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Enjoy it with a cup of tea on a cloudy and sunny day
petervd15 October 2018
To be honest this movie is a slow burn, maybe not even a burn. The movie is split up into three stories with the same theme, childhood. I personally liked the first story the most, but the third story is also wotrh watching. Sit down, drink a cup of tea and relax while watching beautiful animantion tell three sweet stories about the memories of childhood :))
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Worth your time
dark_dark_assassiiin4 January 2019
It is, overall, an experience in itself more than a movie. It's something you take in, interpret, analyze through your experiences and filter with your own feelings. It's entirely up to you if this movie is something you digest afterwards for a few hours wondering about your life as a whole or just something you ate popcorn to. In both cases it is extremely good. The lessons that are in it are numerous and varied enough to please everyone and it's auite easy to identify with something from the movie, be it a character, a scenery, a feeling, a phrase, and the list can go on. On purpose it is called flavour(S) in the plural form because to everyone there is something different to be taken out of it. This anime is about love, family, passion, dreams, and everything else that makes us human. It's a nice perspective on life, set in short stories that are pleasant on their own and connect, covering up all the issues someone might face, with characters that are really nice and a good development. It's similar to Life Itself in these aspects. For those who want to just chill out it's great too, the animation is beautiful (not stunning) but well done, the music and scenery is extremely absorbing, good play and twists, quite easy to follow up, and a really well made movie overall that should fill up and afernoon and make you feel good afterwards. So give it a shot no matter what!
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I loved it.
pandeyvimleshkumar9 August 2018
It's all about the little things that make the difference in our lives. It's so alone-time kind of film. And the last film grabbed me by my heartbeats. This was also my first anime viewing.
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A beautifully melancholic look into the lives of three distinct individuals.
MrDHWong9 August 2018
Flavors of Youth is an anthology anime drama film. Produced by CoMix Wave Films (Your Name, 5 Centimeters Per Second), it is a beautifully melancholic look into the lives of three distinct individuals.

The film is told in three chapters, similar to that of 5 Centimeters Per Second. Chapter one, "The Rice Noodles," focuses on a young man with a nostalgic fondness for noodle soup in Beijing. Chapter two, "A Little Fashion Show", is about two sisters, one a fashion model and one a fashion designer, the former of whom's career gets in the way of their time together. Chapter three, "Love in Shanghai", concerns a young architect regretting not confessing his true feelings to a girl he knew in his childhood.

Showcasing gorgeous animation and artwork, Flavors of Youth is a carefully told and often touching collection of stories about living in the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Each individual protagonist lends themselves to their story in their own unique way, but never so much that the overall tone of the film feels inconsistent. The English dub voice acting is solid as well, featuring great performances from the likes of Crispin Freeman, Erica Mendez, and even Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood. While not on par with better anime films in CoMix Wave's library like 2016's Your Name, Flavors of Youth is certainly worth a viewing on Netflix.

I rate it 8/10
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It's a beautiful series of short storys that tell the lives of three individuals
stereo_19999 August 2018
I loved it but would have loved it so much more if it was three movies of this length which is why I didn't give it an even better rating. It did a really good job at making me feel emotional despite the small length. I felt nostalgia, regret, and Joy. Granted some of the nostalgia could be my own as I also remember tape recorders and the like but it also made me feel nostalgic for things I never experienced in my youth like china, food, and little things like that. That was just how strong the story telling was.

The animation was also beautiful done that made it a joy to watch.
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Delightful slice-of-life collection of stories
dgalvan-7396711 August 2018
I really enjoyed this Netflix anime. Something can always be learned from life stories, and this trio of short stories has something for everyone.

From the simple pleasures of a hot meal, to family, friendship and planning for the future, these stories are represented variously and concisely.

Although some of the character designs feel generic (mainly background characters and minor characters with brief appearances), the backgrounds are detailed and grand like any quality theatrical release.

The opening segment took a minute or two to find its footing, but I was rewarded by the quality of the animation, the warmth of the narrator's voice, and the poetry of the description.

After that first segment, I was more patient, allowing the rest of the film to wash over me like a warm bowl of San Xian noodles (the art of noodles figuring prominently in that first segment).

For a change, the setting is various cities and towns in China, which works for me, adding needed variety compared to seeing the usual City and town backdrops used in many anime depictions of Japan.

Be sure to watch past the final credits of the last segment, as there is an end credit scene (of course there is) that bookends with the opening scene at the airport.

I thought I would have to work to pay attention (I have ADD), but the brevity of each segment made it easy to follow along. The first segment is so warm and poetic, it brought a joyful tear to my eye.

