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One for the Fans
columbiahunny2229 May 2018
I find it interesting that the "Evening With Kevin Smith" films have mostly stellar ratings and reviews here, yet the reviews for this special, so far, are abysmal. I found Kevin's storytelling and humor in "Silent But Deadly" to be no different than his previous specials, and I found him to be as charming and witty as usual. Kevin Smith isn't a standup comedian, so those going into this special without being familiar with his work and numerous podcasts, commentaries, reality TV show appearances, specials and live shows may not "get" or particularly appreciate his humor, personality or brand. I'm not sure this special would appeal to those looking for a traditional comedy special, but Kevin Smith fans will enjoy it. Several anecdotes had me laughing out loud, and if anything, I thought this show was a tad too short. Given the real-life circumstances that occurred after Smith wrapped up the special, I applaud him for making it through and leaving the audience none the wiser regarding his health issues. Using that as the marketing hook for this special is a little iffy to me, but I get it. My favorite moment of this special was the story about Kevin getting the 133-inch TV and wanting to see the life-size version of himself on it. For some reason the visual cracked me up. Again, this might not appeal to everyone, but I think most Kevin Smith finds will find it endearing and entertaining.
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An Honest Review
generationofswine19 July 2019
I absolutely love Kevin Smith's sense of humor, and he comes across as a seriously nice guy so from the start you feel compelled to like him. He's funny and nice, who doesn't like that?

And it makes it even more compelling because he seems genuinely excited about things, even when it's annoying staged excitement like his youtube reviews, there's an earnestness with it that makes it enjoyably annoying.

And, honestly, his dig on Ben Affleck was hysterical, even more so because their friends and Affleck actually did a pretty decent job as Batman.

But... this was more of a stand-up routine and not so much of the Q&A that we're used to with these. He relied a lot on the punchlines, and, even though the delivery was good he's best when he's answering question and the humor is seemingly coming from Kevin Smith and not something that looks as rehearsed.

The bottom line is that's it's Kevin Smith doing stand up, and you're going to laugh and you're going to like him enough to enjoy it, or just about whatever he does. And, even though he does reach out to the audience, he's really at his funniest when he's up there answering questions, and he's really at his best when he's connecting with people a little more personally.

So don't expect the brilliance of the other shows like this, but it's still something that you're going to enjoy through force of personality.
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TheOneThatYouWanted26 May 2018
Kevin Smith was once a respectable director, so they say. In my opinion he made only one good film to date and used it to leap frog on to other projects before the general public got wise to his game and stopped taking the bait; but not before turning himself into a brand and built a smaller but very loyal following. Good on him, for being an excellent businessman but the products he puts out are pi&& poor. In a sense he is ripping off his fans, and that is NOT cool. But I didn't blame him, not until he gave Batman V Superman a good review. It was at that point I realized he was just a snake oil salesman. Whatever, I hope his victims catch on soon. As for this special, I didn't laugh once. Then again I only watched about ten minutes of it before shutting it off. I honestly have nothing against Kevin Smith, I'm just being honest. Time is too valuable to waste on mediocrity. I hope he has the best of luck with his health issues.
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these are so much fun!
juanmuscle25 January 2019
Mr. Smith has such an affinity to extrapolate the funny or the witty out of anything no matter how trite or boring it may seem , give it to Kevin if one is uncertain how to pump up a tale with wit and humour! Definitely a fine job here, just like the other stand up affairs, this one does not let down, it stays on point and delivers! I personally love how he was moving around and throwing his arms around! I just think Kev is the most! This was really cool.
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If You Don't Mind the Crude Language --Sit Back & Enjoy the Storytelling
larrys319 January 2019
In the past, I've liked some of Kevin Smith's movies and humor while others not so much. This film is a Showtime TV special of his stand-up performance at the Alex Theater, in Glendale , California. Of course, this show was particularly noteworthy because right after it was over, Smith suffered a massive heart attack but miraculously survived.

I found his humor here, if you don't mind a crude expletive in just about every sentence, to be quite clever and funny while delivered in a most down-to-earth and even self-effacing style. He's a great storyteller and his timing is impeccable.

