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Behind the Scenes - it's Ballet Showtime!
kellyq1221 October 2019
The dancing was fantastic and the woman at the center of it (Ballerina Tiler Peck who curating the live showcase and starred in it) is as effervescent and likeable as she is talented and strong. It was fun to watch the dances in their various stages of choreography and rehearsal all the way through to performance night. I do think the documentary could have done a better job of helping us understand the breadth of the show. There were really only 4 dances that were featured in the documentary, but you can see by the costumes and clips of other dancers that the show had a lot more. I understand with the time constraint of a film that there wasn't time to go in depth into every dance, but I would have liked to have been given an overview into what the entire show included. A very entertaining and positive inside look at the world of dance!
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Tiler Peck's Breadth of Talent is Awe-Inspiring!
jrfhy30 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I was exhausted just in trying to keep up with Tiler Peck's numerous responsibilities in making this Ballet Now production happen! She is SO talented, and in so many areas! She brought together dancers (hand picked by her, of course!) and not only inspired them, but was open to mutual inspiration and collaboration. All of the routines were danced phenomenally, which is extra impressive given the extremely short amount of time the dancers had to work together (and to work out the staging, lighting, music, etc.). The 123456 number was absolutely fantastic, and actually I enjoyed even more the scenes of those particular dancers working out the routine in the studios. If I could request any change to this documentary it would just be that we get to see the full final performances of all the dances. It seemed as if the documentary was preparing the viewer for such a treat, but then we just got a montage of clips from each number. Oh yes, and one thing really surprised me: Tiler Peck drinks a lot of Coca Cola!! Prima Ballerinas: They are just like us! :)
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What a great documentary!
MovieIQTest13 December 2020
Tiler Peck is such a gorgeous, elegant and most talented ballerina. She is so decent with a larger-than-life character. A very unpretentious and humble real person, so pure and so calm. If you got the chance to watch this documentary, you'd be delighted to find out that you'd have a great viewing experience like all of the audiences who attended her ballet show with fantastic new concepts and trials that have brought the ballet into a new modern level. A wonderful and excited viewing experience. Not only Ms. Peck is a great ballet dancer, she's also a great artist.
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