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The most Micheal Bay movie Micheal Bay ever Micheal Bayed
hsarikayaa13 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The title is just a quote from Ryan :D The movie is a chaos. And i mean in a good way. I think platforms like Netflix and so on is just a place for people like Micheal Bay so they can go do their thing so freely. There is so many to talk about actually. The great crazy action opening sequence right away, really weird song choices including the internet meme one(RUN) and so on... I liked the way the mood changes and kinda turns into a political fight. Also, the good about it is that it's not a stupid American provocative movie. Not the best time i had but definetely it was different and fun.
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It's a Friday night movie
mdroddis13 December 2019
So you have had a long tough week at work. It's Friday, and you want to escape your work life. You open a bottle of wine, pour a glass and put a movie on. You have escaped the dire reality of 9-5. This film is a perfect release, it has action, it has Ryan Reynolds based humour. It will never be an Oscar nominee for best picture, but hey, it's Friday night, you have a glass of wine in your hand and you want to release the week. At times it felt like a film By numbers but nowadays it is extremely rare not too. So please, enjoy the film for what it is. It's action. It's fun. It's Friday night so enjoy.
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This isn't Scorsese or Mann.... It's Bay! Just have fun.
Markyajv13 December 2019
These reviewers who watch a Michael Bay movie and review it as if they were expecting Shakespeare need to stop reviewing. Seriously. The only reason to watch his flicks are so you can leave your brain at the door, turn off the lights, turn up the surround sound to 100 and sit back and watch $hit blow up. You want a thinking person's movie? Go see something else. You want your brain mushed then watch this! Was awesome, funny, action filled, fast cars, explosions, I was blowing bubbles out of my ears. Such fun.
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Loud Noises, Bright Colors & Explosions: The Movie
freqeteq13 December 2019
This is a typical modern Michael Bay film, it's all style over substance. Leave your brain at the door and you might enjoy it, I wish I did but I didn't.

I'll give you a quick example of what to expect while trying to explain why I couldn't bring myself to enjoy this film. Opening scene is a 15 minute car chase through a city. Firstly, the vehicle they choose to use as a getaway vehicle is a bright neon green Alfa Romeo that sticks out in the crowd like a sore thumb driving a bright neon green sports car would. Why would anyone choose this as a getaway vehicle instead of a car with a paint job a bit more inconspicuous I hear you ask? Because it's a Michael Bay film that's why, and it's all about style remember? Secondly, every car and bike that crashes during the chase produces enough sparks and fire to rival the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, plus the sounds they make when they crash are the most ridiculous Transformers sounding noises I have ever heard outside of a Transformers movie. And lastly, the bright neon green sports car gets scratched up by another vehicle and the drivers side mirror gets knocked off, but the next shot it's back on again, then it's off, then it's on, and it switches between broken and not broken a dozen or so times before someone decided that for continuity sake we better just stick to one or the other and thankfully they chose to go with the broken one. Pretty sloppy filmmaking really, and this is all in the opening 15 - 20 minutes, and unfortunately I can't turn my brain off enough to enjoy a film like that.

Other things that I didn't like about the film, the overall story is laughable and makes absolutely no sense at all, and when I say no sense I'm not being hyperbolic I mean it makes no sense, from the people he chooses to join his team to the way he recruits them to the missions they do it's all so ludicrous, if you allow yourself to question its logic for even one second then the entire thing falls apart. It's got your typical Michael Bay hit or miss humor along with other "Bayerisms" that we've come to expect from him, like the over use of quick cuts during action sequences, low angle shots of women in short skirts, so much slow motion that if the slow motion parts were at normal speed I reckon the film would be about half an hour shorter than it is, and scenes that are meant to be emotional and pull on your heart strings but because every character has no depth to them they end up having about as much emotional impact as a carpet cleaning commercial does.

What I did like. CGI people getting hit by cars and caught in explosions and thrown around and stuff, it was completely overused but the first few times it happened it looked quite good, especially people getting side swiped by vehicles. Some of the bad guy kills were well done. I enjoyed most of the banter between Ryan Reynolds and the non Ryan Reynolds actors, it was funny and was just Ryan Reynolds being your typical Ryan Reynolds which is good if you like Ryan Reynolds and I like Ryan Reynolds. Who doesn't like Ryan Reynolds? Hugh Jackman that's who, the Canadian fraud.

