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Weirdly spectacular
JeanDeMichaque17 September 2022
When I pushed play, I did not really believe that I would ever watch the whole movie. I just wanted to take a look and bail on it.

Well, I was so wrong. This movie is a freaken masterpiece, combines some extraordinary drama, stunning stunts and action, great photography and absolutely beautiful music. Given that this is a Bollywood movie, you know that you are going to watch some pretty ridiculous action scenes, an overall cheesy direction and dialogues and that the acting won't exactly be Oscar worthy. But none of it made me not enjoy this movie. The time passed by very easily and I ended up having a really great time.

The eye candy that is Ram Charan made this movie even more watch worthy in particular. That is one ridiculously handsome man, I have to say ;P.
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Rambo Meshed with Crouching Tiger + Musical....Say Whaaaat?
iquine16 September 2022
I bet you'd never think the mash-up the heavy-handed Rambo with the mystical stunning elegance of Crouching Tiger would work especially, while mixing in several musical numbers. Those who think that would be wrong. This movie was over the top in every way but it was pure awesomeness. Even with a 3-hour runtime, I was engrossed. It was a great story with thorough character development. A young native girl is effectively purchased by the mean British government who is controlling the people of Malli, presumably in India. This small tribe from which she belongs has a talented fighter who will stop at absolutely nothing to get her back. But the British government also has an Indian soldier who is equally as skilled; both of which dwarf all other soldiers as you'll see in the spectacular opening scene. As the two skilled fighters clash, will they come together for their heritage roots or will the duty of the one hold true to the army he works for. This movie blew me away. I've never seen special effects quite like this before. There were a plethora of frames that could be used for sweet posters. This movie was produced with smart editing, cinematography and choreography. This is a modern must see.
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Have Never Seen Anything Quite Like This
evanston_dad22 August 2022
I have seen a lot of movies in my time, made in a lot of different styles from different genres, from all around the world. I've seen everything from the most mainstream movie imaginable to the most experimental. I can't even remember the last time I came away from a movie thinking that I'd never seen anything like it. But that's how I felt after "RRR."

This movie is so much. Its "much"-ness may be a turn off to some, and almost was for me. My wife and I nearly bailed at the 20 minute mark because the film is so over the top and ridiculous. But we got hooked, and then I was totally in for the ride, to the point where I was disappointed that this 3+-hour behemoth was ending.

Do you like to see muscle-bound, slicked-up men fighting tigers? Check. How about public floggings that turn into musical numbers? Got it. Evil British people so extremely evil that England should sue the filmmakers for defamation? Sure. How about evil British people being mauled by rampaging jungle animals? You betcha. Beheadings? Yep. Romance? Of course. Homoeroticism so intense just watching this movie may turn you gay? Hoo-boy. Let's just say that anything not already in this movie isn't worth having anyway.

Watch "RRR," and then make sure whatever the first movie is that you watch after it is one you don't care too much about, because it will most certainly feel like the palest imitation of a movie you have ever seen. Seriously, this movie is so deliriously bonkers and so unafraid to be absolutely absurd that it's almost impossible to watch pretty much any other movie now and not be disappointed by it for not being this one. Thanks a lot "RRR."

Grade: A+
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I wish I could've seen this in a theater
matthewssilverhammer19 August 2022
There is officially ZERO reason to watch Gray Man; THIS is the only (not-so-)semi-subtle homoerotic Netflix action epic we need. A tightrope walk between complete silliness & beautiful sincerity, it has entertainment value dripping from every colorful pore: insane action, enveloping dialogue, sprawling yet intimate storytelling, elaborate dancing (yep!). Admittedly, the unfamiliarity of the tone may be a bit much for those prepared, but it's hard to deny the bravura movie-making, daring you to not to have fun.
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The best superhero movie in years
Jeremy_Urquhart14 July 2022
I have to try and review this without comparing it to anything directly, because it's not really comparable to other action blockbusters that have disappointed me recently. But I can say that for large-scale, big-budget action movies, this is how you do it right. Hollywood isn't incapable of making movies that deliver excitement and emotion, but many pale in comparison to RRR. Again without pointing out any movies in particular (because I don't know what's directly comparable), Hollywood should take notes.

RRR has many familiar tropes and beats that you get out of historical epics/action movies, but it uses those tropes well. Things we've seen on-screen dozens of times before can still be exciting and entertaining if they're used properly, and RRR is a testament to that.

