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A comedy as absurd as endearing
FrenchEddieFelson24 June 2019
This film describes a fetishistic relationship between George (interpreted by Jean Dujardin) and his suede jacket, bought 7000 euros after surreptitiously emptied the bank account he shares with his wife. The relationship he creates with this personified jacket will switch following two almost-concomitant events: the jacket will communicate to George its (his?) wish and Georges will meet Denise (interpreted by Adèle Haenel).

Although this film is devoid of rationality, some will see a profound message such as metaphor, allegory, symbolism, ... Whatever, one thing is certain: Jean Dujardin and Adèle Haenel play excellently and the atmosphere created by Quentin Dupieux is deliberately both unhealthy and funny. Finally, even if the beginning of the film is confusing or disturbing (the whole film somehow, but you'll gradually get used to it), once the atmosphere is in place, you'll await the denouement with impatience.
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The Curtailing of a Sacred Deerskin Hunter Gatherer...
Xstal11 December 2020
Who knows what goes through the mind of a recently separated middle aged man, but if you want an insight into one such gentleman, one with a suede fetish (haven't we all in various interpretations of that word), a penchant for jacket genocide and an ever so slight psychological, psychopathic derangement, then look no further. Jean Dujardin plays an aging buck who impulsively scalps his way through events with the edited financial assistance of the ever elegant Adèle Haenel. Extremely gamy, an acquired taste perhaps.
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Oh deer, you made me laugh
revenjo5 August 2019
New movie with Jean Dujardin is not for everyone. Let me explain: in modern world where comedy genre is near death some thing starting to mix up. This picture is mix of comedy, thriller with a little bit of suspense.

Scene is great, autumn is filmed perfectly, Jean Dujardin looks exactly how he need to be. Soundtrack is pretty good. This story could be a nice tv series like Fargo, but director had other plans.

So, if you are good with not ordinary scenario and got a dark sense of humor - this movie is exactly what you need. Plus, you will be waiting for an ending with so much interest like never before. This is new moral step in comedy genre, like maybe "The Naked Gun" or "Futurama" once was.
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MAMI MFF Review: Le daim (8 Stars)
nairtejas25 October 2019
In a role that was made for Jean Dujardin, he acts like he has been doing this for a long time. By 'this' I mean executing an eccentric project that is about to take over his life and muddle his relationship with the world. And by 'the world' I mean the sorry village that his Georges character travels to after buying a vintage jacket made of 100% deerskin which also marks his obsession with it, something that both induces laughter in its audience and also highlights the crazy, primal nature of obsessive compulsion characterized by depression, loneliness, and unconditional enmity against the humankind. I have no words to describe the virulent turn Le daim (Deerskin) takes as Georges laughingly has his way by conspiring with himself to take forward his obsession with his deerskin jacket, which I should add is 'killer style' in his own words. Whether it is the inflated price that he pays for the second-hand jacket or the newfound skill of videography or mistaking a film editor with a creditor, Le daim has been written in a way that is guaranteed to make you laugh every five minutes. The outlandish plot, accentuated by terrific performances by Dujardin and Adele Haenel (who acts with her face and that's enough) and also by the peculiar style of referral writing (where the aftermath of an event in a scene is shown in the following one or the one after that) by director-writer Quentin Dupieux makes this comedy crime drama a blast experience. I can't recommend it more and I am definitely going to be watching more of Dupieux's work. Bravo! TN.

(Watched and reviewed at its India premiere at the 21st MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.)
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A spectacular absurd movie - a cousin of Jack that built the house
MoviecriticElyn2 March 2020
Hi folks! Usually, I just do not have enough time to leave my reviews, I just watch too many movies.:) However, just cannot agree with rather low rating of this spectacular superb quality aburd-style gem of a movie. I will certainly parallel it to Lars von Trier "Jack that built the house". I saw the same mental problematic, however, there are of course diverse ideas behind of each of the two movies. I wanted also to stress the superb quality of Dupieux of creating a slow crescendo that ends just right. It is by no doubts a "cousin" of great Lars. Pitty that Dupieux is not famous, otherwise this movie would at least won Sundance or Cannes or Berlinale.
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Absurdism...either you love it or you absolutely hate it.
MartinHafer23 October 2019
A man is obsessed with owning a late 60s-70s style deerskin jacket. So, he spends about $10,000 to buy one (when it should be free or next to it since no one today wants one) and then spends the rest of the film making up lies as he stays in a small French town.