It really is just a film full of loud noises, bright colors, explosions and little of anything else.
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A mess
timmyb_513 December 2019
Just a mess of a film. The editing was confusing and abrupt and the story was often incomprehensible. Filled with explosions, car chases and gross deaths, with an attempt to buy credit with scenes of the people affected by this tyrant. Ryan Reynolds was the only reason I watched this movie, and he was not enough to redeem it.
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Disconnecting confusing cuts
nickobus13 December 2019
After Michael Bay's 13 Hours, I was hoping this would be another film of his that would be done well, yet instead, the film is riddled with annoying scene cuts that seem out of place and irrelevant, it feels like it's all over the place. I can imagine alot of the positive reviews are strong fandoms for Ryan Reynolds but honestly, it was hard to watch. I get it, it's Michael Bay's typical car chase and car explosions, but I was hoping the story would at least have a coherent flow despite his attempted take on a form of Fast and Furious-esque film.
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150 Million Dollars in the can
johannes_wolf14 December 2019
I dont unterstand how a movie like this can be released without the propper editing. Worst cuts i've seen in a big picture like this. So many flaws and eye capturing mistakes it makes me wonder if there was a person with an actual vision on set. The whole movie felt like Michael Bay's daydreams... just one explosion after another packed with bad jokes and zero effort in Story telling. If you appreciate decent movies with decent story telling i'd wonder if you can sit through this waste of money...
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Stupid.. Unfunny.. slowmotion.. Product placement extravaganza
fetasheiken-4105113 December 2019
Why? Some guys sat around af table.. "Let put all the stuff that needs to be in an action scene,.. in every scene!" "What do we need?" "Cars!, Guns!, helicopters!, Slowmotion!, Parkour for No reason!, Hot women!, Shaky cams!, stupid one liners!,Motorcycles!, Explosions!,..." "And let's pay for it with a lot of product placement!"
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We're gonna kill the really bad guys!! Proceeds to kill hundreds of innocents in the crossfire. Not caring for any innocent lives as long as they get to kill one bad guy.
revilo-strebor15 December 2019
Now, I am quite able to leave my brain at the door and enjoy a daft action movie provided the one central premise of the film makes Sense. Meaning that with this particular Mess of a Film, the entire purpose of the protagonists e.g killing the really bad guys, HAS to be consistent. But when they then proceed to inadvertently kill dozens of innocents in the opening scene alone, no amount of switching off your brain can compensate for the absolute lack of any logic or story. And that's the whole point of this film. It's for people who truly don't need any sense of logic or a barely coherent plot to enjoy a film . Just plenty of action scenes, car chases, explosions, bad guys, naked hot women etc.. thrown together to form a collection of Micheal Bays wet daydreams. I won't attempt to further analyse or criticise this movie, as that would be without merit. If you're one of the aforementioned people, then you'll probably enjoy it. However if you need some semblance of logic or coherent storytelling, you'll have to try very hard to enjoy this film.
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What's up with all the angry reviews?
viktorhornberg26 December 2019
It's an action movie with action stuff in it its not a deep movie or a complicated one just watch it when you want to chill in the couch and don't want to focus that much. I hope they do a second one because sometimes movies like this can be great
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Noisy pointless mess
pvbfagan14 December 2019
Not sure how a movie with so many actions scenes can be so boring... Just a noisy, busy pointless mess with no real plot.
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A new kind of bad.
tohe87-167-96564714 December 2019
This is, in short, the worst thing that you will find on Netflix. And that's quite the feat, giving the embarrassly low standard of a Netflix production.

This is, for bad or worse, what happens when Bay gets free creative rein of a production. It's just not packed with loads unlogical action sequenses, it's also packed to the brink with so many product placements that it's gets... awkward.

Not even a tired Ryan Reynolds doing his typical Ryan Reynolds thing can save this.

No, you better scip this one.
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Could have been so much more
scott_j_marshall-33-56711016 December 2019
"Cliches and poor editing" would be my brief summary. There's some great action pieces but then it's followed up by lots of quick shots from different angles that are of no use, or a slow motion sequence that is out of place. It's like the movie was made by AI, with a heap of tropes fed into a computer and this is what spits out. You could give it to a film school class and say "what would you fix and how?" and it would keep them busy for the whole semester, but I reckon they could come up with a great product by the end. Unfortunately, this is the 'before' photo.
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6 Underground
MR_Heraclius5 February 2020
It's a good mix of action and comedy. the first 15 minutes will blow your mind - special effects like no other
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I love car chases, guns and Ryan Reynolds. This movie ruins all of them for me.
simonrippeth31 December 2019
This movie may have improved towards the end, but I'll never know as my teenage son and I could only sit through the first 30 minutes. We both love action films, from Fast & Furious to John Wick, but the whole point of action films is to provide uplifting and joyous escapism.

We were so excited after seeing the trailer, but we sat through the opening chase scene in dumbstruck silence. Nothing makes any sense at all. Some of the visuals are stunning, but after every chasing car is destroyed a new one simply appears out of nowhere, like some kind of computer game. Pedestrians are mown down or shot without a second thought, meaning that it is impossible to relate to, or care about, the lead characters from the very start. As yet another car was destroyed in slow motion, and the chase went literally nowhere, my son turned to me and asked what on earth was going on. How is it possible to make such an action-packed scene so boring?!

