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Like a Soap Opera Directed by Quentin Tarantino
ThomasDrufke5 June 2019
I'm honestly not even sure how to begin reviewing this movie. The best way I can describe it is a fantasy-mystery-black comedy-musical-adventure-epic. Does that sound like something absolutely ridiculously insane? Well it is. Andhadhun focuses on a *blind* pianist who *witnesses* a deadly crime and is forced to report it to authorities, and things go awry after several reveals/double crosses that lead to a third act so extravagantly convoluted that it's actually quite awesome. Am I being vague enough for you? This is like a soap opera, in the vein of Pulp Fiction, with a dash of La La Land & Seven Pounds, inspired by Fargo, and directed by Quentin Tarantino. If that doesn't sell you then I don't know what will. Seriously, just watch it.

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Pure Brilliance
KenlightL5 October 2018
Just do yourself a favour and watch it, it's unmissable. Just let it hit you raw, won't say a thing about the movie, it's best if you don't know much about it and just watch it and be blown away.
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Rabbit or Duck? Ending Explained.
suprabh22 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Many have reviewed Andhadhun and rated it highly and I am no different. I found it pretty damn entertaining myself. Following is just a review of the ending and how enriching that experience was for me as an audience. Hope you all like it.

Watched Andhadhun again today. I never made a post about its ending the first time because I liked the Director's version of the open ending and leaving it up to the audience's interpretation.

However, when I watched it again today, I realized that the film does not have any open ending if you carefully observe it.

Before I go into the meaning of the ending we have to understand the phenomena of Rabbit or Duck illusion. Google "Rabbit or duck" for the image and the reference for rest of my review.

For decades now, the Rabbit or Duck illusion has been presented as a test for level of creativity. What you notice in the image determines what part in your brain is more active. A lot of people look at Duck only, Some people see Rabbit only and some see both.

Of course you can see both if you know that it's an illusion and you pay way too much attention to it and if you try to look for it.

However, the real trick is (and this is the next level - not part of the original illusion but something that Raghavan has done here), that what if there is no illusion? But being used to the concept of illusion, we are forced to look for both Rabbit and the Duck.

Andhadhun - There is no duck. It's only a rabbit.

In the last scene of the movie, the waitress from the Restaurant comes outside and gives Ayushman his cane back. This Cane has a Rabbit at its handle (Raghavan starts his Rabbit/Duck illusion here)

The movie begins with Ayushman's voice telling Radhika - "bahut lambi kahaani hai.... Coffee? - It's a very long story...Coffee?" (This line is repeated towards the end and that's how the audience know, that Ayushman is telling the story of his life to Radhika)

But interestingly, the story telling takes a pause right towards the climax (when Ayushman and Doctor in the story are driving off)...the scene cuts to London and Radhika says - "Aur phir? (and then?)"

This is sort of the writer's way of writing an Epilogue solely to "create the illusion of creating an illusion". In the Epilogue story, where Ayushman tells the story of Tabu's accident and how the rabbit jumped and caused the accident - there are only 2 souls that can know about the Rabbit. 1- Tabu (who was distracted) and 2- Rabbit (because it caused the distraction)...Even Ayushman won't know because he was blind. So very clearly, Raghavan tells you that Ayushman is simply bluffing in this final piece.

Now some may say that the shooter also saw the rabbit and he could have come and told Ayushmaan (blah, blah) - but I am basing my explanation on what is shown. Not on, what is not shown and is pure conjecture.

Here is one more thing - Tabu dying would have been a bigger piece of Info which Radhika would already be aware of since the case was such a high profile one, but she seems to get all this info first hand from Ayushman, completely oblivious of Tabu's whereabouts until that moment.

So Raghavan very cleverly tells the truth, but by that time- we the audience are so trapped in this brilliant tale of our hearts wanting to continue in the suspense, that we want to believe there is an illusion for sure.

