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I'm an atheist and I found it entertainment and inspirational
pcoene121 December 2019
The critics pan anything that has even a glimpse of Christianity. They can go to nonexistent hell. This movie inspires and is uplifting, unlike the PC crap the critics love so much.
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Nice to have a movie I can see with Mom
joeyford-5534223 August 2019
Great film, fun and engaging. I like that it was clean, like movies used to be. It motivated me. Heck, I might start running again!
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Feel good story about a young girl overcoming personal obstacles.
TxMike4 February 2020
My wife and I watched this at home on DVD from our public library. It is a faith-based fictional story with a good message, we enjoyed it.

By way of summary: High school basketball coach John Harrison receives unfortunate news that the largest local manufacturing plant suddenly shuts down, forcing many families, and their kids, to leave in search of other job opportunities. John's dreams of winning the state basketball championship suddenly vanish. He very reluctantly agrees to coach the cross-country team where he meets a runner, the only member of his team, who is on her journey of discovery. John and his wife are inspired by their new friend in the hospital while John attempts to help the runner win the biggest race of the year.

It is heavily Christian based, which works fine for this movie although those who object to such subject likely will not like this movie. Filmed in Georgia.
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Bring your neighbors! Great take-a-ways
kkjmm-3929323 August 2019
I almost never would give a 10 on a film since I believe that every film could do better, but in this case it is just a really good family film with some great take-a-ways. The acting keeps getting better in their films and the professionalism of the script level is very comparable to any family film produced by Hollywood. The messages and impact was felt deeply by myself. The next day I am still singing the songs in my head and trying to make some differences in my daily life to take advantage of the advise offered in the movie. I can't understand why many people would vote a '1' and then not even do a review, unless they never even saw the film and are just against anything with references to Jesus in a film. I guess that part hasn't changed in over 2000 years!? Go see the film and take someone with you...
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Uplifting film!
dshields-2569823 August 2019
Wow. I saw this film yesterday and am still replaying scenes in my head. Such a great inspirational film. I wish there were more movies like this available.
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Overcomer review ( from Kendrick fan)
dmyrwood23 August 2019
This is coming from a fan of Kendrick brothers really enjoy their films ( was even rewatching them all before this one) if you enjoy their movies too you would like it and it's also a good inspirational and even sweet at times sports movie ( even tho they claim running isn't sport lol) and some good characters here even a little twist that made things a little more interesting only main problem is movie can get bit slow at first then picks up more later but this is definitely pretty good one;)
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Unexpected Inspiration
icreate-124 August 2019
I'm not a fan of sports or high school movies, but I went to see this because I loved "War Room", another Kendrick film. I was crying & cheering! A great story on how Jesus can heal & change lives. Every high schooler should see this! I highly recommend it for church youth groups.
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Jesus Lives
MovieBuff_sl29 September 2019
Brilliant movie. Before the movie, I told my partner not to cry (it's just a running joke between us) but BOTH of us ended up bawling our eyes out. God is so good! The acting is amazing. Go watch it and it will do you a lot of good especially if you are down in the valleys. Remember the ONE who is central to everything. HE will never leave nor forsake you.
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Best Kendricks Brothers Movie Yet
rightgirl23 August 2019
Best Kendricks Brothers Movie Yet and they're getting more and more bold about the Gospel LOVE that !!!!
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Kendrick Brothers Movie Keep on Getting Better and Better
ShelbyTMItchell23 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Again brothers Stephen and Alex are doing always a great job. In the movies of making them Christian. Not corny.

John Harrison had a basketball team but loses the championship. But worse news is about to come. As the factory lays off thousands of workers and for the kids of the parents working there knowing that their dreams for a scholarships faded and John is forced to take on as a coach of cross country, something he does not like. Parents of those kids on the sports teams are moving to find better jobs and scholarships. All seems hopeless right...but then a breakthrough.