This is a movie by teenagers for teenagers. Atrocious plot, editing and continuity. Mindless action can, and should be, fun. This wasn't. I felt exhausted, and quite sad that anyone would ever imagine this sort of drivel was acceptable. Just no.
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Great Action movie for a lazy sunday!
thilovonwick15 December 2019
If you are looking for deep conversationes and great plots this is not your kind of movie. If you just want to lay back and enjoy great action scenes mixed with classic Ryan Reynolds comedy inputs, you will love it. Perfect for just laying back and enjoying Action a la Michael Bay!
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I'm giving generous 1/10
Marko9813 December 2019
Plot and editing all over the place. Too much CGI. Boring story. I'm writing this right after watching movie and I don't know what I watched. I already forgot. Awful movie. Don't waste time, do something else instead watching this crap. Only good thing are bunch of nice shots and locations. Unfortunately it was all for nothing
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Blockbuster Action
daniels-thaabiet13 December 2019
Has Michael Bay won an Academy award? No. Will he win an Academy Award? No. Is his movies pointless fun? Yes. That's the beauty of a Michael Bay movie, you know what you're getting and this was no exception, was it flawless? No. Was it 2 hours of fun? Hell Yes. So again if you want to see a near flawless movie, go watch Joker, if you want to watch a pure action adrenaline movie, this is the one.
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NEXT....Bring it on.
brockleyavenue13 December 2019
Over two hours of fast action packed coordination, chaos, laughs and loved every moment of it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride...as this is what entertainment is all about. Over and out!
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Worst movie I have seen
mpo-samuelsson19 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is my first review ever on IMDB. And I only writing it to warn others.

In short. DO NOT WATCH IT. This is the worst movie I have ever seen. It doesn't make sense at all. The Dialogues might as well been written by Zuckerbot himself, based at a belief that this is how real humans talk. People doesn't make long sarcastic jokes when being in a high speed car chase and bullets flying. All characters have no regards what so ever to what's happening around them. Like they don't realise that they are about to die at any second. When you watch movie like Bad Boys, they are shouting, cursing in midst of the action. These characters do nothing like this - their behaviour is alien-like.

Continuing.The timeline jumps back and forth in a mind-boggling way. A rear view mirror is lost upon a collision with a truck, only to be respawned a second later when the movie is cut to a different camera-view. and that's after the first 10 minuets.

Still continuing. There is no real chemistry between the actors nor ANY logical explanation to why the other characters choses to follow Ryan Reynolds lead. Ryan Reynolds character is multi billionaire whose technical inventions are in all modern electronic products, yet in the movie he is completely unknown to the world. Basically, he is a male model version of Elon Musk gone Robin Hood. The Actions scenes are great though. Car chases, fights, shoot-outs are all excellent made. However, somebody please tell me why you would need to hire an acrobat for your super-secret swat team? If the movie didn't try so hard to be serious I would have laughed through it all. But it just becomes so ridiculous when the same Acrobat first need to grab his skateboard and grind a rail to get into position so he can shoot the driver in the chasing car, instead of just stopping and shooting up the car straight away.

Anybody rating this movie 6 or higher must have been on drugs when watching it, and I wish I had been too.
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This should be buried deep underground
TheBabayaga13 December 2019
Michael Bay's 6 Underground has every single crash, bang and wallop any desensitised moviegoer could possibly ask for. Everything about this film is a vicious assault on the senses akin to the D-Day invasion of Normandy. I swear that every noise of the universe is in this 'movie'.

An expensive advert for Alfa Romeo, 6 Underground is barely a movie; despite a strong opening sequence, the film is completely riddled with all the typical trademarks of a classically trashy Michael Bay picture, complete with gratuitous violence, loud explosions, choppy editing, disastrous dialogue and a threadbare story.

Before you say anything, I know exactly what I expect of Bay and his brainless movies. His projects are not hard to enjoy if you leave your brain at the door before watching. However, there was something so off about this, something so deeply vulgar and crass, that I just couldn't enjoy it even when I did switch off.

I can only just about bring myself to give 6 Underground a maximum of two stars for the flashy cars and the normally dependable Ryan Reynolds and Melanie Laurent. But it's still a deeply unpleasant experience with all the subtlety of a magnitude 9 earthquake; for that reason and the other reasons above, this film should be buried deep underground for all eternity.
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What a pile of chaos
mczamani14 December 2019
Where to begin. The effects & CGI are mostly good but the movie as a whole is poorly executed. Unnecessary shaky-cam, poor acting and cheesy forced one-liners. The story as a whole is very confusing and lazy written. The flashbacks appear at random and half of the information could be left out. The villains is boring and none of the characters have soul.

A classic Michael Bay cash-grab.
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Terrible Editing
talktoleke-7-41747931 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The first 15 minutes was a car chase that impacted no single damage to the vehicle even when we CLEARLY see that the side mirror was destroyed by the truck and yet they continue with the vehicle intact! That's one of a bloody goof! The humor was intensely annoying, terrible plot and a waste of time. I couldn't shut my brain off and couldn't continue watching.
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Fun Action Movie!
gideonzack13 December 2019
Ignore the negative haters on here. I'm not a huge action guy, but I found this one quite enjoyable. Good combo of crazy action scenes, comedy and some good acting. I actually think it could have been a bit longer at the end, but overall a very enjoyable movie with great car chases and grandios action sequences that impressed me. 8/10! Enjoy!.... Also a cool message. :)
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MikeH-197713 December 2019
The filmmaker probably didn't care if there were any film mistakes or logic breaks every second as long as the action was right.
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