"The Haunting of Hill House" Silence Lay Steadily (TV Episode 2018) Poster

Kate Siegel: Theodora Crain



  • Luke Crain : She saved me!

    Nell Crain : I feel a little clearer just now. We have.

    Theodora Crain : Nell?

    Nell Crain : All of us have. Wouldn't have changed anything. I need you to know that.

    Steven Crain : Nell.

    Nell Crain : The rest is confetti.

    Steven Crain : Hey.

    Nell Crain : So many times and we didn't know it. All of us.

    Shirley Crain : Nelly?

    Nell Crain : No, not a heart.

    Steven Crain : Nell?

    Nell Crain : A stomach. We have. All of us have.

    Steven Crain : I don't think she can hear us.

    Nell Crain : So many times and we didn't know it.

    Steven Crain : All right, we need to get Luke out of here, we need to get him to a hospital - I don't get it.

    Theodora Crain : All this time we tried to get into this room and now we can't get the fuck out.

    Shirley Crain : I feel like I've been here before.

    Nell Crain : We have. All of us have. So many times and we didn't know it. All of us. I feel a bit clearer now. Everything's been out of order. Time, I mean. I thought for so long that time was like a line, that... that our moments were laid out like dominoes, and that they... fell, one into another and on it went, just days tipping, one into the next, into the next, in a long line between the beginning... and the end. But I was wrong. It's not like that at all. Our moments fall around us like rain. Or... snow. Or confetti. You were right. We have been in this room. So many times and we didn't know. All of us. Mom says... that a house is like a body... and that every house... has eyes. And bones. And skin. And a face. This room is like the heart of the house. No, not a heart, a stomach. It was your dance studio, Theo. It was my toy room. It was a reading room for mom. A game room for Steve. A family room for Shirley. A treehouse. But it was always the Red Room. It put on different faces so that'd we'd be still and quiet. While it digested. I'm like a small creature swallowed whole by a monster. And the monster feels my tiny little movements inside.

    Nell Crain : You have to live.

    Luke Crain : I don't- I don't know how to do this without you.

    Nell Crain : I learned a secret. There's no without. I am not gone. I'm scattered into so many pieces, sprinkled on your life like new snow. There's so much I want to say to you all.

    Theodora Crain : I'm so sorry our last words were in anger.

    Nell Crain : They weren't our last.

    Shirley Crain : I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't... answer the phone.

    Nell Crain : But you did. So many times.

    Steven Crain : I'm sorry if I didn't listen, and I'm sorry...

    Nell Crain : It wouldn't have changed anything. I need you to know that. Forgiveness is warm. Like a tear on a cheek. Think of that and of me when you stand in the rain. I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That's all. The rest is confetti.

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