But then a student named Hannah Scott a troubled petty thief but gifted runner and student with trust and confident issues and lost her parents or so she thinks to drugs and living with her grandmother working two jobs to provide for them

She is the only person running track but proves she is gifted. John and his family put their faith in God and things start happening. Out of something bad comes something good. As Hannah slowly but surely improves on her running, grades, and hopefully finding a purpose in her life.

As John and his family make a visit though on accident with John at first alone to a person named Thomas who has his own history and he is faced with diabetes and death as well as lost his sight. But is happy after he found faith in God.

While also dealing with possibly movie away. But then Hannah is giving John and the school faith and proves that out of something bad, comes something good.
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This was a Baptist tent revival - not a movie
jblue-113876 September 2019
I thought this was going to be a feel good story like Hoosiers or Rudy and I couldn't have been more wrong. This was a slow boring predictable movie with the worst acting I have ever witnessed. Oh and the Jesus aspect was not just sprinkled in it was crammed right down your throat every 10 minutes. This experience was more like a Baptist tent revival than a motion picture.
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Misleading Trailer and Movie Summary
insainiy30 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Great movie for people of the Christian faith or anyone into watching a religious themed movie. Like other reviews mentoned, it started off really good and then the 2nd half was so over the top with religious connotation, and overdoing it with quoting scripture, that it was a bit of a turn off because it was so exaggerated. If the overuse of the religious tone was turned down a few notches, it would have been a fantastic movie.
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Better than i thought.
SpiritMechanic24 August 2019
So here we go again, and let me remind people of how i review movies. I rate them according to what they are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a summer blockbuster, this isn't it. This is a Christian made movie, for Christians. Meaning, it IS a little on the 'preachy' side, but, that's what is was intended for and it did hit that mark. It might have done it (the preachy thing) a little too much and too soon for me It was a little heavy. It was funnier than i thought it would be at the same time. That being said, it was a very well made movie and a very heart felt one at that. It will make you tear up at the least if you have any kind of soul at all. The high moments were good and hit home, and the preachy parts were a little too rushed for me. I think there should have been a little more depth to the characters in the beginning before they went off on the 'God loves you and me' part and then went right onto the whole 'God stuff' moments. Of course don't get me wrong, I am a strong Christian myself and have nothing against this kind of stuff in movies at all, i just wish it was more properly placed and timed right so it can hit harder when and where it is needed. But thats just me as an aspiring film maker myself. This movie was well made and it definitely hits home in a lot of areas. I would surely not miss it. These movies are getting better, but remember, a lot of them are preaching to the choir, which this one does, but it does it well.
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This is a must see movie!!!!
drpphoward24 August 2019
My husband and I enjoyed this movie so much that as soon as we walked out the theater, he turned and said, we have to get this DVD when it comes out! We cried and we laughed but most importantly it helped us solidify our relationship to the Lord. We think we know who we are but we let things around us tell us different. After watching this movie we have made a stance to stand firm on who He say we are! Love this movie! Great job to cast and crew.
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Good, but not the best Kendrick Bros. movie
beachy-3843125 August 2019
I agree with previous reviews that this one starts out slow, but is really rolling by the end of the movie. All of the actors were good but Cameron Arnett made the movie. If you have friends who are Christians or Cross County runners (or both), encourage them to see it.
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Started good
ryangrange25 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Little bits of faith sprinkled through the first half but the second half literally beats you over the head with it.
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Unfortunately needed something more.
dtrani13 January 2020
Despite it's compelling and moving narrative, Overcomer still fails in what it is. I am a Christian who enjoys watching Christian films, but will not give it a good rating just because it had a good message. Story is only half of a film. The other half falls flat with its bland editing and acting.

Many shots in the film felt undeveloped as well. Some of them were way too bright and should have been color corrected during post production. I don't like to give films bad ratings but unfortunately the Christian Film Industry is known for making cheap films. The Kendrick Brothers have made better films and wish Christians would up their game. If there was one thing I did like, it was some of the shots they chose to use such as various drone shots and even some nice crane shots. 5.5/10
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WHO are you? (And I don't mean your occupation or marital status)
Wuchakk29 September 2019
A basketball coach at a Georgia Christian school (Alex Kendrick) is devastated when the local factory shuts down and the school loses half its students, along with a decrease in pay for him and his wife, who also works at the school (Shari Rigby). The principal appoints him to coach the cross-country running team, which consists of ONE girl with asthma (Aryn Wright-Thompson) who lives with her grandmother.

