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Best thing Star Wars since the original trilogy!
DiCaprioFan1330 September 2022
The Mandalorian is every bit as good as everyone says it is. It's easily the best thing Star Wars has done since the original trilogy. Every episode of every season has been good so far. Jon Favreau definitely hit a home run with this. The Mandalorian is about a lone gunfighter who makes his way through the galaxy after the fall of the empire. He then comes across a baby Yoda who he pretty much adopts and brings along through all these adventures. This is the show every Star Wars fan has been waiting for. It just goes to show that they can still make good content when they want. Every episode is action packed. It will hook you from the beginning and you'll want to binge it a fast as possible. It's a must watch for any Star Wars fan!
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This is the RIGHT way. The subtle difference between "reproducing" Star Wars and "recapturing" Star Wars. Why The Mandalorian gets Star Wars right
quiqueperezsoler1 November 2020
It's one thing to bring back elements, characters, settings and stories, and to flash them in front of the audience to cash in on the nostalgia and/or recognisable memorabilia but without using it to further the plot and other to do exactly the opposite. It was about time that Star Wars directives understood that it is too unique a product to be lend to corporate filmmakers. Star Wars needs to be understood and its uniqueness has to be acknowledged in order to make the new stories feel like they belong. This may sound too obvious but if you ever wondered why the new SW movies are so controversial this may be the reason.

Like with "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (2018)" and their comicbook-industry experts participation, the creators behind The Mandalorian were experts of the industry, connoisseurs of the Star Wars Universe and even long time fans. So they were able to not only recapture the aesthetic of the grimy, battered Star Wars but also build upon it taking the most "subtle" things into account. Things like the predominancy of puppets and practical effects over CGI, settings you can feel and touch over green screens and the abundancy of not only known elements previously seen in Star Wars, but a whole batch of new creatures, designs and overall plot elements that felt like they belong to this universe and had always been there.

Exceeding expectations are not only the visual aspects but the narrative too. It might be too late for some story elements now, but it is of great importance that from now on you try to watch the unraveling of the story unspoiled. I was lucky to have seen the premiere of the show before the "memefication" of a certain "element" that went viral and became one of the biggest highlights of the show. But for me I saw the reveal of this element unspoiled and I was pleasantly shocked, a memory I'll always carry with me. The ability of these creators to generate such shock value and deep moments it's often baffling to me. This is proof that the creators behind the narrative are fully aware of the complexities of the universe they are tampering with and like an experienced surgeon, they are able to tweak, traverse and call back any Star Wars element as they please and with astonishing results.

It seems to be obvious that series creator Jon Favreau turns to gold everything he touches, from his influence in the MCU with the first Iron Man (2008) movie (still regarded today as a favorite among the infinite Marvel movies) to the remarkable and commercially successful live-action Jungle Book and Lion King Disney movies. He seems to understand how to treat a franchise not by exploiting the nostalgia aspects but rather use them to fuel new stories and "revive" the experience. Not to mention the contributors to this amazing show hype up the expectations and the quality of the show, from beloved names like Taika Watiti to legendary Star Wars showrunner Dave Filoni. The show today is in the most capable hands possible and away from the corporate meddling of Kathleen Kennedy.

Despite everything it does right, I have found some things that distanced me from it. It is merely one small and almost inevitable aspect I don't think a huge lore such as Star Wars can escape from. Something that makes the world-building so real: the subtle callbacks and references found on names and other elements. This is an aspect that non-Star Wars Lore fans (in which I have to identify myself as even though I have read and know some of the deeper lore) will not like or get as they are cast aside for not picking up or straight up know these references. If people don't know what a Gungan is they won't get the "you are as ugly as a Gungan" joke, for instance. But as for the rest, the story can be followed and understood because it feels self-contained and you don't need to know much about the SW status quo at the time other than (in simplified terms) an Empire ruled over the galaxy and now it's over, in this world there are mercenaries that adhere to a code among themselves, there's a magical energy flowing through all of us called The Force, there's a group of Force-wielding knights that fight with light swords, and that's about it. Anything else you need to know it is presented in the story or explained through exposition, which in a huge universe that is Star Wars it is a must in order to be able to tell a story worthy of SW.