The second segment took a little longer to get into, but the characters slowly developed (just like in real life, it takes time to get to know people), and the payoff was unexpectedly grand.

The final segment really could have been developed into its own story, but the brevity added to the drama and could easily be the best of the three stories. I suppose it could have been presented first, but then I would have missed out on that beautiful opening segment that really sets the tone for the rest of the film.

I really enjoyed the film. It reminds me of 5 CM Per Second and Only Yesterday, similar films which reward the viewer while relaxing and feeding your soul like a warm bowl of noodles.

This review is based on the international version, in Japanese with English subtitles.
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a splash of memory
nab-shr22 August 2018
It is evident all over the world, wherever you are born, you'll never forget the place you are born. And that's the irony of today's gov't all over the world. All the world's gov't is demolishing the memory we have of our child dream homes where we were born. Same here, the gov't demolished our home in the name of development and now all we've left is some vague memory. Sure we will never be able to rewind the past. Such a beautiful past we had. Hats off to the team.
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I guess I was expecting too much.
yogeshxlr86 August 2018
Meh. I guess I was expecting another your name. I watched the English version and first two stories didn't really invoke any reaction. Third was the best of the trio, but narration was just... You sometimes have to let the people feel themselves.
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Very good slice-of-life anime film
alv79030 December 2018
Composed of three, independent short stories, this anime film has beautiful animation. The stories are gentle, nostalgic slice-of-life, filled with childhood memories and regret, but also hope. Little action, just feelings and self-reflection. For some viewers it will seem boring, but for me it was very enjoyable. The shorter length of each story helped me not to lose interest. Rating: 9/10
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It's was pretty good
cho7050557 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Flowers of youth is pretty good but it didn't have the same punch as your name did. The show was a enjoy to watch which I can relate to all three of the characters. The first one talks about love. Which the second talks about her job career and taking career of a family member. That all those different factors that face a young person in ther life. It really emptied those.

Give it a watch it's explore the different things that face a young person.
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As average as average can be
grymdylan1 October 2018
With character animation that struggles to even be half as attractive as the usual ComiX Wave studio's output, this mixed bag film tries to do what stories such as Shinya Shokudo do by giving insight into the lives of a few different people via the food they like and how it has followed their lives. However, with overly poignant, faux-sentimental arcs (and an abundance of characters in the rain behind somber piano) revolving around the characters we're given far to little time to care about, everything falls as flat and lifeless as the rigid character movements and their stale designs. While there is a clear attempt to match the visual flair and style of the recent hit Your Name, something this film markets itself as coming from the same studio as, it relies too much on flashy lighting and the occasional detailed close up that just feel out of place against the rest of the bland visuals. While nothing offensive, this film or series of vignettes is as painfully average and run of the mill as you could expect from a Chinese produced anime trying to piggyback on the success of a recent commercial hit.
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May not be a masterpiece but it's still a good movie
WeAreLive13 December 2018
Flavour of Youth has three stories( just like 5cm per second) and it is all based around China. The first one is called "The Rice Noodles" which is about a young man called Xiao Ming (Kendall Gimbi and Crispin Freeman) who had spent most of his time with his Grandmother (Dorothy Fahn) and has a nostalgic of Noodle soup in Beijing. The second chapter "A Little Fashion Show" is focusing on two sisters called Yin Lin (Evan Rachel Wood) and Lu Lu (Jona Xiao), one is a fashion designer and the other one is a modal, this segment mainly focus on Yin Lin and her devotion to protecting her sister and staying on top. The last chapter "Love in Shanghai" focus on three friends Li Mo (Ross Butler), Xiao Yu (Erica Mendez) and Pan (Tony Cavalero), Li Mo had a dream to confess and be with the girl he is in love with (Xiao Yu) and be in a house which all three of them could share but things go differently.

Overall this was a really good slice of life/romance movie, especially if you like Your Name and 5cm Per Second. I would definitely binge it. I am not sure where the sub is available but I watched the dub which I believe is available on Netflix if you would like to check it out.

As I sated on my Big Fish and Begonia review I am generally not a fan of chinese anime but this was again a really good change of pace. Especially because I got exposed to a bit of Chinese culture.
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Its a great anime.Must watch.
hvaddi93 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The 3 parts covered in Shikioriori are the about the 3 basic needs of human life.

Spoilers Ahead! 1. Food "Hidamari no Choushoku" (Sunny Breakfast) It took us through the need for food. The magical taste of San Xian noodles. How the loss/change of the taste would make us feel, the people with whom we eat and the atmosphere of where we eat.

2. Clothing "Chiisana Fashion Show" (A Small Fashion Show) It shows how fashion has changed the Clothing industry in a good/bad way (depends how you see it). And the people/models who work in this industry are working so hard to be at the top. Finally, it shows that just a normal type of clothing of your favourite colour made by your sister would make you feel better than a super-costly dress.

