so good for everyone.

Good enough for spending the quarantine.
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Substantial and Compelling Allegory Horror
TwistedContent20 March 2020
On a day of such big VOD releases like "The Hunt" and "The Invisible Man", the spirit and nature of "The Platform" pleasantly surprised me, truly. Netflix has scored a good one here, an intelligent, creative, dystopian Spanish horror cinema piece that has something to say, even if it's not exactly new. If You have enjoyed "Parasite", "Us", "Snowpiercer" or other thematically similar movies, this is a top notch companion piece.

"The Platform" introduces us to Goreng, a good man with a strong moral compass & the place where he will spend many months, a challenging and corrupt place. That place can be best described with the official synopsis: "A vertical prison with one cell per level. Two people per cell. One only food platform and two minutes per day to feed from up to down. An endless nightmare trapped in The Pit." And a nightmare it is. We spend the hours, days and weeks with Goreng as he lives through many humanity's challenges, agendas and natures and through a system that mirrors the messed-up'ness of our own world, politically and socially. Director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia is having a blast delivering a well-aimed allegory about the alarming and real inequality of our society, he has succeeded both philosophically and cinematically. The cast, every one of the characters, does an impressive job bringing this parable to life, with good character writing putting the dot on i. "The Platform", set in such a grim and claustrophobic environment, is visually pretty imprevise, well done cinematography, both practical and digital effects and just provides a high-tier overall look. There's a fair amount of violence as well, of the no-cheese kind. Last but not least, "The Platform" is carried back and forth with an atmospheric and effectively subtle original score.

"The Platform" is as substantial and compelling as it is entertaining, in the 90 minutes there's enough interesting themes, characters and twists to get kicks out of. Smaller flaws include slower pacing in the second half, an ending that, I imagine, might feel too open for some, but all in all it's a horror movie worth seeing. My rating: 8/10.
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Good actors, terrible screenplay, no development
ricardo-consonni24 March 2020
This movie has a good start. It resembles The Cube Trilogy and Oldboy in some ways, offers a good assessment on the flaws capitalism, and why socialism won't ever work - but that's it. The plot doesn't evolve. The ending is dreadful. When the credits started, I felt like the screenplay wasn't finished, but the producers had to deliver something, so they spat out this half-baked movie.
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Deep thinking at its best!
summawrestling8 September 2019
Sci-fi Thriller and philosophical commentary, this movie takes you to the darker and deepest corners of the human soul, a must see of Spanish cinema!
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Very interesting concept, failed execution
tdrish5 April 2020
While not bad, The Platform is another one of those movies where it begins intriguing, has a great concept, but it doesn't know how to end. Seems like they are making a ton of them these days. The Platform is about a vertical prison. That means it goes up and down in levels. There are two prison inmates per level cell, and an unknown amount of levels to the prison. Here's where it gets tricky. There is a rectangular square hole in the center of each cell. You can look up and down the hole all you want, but there's no way up, and its a long way down. A gravitational platform starts the feeding at the very top of the prison, where the inmates have a limited time ( two minutes!) to get all the food they want before the platform goes down to the next level. You'd better eat fast, because this is the only meal you're getting out of the entire day! As the platform of food goes down in levels, the food is obviously picked off and through, which means the lower you are in the level in the prison, there's a good chance you are going to be either mowing on chow you don't like, if there's anything left at all. Here's where it gets tricky. You don't stay on the level you are on. Once a month, the cell level you are on is gassed out, and you wake up in another level, where you will be spending another month. Where you end up is a mystery. It could be a good level or a bad level of the prison, as not all the levels are good. Technically, in this type of prison, none of the levels are good, but some are just worse then others. Are you thinking about going down with the platform of food to escape? Go ahead, give it a try! As I've already said, not all the levels are good, and you are going to be exposed to many, many cell mates as you go down. They're not all nice! The Platform had a great concept, interesting one if that, and the cinematography here I cannot praise enough. Well made, indeed, but the film I felt relied too much on violence rather then a story. It sure gives you the feeling on entrapment, and it sure gives you the dark vibes that some films try to capture, and end of failing miserable. These things did not go unnoticed. However, to stay on track with a story and have a satisfying ending is a must, which is the only reason why I gave this 6 stars. If it had stayed on track and had a better resolving of not only the situation, but some of the questions that left the viewer to their own devices to figure out, I would have rewarded this with 7 stars. We need more films like this in the United States to be released, somehow, I'm convinced that they just may have the audience that it deserves today.
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Interesting plot, no development
achmoye21 March 2020
The platform has a Bong Joon-Ho feeling, with a quite obvious social commentary and a agressive separation between rich and poor, and also a form of government hiding the truth and using the people. Unfortunately, Te platform fails fo bring some interesting development and additional intrigue to what was pretty promising. The more it goes, the more shallow it becomes, with a ridiculous, rushed ending. It fails to conclude anything and compensates his lack of substance by gore and violence.

Even is the trailer is incentive, this is not a good SF movie. Find something else to watch.
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