As for the show itself, these are some of the most predominant reasons why The Mandalorian gets Star Wars right (reasons I believe stand out among many others the show has) -- WARNING: MILD MILD SPOILERS AHEAD OF SEASON 1:

  • The treatment of the Force -- long gone were the days when the Force had nothing new to teach us. It seemed we have seen it all and had witness it being reduced to a "superpower" the Jedis use to move objects. But perhaps the biggest aspect that seemed to bring controversy is the treatment of the force as this quantifiable and immutable force presented in the Prequels. However, the most successful Star Wars stories have not treated it as such, despite the fact that this new addition was provided by its own creator, George Lucas; in fact, the most successful Star Wars stories have expanded on the capabilities of the force still considering it a mystifying and intangible energy that lives in all of us and the binds the universe together. The Mandalorian takes place post Empire, which means the force has started to be known across the galaxy thanks to the Legend of Luke Skywalker, auguring the return of the Jedi Knights. Therefore, treating the force used by the so-called "baby yoda" as a powerful and non-understanding power but in fact recognised by some who have heard of it is a genius move as it makes it magical and uncharted still, a long lost ethereal power that exists beyond our comprehension. The force should be something we don't fully understand yet nor people in universe will fully understand either. By allowing the force to be pure and uncharted, there's room for more creative uses of it that when done right can provide of elevated moments. This are shown especially on episodes 7 and 8 of season 1 where by using terms like "a group of sorcerers called Jedi", "I have heard of this power" and "i have seen him move things with its mind" makes the force more mystified and bewildering.

  • The puppets -- say whatever you want about the incredible alien, prop and set designs of other Star Wars main stream media (TV shows, video games, movies with some really good exceptions of course) but I am one to believe that generally the main reason why none of the later Star Wars media released after the OT were really embraced by everyone as part of the universe is because the "feel" of the world we were seeing was not the same. Star Wars stood out from sci-fi like Star Trek and other more "clean and smooth" worlds by building a grimy, run-down and almost post-apocalyptic set and prop design with a huge contrast of advanced technology. So when The Mandalorian brought it back, not only by imitating the set and character designs and such but by expanding upon those by using new imagery and creating new alien species that fit with that new world, it was a display of world-understanding beyond any new incorporations Abrams, Johnson and even good ol' George Lucas had ever brought post-OT. By bringing back puppets and practical effects and make up it shows and it gives you the satisfaction of knowing in 30 years it will still hold up because they are physical things, tangible by the actors and even though "baby yoda" moves and when grabbed looks like a sack of potatoes, you don't mind because you know it exists, it is there, you can hold it. I'll take your fully-functioning puppet over the best CGI because truth is, in some years, the CGI will have improved so much you'll start to see the cracks when looking back.

  • Cinematic Special Effects for a TV show -- this may be known for those who keep up with Star Wars news or watch the Mandalorian documentaries in Disney+, but the innovative tech used for the background and other special effects is almost revolutionary and provides a high quality that resembles that of a cinematic film. Needless to say, the special effects, real-model sets design and other props allows the universe to exist and be tangible instead of rendering a scene that with tim we'll notice it doesn't really exist


IN CONCLUSION, The Mandalorian is a worthy sequel to the OT, maintaining the same aesthetic, themes and recognisable elements but providing new and incredible ideas that amount to the incredible universe that is Star Wars. If they are able to keep it up it'll become one of the best SW media to come in its history. Disney Star Wars seems to know what it's doing now after stumbling a couple of time and I commend them for it. SW isn't an easy franchise to expand and continue despite the amount of stories that are left to be told. You know the saying "Nobody hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans". But I praise the work done by everyone involved...