I was excited to see this film when I attended the Philadelphia Film Festival. After all, I have really enjoyed the other films I've seen starring Jean Dujardin. However, after seeing it, I was left very, very cold. The reason is like some other French films, such as "Buffet Froid", it's an example of Absurdism. Absurdism is really NOT comedy...more just putting bizarre and often disconnected events into a film and provoking a reaction in the audience. I honestly could tell that some folks in the audience LOVED it....and they were laughing at everything....even when it wasn't funny in the least. And, for me, the experiment simply got tiresome after about five minutes. Overall, a joyless, unfunny and dull that some love but the average viewer will be left thinking "What the $%** did I just watch?!".
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One of the best of 2019
rukovichp5 August 2019
This picture must be a Tv-series! Perfect trailer first of all.

Jean Dujardin is great in the role of narcissistic man who got hit by life. Scenario is so perfect, it's clearly neutral at the beginning. First I was thinking - it's a drama, not comedy. But then all around started to be so exciting. You can't imagine this mix of clever narcissistic man starting to be a little bit crazy. But it shown you with a serious face, and this makes it even funnier.

Quentin Dupieux made a great picture, very interesting and 70% of time fun to watch.
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Oh, Deer
thesar-24 January 2021
Well, that was a neat, little, indie experimental film and now I'll be sure not to wear a jacket in France.

The trailer calls this "Wickedly Funny." I did not laugh once, or recognize any humor in this movie. For me, this was a very short film about a man extremely ill and his continual journey into the abyss while he still grasps for more and more.

Georges is a man who's left everything behind to pursue...unclear, but what is known: he sought out a used deerskin jacket he wildly paid too much for and because of that, the seller throws in a video camera. Georges lands at a hotel and the cons are on. He's simultaneously "making a film" and is aware his jacket wants him all to its lonesome. At any cost.

Very well shot, acted, intense, unpredictable and enormously original, I would recommend this very quick gem just to see a different kind of "protagonist." A very ill one.


Final thoughts: I hadn't known this was going to become a horror. Technically, it's not, but it does get violent and gory integral to the plot.
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A flop..
silent88uk7 October 2019
By far, his weakest effort to date. I love(!) his previous movies - "Reality" is one of my all time faves, with 10/10 rating, and others are strong 9/10, but this fell flat on me. I did't laugh once. A major letdown for me
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explusest28 November 2019
Can't remember last time that I saw a movie so stupid.
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"I want to be the only one in a jacket."
classicsoncall30 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I suppose it's fair to call this a black comedy, but I have to be honest, I didn't laugh once. I was for all intents and purposes, dumbstruck by the sheer absurdity of it all. Having purchased a second hand, fringed deerskin jacket at an exorbitant price, Georges (Jean Dujardin) becomes completely mesmerized by it's 'killer style' and proceeds to reinvent himself after phoning his ex-wife and finding out, in her words, he no longer exists. Almost from the outset, Georges has conversations with his new jacket which in his delirium fevered mind goes both ways. Having received an outmoded video recorder as a bonus from the same man he bought the coat from, Georges begins to fancy himself a filmmaker, and enlists a lonely young woman (Adèle Haenel) with aspirations of becoming a film editor to join him in his movie making adventure. It's not too long into the film that one realizes Georges is an absolute, sociopathic cad, who's willing to lie, cheat and steal to further his cause. Over the course of the story, he adds to his deerskin ensemble with a hat, boots, pants and gloves, while having made a deal with his deerskin that he alone, of all the people on the planet, is worthy of wearing any kind of jacket at all. There follows a deadly turn by the novice film maker, as the movie careens down a long and sinister path that leaves corpses in its wake.

If one is expecting any kind of credibility to the story, you may as well not be bothered. It will occur very quickly to the attentive viewer that as the bodies in this tiny French alpine village begin to pile up, none of them manage to be discovered, even though they're in plain view, some having occurred in broad daylight. Quite cleverly, whether intentional or not, director and cinematographer Quentin Dupieux successfully creates a movie here that almost looks like it was made with Georges hand held camera, particularly in those scenes in which Georges is filming. Transfixed by her editing duties, Denise (Haenel) assumes Georges role at the end of the picture when he falls victim to his own sadistic pursuits.

Safe to say this won't be a picture for everyone. What starts out as a fairly interesting premise devolves into surrealism on a grand scale from the moment Georges puts on his treasured deerskin jacket. Admiring himself ad nauseum, and tempting bystanders to comment on his taste in fashion, I myself was quite puzzled by the fact that Georges didn't even realize that the jacket was about a size too small for him! Fortunately, it was just the right fit for Denise.
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Absurd? Sure. Funny? No.
guy-3668 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A middle aged man pays a fortune for a 60s deerskin jacket. Then, broke, he meets a waitress who is a wannabe film editor. Then... erm... steals other jackets from kids, posing as a film director using an obsolete camcorder. Then at 39 into the barely 73 minutes film's length I stopped watching.
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Wonderfully Dark and Thought-Provoking
TwistedContent4 December 2020
My second favorite Quentin, the unreasonably unknown one, has orchestrated yet another pleasantly weird movie, one that's completely self-aware and happy in its highly amusing absurdism. It's almost like an unprecedented hybrid "The Twilight Zone episode", with good amount of pitch-black comedy. Absurdist films often fight for meaning with great struggle, but "Deerskin" definitely has something to say as well.

