"Good Omens" Hard Times (TV Episode 2019) Poster

(TV Series)


Michael Sheen: Aziraphale



  • Crowley : [during Jesus's crucifixion]  What has he said that made everyone so upset?

    Aziraphale : Be kind to each other.

    Crowley : Oh yeah. That'll do it.

  • Crowley : Look, I've been thinking. What if it all goes wrong? We have a lot in common, you and me.

    Aziraphale : I don't know. We may have started off as angels, but you are fallen.

    Crowley : I didn't really fall. I just, you know, sauntered vaguely downwards.

  • Aziraphale : What does the 'J' stand for?

    Crowley : [shrugs]  It's just a 'J', really.

  • Crowley : What is this all about? Building a big boat and filling it with a traveling zoo?

    Aziraphale : From what I hear, God's bit tetchy. Wiping out the human race. Big storm.

    Crowley : All of them?

    Aziraphale : Just the locals. I don't believe the Almighty's upset with the Chinese. Or the Native Americans. Or the Australians.

    Crowley : Yes...

    Aziraphale : And God's not actually going to wipe all the locals. Noah's up there. His family, his sons, his wives, they're all gonna be fine.

    Crowley : But they're drowning everybody else?

    [Aziraphale nods. Some children run by] 

    Crowley : Not the kids. You can't kill kids.

    [Aziraphale nods sadly] 

    Crowley : That's more like the kind the thing you expect my Lord to do.

    Aziraphale : Yes, but when it's done, the Almighty is going put out a new thing called a "rain bow". As a promise not to drown everyone again.

    Crowley : [sarcastically]  How kind.

    Aziraphale : You can't judge the Almighty, Crowley. God's plans are...

    Crowley : Are you going to say "ineffable"?

    Aziraphale : Possibly.

    Crowley : [shouting to one of Noah's sons]  Oy! Shem! That unicorn's gonna make run for it. Oh, it's too late. It's too late! Well, you've still got one of them.

  • Aziraphale : Well, I suppose I should say thank you, for the, uh, rescue.

    Crowley : Don't say that. If my people hear I rescued an angel, I'll be the one in trouble. And my lot do not send rude notes!

  • Aziraphale : You can't kill me. There'll be paperwork.

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