... This is the way.
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Excellent! And I m not even a star wars fan...
ThomDerd20 December 2020
Jon Favreau did a fantastic job here. Beautiful and well crafted series that binds nicely in the star wars story and gives more depth to it. 10/10 Highly recommended.
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Pretty Good!
Supermanfan-131 July 2022
I finally watched The Mandalorian after putting it off for so long and I absolutely loved it! I don't consider myself to be a huge Star Wars superfan like some of these other fans out there but I am a regular fan that really enjoys watching the movies. I even didn't mind the latest trilogy, Rogue One and Solo more than most but The Mandalorian is without a doubt the best thing Star Wars related since the original trilogy! Jon Favreau is mostly known as an actor but he's also such an underrated Director, he's done some amazing movies (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Elf, Swingers, Made, Cowboys & Aliens, The Jungle Book, etc.). I've really enjoyed it and can't wait for more to come!
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Simply phenomenal...
paul_haakonsen23 January 2020
Right, well yeah, I grew up on "Star Wars" and have been loving it ever since "Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope", and I am still loving it today. So when "The Mandalorian" was announced, I was thrilled.

And now having sat through the entire first season, I must say that I am impressed and I am entertained, and I am enjoying this tremendously. Creator Jon Favreau is definitely on to something here with this series; something that is as close to the original trilogy as it can be. And man, this is phenomenal.

The storyline is interesting and has a good variety to it, so there is something for everybody, ranging from classic "Star Wars" action in terms of duels, gunfights, space combat, and such - you know what I mean here.

And "The Mandalorian" offers a nice insight into the term of being a Mandalorian, as they have been fairly poorly portrayed for the average public and casual viewers, anyone not well-traversed in the universe of "Star Wars". I mean, this show made one of my friends come up and say to me, 'I thought Mandalorians were evil, but it is a way of living, a mentality, a creed'.

The special effects in this TV series is good, but as if there ever were any doubts with Lucasfilm and Disney being behind the project. And it has that classic "Star Wars" feel to it, but with an added multiple layers. They managed to make it a tad more gritty and also have that classic Western feel to it. And it works marvelously in favor of the series.

As for the main character, the Mandalorian, aka Dyn Jarren, well he is interesting, and there are some really nice qualities and touches to the character, and I must say that Pedro Pascal portrays the helmet main character quite well. While he is the main character, there is no doubt about the fact that the child - as the public dubbed 'baby Yoda' - has stolen the show. And what is not to like? He is so awesome, cute and he wields The Force. I liked the child from the very first time we saw him on the screen, and with each episode my liking has just grown and grown.

"The Mandalorian" plays on all the right buttons for a fan of the "Star Wars" universe, especially when they brought stormtroopers, scout troopers, death troopers and the TIE fighter into the series. That just felt right; it felt like coming home.

Now, the series is not carried by Pedro Pascal alone, there are some nice acting performances by the likes of Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Gina Carano and Nick Nolte, to mention the most prominent of performers. They have a great cast, and people perform quite well, bringing the characters to life in this rich and vibrant universe.

The props and costumes are spot on, and there are so many amazing details in every episode. This helped bring the "Star Wars" universe out on the screen in such a great way.

I have seen every episode three or four times; the first time around for the storyline, then going back to watch it for the details. Plus, I must admit that the show is entertaining enough to support multiple viewings.

This is certain winner for the "Star Wars" universe, and it was a much needed addition to the franchise. I am rating it a solid ten out of ten stars.
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The vibe is finally right
jonahetheredge12 November 2019
This is the Star Wars atmosphere and feeling I've been waiting for. No dumb humor, cool characters, and a story I can take seriously. I'm a big fan of what they've done with this series so far and current Star Wars filmmakers need to take notes. The cinematography is amazing. You can tell they use practicality as much as possible and CGI is used only for the obvious like spaceships and creatures etc. It's a truly remarkable balance of old and new.
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Best Star Wars since the original trilogy.
vincentvino10 December 2020
Jon Favreau should be in charge of all future Star Wars projects. It's exactly how it should be. I will not give 10 stars because nothing is perfect but this is very very close. Hats off!
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Cowboy in a Galaxy Far, Far Away = Pure Magic
Her-Excellency22 November 2019
The Mandalorian (so far) has everything anyone could ask for. It is SO well-crafted, I have yet to see one flaw in it.