"Overcomer" (2019) is a Christian-themed drama from the maker of "War Room" (2015), one of the most inspiring films ever made and a surprise hit at the box office, which ain't bad for an indie that only cost $3 million. This one cost $2 million more, but isn't nearly as potent. Yet it's still a solid drama with some poignant Christian-themed points that smack of real life. I could relate to several of the points, e.g. feeling like your life was a mistake and the negative fallout of an absent or distant father.

Some other themes are effectively driven home, like: the importance of the relationship of husband & wife to the health of a home; it's never too late for redemption; the power of the repentance/forgiveness dynamic; and how easy it is to fall into the pretense of Christian religion, i.e. spiritual hypocrisy. Anyone who sincerely tries to walk with the LORD will relate to these kinds of elements. Meanwhile some non-Christians will likely scoff and find these aspects fake (they couldn't be more wrong).

Sure, some of the acting of peripherals might not be of blockbuster caliber, but that's par for the course in these kinds of indie flicks. But the performances of the main adult players are fine. Speaking of which, Cameron Arnett is outstanding as the blind hospital patient and mentor on long-distance running. Was the coach's chance meeting with him an eye-rolling coincidence or a divinely-orchestrated encounter?

The film runs 1 hour, 59 minutes, and was shot in Columbus & Albany, Georgia, with shots of Nashville.