The amazing action is probably what stands out the most, but at its core, this film also has a really good story with heroes you want to see win and villains you want to see defeated. There's some extra conflict between the two main heroes for much of the movie, but ultimately it's a good vs evil story that's pretty straightforward and honest about that, and thanks to the great characters and strong performances, that ends up being enough.

There's very little by way of slow scenes or dead air, and another reason the three hour runtime flies by is because the action is so good. I complain about lacklustre action in modern action movies a lot, and so I was really happy to find that RRR does its action so well. Amazing stunts, great setups for the big set piece scenes, a level of brutality that makes you feel the impact of the combat (but not too much that it feels gratuitous), and a way of making things over-the-top in the best way possible (so not to the point where it feels like there are no rules or consequences for the good guys). The two main heroes in this are almost superheroes, which arguably makes RRR the best superhero film in years.

Excellent stuff. A couple of lesser performances from minor characters and some occasionally clunky English dialogue from the British characters is all I could criticise it for, and they're nitpicks. This is a great action movie and an epic that more than warrants its three hour runtime.
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owenpont-7080329 June 2022
This was an incredible film. I never heard of this film until Netflix brought it up. I saw clips of the movie and decided it looked pretty good and watched it. I am glad I did, the dancing scene at the party was incredible. Arguably the scene was the best scene in the film. But also the first scene where Ram Charan takes on a mob of people was pretty awesome to watch as well. Overall this is definitely one of the best films of the year combining action, comedy, romance, dancing and great storytelling.
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As An American, This is Everything Modern Star Wars and Marvel Should Have Been
Dark_Lord_Mark19 July 2022
SO long story short, word of mouth happened and more and more people including myself heard about this movie and here we are.

It's about friendship and honor and wants and well everything Star Wars Prequels should have been. It's everything Marvel should have been.

This movie is about 2 men, super human, some suspension of belief needs to be had. View it as a super hero movie and it delivers.

Plot: It's about 2 men; a hero and the anti hero. One has duty, one has family.

It's an action movie, think what Avengers Civil War, Batman vs Superman should have been. In modern American movies, the overuse of CGI makes the movies look cheap. RRR has CGI and some places it does look a little cheap, but for a modern big budget film, it delivers.

I have to give it between a 9 and 10. My expectations were low, but the AMAZING actions scenes were filmed very well, the acting and just the over the top hero moments were well done.

Highly recommended and a must see.
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So much better than an unbelievable marvel
Mikecizi12317 September 2022
Yes this is unbelievable, but great fight scenes, action, fun, comedy, story line. The English acting is pretty bad, but compensated by the other actors and the whole, big budget extravaganza which can knock the socks off any of the repetitive and ridiculous Hollywood action films. I'd watch this anytime over another Spiderman or minions piece of money making cack. The friendship and betrayal storyline is well done too and CGI is so much better than an idiot shooting his web to get down the street. Enough of Hollywood, more of India. And no, I'm not Indian , I'm from the UK and enjoy a bloody good film.
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SS Rajamouli Delivers A Power Packed Action Entertainer Once Again, Made Only For Big Screen !!!
cs_rahul_kumar25 March 2022
The last time director SS Rajamouli managed to wow the audience was in 2017 with the film Baahubali: The Conclusion. It took him 5 long years for him to conceptualise his next film RRR, shoot and bring it to the silver screen. Pulling off a multi-starrer with Jr NTR and Ram Charan in the lead roles might seem an accomplishment in itself. But Rajamouli manages to deliver even when it comes to the story.

RRR is set in the 1920s and revolves around the lives of two revolutionaries - Alluri Seetharama Raju who waged an armed campaign against the British and Komaram Bheem a tribal from the Gond tribe who fought against atrocities heaped on his people. There is no historical evidence to show that the two ever met or fought together but Rajamouli reimagines history and weaves a story around their meeting.

RRR runs on a relatively simple premise. There's 'fire' - an angry, young police officer Ramaraju (Ram Charan) who is both revered and feared by the British. He has done their every bidding for years, he is the one they sic on anyone they want to capture and yet, he is the one who's never given enough respect due to the colour of his skin. Then there's 'water' - sweet, simple, innocent Bheem (Jr NTR) who has brute strength but uses it only when it serves his purpose. He's a Gond tribal who has come to the city to rescue a young girl called Malli, who was taken away by Lady Scott (Alison Doody), to be the singing doll 'on (her) mantelpiece'. But that is just the beginning of the tale.