Pedro Pascal (is it really him under that mask 100% of the time?) is fantastic as the imperturbable, or so it would seem, outer-space tough guy bounty hunter with a soft, heart-of-gold, and a helmet that into the third episode, still does not budge. We know it's coming though, don't we, and waiting, is a small fraction of the fun. At least it is for me.

While it is somewhat on the side of slow-paced vs. fast-paced, in my opinion that just adds to the appeal. You can savor the onscreen antics, action and dialogue, while knowing more is coming. Actually, you find it kind of exquisite in its pacing. I literally dare you to look away. Not because you think you'll miss anything, but because even at its steady pace, you won't want to. Speaking of which, the visuals are quite impressive. The entire thing IS a Lucas Star Wars landscape. At no time can anyone see a 1-minute clip of The Manadalorian without knowing immediately that it belongs to the Star Wars universe. The twist, is that thrown into this universe now, is this strong proverbial cowboy of few words, who carries a big stick.

I'm a fan, and can hardly wait for more episodes.
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for old fans
Kirpianuscus30 December 2019
It seems be a gift for the old fans of "Star Wars". a return to the origins, after the last films, too obvious having as target the new generations. In same measure, it is a brilliant example of the use for western recipe. And the couple of silent loner and baby Yoda works in beautiful way. The cinematography is great, the storytelling - well crafted. I admit- for me the basic source of seduction remains the presence of Wener Herzog in a role perfect for Klaus Kinski.
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The best of the whole Star Wars saga if you ask me.
deloudelouvain9 April 2020
After so many years of postponing I finally decided to watch all the Star Wars movies and so also this series. Since there are different ways to watch it I'm going for the chronological order and not the release date order, that just makes more sense to me. Maybe I watched a couple movies when I was young, I probably did, but I don't remember anything about it so to me it's all new and maybe one day I will understand the whole hype about the Star Wars saga. After watching The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, Revenge Of The Sith, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Rogue One, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi it's now time for The Mandalorian. It's supposed to be happening between Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens so it's only logical I watch it now. I do hope there will be much more seasons though as I just loved this show. Pedro Pascal is perfect as The Mandalorian. Each episode is quite short but very enjoyable to watch, certainly if you just watched all the other movies just before. It's a nice continuation of this saga. You can write whatever you want about the early movies in this saga, but the modern ones just beat them in everything, quality, acting, and technology, as so does this series. I binge watched the first season in 24 hours that's how good I thought it was. Next will be The Force Awakens but to be honest I can't wait to watch other seasons from The Mandalorian as it's for me the best thing in the whole Star Wars saga thus far.
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So far so good
MarkoutTV12 November 2019
I like that they gave the Mandalorian some personality, some good vistas and action setpieces, solid comedy, fun little additions to the Star Wars canon (bounty droids are officially awesome) and a general sense of adventure that I dig. It's all very small and big at the same time. All good stuff and I hope they can keep it up.

I especially appreciate the fact they employed the services of Carl Weathers
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truely exquisite; next watch Star Wars Rebels
bill_allison11 October 2022
There are many fine reviews, so I will simply say this is a must see. It has the feel of a big budget blockbuster. The script, acting, editing, sound and video effects are all 1st rate. Much of the filming used exotic locations rather than doing everything on a set with green screen. The story fits into the "canon" of the SW universe, unlike some other new shows. You won't be offended by inconsistencies and will feel rewarded with greater understanding of the Mandalorians..

If you want a fine SW show to watch, see the neglected CGI animated show - Star Wars Rebels. This show starts a bit slowly but it picks up well and will teach you a lot more about Mandalorian culture. Too many of the other SW shows seem to be low quality hack work.
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The best Star Wars show!
kobemackenzie12 August 2022
After the fall of the Galactic Empire, a lone gunfighter makes his way through the outer reaches of the lawless galaxy.