Raghavan even more clearly tells it very loud and clear that there is no illusion- by having Ayushman's cane with a Rabbit(or duck) handle, clearly saying- that Ayushman is selling the illusion because he has no way of validating the presence of Rabbit but he is telling that in his story.

It is absolutely a delightful way of gripping your audience by having them look for things that they invent as they go.

Adhadhundh (the original word not the movie title - notice the spelling difference) - basically means, something that happens extremely fast and recklessly without any validation or thought - Exactly what the ending is.

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No one can Review this Film, we can only hope to Analyze it
mumbhaaai11 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Andhudhun means Blind Music and Andhadhund means chaos. What is life? It depends on the liver. Sounds philosophical. We don't know if it's the person being referred or the body organ. Everything in the movie has two meanings.

It's rarely I watch any movie twice - Andhadhun happens to be that movie. Apart from the story-line, there's a ton of hidden puzzles, clues and in general the director communicating with us either paying homage to certain movies or the 70s or clues in general. This movie is not just a movie, it's a dark comedy, an experience that will leave you confused, entertained and most of all questioning what exactly happened.

**If you haven't seen the movie, don't read any further. You have been warned.**

I won't dwell into the story-line, that's not analysis that reading out of a book. Hint: Most reviews tell you the story. In my opinion that's bad writing and owning a website domain doesn't make you a writer.

Moving on. Here are few questions that might pop up in your head and I'll try and analyze them.

1) Movie starts with "Ek lambi kahaan hai, Coffee?". This might imply parts of the story-line might be the protagonist's (Akash) point of view. What is true, what is not, it's up to you to believe.

2) Simi's character tries to run over Akash with the car. Another homage to "Karz" from the 70s where the actor's real name is Simi Garewal. Coincidentally Sriram Raghavan's first movie was "Ek Hasina Thi", another homage to the movie "Karz". As you can tell, the director likes to tease his audience in subtle ways.

3) The Ending- Lot of questions about the ending. The director very cleverly cut the part to where they changed the scene to Europe and then continues with A-Kash's version. The truth? We will never know but my analysis is he took the deal with the doctor. A-Kash also could imply the one with the money. Another pun, another tease indicating he has the money now. And the friend he was talking about was Daani, she was someone Akash could trust. Also, at one point in the movie she was shown to talking to someone over the phone for a few seconds. Nothing happens in a Raghavan movie without a reason.

4) Radhika Apte's characters father wearing a tee shirt with a rabbit printed on it. Hint. Clue. Tease.

5) Akash acts as Ismael the detective, right after that they click a picture and maushi says "Ismael" please. Tease. Pun.

I don't think this level of intelligent cinema can be matched up for a long time to come. Sriram Raghavan's best movie so far! Watch it only if you want to look beyond the story-line, if you grew up understanding Indian Cinema, if you like Pune, if you understand subtle dark comedy, if you speak the same language as the director. Both Hindi and Cinema language. I had two meanings there for a reason. Catch it if you can.
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Chaotic n hilarious with an amazeballs ending.
Fella_shibby10 October 2018
I saw this in a theatre. Being a fan of the director's earlier movies, I was looking forward to it n I enjoyed it tremendously inspite having seen The Piano Tuner.

I liked this more than the original.

The screenplay is awesome. The writing team n the director did a fantastic job n successfully made the transition of a short film into a feature.

The potential challenges of losing the heart of a short film while making it into a feature is always present but the makers of Andhadhun really succeeded in laying the foundation for future talents.

Coming back to the film, it is chaotic, hilarious n very ntertaining.

It is well paced and has funny situations as well as a black sense of humor.

Watch out for that shady hospital scene man.

The movie is well cast, with amusing performances by Ayushman n Tabu.

The director did a superb job n was definitely having a little fun after the dark thriller Badlapur.