It has come to Georges' (Jean Dujardin) attention that there is a smooth, awesome, tempting suede deerskin jacket out there waiting for its new owner, so he empties his & his wife's bank account and goes on a trip to success. He immediately falls madly in love with the jacket, and as a bonus, the seller also offers him a camcorder, which will come in very, very handy. Obsession doesn't end here, as Georges sets out to acquire a full set of everything-deerskin, and also meets an editor and cinema enthusiast Denise.

On the background of it being as bizarre and (substantially) dark as it is, "Deerskin" rolls on with admirable confidence, the rather short time goes by fast and overall I'd call it a neat film. For a horror movie, and let's not argue if it is or isn't one , "Deerskin" has a very clean, light, pastel-colored cinematography, no intrusive editing decisions, simple and clean, plus a full, wide aspect ratio. Additionally, the entirety of it is filmed in the charms of rural France. Within these aesthetics, we follow our main character brought on exquisitely by the well-known, Oscar-winning veteran actor Jean Dujardin. Dujardin plays a character who has some of the problems Jack did "The House that Jack Built", a sociopath willing to scheme to get exactly what he wants, and go well overboard on absurd levels to appease his own and his jacket's wishes. Yes, both. In fact, "Deerskin" reminds of Lars Von Trier in more than couple ways.

With the camcorder in his hands, Georges quickly aspires to do some filmmaking, and enlists Denise, an editor, to help him with his art project - I'll avoid spoilers I deem necessary to avoid. Between the two characters/actors, a quite interesting chemistry establishes quickly, and is important for the rest of the movie. The lesson or commentary that "Deerskin" embodies is not laid out or defined for us, but, in my opinion, it satisfyingly ends entirely finished right when needed, and it is now up to You to find it out!

A hard to categorize film, a small surrealists/absurdist achievement, a darkly fun movie, an intriguing cinematic exercise, that's "Deerskin", from the ever amazingly odd mind of Quentin Dupieux, who really, truly should be more recognized. My rating: 7/10.
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Very strange, not funny.
estronbase3 January 2020
I was expecting an absurd comedy. This was not a comedy, although I did laugh twice.
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A steady and enveloping descent into madness.
matthewssilverhammer1 November 2020
Like Dupieux's Rubber, Deerskin is a wonderfully strange and hypnotically funny psycho-thriller with ideas bigger than its budget. The dangerous pursuit for recognition, the overwhelming obsession for originality, the romanticizing of the wild west, the personal peril of unchecked masculinity. Mostly, it's an endlessly compelling study of a truly unique psychopath, played by Dujardin with a droll, disarming creepiness.
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Sick style
flanderfred15 October 2020
Can you not see his sick style?

Amazing movie, as you would expect from Dubieux. Total nonsense meets Sick Style!
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"I promise to never wear a jacket again for the rest of my life."
morrison-dylan-fan14 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Out of the batch of 2019 films I've recently downloaded,this was one of the titles I had the most problems with,due to finding out after downloading that the English subtitles were faulty. Looking online this week,I was happy to final locate complete English subtitles,leading to me joining the deer hunter.

View on the film:

Making a opening recording of people vowing to never wear a jacket again, writer/director/editor & cinematographer (!) Quentin Dupieux unzips a chilly macabre atmosphere, via cleverly dipping into clips of the movie-within-a-movie Georges is having Denise edits,who clips Georges murders which are presented by Dupieux as clinically cold.

Listening to Georges having conversations with his jacket, Dupieux threads the macabre Horror with a surrealist, wryly comedic patten, with the chilly backdrop being used for wonderfully off-beat montages of Georges trying to become the lone person with a jacket.

Going round killing with only the "talking" jacket on his back as company, the screenplay by Dupieux wisely avoids digging for a explanation, instead delicately undressing the obsessing loner isolation of Georges, bringing out fantastic dry comedy in his attempts to come up with every excuse possible to rid people of jackets.

Joined by a delightful Adele Haenel making editor Denise a lady on fire to his obsession, Jean Dujardin gives a excellent, dry wit performance as Georges, whose understated manner is used by Dujardin to stop people from sniffing out his deerskin.
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Watchable but really absurd movie
mm-mathias11099 July 2020
I really dont see how some people find this to be "funny".. It's about a man becoming a maniac as the result of a break up (I suppose).