Rajamouli's new calling cards seem to be building new world. Because, despite being based on two revolutionaries from history, RRR has a story that's completely fictional. Delhi of the 1920s becomes his new canvas. Bheem might have fought against the Nizams, so much so that one of them finds it imperative to warn the British that he's not to be taken lightly. But he also finds shelter with Muslims in Delhi. Ramaraju might seem like a well-trained soldier who will follow instructions blindly but he also seems to have a past no one but his uncle (Samuthirakani) knows about. Scott (Ray Stevenson) might believe 'brown rubbish' deserve even a bullet to be wasted on them but Jennifer (Olivia Morris) seems more empathetic. This is not the freedom movement where you turn the other cheek, this is the one where you use your hands as weapons.

The first half of RRR runs like clockwork. There's the emotional core in Malli, there's the song and dance with Naatu Naatu (it'll make you smile) and a friendship explored through Dosti, there's even a few laughs whenever Bheem tries to befriend Jennifer. Cinematic liberties are taken but they don't seem as noticable as in the later portions, half where the film falters a bit. The way Ramaraju's fiancé Sita (Alia Bhatt) is woven into the narrative, apart from Ram Charan's transformation to another look also seem forced in a tale that was smooth sailing. After the way Bheem is set up effortlessly despite nothing much being told, the way Ramaraju's story unfolds seems strained. The climax leaves more to be desired. The good thing however is that the film manages to surprise you. Rajamouli also manages to use certain tropes set up in the initial portions of the film in the latter portions cleverly.

None-the-less Rajamouli manages to pull off something people have been pining for - a commercial, action drama that will keep you thoroughly entertained - which it does. The length also doesn't prove to be a hindrance, thanks to a tight screenplay. The VFX in certain portions could've been better. Jr NTR pulls off his career's best performance. He's charming as Bheem, especially in the emotional bits and his desperation to find Malli comes through well, so does his love for Ramaraju. Ram Charan also does well, pouring soul into the transformations his character goes through. Tarak and Charan's roles require them to have chemistry, which they do. Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris, Samuthirakani, Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran and others play their parts well. Olivia in particular manages to win your heart. Alison and Ray breeze through their roles. Keeravani's OST for the film might not be for everyone but he does well with the BGM. Senthil's camerawork is a delight too.

RRR is made for a big screen viewing. The cinematography and visual aesthetics paint every frame in a radiating manner. Oodles of flamboyance is something one has come to expect from Rajamouli now. The background score thuds with relentless urgency and repetition, unapologetically melodramatic and quite smitten with itself. It numbs us into submission but post-interval as the pace falters a little, the pleasures dwindle too.

RRR is perfection by any means because after the way Rajamouli pulls off certain scenes, you wonder if he could've done a better job in others. But watch this one this weekend if you've been longing for a good action packed drama. Especially so if you're a fan of the lead duo.
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When the movie ends, it was like completing the festival celebration
m-ramanan25 March 2022
RATED 10/10 Language: Telugu Media Partner: Zee5 Source: Nil HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Movie starts with two hero introductions, that itself like full meals satisfaction...Really the trailer shown the 30% of the movie, it has much more action blocks and goosebumps moments in the movie... its real double treat. Mass moments also doubled with dual heroes... Naattu song is the cherry on top, whole theatre goes mad on this one... the interval block action sequence is real jaw dropping one, even though we can guess this one, but cant guess the scale...

Second half starts with bit slow flashback, but it picks up to the peak immediately. Second half has more sentiments and more screen space for RC. RC outshines NTR in lot of places... All the action blocks are gravity defying but enjoyable.... After credit Janta song has cameo from Rajamouli. When the movie ends it was like completing the festival celebration....

Exceeding expectations in all aspects....
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probably the most brutally violent PG-13 in a while, plus a dance battle!
Quinoa198414 April 2022
Total militaristic propaganda on a scale that is as immense in scope as a David Lean and as bloody and brutalist as Mel Gibson. It's certainly nowhere near as subtle as the former (well, duh, kids), but it also manages to be rapturously stupid it's gruesome violence than anything the latter would do. My wife with me also pointed out Zack Snyder but far superior visa vi "here's a man with something to say... and it's LOUD and SLOW MO" and I concur up to a point. And if you don't like British people, boys and girls have I got a smorgasbord of "f the Brits" for you (it's alright there's the one good lady one).