3. Shelter "Shanghai Koi" (Shanghai Love) It shows that the main character is interested in Architecture. Also, the area where he grew up will soon be demolished and renovated as it is kind of old currently and is in the middle of a great city. It also covers other important needs of life like Love, Education, and you know Life itself.

Post credits scene: Its kind of a happy scene where we see all these characters of individual stories at the same place very near to each other. And it shows how small and simple the world is but we just don't notice it.

It's really great to create an anime of such quality with such basic needs in life. I'm glad to notice this without reading the description of the Anime.

I've seen people comparing Shikioriori with Kimi no na wa and review Shikioriori as a bad anime that just copied the style. That's completely absurd. Both the anime are unique in their own style. And yes, the art looks like Kimi no na wa and its good. Because anyone would love to see an art with such great detail and quality. And that's one big factor we all watch anime.
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beautiful but boring
anjaemilie12 September 2018
The 5 stars are for how beautiful it is made. but the stories are unbelievably boring.
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Sweet movie thats more 3 short films
Mazeithecrazy8 August 2018
Being a massive fan of animation and having studied it at uni surprisingly I haven't watched much Anime.

Firstly what impressed me was its beautiful background art, for me this really makes the movie and takes me out of my environment and makes me think I'm in theirs.

I like that the film is 3 separate stories and each are quite different to another, I was half expecting them to tie in together in the final part of the movie however this is not the case, its still a fun and flowing movie all the same.

My only niggle is the background people in scenes are completely static which left me with a sense of cheapness and for me to really believe the stories I feel the background humans should have more movement.

The music and detail in this movie is superb and the animation overall is very good, it might be more simplistic than other animated movies but i feel it works for the movies style. Am sure will watch this again some day-

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Loved this.
paindweller1 February 2019
It was such a stunning, touching watch that I enjoyed , there were aspects of it I didn't agree to yet the good parts almost made up for them. It was different and beautiful.
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kaiaantoniou16 August 2018
The first short was lovely, but not amazing, the second short was very dull. And the third short was so amazing that it gave the entire film 8/10. The third film was amazing beyond words. I loved it! This is a must-watch, but also make sure to watch the scene after the end credits.
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Why not bass it
nadra-0456520 August 2018
I love the third story only, the first and the second are boring
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About the stories.
shlovesick29 September 2018
Well first story waas too simple, second was indeed gorgeus and the last one was both simple and gorgeus also thrilling ♥
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Great 3 story anime film!
Irishchatter5 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Ok so I'll split my review with the 3 stories that were included in the anime film:

Story 1: I absouletely cannot stop thinking and drooling over the noodle dish that the character Xiao Ming always was chowing down on. The way he described it, made me feel that i badly need ramen now but at night lol! I love how he always was apperiected by the town he grew up in, his grandmother who always brought him noodles from the first noodle shop they got it from, of course the other noodle shops he tried the noodles from and the girl he admired since he was in high school. I actually would've loved to have seen them reunite at least but oh well! It was really sad in the end that he had to move away from home but had to come back to his dying gran. Honestly it was such a heart breaking moment between grandson and grandmother like they were inseparable even if he was further away! This story may have been a lot more emotional then the other two but definitely was great to hear Crispin Freemans voice! :D

Story 2: Theres not really much to say with this one but I was glad that the model was able to get back on track after she was killing herself with starvation. Like the third story, this was hard to watch as well because it does show how pressure society can be when it comes to looking good, and really the only way to look good at the end of the day, is looking after your health & well-being! I'm also glad that her sister helped her out, especially with the clothes she was secretly designing and creating! That stunned me since it was unexpected she was a master of fashion design all along! Good encouraging story even if it did have hard scenes in it!

Story 3: Basically we see a high school student trying to forget about the past since like any typical young adult, he wants to be independent, be with his love interest and do well on his own terms in college. However things take a turn when his love is being beaten by her horrendous dad and the pair don't contact for years. That's until he found the cassette tape that his love left to him but he didn't play it before since he was stuck up with school and concentrating on getting into college. I totally forgot the ending part but it was hard to see the main character struggling to finding his love and making the best for himself really.

Good anime film of 2018
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So bad it could be an DC movie
pashasalih14 August 2018
The pictures are great yes , but everything els is mediocore at best. peacing , story telling, dialog , chracters all so underwehmling that i could not bare to finish the movie. in fact i got angry at the utter idiocy the movie tryed to sell me as plot. even the delightful animation turnt kinda source because of the poorly chosen shots.
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