If you like Western films and Star Wars then you will love this show. The Mandalorian has a western setting to it. You follow a bounty hunter as he tries to make a living in a galaxy without Law. The show has some fantastic writing especially since Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are behind the writing of this show. It has some great visuals and CGI it all looks so amazing. Each episode is a different story of a bounty hunter getting hired to do what he does best and I like that about this show it does lead to something big at the end but I liked that in the beginning it was just the Mandalorian getting hired to do different jobs each episode. There are 2 episodes of season 1 that were a bit boring for me and you could skip them since they don't matter for the big story they are trying to tell you. Season 2 is where it gets really big. Every episode is Engageable has amazing writing. We get to see some old characters from past projects and tons of references! Star Wars fans will love season 2!

Pedro Pascal does an amazing job playing the mysterious and loving father figure, Mandalorin! Gina Carano plays the badass who will do anything to help her friends. Carl Weathers was one of my favourite characters of the show, he is funny and very likeable guy not in the begging but later on. And Giancarlo Esposito plays one of the best villains of the show.

Overall this has to be one of the best Star Wars content us fans have ever got since the original Trilogy!
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crsecon15 October 2022
Probably the best thing on Disney+. For all ages. Very few plot holes or characters acting against themselves deliberately to stretch running time. Protagonist eerily recreates the persona and motivation and even voice of PERSON OF INTEREST lead righter of wrongs "John Reese!" Also, clear presentation of the lonely existence of one of film critics favorite beings--the type is of cast-adrift Japanese "Ronin," samurai who lack a leader and must validate themselves through defined "missions." The other characters are very faithful to Star Wars settings; purists must nitpick to detect "errors" inconsistent with their religion-like "canon."
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If you're a SW fan, you must watch
neoclone0729 October 2020
There's not much to say here... it's a great show, with solid acting, great cast, a script that dives into SW lore, superb fx (both pratical and digital) which leads to a real SW atmosphere (which lacks in the last movie trilogy). I'm a long time SW fan and you can say that the new trilogy brought new stuff into the franchise, blablabla... but no, the trilogy is a pain in the ass to watch indeed. So, instead, watch The Mandalorian, it's way much better in so many ways.
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This is the way
nerdgasms23 November 2019
I'm a huge Star Wars fan but I have to admit, all hope was beginning to be lost. I was excited for The Mandalorian but had my bar set very low. But my God man this is amazing! I can't believe it's this good! The OG Star Wars vibes are crazy! It's like they took the original Star Wars and buffed it with modern day big budget CGI without making it a crappy blockbuster. The story is actually incredible so far and every episode is better than the last. I was gonna just watch these online but I've gotta support Disney+ for finally allowing something good to come out of them owning Star Wars. Thanks Jon Favreau, this is the way.
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One of The greatest projects to come from Disney Starwars
deadpooldl-128799 October 2022
There's never been anything like this before. Especially from Disney Star Wars. It checks all the box's on how to make a damn good show. It's a MUST WATCH!!!! The acting, the dialogue, the choice of all the actors. Every episode is captivating beyond belief. I don't usually write reviews but this one is definitely worth the typing lmao. You don't really need to watch any previous Star Wars related shows or movies. It does a pretty damn good job at being a show on its own without any of the lore but some of the moments in this show it would definitely help if you did. I really didn't think Disney had it in them to make a 10/10 show but I was wrong. Can't wait for season 3!!
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Pretty Dope
justinbrizendine15 September 2022
Another good spin-off series in an everlasting run of them it seems now. I've always realized that the Star Wars franchise is puffed up and placed with "baby bumpers" to be extra kid friendly. But a prevailing criticism I have with the ever continuous series of comic book movies and series and the Star Wars franchise: If you're going to have such adult themes like battle, war and killing(sometimes with decapitation?!), show some blood every once in a while?? Any color blood. My god, I just don't understand why it isn't acceptable for these creators to show this dude killing multiples of people as a bounty hunter, then never show any of the blood that accompanies killing someone.
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Beyond expectations!
marius-bancila9 August 2022
I have started watching this series after watching Obi Wan Kenobi, which was a complete disaster and disappointed. To my surprise and delight this series is the exact opposite. In fact is one of the best series I have seen (and I'm talking in general, not just Star Wars). Truth is, I am writing this after having seen only the first season, so I hope that the rest will not disappoint like other shows did.