So if all the sexual references and language doesn't turn you off, you may want to just sit back and enjoy the ride.
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An Average Kevin Smith stand up show, no Jason...
torrascotia16 November 2018
Kevin Smith has been doing these types of shows for a long time now and they can vary in quality. His early stand up shows are probably his best and involve the crowd which is something which is missing in this one. Also his sidekick Jason is also not part of this show, what we now have is a slicker one man show of Kevin telling funny stories as opposed to stand up comedy. Gone also are the worldly observations, most of the material is focused on his family so gone are the days of drugs stories. The USP of this show is that he had a heart attack right after the show, this is not a spoiler its how its being advertised, hence the pic of him in a gurney, no spoilers either to say he survived... What is unusual about this is that he has never looked healthier after dropping so much weight, well done Kev. While he is not as edgy as he has been in the past this was still a satisfying watch as its as much his personality that people watch his shows as much as the stories or jokes. I wouldn't rate this as high as his earlier material but its certainly not his worst and this show is still worth a watch if you haven't caught up with him a while.
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Not Smith's Best But Fans Will Enjoy
Michael_Elliott28 September 2018
Kevin Smith: Silent But Deadly (2018)

*** (out of 4)

If you're a fan of Kevin Smith then I'm sure you know about the heart attack he suffered after one of his shows. This concert film is that show that led up to the heart attack and before we get to "the show" we get an introduction by Smith explaining what we're about to watch. He then returns after the show to speak a little more.

This concert special runs just under a hour and I'd argue that it really isn't among Smith's best work but it does have a curio factor since it was almost his last show. At the very least you can say there are enough funny stories told here than fans will want to check it out but if you're new to Smith's comedy shows then it's best to start somewhere else.

As I said, there are some funny stories scattered throughout the show but one of the highlights has Smith talking about him letting his daughter take the car out thinking she was a good driver. Another funny story involves a very large and very expensive television that was put in his bedroom. Of course, being this is Kevin Smith, there are plenty of other sex jokes as well as mistaken text jokes.

KEVIN SMITH: SILENT BUT DEADLY is good for what it is but there's no question that coming in under a hour, it's really missing a lot of what makes Smith's shows so good but at the same time it's also good enough for fans to watch.
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Not exactly stand-up
drjgardner22 March 2020
The performance is a series of stories, probably no more than 5, after his wife mostly. They are amusing, but about as amusing as your best friend is.
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Smith has Transcended the Terpsichorean Veil
cranecreekcracker4 June 2018
Smith's droll humor amuses me no end. He has the rare ability to lead you to a punch line without actually using it, which draws the humor from within the audience. I have a good friend with this ability and he's hysterical - I find myself laughing at myself and him simultaneously, a phenomenon I have found in very few comics/actors over the years.

Smith also has a true gift for physical humor. A gesture, a posture, a facial expression - he can (and has made serious bank on his ability to) very nearly tell a story without speaking at all. Depp, Downey Jr., Charlie Chaplin, Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters and Bob Newhart are perhaps other examples. I include him in such company without compunction.

I've watched his stuff since Clerks (I'm from NJ...) and the older I get the less eager I am to see the ever more puerile adventures of Jay and Silent Bob - I haven't smoked weed since the 80s so stoner jokes aren't all that funny to me. But there are always parts to his films I'm glad I didn't miss. My son-in-law is living with us while working on his doctorate and Smith's oeuvre is something we have bonded over. The 24 years separating us is far less expansive while watching a good old-fashioned dick and fart movie.

I also think it's worth adding that at this point in our culture; Smith has transcended the terpsichorean veil and has become "Kevin Smith" - amusing and interesting of and unto himself. And so a standup comedy routine wherein Kevin Smith is just being himself is a delight. I'd rather watch Smith on stage just being Smith than Smith as "Silent Bob", haplessly embroiled in yet another bizarre, convoluted and drug addled odyssey the terminus of which is lost as denouement.

I'm glad he didn't die.
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Honest and Funny Anecdotes
coling_uk4 March 2021
Kevin Smith gives nearly an hour's worth of open and honest stories about his life. Its funny. Its honest. Its simple stand up.

Its simple to enjoy and very funny (Imho) its funny.

Please watch with an open mind. Ignore the low ratings....they don't know what they are saying.
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