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  • Amelia (29) and Finnegan (60) find each other through an unexpected phone call. The two fall in love before ever meeting in person. When their first "face-to-face" encounter doesn't go as planned, the two must deal with the consequences of not having been totally honest with each other. This is a story about one man's last shot at true love and one younger woman's dream of finding her soul mate who is old enough to be her father.


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  • Finnegan desperately needs help finishing his screenplay about an older man who falls in love with a much younger woman. He hires Amelia to work as his muse, but they communicate via phone conversations only. Ironically, the two fall in love after just four phone calls and a game of 30 intimate questions they found in a newspaper article. They decide to meet in person and their first "face-to-face" encounter is a complete disaster. during the brief encounter, Amelia abruptly decides she can no longer continue with the blossoming relationship. Finnegan is now suspicious as to her true intentions all along. He begins to investigate Amelia's mysterious actions and ends up uncovering inconsistent behavior: she has no job but drives a luxury car, her ex-boyfriend she claims licked her out a few weeks earlier has his house burned to the ground, and Amelia lost custody of all three of her children with three different husbands. Finnegan confronts Amelia in front of her last serious boyfriend when everyone in the room discovers she has been hiding secrets. Through the unraveling of the "who is Amelia" investigation the screenplay being written between Finnegan and Amelia gets forgotten about. Or does it? Amelia ends up homeless and abandoned by everyone she ultimately alienated in her life because of her deceit. Finnegan is heartbroken and gives up on the screenplay. Finnegan's literary agent congratulates him on his completed screenplay; mysteriously submitted on his behalf but we aren't sure how, or WHO, actually wrote it! Did Finn write it or Amelia? Was their relationship just made up as part of the screenplay plot; written right before our eyes? The movie ends with Finnegan passing a homeless Amelia on the street, in front of a bookstore, where his new book and movie title is on display in the window behind her. The newspaper article with the 30 intimate questions in it is laying beside the homeless Amelia.

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