It's laughable at times but really it's just really really dark and absurd. I got to say it kept me intrigued for the whole movie but I wouldn't recommend this movie, unless you like me don't have anything else to watch.

(People who found this movie outright funny should go see a doctor or talk to a shrink)
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absurd, but never boring
mjfhhh25 March 2020
George has reached a crossroad. Quitting his family life he is searching for a higher calling. This comes to him as soon as he obtains a Deer skin jacket. Everything seems clearer now. Especially when his jacket starts talking to him. Sharing its ultimate dream of being the only jacket in the world.

DEERSKIN steps into the rather tricky territory of a middle age crisis and treats it like no other movies have done before. Jean Dujardin is perfect as a slightly unhinged man whose search for purpose in life goes to the extreme. His partner in crime Denise (Adele Haenel) is seemingly clueless and adoring but has her own secrets in store. Their tandem is not unlike the one of Bonnie and Clyde. They ooze chemistry and a sense of approaching doom.

The film's genre is hard to define. It's too black to be a comedy. Too cheerful to be a horror movie and too grotesque to be a serious drama.

The Director Quentin Dupieux, famous for his thriller RUBBER about a murderous car tire, has another weird story to tell, this time it's more intense and adequate than I care to admit. But he knows how to be precise and concise, and with less than a 90 min run time the film never overstays its welcome. With its dialogue straight from Twin Peaks and the dream logic of David Cronenberg, DEERSKIN is never boring. It will surprise and frustrate in equal measure, but will linger in your mind for a long time.
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leatherdykeuk10 January 2021
This has to be one of the weirdest films I've ever seen. Kept me captivated by its sheer strength of storytelling. I did not expect the outcome.
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Weird in a good way
gedikreverdi8 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
He buys a very expensive secondhand leather jacket. He stays at a hotel and tell lies at the bar about his job saying he's a filmmaker. The bartendress the monteuse helps him with the film he's supposedly shooting. He takes the coats from people and kill them while filming the killings and she finds them very successful. He hires an operator and makes him dig a big hole in the soil and he buries the coats in his trunk in the hole. He takes from the receptionist that committed suicide a leather hat and receives a leather trousers as a present from the bartendress. She then helps him with the money and becomes a producer. While they're making new videos, she kills him and takes the leather jacket from him.
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kezzanolan9 August 2020
Fascinating indeed. For how short this feature is, I was entertained throughout the whole thing.
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The (right) stuff
kosmasp20 September 2020
Jean Dujardin is quite the versatile actor. He is known more for his comedy roles of course, but pulling these things off ... that's quite a feat. Him collaborating with Quentin Dupieux might be the dream come true for quite some people. And it does not dissapoint at all.

This is weird, off beat and quite narcissistic ... Dujardins character is despicable and really wrong on so many accounts that as a viewer you should not feel anything for him ... at all. And yet he draws you in and you do somehow care for him. Or at least you are given the opportunity to do so. This is bloody and mean and tough to describe. Mental to a degree that is beyond normal and yet not the weirdest thing the director has done by far ... it's comedy if you laugh right? Right!
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DEERSKIN refines the lonesome, narcissistic personal crisis with conceivable elation and bemusement, even the violence is drenched in utter absurdity and sheer nonchalance
lasttimeisaw30 January 2020
"French absurdist Quentin Dupieux, also known as Mr. Oizo in the music sphere, emerging with his mega-single FLAT BEAT circa the millennium, he is a computer wiz adept in sampling an aleatory style of electronic beats and strains. Starting from directing music videos, his sideline diet of filmmaking has a consistent output since NONFILM (2002), with sui generis quirks like RUBBER (2010) and WRONG (2012), DEERSKIN is his eighth feature, debuted in the Directors' Fornight at Cannes, it is by far his most hyped one, not least by the headliners of Jean Dujardin and Adèle Haenel."

read my full review on my blog: cinema omnivore, thanks
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Strange, bizarre, odd, but funny and entertaining.
deloudelouvain24 November 2020
What a strange movie, not sure everybody will enjoy this kind of story. But if you like a bit of bizarre then Le Daim (or Deerskin) is certainly worth watching. I did enjoy it and so did my American wife, so it's not necessary only for French people. Jean Dujardin proves he can play something else than in is award winning movie The Artist. There are basically only two actors that matter in Deerskin, Jean Dujardin and Adèle Haenel, and they both did a very good job. The complicity between both characters was what made this movie entertaining, plus the oddly strange monologues between a man and his jacket. I wasn't sure about this movie before watching it but I'm glad I watched it. Give it a go if you're not afraid of something completely different.
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