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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language throughout, bloody images and some sexual content.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man mentions masturbation twice during an obscene sexual conversation with another man and use further sexual terms and obscenities within the same dialogue.
  • Women in thongs and bras frequently throughout. Camera angle pans up and down on many women.
  • Sex: Multiple sex scenes throughout ranging from mild to highly moderate. No front nudity shown. Around the 50th minute mark a man is shown thrusting into a woman from behind where sexual noises are heard. The conversations within this scene have explicit sexual and vulgar language.
  • In one scene of the movie there's two women in see through lingerie
  • Multiple scenes of topless male nudity, sometimes sexual
  • Two women with see through undergarments..more nude scenes

Violence & Gore

  • While the violence can get graphic the camera never lingers too long and cuts away before it gets really graphic. However the violence is extremely fast paced.
  • A woman is being operated on whilst in a high speed car chase to remove a bullet in her body. Whilst this happens, the person who is operating on the woman hits an artery and blood is shot out like a fountain covering the face of the person doing the operation. In the same scene, someones eyeball is thrown into a car and rolls around whilst someone else picks it up to examine.
  • A man tries to pop a zit on his face in a mirror when someone comes into the room and shoots him in the back of the head, causing both the zit and his face to explode.
  • A couple of scenes where men have their teeth knocked out of their mouth (both scenes are very graphic). One by a fire extinguisher hitting a person's mouth (it is shown in slow action and teeth are ripped out of gums), the other by a grenade launcher where the grenade skims the man's mouth (slow action scene again) before it blows up their car.
  • Members of the public are shown to be hit by speeding cars during a high speed pursuit in a city. A few scenes show persons being hit at full speed and they are thrown into the air. A mother carrying a baby has a very near miss in this chase. In other scenes, four men are thrown from a tall skyscraper roof and are shown to splatter as they hit the ground at force.
  • Multiple persons are impaled through the chest and head by large objects whilst driving in high speed chases. These objects fly through the car windscreens at force. Some of these incidents are quite graphic.
  • Two people throw a man out of a helicopter (from a short height) into a city where he is known and hated. The people of the city start chasing him, then beating him up ruthlessly and mercilessly, hitting him with logs, sticks, fists, stamping on him, stoning him and striking him with clubs. Blood begins to pour out of him and he suffers many broken bones whilst crying in agony begging for them to stop.
  • A man falls from a building and is run over by a speeding car in a chase. You can see every detail in this calamity: The wheels of the car squash the man's head and body showing blood splatter shots. Another person in the same scene falls onto the roof of the speeding car and is thrown up into the air quite dramatically. Very intense, not for the faint hearted.
  • A man sticks a flash bang into another man's mouth. The flash bang goes off and we see the man drop to the floor with his head completely blown off. Very graphic.


  • 94 uses of "fuck" (9 paired with "mother"), 1 use of "cunt", 61 uses of "shit", 13 uses of "ass" (8 used as "asshole"), 2 uses of "hell", 2 uses of "bitch", 2 uses of "prick", 2 uses of "pussy", 1 use of "dick", 1 use of "wanker" and 1 use of "piss".94
  • 3 obscene hand gestures
  • Other sexual references used in coarse conversations which are boorish and vulgar.
  • There's a dialogue in which Ryan says " Glad his asshole didn't fell."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking is casually shown in bars (Beers, Wines and Spirits all in use). No drug references. A man is shown smoking a cigar.
  • During one scene, laughing gas is introduced inside a building where the people who are affected are fallen to the floor in hysterics whilst gunmen wearing masks walk over them. Later on one of the gunmen inhales too much oxygen from his mask that he becomes high and acts disorderly.
  • Mass casualties from poison gas attack.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Body dismemberment and graphic scenes of eyes being ripped out of someone's head. Gunshots to throat and face. Members of the public being run down in cars and killed. Chase scenes. A young girl walks up after her father has been shot.
  • A man is hiding in a swimming pool whilst his pursuers are standing over it looking for him. He holds his breath for more than three minutes under water and cannot surface, the direction of this scene suggests that he could drown if the pursuers don't leave the area. The scene causes intensity to arise.
  • A suicide bomber kills multiple people with a bomb in his van. The explosion is large and many people are seen to be thrown in the blast.
  • A man's head is blown up by a stun grenade

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