The music at the murder scene will remind A Clockwork Orange.
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A slick, stylish and taut thriller that is highly captivating and artistically brilliant
Peter_Young26 January 2021
Okay, wow, that was quite a film, and I have no doubt it will be watched in one breath by most viewers and will keep them all on the edge of their seat the whole time through, just like it kept me and my family. Andhadhun is first and foremost a wonderful story, and Sriram Raghavan, one of the most talented directors working in Hindi movies today, brilliantly translates it onto the screen, creating a stylish and highly taut thriller which is very slick and aesthetically appealing, but also very credible, involving and thought provoking. The narration style is excellent, and the plot is very unpredictable, with many plot twists popping up as the story unfolds. Technically, the film is very impressive - the camera work is stupendous, and the sound score is fantastic and never exaggerated. The characters are wonderfully etched out, and the acting matches it perfectly. The film obviously belongs to the two leads who are polar opposites in terms of morality and intentions, but they also greatly complement each other within the story. Ayushmann Khurrana is always highly likable and convincing, and in this film, he does a great job of adding depth into a character that could have easily become unidimensional. His Akash is real and flawed and not a stereotypical hero, and the way Khurrana plays Akash's changing states is so good that even knowing the truth, the viewers might be confused. And speaking of breaking stereotypes, who could be a better choice for the role of the merciless Simi if not the magnificently charismatic Tabu, who happens to be one of India's greatest actresses. Her portrayal is extraordinary, because while playing a bad, villainous archetype, she saves it from veering into caricature and creates a woman who is as evil and immoral as she is real and conflicted. She actually manages to make her character almost a comic one, and this is perhaps her most entertaining performance in this regard. These two make Andhadhun an incredible cinematic experience and what can I add more except just please go and watch this film if you still have yet to
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Decade's Best : Redefines Neo-Noir
Rish_tweets6 October 2018
Brilliant...This cinematic experience will not let you stay back in your seat relaxed. Writers have knitted a pitch perfect Mystery around : Murder,Money & Man who is Blind (!). Taut screenplay and black comic narrative by Raghavan, the story's audacious characters and twists, keep you riveted.Crisp editing grips you.Cinematography is something that boasts the storytelling.Piano scenes are superbly crafted and choreographed , underlined by Amit Trivedi's music and Daniel B George's background score.Couple of acts veneered with poetic touch & Tribute to Chayahar & Chitrageet is something that needs applaud. Tabu is showing her class. Ayushman delivers career best. Rest all are fab too.

Dont miss line '"What is life? It all depends on the liver" from prologue.;)
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Blind Leading the Blind...
Xstal27 October 2020
If you're searching for something to blindside, blindfold and unsight you then this might just be just what you've been looking for. Full of right angles, u turns, contradictions and deception - occasionally requiring a few hops of faith to overcome some of the slightly incredulous events and scenarios, they're all forgivable, as the originality and unique nature of the story grabs your attention and signs seals and delivers a climax for you to work out and interpret with your own innervisions.
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After Jonny gaddar andadhun is a very promising surprise..
gajanankale6 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
After long time andadhun is big surprise for different goner fans. The content is very encouraging and thrilling part of this film.. And specially ayushman rocks.. Even tabbu is fabulous act in this film.. Hey guys.. Please go and watch
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khan-997926 October 2018
Didn't expect this from bollywood where Race 3 is a blockbuster.
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Best hindi film of 2018
ajiteshkpathak5 October 2018
Without spoiling the movie for all y'all, this is going to be the best 140 minutes you are going to spend in a movie theatre this year. Black comedy and a suspensefull thriller.
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Content and Talent shines over everything else
imaasif6 October 2018
It was a thrill ride with many great turns and characters are so well developed and portrayed , great performance by Ayushmann Khurana and Tabu , so cunning yet so entertaining and pace was slow at first but it was necessary for what was coming and the master idea at the end is brilliant and is not lesser than any cliffhanger.
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Andhadhun -simply mind blowing
vicky-347245 October 2018
I had really enjoyed this movie. I can say this is blast of the year.