Everything is great about this series. The stories are well written. The characters are beautifully shaped. Every single one is not just unique but credible. The acting is quite good in general. The music is a beautiful mesh of classic western and Star Wars. And the drawings that appear during the credits at the end of each episode are a great addition.

Definitely worth watching.
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Kathleen Kennedy,JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson take notice. This is how you do Star Wars
brentscott22 November 2019
This is Star Wars. It feels like Star Wars. It Looks Like Star Wars. Why is this such a tough concept for the geniuses associated with the films to get? No subversion's needed, no forced 8 yr old humor, no political agenda. Just make it look and feel like the original Star Wars trilogy and fans will be happy, its literally that simple.
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The Mandalorian - Now THIS is Star Wars
vanja-pletikosic16 November 2019
This show is such a refreshing breeze of great quality Star Wars. Hopefully with Episode 9, this horrible era of Star Wars will end, and we will finally get what we all wanted the whole time - great stories set in the Star Wars universe. Stories like this, that make sense. Stories that hook us and make us want more, make us relate to the characters on the screen, just by showing their weaknesses along with their strengths. The Mandalorian has faced more adversity in these two episodes than Rey has in two three hour movies. Definitely my favorite character of the Disney Star Wars era, and he has only said a few lines. Brilliant directing, brilliant script, brilliant execution of everything. I can't wait to see where the story goes.

John Favreau you have my gratitude and respect!
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Season 2 is a wild emotional action packed roller coaster.
cruise0119 December 2020
Season 2 (5 out of 5 stars.)

The second season picks up with a lot of action. Emotional story. Fun new characters. And surprises. Story continues where the last ended. Trying to find the other Mandalorians. There are some fun new surprises with characters making an appearance. Also leaving room for more spin offs. Each episode is action packed. And bigger. The cast ensemble is great. The music score is an improvement and little different. Baby yoda is fun. And is heartwarming. Also has an emotional ending. And a wild battle in the seasons climax. While leaving room for more to come.
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Surprising solid and very fun.
Ronan_Shepherd7 September 2022
Great show, really feels like Star Wars again. Set design, costumes, and use of practical effects are all quite well done.

Casting is very good, with Pedro Pascal, Giancarlo Esposito, and Gina Carano standing out. Although the addition of Rosario Dawson is a really poor choice, she has none of the personality of the character she's portraying and her entire time onscreen is just grating. Everyone else performs adequately or better.

It goes through an interesting and satisfying overarching plot for the season, with each episode featuring it's own self-contained plot. While some episodes can be a little weak, they are almost all great fun.
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Indispensable Watching for Any "Star Wars" Fan
view_and_review19 December 2020
I'm amazed at how going off track from the main Star Wars storyline has produced, arguably, better movies and shows. Sure, Baby Yoda aka Grogu, is adorable enough to make any warm-blooded person fall in love.

"The Mandalorian" is indispensable watching for anyone who even has a passing interest in "Star Wars" and the season two finale was the coup de grace.
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A New Hope
diornodouwes12 November 2019
A new chapter for Star-Wars, one like we haven't seen before. First of all, you can feel the star wars vibe from a mile away. The beautiful world-building production- and costumedesign, the thrilling cinematography and the great (sound)editing. There are however some aspects that divide this artwork from the trilogies. the type of storytelling for example. focusing completely on one character, and making this one character so interesting.

With a great cast and great producers, I have high hopes for this little show. Thanks in advantage, Mr. Favreau.
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