But what experiencing all 187 minutes of RRR truly is - and final peppy and totally dissonant music number included that is the run time - is going to the All You Can eat buffet where you are not going to leave for like 10 hours: it's a somber and powerful war movie, a Gritty Run they the Jungle slaughter fest, a Cornball treatise on Friendship, a (at times very literally) fiery call to arms against the British or any Colonial power, a sliver of romance for good measure for Bheem, and for five to ten minutes a deliriously exciting Step Up dance-off movie. It's exhausting and crude and at times laughable (all those CGI animals oh my), and I had an absolute blast. You know what you're in for when our two heroes first meet under the bridge surrounded by fire. If you're not with it by then, leave and don't come back.

I know this is not historically accurate (LOL), but who needs accuracy when the exploitation-meter needs breaks through the glass and becomes a superhero bent on saving everyone with all the guns? This is gloriously crazy but it's totally sincere. Oh, and Ray Stevenson: performance of his career! (If only Aamir Khan was here, 5 stars easy).
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andrewchristianjr5 June 2022
The action scenes were just as badass. It's so hilariously ridiculous and stupid that I loved it. It's basically a superhero movie. The two actors were also the important part that made these scenes entertaining. The story itself was not bad, even though it dragged so much during the middle part.
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Larger Than Life
jace_the_film_guy18 September 2022
This might be uncultured, but I usually struggle to watch films with are subtitled or dubbed. This film completely broke that precedent, as I loved every minute of it. The characters, the action, the dancing, the emotion, everything was larger than life, well-executed and mesmerizing.

There were elements in this movie that I have never seen before and left me with my jaw on the floor. The film is three hours long, but every scene was necessary and added to the emotional depth of the story. The highlight of this film is the incredible chemistry and relationship between the two leads. The instant rapport and harmony between Ram and Bheem is inspiring, which makes some of the later moments so poignant.

As a whole, RRR is over-the-top and big, but also subtle and real. In one moment I would be grinning ear to ear, in the next I was crying, and in the next I was gasping with excitement. Though there were elements I didn't fully understand, I can appreciate the breathtaking art of filmmaking and I am anxious to give it another watch.

Note: If watching at home, I would recommend watching this film in two or three parts. An intermission is helpful.

Note 2: The dancing scene is an all-timer!

Note 3: If there is ever an opportunity for me to see this in theaters, I would jump on it in a second!
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Storytelling. This is how you setup and payoff.
bradclayton14 September 2022
RRR's strengths are easily worth suspending a little disbelief (though no more than the average blockbuster) and accepting the style of acting. If you can get past that, and if the violence isn't too much for you, you're in for a treat.

There is so much more heart in this movie than anything I've seen for a long while. It's nice to see a movie employ slow motion to convey emotion rather than try to magnify action. But more than the great camera work and fantastic music (this movie sounds tremendous), RRR knows how to setup a story. From the very beginning, screentime is being used to setup payoffs later.

I can see the violence being an issue for some (though, RRR is not nearly as gory as many films, but it can feel brutal at times--enough that I can't really call this a family film).

One of the best films I've seen. Excellent.
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RRR (Ridiculous Riveting Rampage) - a great time!
jamesfaustino-8240529 June 2022
This movie is one of the greatest movies I've seen in my life not knowing that Indian movies would actually execute so well especially this one. The action is the best part of this movie, no scene in this movie cannot go untouched without action. Even though on some parts I never understood what they were saying the subtitles helped and I understood this movie. Some scenes were ridiculously funny and stupid but made me realize how good this movie is. Take notes Hollywood as this movie tops the majority of your movies today.
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Pride of Indian Cinema #RRR
sujathakella25 March 2022
Just watched #RRR. Are u going to read this review. Review less film, The Tag S. SRajamouli is enough to watch it Mind blowing, Charan,Tarak performances are Top notch , I think they gave carrer best performance. Vfx,Music, Production design every thing is Back bone of film, review is not more than this because Enjoy this master peice only in threaters....❤❤🙏🙏🙏 once again #RRR Pride of Indian cinema , Take a bow captain of the ship s.s rajamouli garu🔥🔥 4.5/5⭐ At last Dont encourage Piracy ,Enjoy those Veralevel Action Scenes only in Threaters.
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A weak writing sparkled by Rajamouli's extraordinary mass elements and Ram Charan & Jr. NTR's larger-than-life characters
RRR (2022) : Movie Review -