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I got emotional watching this film
irvinetustin25 August 2019
I've seen most of the movies that the Kendrick Brothers have done and I've enjoyed all of them. It seems like they learn something more about making films each time, and this one is no exception. There were some parts of the film that were predictable and other parts that surprised me, and all of it was enjoyable. The Kendrick Brothers films always have a strong message about faith and family and I appreciate that. And they always have those moving scenes that drive the message home. Perhaps because of what I've seen in my own life, the scenes in the this movie made me more emotional than the other Kendrick Brothers films. If you're looking for a good family film with a strong moral message then check out Overcomer.
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Very Powerful and Uplifting Move
melzow24 August 2019
I Loved the movie from Laughing to Crying and Praising God
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VERY misleading trailer
bonimdb27 August 2019
I read the premise and watched the trailer. It seemed to be a sports movie with an underdog theme. I thought it would be perfect for my developmentally disabled daughter since she loves those types of movies. I was very wrong. I am not religious at all and my daughter couldn't understand 85% of the movie. I can't believe that I paid good money to have to listen to that crap. The only good part was the race at the end and it seemed to take forever to get there because my daughter kept asking me when the girl would be running. The races were few and far between. The one star is the gratitude that I felt when it ended.
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The Good, The Bad, And The Really Bad
Willie-1223 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
First it should be noted that I am a Christian. I am a follower of Christ and I am not ashamed to admit it. And so this is going to be a difficult review to write. I am honestly not what I would call a Kendrick Brothers fan. But, I'm not a non-fan either. I have some personal issues with some of the messages that their films portray, in that sometimes they go a little heavy on, what I would call, a health and wealth Gospel message. This was especially evident in Facing The Giants where, once the central characters finally and fully turned their lives over to Christ, they began to experience a plethora of blessings in the form of multiple state championships, and multiple births. If you have not seen the movie, then what you need to know is, that early on in the film, before a revival breaks out across the school, the main characters are unhappy for various reasons. The school football team has struggled, and the coach's wife has not been able to successfully bring a baby in the world. Like I said, all of that changes after they make full faith proclamations in the form of multiple championships for the football team, as well as mutliple children for the coach and his wife. That is a dangerous message to convey in a world where, Jesus Himself, told his very own followers that, because of Him, they would face much trial and tribulation in this world. Just because someone becomes a Christian does not mean that their troubles are over. On the contrary, living a Christian life does not somehow miraculously cloak the believer and keep him or her from problems. Jesus never promised an easy road. But He did promise that when things get bad, He will be there for us and He will never let us go. And so, now we have the new Kendrick Film, "Overcomer." Now, even though I'm a Christian, I cannot review a film and hold it to a different standard than I would a mainstream film. There is no doubt that the Kendricks have become much better filmmakers over the years, seemingly learning much along the way. But just because they haven't had access to the same resources that big Hollywood directors have access to, doesn't mean that I am going to overlook this films shortcomings. And there are many. So, let's start with the good. The movie looks good. Technically speaking, the Kendricks have made a very good looking film. It had some great cinematography shots that aided in the film's slick look and feel. It was also well paced. For a movie that was right at 2 hours long, it never really felt long...it never seemed to get bogged down with unnecessary characters or sub-plots. That helps when a movie doesn't have much strength in the acting or screenplay department. Which leads me to the bad. This was a poorly written script. There are no two ways about it. There were jokes that fell flat because they, either didn't need to be there, or they were executed very poorly. And there were many scenes in the film that were obvious forecasters, of some other scene or point in the film that was coming later on. And the mechanics of the actors (the way they carried themselves) were often awkward and disingenuous. At one point, one of the characters goes to visit people at a local hospital with his pastor. Then, while they're there, a nurse tells the pastor that since there are many people already visiting the patient, maybe only one of them should go in. Now, in a well-made film, getting that pastor to go into the room without the other person would have been accomplished in a more realistic way. But, the filmmakers don't really care about that, because the intention of the plot trumps the decisions of the characters. In other words, the characters do things and make decicions based on what the plot demands from them. Good filmmakers don't forecast their manipulation of their characters, thus allowing their characters to make decisions that would seem more realistic. Kendrick wanted his character out in the hall for a reason. He had to be out there so that he could, accidently cross paths with another character who ends up having a monumental impact in the film. Even the way Kendrick gets his character to cross paths with the other patient is awkward and unrealistic. He nearly gets run over by some people pushing a hospital bed down the hallway, so he has to jump backwards, and ends up jumping so far back he accidently falls through the doorway to the patient's room. Even writing about the scene is awkward. It just doesn't ring true, and because of that, the entire interaction seems false. Add all of that to an extremely melodramatic (the filmmakers, obviously wanting tears to fall, stop just short of sending someone into the audience to beat the tears out of them with a baseball bat) plotline and acting, along with a poor performance from many of the actors (including the main character that the film revolves around) and you've got a really bad film. I know I will incur the wrath of many here because of my opinion, but the truth's the truth. I cannot give the Kendricks a pass just because they are working with limited resources. And, when it was all said and done, this film cost 5 million dollars to make. It's the Kendricks' most expensive film to date. And even though 5 mil. is still considred low budget, it's enough money to hire some good screenwirters, as well as some half-way decent actors. Perhaps that's what the Kendrick's should be doing from here on out. Provide the resources...produce the films. Because producing does seem to be the one aspect of filmmaking where they really do excel.
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sidevercontent27 January 2021
I get the intent of this film and I really appreciate it but I just couldn't ignore the bad writing and the cliche soundtrack that you've come to expect from these movies The acting was bad and the characters didn't have any defining characteristics The film wants to be both an inspiring sports film and a Christian film but it fails to balance it together
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Go See This Movie
magic200024 August 2019
What an incredible ride. Although it can sometimes be a bit predictable, there were enough surprises to keep it interesting and entertaining. A fabulous cast that was perfectly match with their characters. So up lifting that the entire theatre burst in to a round of applause at the end. If you only see one movie the rest of the year, make it this one. Simply one of the best I have seen in a long time.
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a great alternative to mostly junk media available out there ...
effendisoewono6 December 2019
This movie give you deep thoughts about what is important in your short life. Make the best of of your life.
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