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  • In the small town of Chanderi, the menfolk live in fear of an evil spirit named "Stree" who abducts men in the night. Based on the urban legend of "Nale Ba" that went viral in Karnataka in the 1990s.


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  • The small town of Chanderi is haunted by an evil spirit. This vengeful spirit "Stree" haunts the streets of Chanderi during the days of a certain puja (festival), preying on men. Nescient of this tale a tailor in Chanderi, Vicky (Rajkummar Rao) falls for a mysterious new town girl (Shraddha Kapoor) despite warnings from his friends who think that this girl could be that evil spirit. A friend of (Rajkummar Rao) Vicky's, Jaana is stripped naked and taken away, following "Stree's" M.O. Vicky then tries to find out more about this folklore and in his journey, he comes across a book in the library of their local pundit Rudra (Pankaj Tripathi). A picture catches his eye and realizing that he knows that place, he decides to go there for further clues along with Rudra and his friend Bittu (Aparshakti Khurana). "Stree" attacks Vicky but is driven away by the mysterious girl (Shraddha Kapoor) with a special dagger and her knowledge of the mystic arts. On their way back, Vicky gets his lost friend back who under the spell of the witch's spirit removes all the protection charms that were painted on the town's homes to ward off the evil spirit. The next morning around 20 men have mysteriously vanished into thin air. Vicky and his group attempt to find out more about "Stree" by meeting the author of the book, who when asked for a solution gives them a riddle that clearly points out towards Vicky being the town's only hope, their messiah, only he wields the power to stop this vengeful spirit by fulfilling the spirit's only wish, which according to them is to make love. The gang on Shraddha Kapoor's advice plans to kill "Stree" but Vicky decides to have mercy on her when he gets to know the real reason that "Stree" had been haunting the town for. Cutting off her braid, which apparently renders a witch's evil spirit powerless, he saves the town and all its male residents. Vicky's mysterious friend, (Shraddha Kapoor) is seen at the bus stop, the next day, where Vicky bids her farewell, without even knowing her name, while on the bus, the mysterious girl is seen carrying that witch's braid which she then places over her own hair and both merge as if it was her own hair all along and she disapparates, leaving the viewers guessing whether or not the character portrayed by Shraddha Kapoor was actually the spirit (Stree) that haunted Chanderi or a different one who just wanted to obtain powers for herself, which the writers have promised to unveil in the next part of this movie. The closing scene shows the witch hovering at the outskirts of Chanderi again the following year but this time at the town entrance, she finds her statue with the words engraved "O stree, raksha karna" which means, "O Deity, protect us" thus ending with a powerful message about female power a reminder of the norms that a society should abide by, that without respecting women a society can never thrive and prosper. -dgConnor

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