High and Low. No, I'm not talking about Akira Kurosawa's Japanese flick from 1963, but I'm talking about SS Rajamouli's RRR. Actually, that's the best brief for the film I can think of. SS Rajamouli has been making mass-friendly commercial films for a long time, but Bahubali brought him pan-India popularity. He became a household name and a BRAND! So naturally, anything he would do after Bahubali was meant to look smaller or look comparatively less because the bar was set too high for any filmmaker and for himself too. The same happened with Prabhas when he came after Bahubali with "Saaho" and "Radhe Shyam". Let's just accept the fact that a film like "Bahubali : The Conclusion" (2017) can't be made again and again. Not just because it was a Massive Blockbuster, but also because the kind of extraordinary commercial cinema it presents is almost impossible nowadays. When I saw Bahubali 2, I called it the Greatest Commercial Entertainer of this millennium after Gadar (2001). Surprisingly, these two films are the only ones in this century to sell 5 crore+ tickets in the Hindi belt. It was acceptable to see such heroic characters in Bahubali because the film is set in an ancient period, which makes it reasonable. But with RRR, it can't be held reasonable enough because the film is set in the 20th century, where you expect some humanly possible stuff. It doesn't matter how big (fictionally) your character is, it has to make some sense when it comes to on-screen persona, as we have had so many legendary personalities during this period, who have served the nation till the last drop of their blood, and it all came with human restrictions. RRR looks problematic in that sense, but if you talk about mass cinema, then RRR is simply phenomenal.

RRR is a fictional tale set in the 1920s. Two Indian revolutionaries, Rama Raju (Ram Charan) and Komaram Bheem (Jr. NTR), try to fight the mighty British Empire and Nizam of Hyderabad in their own ways, which are interestingly opposite and unknown to each other. Bheem is after a little girl who has been abducted by British officer Steve (Ray Stevenson) and his wife, Lady Scott (Alison Doody), while Rama is a British cop who tries to stop him. Two powerful heroes, one fiRe and one wateR, are pitted against each other, and then you get to know about their agendas in the second half when the story unfolds the past events.

RRR presents Ram Charan and Jr. NTR in never-seen-before avatars. Rajamouli makes sure that their crazy mass fan following gets enough content to have a big mass party in the cinema halls. Ram Charan enters with a 5-minute long action scene, which does look a little too extraordinary for an ordinary mind, but that's what "mass cinema" means, right? On the other hand, Jr. NTR has got a crazy mass entry that has a class too. That entire forest sequence will blow your mind. A good happy warning to all Tarak fans: please keep your expectations high because Bheem is going to exceed all of them. The pair of Rama and Bheem work like a fireworks display during all those large-scale action sequences. Talking about the supporting cast, especially two Hindi actors, Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt, both have small but important cameos. Ajay Devgn does the speaking with his intense eyes again, and in other news, the sky is blue. This man has some charisma of his own. It's only a matter of a genius filmmaker who can use it correctly. Alia Bhatt as Sita looks gorgeous in every single scene, and her character plays a vital part in the narrative. Olivia Morris sparkles the screen with her beauty, and her accent is too cute. Alison Doody is the exact opposite of that, but that's what the villainous characters do. Both Samuthirakani and Shriya Saran appear in small roles, and both pass with good grades.

RRR's basic script is as good as any Telugu action drama (mind you, some call it mindless), but the screenplay doesn't match that certain level you are expecting. The second half may bore you with outdated melodrama and may cause a little irritation too. All those flaws will be forgiven when you witness the Big-screen extravaganza in 3D. The action sequences of RRR have set the benchmark for all the filmmakers in India. Rajamouli outperforms himself from wherever he has done Bahubali. That film still had battlefield references to help a bit, but RRR, despite being driven by two characters, provides a better visual spectacle than Bahubali. That's not a small thing, mind you. The music of RRR is going to create some hysteria in theatres. If you don't feel like dancing while "Naacho Naacho," I'd say please consult a doctor. You are not normal. "Dosti" has got nice tunes for a situational song, and "Komuram Bheemudo" will take you all by surprise. I'm not sure if you can hear "Raamam Raaghavam" clearly because there will be a lot of noise, including big screams and whistles, going around at the time. But you'll ask for a repeat viewing after reaching home.