Comedy thrill and much more... Just combination of everything..
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Entertaining but expected more
Jithindurden6 December 2018
A Coen Brothers black comedy twist on the French short film The Piano Tuner plays out exactly as I expected it to. Ayushman and Tabu tries to outshine each other with every other scene. While Tabu has a track record of doing such amazing roles, this must be the best performance of Ayushman who seems to be the actor currently selecting all the right projects. But honestly, all the reviews made me think this would be better than I think it would be and wanted to see what they are going to do that makes it better than the original short film, but that wasn't really the case.
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"What is life? It depends on the liver."
classicsoncall27 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
For those contemplating watching this movie, don't be misled by the tag underneath the title here on IMDb, or the Storyline that describes the protagonist Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana) as a blind pianist. Even a lot of the reviews say he's a blind pianist, but it's not the case that he's blind until well into the story. But it's so easy to believe he's blind because the actor Khurrana is so skillful at portraying a character who can't see. In fact the first time it's revealed that he CAN see, the tenor of the picture turns from a fairly serious romantic drama into a hilariously outrageous story that you'll have trouble believing. Not that this would have any remote chance of happening in real life, but it's pulled off like it might be able to, and that's where the fun resides.

For all of the story's twists and turns, I had a hard time trying to find a plot hole or flaw in the picture. You could point to one of the near final scenes in which Akash explains what happened when the doomed rabbit hit Simi's (Tabu) car window, because he WAS blind by then, but he would have learned of it in some manner, so I'm willing to concede a little on that point. Where I'm definitely at a disadvantage is in not having an Indian background, because in reading some of the other reviews, some nuance and perspective is laid out that definitely adheres to that nationality. But from where I'm coming from, this was one of the most uniquely creative stories I've ever seen, which is something hard to come by after watching and commenting on a few thousand movies.

The best part of it all though has to be that very last second of the movie when Akash departs the French restaurant and leaves Sofie (Radhika Apte) to contemplate what might have been. Instinctively I had a feeling that his sight was restored, but it was the Keyser Söze manner in which it was revealed that proved the icing on the cake. I'm tempted to watch the movie all over again, but I know I'll never be as surprised again as I was the first time. If that sounds like a recommendation, take it for what it's worth and catch this movie.
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What if I say a little bit overrated ?
abdurehmanarshd30 December 2018
A fine bollywood movie with good cast and acting...Cinematography was amazing...Plot wasn't that strong...A movie you should watch if you've much time...It'll definitely not disappoint you...But don't imagine so much from this...Its a fine movie overall and Yes ... A better movie in Bollywood after many years.
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What is life? It all depends on liver
shivamgupta-695546 October 2018
Surely the quote said above will not impact you much until you finish watching the movie. This I can say one of the best thriller presented by Sriram Raghavan after Johny Gaddar. When you guess this would be the next, it proves you false and that is what the speciality of the movie is.

The storyline of the movie is simple so much so the execution of the same is favourite. The acting if we talk about, Ayushman is all way rocking, handsome and fragrance of talent. Same for tabu. Radhika Apne didn't have so much to do but she too was good.

This is not a whodunit kind of murder mystery because you know who committed murder from the scenario itself. It is a different movie for all the audience and of you can crack it, try to do it in the end.....(Bunny is my favourite)
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Darn Interesting!
Chandan_Rawal5 October 2018
This movie is a perfect example of how you can tell a nail-consuming thriller in a comedic way...the plot of the movie seems to be normal but as the movie progresses, you will come to know that this cinema is more than just a usual thriller...a perfect screenplay and story-telling with a mix of music and black humor...hold your imagination horses before getting stunned.
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A blind tale
dev_alok25 February 2019
I watched this movie on Amazon Prime because it was highly recommended by a friend of mine who has a bit of questionable taste. I am a fan of Ayushman Khurana and loved his work in Vicky Donor and also Badhai Ho. He was good in this movie too but this movie was really not much to write home about. Its a story of a pianist who is supposedly blind. Because he is supposed to be blind he is exposed to a number of crimes. He makes his way through a variety of situation and comes out holding his head on his shoulders. Movie kind of meanders. Tabu was kind of loud. Radhika Apte was good in a little role that she had. Movies takes just too many twists and turns that are quite improbable and you just keep feeling dizzy. Overall it is an ok but no great shake.
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Finally a perfect Psychological Thriller
gmontu13 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Andhadhun is an Indian masterpiec. Literally the best thriller of India & Bollywood. The main character is AKASH(AYUSHMAN) who is a blind pianist got entangled in a case.

