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crazy in love
ops-525358 August 2020
Its a cunning world we live in, with all the selfannounced tabus we use and expects people to be, and considering this film is made upon a real life story its even harder to believe, and i guess the most bourgois citizens of this world will call this a bluff. therefore its a pretty heroic and bold desicion to make a filmdrama based on a photo documentary.heir heir, and its a darn good job done too, and the actors, the 3senior actors are marvelous. there are even some sexual acts that are merely hot, so lets not spoil more of the fun, or spill the seeds or groom the orciids or whatever

the caracters ,2 women, one rather wealthy and mentally sound and healthy, just tired, the other are extremely extrovert and demented, and the man caracterized as the economy boss(actually being conned to believe) with psycopathic and violent tendencies, thats always been a womanizer, and wants to share his life and supreme sexuality with the two old grannies.he is conviced that he is god, and everyone opposing are either mormone , a nazi or antichrist.

its truly a love story, and its profound love, though conspiratory in the edges, but it shows all the ''nais'' the senior population has to fight at least when passing 70 years of age. its also a story about health , money and sex, and also the topic of dying. how much freedom shall a demented senior be allowed. etc etc. its really a great movie over legal rights and the ethics and norms grand and greatgrandparents shall obey. wher goes the line of moral standard upon elderly conduct?.

howcome sex among the elders has been so filthysized in our part of the world are really amazing, and i shout it out loud, its a shame. i'm after all a grumpy old man myself, and i admit that i havent got the drive anymore, but i know very well that if youre institusionalized, you are forbidden all kind of sexual habits and needs, so stay home as long as you can and with that said, its a recommend. its not coocon budget level, but well achieved and produced.
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