It's been more than two years since we haven't had a big pan-India event film and SS Rajamouli brings back that much needed "Big-Screen Experience" for us. Undoubtedly, the best director in India when it comes to commercial cinema. The name is SS Rajamouli! His extraordinary vision of looking at ordinary things is what makes him better than other filmmakers in India. Bahubali was an ordinary script, but it's Rajamouli who made it an extraordinary film. No matter how many resemblances you find between it and "The Lion King" or its original source material, Shakespeare's Hamlet, it's a story every Indian can relate to. That's the same case with RRR, despite some flaws in the writing. But that's where Rajamouli's genius mind works overtime. He presents the high-octane mass hysteria that is sure to make the masses go crazy. The hardcore patriotism will please a certain section too. Whether it be the introduction scenes of the two lead actors or that train bridge action scene or that pre-interval rampage or even that mind-boggling climax in the forest, SS Rajamouli has outdone himself. He has reached a level that other commercial directors in Indian cinema can never reach or even dream about. Give this man a weak script and he will still make a strong mass entertainer out of it. That's what he has done with RRR. Every single viewer is going to hail him for his superlative vision of how to look at period action dramas. Every filmmaker who wants to make a great mass film should learn from him. As a whole, RRR packs a solid punch of out-and-out commercial entertainer that we have been missing since the Bahubali juggernaut. Just don't mind the below average writing, and you are going to LOVE IT!

RATING - 6/10*
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An Indian, live action anime!
olsenry-0449927 June 2022
I love shows like Cowboy Bebop and Attack on Titan. RRR feels like a live action Indian anime and I love every minute of it! It has some of the best special effects (and at times worst) that I have seen in recent years that isn't tied to Marvel. The choreography of fights and dancing are on par with old Jackie Chan. I'm going to watch RRR again right now! Sequel please!!
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An epic tale of friendship, rebellion, love, bravery and synchronised song and dance.
BA_Harrison4 November 2022
N. T. Rama Rao Jr. Plays tribalist Komaram Bheem, who embarks on a mission to rescue Malli, the girl abducted from his village by wicked British governor Scott Buxton (Ray Stevenson) and his cruel wife Catherine (Alison Doody). Ram Charan Teja is dashing police officer Alluri Sitarama Raju, whose job it is to apprehend Bheem. When the men meet, not knowing each other's purpose, they become friends, but friendship inevitably turns to violence in order for them to complete their missions.

With impossibly strong heroes who can withstand intense pain and brutality, outrageous action sequences that make the Fast & Furious films seem realistic by comparison, a total absence of historical accuracy, more slow motion than a dozen John Woo movies, a whole menagerie of unconvincing CGI animals, and ridiculously vile villains, this is a film that requires the viewer to suspend disbelief and just go with the flow. If you can do that, then the film should prove thoroughly entertaining for the duration (over three hours): it's directed with panache by S. S. Rajamouli, the cinematography is stunning, the pace is brisk, the fight scenes are bone-crushingly violent, and while patently ridiculous, the story is engaging.

8/10. As much as I enjoy a bloody smackdown between one man and an entire mob, it is the dance-off at the governor's party that is the standout scene for me -- such fun!
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Ravishing. Resounding. Rapturous.
CinemaClown27 June 2022
Oozing with style, swag & swashbuckling energy, RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) is as intoxicating as it is unabashedly over-the-top and is blockbuster filmmaking at its most bombastic. Told with kinetic flair and riding on restless momentum, this 3-hour long larger-than-life epic extravaganza packs a gripping plot, interesting character dynamics & charismatic leads to go along with its explosive action spectacle and is entertaining throughout.

Written & directed by S. S. Rajamouli, the premise setup is neat and characters introductions are striking enough to stand out and the film only gets bigger, bolder & better as plot progresses. Rajamouli aims for maximalist entertainment here and makes his intentions clear during the first action segment only but what's more impressive is him making sure that the story fundamentals are covered before going all-in on the elaborate set pieces.

Its 182 mins runtime never becomes a bother, thanks to its consistent narration & smooth flow. While the romance subplot & musical numbers are uncalled for, they are finely intertwined into the storyline. The action is ludicrous & CGI is cartoonish and yet what Rajamouli was going for with his imagination makes them work. The story rides on the bromance between its two leads and both the actors contribute with strong individual inputs while also delivering as a duo.