While watching this movie remember to be very cautious about following every small detail.

All right, now I am going to give a bit of spoiler and explain the end of the movie.

#SpoilerAlert #SpoilerAlert #SpoilerAlert #SpoilerAlert #SpoilerAlert

The last 5 min of the movie is a psychological part. Where Akash meets sophie and he tells her that he's become really blind. He tells her that After sedating Pramod Kumar's wife the doctor promise Akash that he will sell her organs and as a reward of saving his(Doctor) life he will transplant her eyes and he will be able to see again. But, Akash requested the doctor not to kill her and said he doesn't want his eyesight back either. Suddenly, a sound comes from the car's boot. The doctor stopped the car and went to check what happened. """""Then, you suddenly see a "Hare" beside the road.""""". When he finished telling sofie the story then the waiter brought his stick which was also made up of hare design. Which meant his story after that is a lie. Besides, a blind persone can forget anything except his stick. Therefore, he transplanted her eye and sold out her organs.
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Sriram Raghvan is India's Martin Scorsese!
pspareek7 October 2018
Like another reviewer said the movie is to be seen and anything about the storyline would be a spoiler. My 2 cents: just watch out for the numerous inside jokes on the characters such as Tabu referred as Lady Macbeth and posters of similar genre movies such as Darwaza. An ode to the past is just the prologue in his movies. Sriram Raghvan is a genius and a precious gift to the Indian cinema. 10 on 10.
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The only thing I hated was the Intermission - Andhadhun is a class Act!
surajpnair9 October 2018
Very impressive film yet again by the master of thriller and my favorite Sriram Raghavan. This would be after a very long time the entire theatre experiencing a roller coaster ride along with the characters, so much fun- especially the first half, not a dull moment. The second half fails to retain the steam, though it gets back on track during the climax, winding up on the right note. It's an out an out Tabu film, very happy to notice she being utilized to her potential at last in mainstream films. Highly Recommended !!
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A near perfect Dark Comedy
anandsdk6 October 2018
Firstly Ayushman knows how to pick the right scripts. I couldn't guess what's coming next , the movie is just full of suspense from start till the end. The director will keep you guessing and your in for a surprise.
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Illogical plot
madbird-612437 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A logical plot is everything to me. But it is lacking in this movie. The series killing by a woman is simply incredible. The police does not have any doubt on the death of the old woman? She is a witness of another murder.

The wife is so cruel a killer. Why she just blinds the eyes of male lead instead of killing him?

I have no problem of understanding seeing Indian films before this one. But I find the present one hard to follow. Maybe I miss out something.

Anyway, it does not worth a rating higher than 5.
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Not a masterpiece but just an entertaining mystery
brijmm-212-3598920 October 2018
Andhadhun starts of well and builds to the mystery quite well too, that's the first half of the movie. Second half is where it loses the plot completely. The twists are illogical, characters become unrealistic and not believable. The story just seems to go out of hand and by the time it reaches the climax you would be left thinking about when it will end.

You would be hooked to the movie as it is a mystery thriller, but if you give a thought to it the entire plot seems to be full of loopholes and completely unconvincing.

Just good enough to entertain you, but not close enough to a masterpiece.
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