Overall, RRR is a resounding & reverberating ride that blends history & mythology into one rip-roaring & action-packed cinematic offering that's as roisterous & ravishing as it is reductive & ridiculous at times. While it's easy to get swept away by its overwhelming rapture, flamboyant appeal & invigorating quality, the film does a fab job of juggling its narrative priorities with entertainment obligations and rises, roars & revolts enough to soar above the sea of mindless blockbusters.
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One helluva crazy action packed entertainer. Watch out for the tigers, stags, wolves, etc going berserk.
Fella_shibby23 September 2022
I saw this last night (22/09/22) on Netflix n this is my first review on IMDb aft a sabbatical break of 3 months.

This one is action packed n very very entertaining.

Of course one gotta leave the brains at home n forget that gravity exists.

I enjoyed the animals attack scene n the tiger capturing scene.

Tigers, wolves, stags, etc running helter skelter n tearing people makes Days Of Animals look like kindergarten.

I enjoyed the Nacho Nacho song so much that i wanna learn the steps by joining a dance class.

The bike scene towards the end, the gun shootings via sitting on partner's shoulder n the gravity defying jumpings, all this is totally amazeballs.

The heroes in this movie possess superhuman powers n totally immortal n the villains are cruel, evil n totally despicable.
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Pure Entertainment
albertval-695602 June 2022
It's relatively long at 3 hours but it's truly entertaining in Bollywood fashion. It's fictional but surprisingly immersive story.

The main characters Ram Charan (as Raju Ram) and N. T Rama Rao Jr (as Koramam Bheem) are versatile, talented actors.

The fight sequences are masterfully choreographed with creative use of CGI. The action compares with well-done kung fu movies. Cinematography is amazing too.

Watch it to be entertained; the epilogue is a cultural bonus.
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The best pan Indian film
Jithindurden28 March 2022
The first Rajamouli film I saw was Magadheera. It was a revelation at that time for me that an Indian action film can look this good. The way it combined its own version of mythology and made it so good was something that really blew my mind even though I had so many issues during the modern times in that movie. But I could see that was some Telugu commercial filmmaking that was needed at that time. Then Eega with its crazy fly revenge felt even better. Then Bahubali became a national sensation but even though I liked that film, I was disappointed because I felt like Magadheera should have been the success Bahubali was. Other than the great war scenes and a few things here and there I didn't really like it as much as the previous two films I liked. Bahubali 2 was an even bigger disappointment as I didn't like it at all. So I was going into RRR with caution but it easily became my favourite film of his.

Right from the start, with the intro of Ramcharan, there were many things about it that defied expectations. We see the hero of the movie in a completely negative light in an impossible action setpiece. The scene is crafted in such a way that even if we know that is not possible, we don't question it. The film is filled with so many moments like that where the action setpieces blow your mind and if these action scenes are shown any differently it would not work. The entry of Jr. NTR during the action scene right before the interval was another moment that was mindblowing.

The use of patriotism and the mythological parallels were beautifully done. Even the wind rousing the character at a moment felt like it is referencing Bheem/Hanuman, the name and the action done by that character being sons of Vayu, the wind god in mythology. There are a lot of issues in the film, but the existence of this film in this form itself is a wonder as far as I'm concerned. The best film to come out under the so-called "pan-Indian" label.
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abhishekshatry25 March 2022
#OneWordReview... #RRR: TERRRIFIC.

Blockbuster #SSRajamouli gets it right yet again... #RRR is a big screen spectacle that blends adrenaline pumping moments, emotions and patriotism magnificently... #RRR has the power and potential to emerge a MASSIVE SUCCESS.
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sameerlodaya28 March 2022
Sameer lodaya

The movie is a HUGE entertainer and it has to be because it's RAJAMOULI

the story is simple of two characters who fights for their purposes but it has presented in a very HUGE way..the entry of two heroes were extravaganza and was beyond imagination..the action was terrific and thumping.. the dance sequence showed In a song were very unique and energetic..the director has kept his brand and delivered more than expectations..both the heroes played their roles according to the directors HUGE brand..the impact of the scenes can be felt as audiences were whistling and howling..your expectations to see a BAAHUBALI makers film will not fail

The negative parts are both alia and ajay were kept for Hindi audiences and were given very tiny roles...some scenes were over dramatic and nearly to ham scenes..songs were not up to the mark..at times you will feel the movie is dragged and loses its pace

See it in 3d.
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